AOC Slams Rep. Yoho In House Floor Speech, Says ‘Having A Daughter Does Not Make A Man Decent’

2020 7/26
AOC Slams Rep. Yoho In House Floor Speech, Says ‘Having A Daughter Does Not Make A Man Decent’

In a House floor speech, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., details the offensive comments allegedly used by Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., during a Monday incident outside the Capitol.
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AOC Slams Rep. Yoho In House Floor Speech, Says ‘Having A Daughter Does Not Make A Man Decent’



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Blessed One says:

    This is the most intelligent response I have ever heard given to a foolish man who disrespects women. Congressman Yoho should step down. Shame on him for using such an abusive word against a colleague.

  • Private M says:

    She’s a liar

  • Sean ODonnell says:

    Lets give Mr. Yoho a medal for speaking the TRUTH!

  • Winston S says:

    He’s right

  • steve hut says:

    These punk Democrats can dish it out but they sure get all huffy when the crap gets thrown right back in their faces . We have to listen to their fowl language and slander , HA HA , November cannot come quick enough !!

  • Suzanne Pike says:

    Why does anyone even believe her. He’s been a public servant for years, and has successfully worked with colleagues with different and similar views. She m.akes up things and lies …this is just like when she liked about conditiobst in detainment centers. It’s obvious that she twists the truth, and will lie, cheat and STEAL ( while enabling others to do so….). Wake up people! This is America.

  • Alex Kuo says:

    Good for you for standing up for yourself.

  • Toby White says:

    Sorry, but FCC can’t bleep words out spoken by elected officials. Let’s hear what they have to say, show our kids, our daughters.

  • Charlie Waffle says:

    lol she just can’t stop lying 🤥 i bet she’s team Amber turd too

  • christmasina says:

    She is everything he said.

  • Mark Germer says:

    Just to be clear, this is an edited down version.

  • Ezekiel 963 says:

    NBC needs to apologize for dividing the country.

  • Ayan Mohamed says:

    Well done AOC

  • Michael Ndifor says:

    I cant believe you AOC. I’ll have to hear both sides of the story

  • Charlie Montero says:

    Rep Yoho you are a coward and disrespecting a Congresswoman u are a disgrace resign immediately

  • Christian Norton says:

    Some people feel they can just say what ever they want to say, he had no respect for her as she is a woman, what a POS he is!!

  • joe mama says:

    “Ahh fuckingghhh bhitchhh” 😂 the way she said it, no mames

  • LoveFest4DP says:

    Weak Dude!!

  • Rock Edison says:

    F***king right on!!! Silly little fools need to learn not to mess with AOC, she will put you in a bind real quick! Dumb*ss Yoho!!

  • Tom says:

    Congrats Yoho, you’re now famous for all the wrong reasons

  • baibeiye says:

    What a powerful speech!

  • Inger Jacobs says:

    Reading the comments – there are a lot of scared men in the USA. And you should be – you are only half of all of you.

  • Xerxes Scmidt says:

    Eloquent, intelligent (cute) woman.Knows how to react on insults.She knows and is aware of the problems of the American people.
    None of the billionaires, millionares you have voted for.

    Hopefully, first female and “hispanic” president of the United States.

  • STREETBUM says:


  • simona sada says:

    Yoho, had the last word!! YOLO!!

  • Patricia Bennett says:


  • jermaine dadonsimon says:

    The White mans time is over.

  • Marco Dalli says:

    this guy is a weak and has a problem with his masculinity. he is lucky this woman’s father is not around, but I bet he already was aware of that.

  • T W says:

    This Christian dude – Teddy Yoyo – loves calling women the Bytches word??! (…he’s a good U.S. Christian??!??)

  • VeganCatCroissant says:

    She has got so much class, I just love this woman. Channeling her anger into something so powerful and compelling…. without stooping to certain people’s level. Hope she will become President one day. ❤

  • rizeking says:

    Well he’s no decent man

  • jnixongo00 says:

    This was a one on one situation. Why do this on tax payers dollars time plus how she make it about ALL men n WOMEN smh GTFOH

  • mala265 says:

    Everything he said was true. The woman’s a complete nut case.

