Woman Dubbed ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ Confronts Lyft Driver And Passenger | NBC News

A woman berated a Lyft driver and his passenger after claiming the driver almost hit her children. Following the incident, the video has gone viral and the woman has been called ‘Kidz Bop Karen.’
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Woman Dubbed ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ Confronts Lyft Driver And Passenger | NBC News

100 thoughts on “Woman Dubbed ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ Confronts Lyft Driver And Passenger | NBC News

  1. M Reply

    she’s an embarrassment

  2. Edwin Nicolas Reply

    What a Karen

  3. Steve Williams Reply

    Thin Blue Line is a Hate Symbol!

  4. Justrynamakeit Real Reply

    Bye Karen 😝

  5. Marady Mon Reply

    Lol, listening to Kidz Bop


    She needs a Netflix series 🤣

  7. Morgan Bush Reply

    You can see the demon in her face and eyes

  8. Gina Chu Cheong Reply

    White “Karen’s” All white women are “Karens” ……… frustrated!

  9. louie Quilca Reply

    My ptsd goes crazy when i hear kidsbop 🥴

  10. Dawn Clark Reply

    These folks act like nagging demons.

  11. Z- Flo Reply

    That the reason why her husband left her with the kids

  12. General Sorrow Reply

    What kind of accent is that? Valley Girl?

  13. Louis Patrick Reply

    This is America. Is this America?

  14. Charlotte Foster Reply


  15. Leonard MacAulay Reply

    I can hear her kids on the phone now. “Help Daddy Mommy’s off her meds in public again” .

  16. Rosa E. Overbeck Reply

    I have a feeling that Kidz bop is what made her crazy.

  17. dandivine Reply

    That wasn’t a woman.

  18. April Noel Reply

    That women is a big joke.

  19. rdw rdw Reply

    Thought that was Amy Schumer

  20. C Barrera Reply

    Wow someone skipped her meds that morning hahaha

  21. R B Reply

    This is what a bad heart condition looks like 🤣🤣

  22. STILL CHILL Reply

    U being a b*tch is gonna help wow roasted

  23. annunakee - Reply

    Whoa I thought that Karen was a Katrina at first then came out the sun hello moon zzzzz

  24. Kevin Foster Reply

    White woman with her head in the window needs to be thrown in jail just to make her realize he’s stupid

  25. louise bee Reply

    Gross! Who would recreate with her!

  26. Marcanthony Martinez Reply

    Cabbage patch karen

  27. jdpgte Reply

    put a bullet between the eyes of a few of these people and the rest will change their ways…

  28. Cordell Stolarchuk Reply

    This lady’s not even a karen. More like a Phyllis.

  29. Hafeez Khan Reply

    Look at the state of her

  30. Jakk Jakk Reply

    Children are blameless but just think you probably would’ve done the next generation a favor with her as their parent and her genes as well. It was a joke guys if you can’t get that you probably shouldn’t be on the internet, I don’t wish harm on her children for all the snowflakes out there.


    White people issues lol KAREN

  32. Hector Montiel Reply

    They slamming kids bop😂😭

  33. Igriv Odagled Reply

    Chucky’s bride is real! 👹👹👹

  34. Irie Reply

    That woman looks like she’s on meth! Deplorables lawd!🤣😜

  35. Debts Without Regret Reply

    She looks like she eat toes for breakfast

  36. Valdene Allison Reply

    Yes calm down

  37. trump is a Nazi #downwithnazitrump Reply

    Dam Trump Nazis

  38. Enrique Quiles Reply

    Another Karen

  39. Enrique Quiles Reply

    she’s ugly

  40. TheEriczeppe Reply


  41. Maria Therese Reply

    Just close the window and drive on.

  42. mariquita Dominguez Reply

    Bro drugs

  43. Joy One Reply

    She reminds me of Will Ferrell in Step Brothers.

  44. Zosu Reply

    This is “The karen”

  45. Zylpha Aziza Reply


  46. DeMario Birdow Reply

    She looks demonic

  47. ꧁༽•AnimeGirl •༼꧂ Reply


  48. Cory Stone Reply

    She is not the driver ! Why is she even addressing her?? Weird lady needs metal help fast.

  49. Glenna Reinhardt Reply

    Did anybody ever find out who this woman is?

