Navajo Nation Battles Water Crisis Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/05
Navajo Nation Battles Water Crisis Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden has an in-depth look at the water crisis impacting Arizona’s Navajo Nation, where at least 30 percent of the homes on the reservation have no running water.
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Navajo Nation Battles Water Crisis Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (76件)

  • SL Davison says:

    It’s shameful how the government treats the original people’s of this nation.

    • W A says:

      Dave Marley what is that ? A plane ?

    • Dave Marley says:

      @W A no tail section. So it could be anything seems to be unidentified. Moving to fast amazing. Looks awesome. But not sure.? Have a great day ahead namaste brother of earth.

    • W A says:

      Dave Marley that was pretty weirdly, good catch I would never have seen it. There’s not much air traffic these days and I live in an area that use to see maybe thirty a day. Now it’s down to maybe two or three.

    • Kelly Donahue says:

      It’s a shame. 😪

    • Dave Marley says:

      @W A I research demetional awareness and make contact with DM directed meditation. The other reason is native lands Are for the best part no fly zones. Not even military are allowed in. If you want see more check out my cosmic consciousness contact on my channel. Either way Peace love and unity together we can make a difference. Namaste.

  • Angie says:

    It’s 2020 Jesus Christ

    • just me says:

      And they still can’t take care of themselves

    • Angie says:

      @just me as you see I try to be a Christian I also try not to judge people’s situations and also my perspective is we should help the ones in most need because no one that it’s ok within themselves would aloud to not accomplish what they need to do to survive so they need help the most. Judging others is always the easy way out as a society we always help the ones in most need. That’s how we grow as a whole.

  • DonnieFusion says:

    “American Texan” I smell OIL around these park

  • C says:

    Do they have a water treatment facilities?

  • David Ellis says:

    The Native Americans Are Treated Shamefully. RFK Cared.

  • Ron Frank says:

    Better start doing that rain dance

    • John Wood says:

      That’s just an ignorant, hateful, racist comment.
      You must be a magabilly 😅

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      @Windy Hawthorn Native American culture is not stupid. You are just an awful person.

    • Windy Hawthorn says:

      @Ron Burgundy
      I was saying the comment was stupid. I am a native American.

    • just me says:

      They forgot how , just know the handout dance.

    • Windy Hawthorn says:

      @just me
      Your rude and uneducated on the struggles of the Native Americans.

  • stillbreathing37 says:

    We have disrespected God’s Children, Custodians of our Land long enough. Remove Republicans NOW!

    • Windy Hawthorn says:

      You do realize that it was a Democrat that signed the Indian removal act of 1830. Dose the Trail of tears ring any bells. Don’t blame one party just because you would like them to be the cause of all ills. The Native Americans have had the worst laws made against them. They are oppressed by the government in so many ways it’s crazy. Yet folks don’t care. When ever I hear folks wining that they have been wronged well I think your not a native American if they steal a soda say hello to 10 years in a federal prison.

  • SKYKING says:


    • MzFine 1 says:

      Be Kind, it doesn’t cost you anything to do so.

  • Jean Falco says:


  • bsrcat1 says:

    Better to pretend to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

  • Maiden Laura says:

    PATHETIC! SHAMEFUL!!! Even in the little town of Sicily where I come from they got running water………..America only works for the privileged.

  • MzFine 1 says:

    We ALL owe the Indigenous people their dues. How can we have the first people living like this. We ALL should be ashamed.

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      They should be living a native lifestyle not copy the western lifestyle. If they want all the services of a western town they should move to a town.

    • just me says:

      They should be a shame they can’t take care of themselves

  • Asahel says:

    maybe the govt doesnt care bcoz its not in USA , its a seperate state within USA.

    • Windy Hawthorn says:

      It’s a prison call it what it is don’t sugar coat it. And it’s run by the USA government. If it was separate from the USA then the USA government wouldn’t be making all those tough rules and regulations that make it hard to do anything. If it wasn’t run by the USA government then the crime of theft wouldn’t be 10 years in a US federal prison of native Americans.