  • George B says:

    Countless Democrat Congressman and Women called President Trump a Russian Spy ! Will there be a news conference so they can all apologize ?

  • Love Pill says:


  • denise bomar927 says:

    But yet, He was talking about himself. Some white men have been doing this sort of behavior for decades to people of color and women, but little do they understand that it is a new time and a new day!

  • Krissi Faith says:

    This drama right here is why nothing gets done. She took an incident with one man and made it into “all men”, accuses him of acosting her, and considers this sexist. It had nothing to do with sexism. This woman is attacking our police with her rhetoric and abusing HER power to make all of us suffer. Then she is wasting tax payer money to do this??? We don’t care how your parents raised you. Focus on the laws and constituents, not what others do to you. Stop crying ‘victim’ and pretending to be a ‘hero’. For the love of God, please quit overusing the word ‘I’. Makes you sound like an only child.

  • Mike WazWaz says:

    May Allah bless AOC for her bravery and truthfulness.

  • KARTHIK R says:

    so cringy

  • ChicagoBears Fan says:

    I’m not a super political person, but I like this woman. She demands respect, and I know she had to work twice as hard to get where she is at. All these old minds that still exists in these positions, need to go. This new generation that is starting to grow up aren’t going to put up with this nonsense. It’s the older generation that is the problem. Racist thoughts and just old disrespectful ways are done, and coming to an end.

  • Krissi Faith says:

    Drama Queen

  • kim alexis says:

    it’s time you americans watch this before you lose everything

  • Wrighttime99 says:

    She is disgusting, crazy, out of her mind and dangerous. That isn’t an attack on all women, just socialist, totalitarian people who are destructive to America.

  • Disgusted says:

    Poor little AOC. Did the mean white man call you a bad name? I thought she was a tough girl from the Bronx. Part of the badass “squad”. Why didn’t she fight back?? She’s a scared little girl unless she has a script in her hand written by her handlers

  • Krissi Faith says:

    The other side..a lot of her accusal is unsubstianted. Zero footage…

  • Monica Foster says:

    She’s lying again… didn’t she say about our president let’s impeach the sob…..? That wasn’t with dignity and respect… Ummmm why is this only spoken when it happens to her? We can attack men but you can’t dare say how you feel to a woman? Perhaps he’s heard how she spoke about people in the past and felt she was down with the crap talk…..

  • BJ P says:
    Hypercapnia, or hypercarbia, is when you have too much carbon dioxide (CO)

    in your bloodstream. It usually happens as a result of hypoventilation,
    or not being able to breathe properly and get oxygen into your lungs.
    When your body isn’t getting enough fresh oxygen or getting rid of CO, you might need to gasp or suddenly inhale a lot of air to balance your levels of oxygen and CO.

  • Lightning And thunder says:

    AOC his wife & daughters are thankful of you 🤩🎉🥳

  • DrT 2000 says:

    AOC spinning the truth to support identity politics. NEVER

  • TARTV. TheAfricanRepublic. says:

    “Lady In Red Is Dancing With Me.”
    Oh Boy!!!
    I Love This Lady Very Much Indeed.
    She Washed This Rep Yahoo Yoyo From Head To Toe .
    She Is Very Brilliant and Her Speech Was Cleverly Delivered.
    I Hope His Wife Can Now Get Out Of An Abusive Married .