  50. magda sanon Reply

    She is on drugs

  51. Kris Helfferich Reply

    Next time one of these people TOUCHES you knock em the f out. Im tired of it.

  52. rochelle Crump-mcnulty Reply

    Call the cops

  53. 100K Reply

    I think all Karen’s have Mental-Health issues. This is not Good

  54. Cailyn SMITH Reply

    “They can’t hear me because thier listening to kIdS bOp*

  55. ediaz47 Reply

    You can’t fix stupid…

  56. Number one boomer Reply

    Chicken legs! Lmfao

  57. Daniel Reply

    That face disturbs me.

  58. Abra Kadabra Reply

    All these Krazy Karen’s lmao 😂

  59. bunny craft Reply

    0:11 That toung though u need some manners

    0:29 what we all are waiting for – also 0:49 lol

  60. Oh Really! Reply

    KAREN !!!! CALM DOWN u 🐷🐷

  61. Stephen Richards Reply

    Has she been identified yet?

  62. Joe Jamros Reply

    Original Karen!

  63. Chicago Dan Reply

    Not only does she look like a man, but her condescending sarcasm makes her manly face look psychotic.

  64. Topaz fire Reply

    She’s in the window looking like a scary urban legend😂😂😂😂😂 the legend of haggle but

  65. PLot WiWi Reply

    K i d z b o p

  66. stush222 Reply

    I love this women’s voice she is the literal thing I’ve always thought of as karen

  67. Queen J Reply

    Classic classic Karen

  68. Queen J Reply

    She’s thinking she tried to take a video to be funny when it’s a dashcam probably anyway her kid probably walk in front car

  69. Malinda Jones Reply

    Hahahaha lol

  70. Nina Sincheta Reply

    Does anyone get the most scariest feeling when she pops her eyes?

  71. Frankie Goeyvaerts Reply

    Goddamnit Karen shut up

  72. Jerry Hutchinson Reply


  73. jay chery Reply

    She’s a republican

  74. Viranko Reply

    What a crazy woman. She is asking others to calm down but she is a nut😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  75. hsin tien Reply

    Some time people just needs to be knocked out. If someone just punched her out once, this karen would never get in someone face again

  76. CloudShifter Reply

    I love how every time she sys “calm down” there is a brief short akward delay before anyone else talks

  77. Jake Lakota Reply

    Amy Schumer

  78. Heather Loughlin Reply

    0:11 I thought this woman was morphing into a demon… frightening. 🙈 Amy Schumer is having a bad day.

  79. Xyroc X Reply

    She scares me

  80. Trance Mixed Reply

    She looks and sounds like that annoying blonde, female comedian. I forget her name, but she’s overrated. Also reminds me of Nick Swardson.

  81. Trance Mixed Reply

    Amy Schumer, that’s right. It see now that it’s already been said. She’s an Amy Schumer/Nick Swardson Karen.

  82. Jazz Reply

    This Karen is the result of Chucky and Annabelle having a baby so many wide eyed creepy smiles and all of that😫😖

  83. Pug Reply

    She looks like a man

  84. tonyface2007 Reply

    I think all Karen’s should be incarcerated, and not released until they have received psychological testing and been deemed safe to be released, if you look at their eyes, I would suggest that there is at least a 10% probability that they are a potential Serial Killer. While they are in hospital, they should check out under the floor boards, and crawl spaces of their home, I don’t think this is too much to ask.

  85. Cris Foster Reply

    Accept the apologize

  86. jorge rodriguez Reply

    hope she gets fired

  87. lashelle capos Reply

    She looks so crazy!!

  88. oopsibrokethecow Reply

    OMG, the way she sticks her head in…with her eyes bugging out and demonic grin to match! Wow….

  89. Nathan Johnson Reply

    Yup buncha Karen’s 🤣

  90. Burgerboy Reply

    I love how at the end she becomes enveloped in sunlight as she ascends to God Tier meme-hood.

  91. septicjosh Reply

    Im pretty sure that video was fake and just a meme

  92. Angela Reply

    She should be embarrassed by now… 🙄

  93. Animated Cartoons Reply

    That is road rage! She can be charged and can face at least pay a fine or go to jail for stopping traffic

  94. Ilovelazarbeam lazar Reply

    This is how the Karen outbreak started

  95. Cookie Likes games Reply

    ‘’Calm down’’ ok bud.

  96. leah avery Reply


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