  • Religion WhistleBlower says:

    The whole world has proven to be Godless within these past few months when none of them ask God to help them and save them from this pandemic and they never did appreciate His blessings upon themselves all these years therefore they surely deserve this punishment of pandemic since He is the creator of what we see and what we don’t see. That is why He has kicked out all of those 4200 fake and false religions out of their places of idol worship because they are not legitimate.

  • kxmode says:

    People can make Atmospheric Water Condensers that transform air into water using a combination of heat condensation and filtration. A Google search shows a lot of options.

  • Andrew Le says:

    Guys are we just going to ignore the pictures on this guy’s mask?!?!?!?!

  • Ivan 123 says:

    Unacceptable,government immediately need to response!! 😠

    • just me says:

      They should dug wells

  • Mike P says:

    smoke meth and stay on the reservation don’t run for office

  • Suresh Thati says:

    Simple solution – help them to shift to better place.

    • Cherish Redhouse says:

      lazy, not a solution either.

  • Showtime Chris C says:

    Where are all the big chiefs with the big casinos who’ve been raking In the money tax free for years . Where’s all that money at ? Why aren’t they helping there people?

    • John Wood says:

      Keep telling yourself that. If denial, hate and ignorance help you sleep.

    • Showtime Chris C says:

      John Wood no, I’m asking fool where are they? Can you answer me? They should be the first to help, they know firsthand you can’t really on the government. They’ve been making 100s of millions of dollars for decades, where’s the money, where’s the tax free help! You fool !!!

  • Silent Nowhere says:

    God bless everybody helping these people and all who help others. Thank you for what youre doing.

  • Tony V. says:

    I would say yes to give our native americans help. Dam , we give all handouts to illegals. STUPIDITY

  • DCLXVI says:

    😔 no 💧

  • Daddy D says:

    I thought these fools wanted to govern themselves

    • ray ray says:

      I wouldn’t go as far to call them fools but I believe you’re right about them being sovereign.

  • Henry Niemi says:

    You know its election year when everyone pretends to care about the natives. But once the elections are over, they become ignored again, as usual…
    BTW, USA has no right to criticize China on their treatment of the Uighurs, when they themselves still treat Native Americans like human refuge. For shame.

  • Tim Reed says:

    Wheres that white guy from dances with wolves at ?

  • Stacey Karpecki says:

    This should not be happening in the United States or anywhere in the world. The government needs to stop turning a blind eye to simple basic needs of people. What’s happening in West Virginia is a disgrace as well. If the billionaires of the world want to do something good for humanity, this would be a great place to start. The sad reality is that there’s no return on their investment so they look the other way!

  • J Von Allan says:

    Copied from someone who wishes to stay anonymous.

    This is coming from my husband who is a microbiologist. He has worked at many institutions helping to create vaccines, and better science. But during his time at many many world renowned institutes. he saw very deadly unethical practices- he no longer works in that field because of how corrupt it had become.


    We are moving to step 5. Mandated MRNA vaccines are coming. The fear campaign of Covid has failed. People are not scared any longer of Covid, but that’s not the problem anymore and truthfully Covid never was.
    The problem is now that Covid failed and you are seeing this chess game of totalitarian control unfold, let me tell you what is really coming. If this is a mandatory vaccine campaign and it gets rolled out rapidly, you better be aware, educated and terrified.
    The Globalist, in the next 2-3 months will magically find the cure for Covid and roll it out in a mass vaccination campaign. This vaccine is an MRNA vaccine. This roll out will come out very fast for two reasons.
    1) so that you have no choice but to comply, you are stuck in your house and you’ll beg for it to get out.
    2) so the side effects are not revealed until the vaccine has been widely distributed.
    Why is this relevant? Well, MRNA virus carries the instruction to replicate and build its viral protein right away. It doesn’t require anything other than the host cell machinery to operate. In other words, it cuts down the manufacturing process significantly.
    Why is that a problem? Well, MRNA has direct coding. It will do what it is programmed to do.
    In this case the RNA causes direct DNA mutation which leads to cancer, they can change your emotion, give you autoimmune diseases, autism, anything that it is programmed to do. Possibly even worse.
    There is no coronavirus vaccine and there never will be one. You think that you are getting a vaccine for immunity, when in reality it’s a trojan horse for something different. I tried to make this as reader friendly as possible.
    This is real. I never thought in my life this would ever be real. Just because we can manipulate biology in ways doesn’t mean we should.
    I left research biology for ethical reasons. Bioethics is a major problem. Data is falsified for the sake of rapid profits. I have personally witnessed it.