  • David Valin says:

    AOC Straight out of the Socialism Playbook, Take Women have them setup Men in power to look bad on an unequal playing field. 1. If a Man in Power argues with a Woman today about any issue he is the Bad One. If a Woman argues with a Man about any Issue she is the Good One. 2. The Main Stream Media has now officially taught the USA People to react negatively to Word Branding and Labeling, so if a Woman Claims she was abused with words by a Man then the Man is Convicted in Public Opinion. All Socialist Takeovers utilize this kind of uneven playing field. If Women really want to be treated the same as a Man then they need to not utilize this Socialist Strategy. This has to stop or there soon will be Word Police enforcing the Main Stream Media’s Self Elected Judging of all American People Individually. Our Freedoms are under attack, the Elites have Discovered a Crack in the Liberty Bell, this Crack will Break the United States of America. Soon Every Man, Woman and Child will be a Regulated Criminal for what they say. Think About it… Socialism has to be Voted in by the People… Do Not Vote the Democrat Socialists into ultimate Power. Remember in November

  • Aija Buda says:

    Senator Yoho’s behavior was at the very least unexcusable and is a horrible reflection on his behavior. We expect better behavior from our representatives.

  • JD says:

    This is why Trump was elected! AOC had every right to call this jerk out on his unprofessional conduct but then she spins it to be about the “patriarchy.” IDENTITY POLITICS motivates Trump’s base. Have we learned nothing in the last four years???

    You aren’t a victim. The Dems call Trump way worse things but he’s a man and on the wrong side so who cares, right?

  • Aija Buda says:

    He is a bully.

  • eveningcook says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the proper way to emasculate a dirtbag, then give him a new set of balls before crushing them with 8” heels. I FN love AOC.

  • Mary says:

    Brilliant. She’s so good. So much bad behavior is not called out for the sake of keeping the peace, and pig behavior like this goes unchecked and continues.

  • John Edward Jones says:

    Yaho, Gaetz, Rubio, DeSantis, Scott all FL Rs are guite the dIvisive group.

  • shravan says:

    I wonder when Democrats are going to get in trouble for all the nasty things they say about the POTUS. I guess the rules only apply to Republicqns

  • GSpotter63 says:

    Well perhaps AOC is indeed crazy, disgusting and out of her mind…. Such words may be insulting but sometimes the truth is insulting. Those who do not like the truth are quite often insulted by it. Are we to deny the truth simply because AOC does not like it? Now that would be arrogance on a grand scale.

    Love how she takes a personal description of herself out of context and applies it to millions of others then proceeds to use her made up false narrative to bash her accuser for insulting millions he never insulted….. I wonder if she is doing this intentionally or is she really just that stupid? What I find even more disturbing are the millions who fall for her deceptions.

  • RobinMcBeth says:

    This is the greatest display of weakness I have ever seen.

    I guess “I am woman, hear me roar!” is finally dead.

  • Mighty Erebus says:

    An insult to her was NOT an insult to all women. She needs to get over herself. And he was correct about her being disgusting and dangerous.

  • Anthony Kennedy says:

    She is a liar

  • Xena East says:

    He was not attacking you personally but the bad job you were doing. If you can’t take it, quit! You are not paid to be pampered by your colleagues. Your claims insult our women as it implies we are weaker and dumber and therefore cannot be challenged

  • David Preston says:

    She’s a liar

  • Joe Koesel says:

    No need for this type of behavior…2 wrongs does not a right make. AOC is such an angel.

  • sebek2242 says:

    She is playing the woman card again. If it’s fair for you and your likes to call G Bush, Trump and any other republican u don’t like a nazzy, it’s fair for Yoho to call u whatever he wants.

  • Greta Of The Corn says:

    AOC is a liar. She is just playing the gender card

  • barb lee says:

    and being a woman doesn’t make a female a nice person either, I’m not talk to like that but then I don’t act like her either

  • TheTommyboy63 says:

    To fight for your Constituents?? Please!! Your District and your City are literally in Flames! Do you think that being elected to the House erases your idiocy, or your dishonesty? I seriously doubt a sitting Congressman would initiate that sort of conflict with the biggest Media magnet in the House, much less on the steps. I’m sure he uttered something concerning her Politics that she of course used as an opportunity to try and discredit a co-worker, that’s what her Politics entail! It is alright, however to call the President anything she sees fit! Endless hypocrisy from this torn and battered former Waitress.

  • Joe Stetz says:

    We all lose brain cells.when this Marxist speaks… media present, witnesses say she’s lying. He called her policies disgusting, she told people to steal form markets

  • Reggie Cyde says:

    She really is an unbearable, insufferable monstrosity.

  • Reggie Cyde says:

    So this is where all the fanatical sycophants hang out huh?!

  • David Jones says:

    AOC, if he said those things in public, he was wrong to tell you the truth about yourself. He should’ve waited until it was just the two of you.

  • David Jones says:

    Liberals call each other “B”, word, “N”word, the “LGBT” word, but no one else can? Double standards! A female reporter called white house speaker Kayleigh McEnany the “B” word. AOC & the entire liberal nation said nothing.

  • Inspired by Beauty says:

    Yoho gotta Goho!

  • Robert G Weaver Jr says:

    I’m 100% anti AOC but as someone in congress you don’t act that way toward another

  • James Mitchell says:

    Every man alive should know this story and listen to this speech.

  • Hummuna Hypa says:

    Nice unbiased reporting NBC. “Slams”. Where’s the proof of the allegation?

  • Justin Strong says:

    Stop preaching to the choir AOC like you’re a saint standing up for all women.
    I wonder why only she’s reporting it if it happened yesterday?? It’s not like she herself hasn’t done anything wrong before

  • modvs1 says:


  • LAKings003 says:

    Yoho can say whatever he wants, and you can get offended, as much. Can Alexandra focus on pressing issues?

  • Trudy Harper says:

    GOOD GRIEF! I’ve heard worse words come out of the mouths of all four members of the squad directed to others in congress and the president!!!! Stop you whining when you are guilty of the same!!!!! 😡🐍

  • Shane Parkinson says:

    She is such a cry baby and I suppose all lies that’s the demacrat playbook to lie,riot and take statues down of columbus

  • Shane Parkinson says:

    Are you kidding me the Dems can dish it but can’t handle the truth.

  • Shane Parkinson says:

    When has AOC if ever gave anyone respect she doesn’t even respect Americans or any bill that comes to the floor to reform police and ban choke holds, the Dems are so full of hate they want to take out Trump by hook or crook this is just another ploy to do so.

  • Shane Parkinson says:

    She should apologize to the American people for all the good bills blocked by the Dems in Congress because the Dems are the my way or the highway party


    Are you finished with your pitty party? You have said so many offensive abusive comments to your own race calling us “all black” disrespecting our culture hypocrite! If your father was here he’d be embarrassed of how offensive you have been to the hispanic and latin community. You just got a spoon of your own medicine.

  • Nick Vasquez says:

    Lies, lies, lies… Isnt there anything she says that we can beleive… What is she good for in congress? Her policies are ridiculous, her gender baiting rederict is obsurbed and the way she speaks is at most high school level.

  • Jason Wilson says:

    I’m sure other women have called her worse things. She’s a professional victim when it suits her, but she has no problem attacking anyone who disagrees with her. She’s a hypocritical hack. Her and Pelosi must be having a competition seeing who can be the biggest loser.

  • Oscar Mendez says:

    No one is more arrogant toward women, more aggressive or scornful, than the man who is anxious about his virility.

  • winky ledford says:

    you could be. lie
    proof it telling kids to steal. you are nuts, backstabber

  • Gerald says:

    Yoho didnt even say it though its just propaganda. show me proof anyone?

  • Dan Bodily says:

    Thinking that AOC is a F B does not disrespect all woman.
    AOC is so full of her self

  • Aali says:

    she’s amazing.

  • dave burgess says:

    What a disgusting human being AOC is.

  • Quang Nguyen says:

    What his name is? Yoho or Yo-yo? I believed his father gave him permission to call this woman F……B….

  • T C says:

    I’ve been called a F***n B*tch. Like 100x lol get over it. She made a whole speech about this? Pfff

  • Gabriele Stählin says:

    You are brilliant AOC! All those old men are scared of you! Keep going!

  • brainsicc says:

    Pathetic woman reaction.. and racist towards muslims but she is a demonrat so it only natural for her to be racist white supremacists