  • J Von Allan says:

    human healthy frequency is within the range of 62-72 Hz,when it drops to lower levels it enables a variety of the level of 58 Hz,disease like cold/flu were more likely to appear! The 5 7(7 being the 7th letter of alphabet) falls below the 58 level!

  • Tim Reed says:

    Did you know it takes 2 to 3 million dollars to be full o crapola!

  • John Wood says:

    Insane, and so outrageous. It’s not better than communist china. America is not a civilized dignified democracy. It only portrays as one. It’s just a show.

  • Sun Star says:

    Living in that Heat 🙏🙏🙏

  • Howard Roark says:

    These people should do like other Indians … build casinos. All the Indians in Tampa are multi-millionaires.

    • Terry Howard says:

      not every native nation has casinos, there is more to it than that, work on your ignorance little boy

    • Howard Roark says:

      @Terry Howard They are all legally able to build them… and nearly none use their own money to do so.
      It’s always the ignorant calling other ignorant.

  • Howard Roark says:

    For everyone with an untrained eye… this is a political propaganda piece… Even though things were the exact same under Obama, you’d never see NBC run this story while he was President.

    • Vinky says:

      You do realize Drs without borders had to go to the reservations to help them for the first time in history that they have had to enter America to treat patients because of how poorly Natives are treated by the government.

    • Howard Roark says:

      @Vinky Indians can go to a doctor / hospital any time they want… no one in the government is keeping them from doing so. So, your comment is completely untrue.

  • Johnny Padilla says:

  • lcso81 says:

    They just got 11 million dollars….drill wells and quit begging for money…have some PRIDE….

  • Ron Burgundy says:

    If they want to live a western style lifestyle, why not move to a town? Isn’t the point of a reservation so they can live their native lifestyle without interference?

    • Ocean River says:

      Water is not a lifestyle

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      @Ocean River Nobody is claiming otherwise. Odd comment.

    • just me says:

      @Ocean River moving to a place you can get water is

  • Martha Green says:


  • Dave Marley says:

    Wow check it out time stamp 2:48. If you look at the clouds behind the lady a UFO moving tho the clouds no noise or con trail. Only those who understand what coming will know what to do next. Peace love and unity. David Marley UK.

  • Bob says:

    If you read these words and you are facing bad times in your life, I want to tell you that you are not alone.

    No one knows the day and time of the return of the Lord Jesus. Only God knows. At the same time there are many indications that we are near the end of this humanity as we know it.

    The main signal is not pandemics or hurricanes or earthquakes. The main sign of the end times is apostasy, which means the abandonment of FAITH.

    That means that Jesus will soon come to rescue those who have believed in Him by Faith.

    We are in a spiritual war for our souls and the final battles are being fought.


    You don’t have to go to church or follow a pastor or keep the sabbath or pay tithing or being water baptized or speaking in tonges or do anything else.
    JUST  confess yourself a sinner and accept Jesus by Faith as your only Saviour and express your Faith.

    We are saved by GRACE not because we worked for it. It is a gift of God to those that accept.

    It’s just that easy.

    We christians are not better than anyone else but we simply chose to live for Him in our daily lives trusting in His words.

    Start talking to God and studying the Bible.

    Ephesians 6:12

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Romans 10: 9-11

    9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.


  • Hellboy says:

    Then you destroy statues of Christopher Columbus, when you have the worst monsters at home … and in the XXI century. In Mexico City, it’s normal to hear three native languages ​​on the streets on a daily basis. Now try to see some Native American in NY, LA, San Francisco, Washington … Embarrassing !!

  • Gotthatgoin4me says:

    Navajo what? You mean America. That got settled long time ago……

  • Teren Cole says:

    My heart is heavy….🥺wish there was something more I could do to help.

  • Dancing lily says:

    Learning from YouTube. You can get clean water by yourself.

  • Handicap GTI Driver says:

    UFO at 2:48 in the clouds.