Pelosi & Schumer Support Keeping $600-A-Week Unemployment Benefit In Covid Relief Plans | NBC News

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., discussed negotiations for the next round of coronavirus relief plans and voiced their support for continuing the $600-a-week unemployment benefit that had been in place.
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Pelosi & Schumer Support Keeping $600-A-Week Unemployment Benefit In Covid Relief Plans | NBC News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar MUCHOLOVE JPD says:

    Been hearing around that people that applied for unemployment didnt even work but put self employed and received $5000 or more each joke…now i believe everyone should get financial help in these hard times..but not if its fraud and people that been waiting so long cant even get theres ..whats worse is there not even being asked for proof..just being sent $$$ ..makes me irritated becuz i applied and just barely received after 3 months..and i had covid and was out of work…when i answer if i was unable to work because being sick and i had proof ..i was denied a months worth..becuz the EDD system is stuck on answering no im not to sick to its like you have to lie to get anything. .insane 😔 ..the EDD needs to look into this…

  2. Avatar Marty McFly says:

    The money this woman wasted on trying to impeach Trump , is the biggest crime ever seen, and she should be made to pay it back to the American people who are homeless and the children she is talking about in her own state….honestly the woman is a sick individual and needs to be in a retirement community for the safety of the American people…..👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Avatar Stacy Dale Barendse says:


  4. Avatar Linda Stone says:

    You people need to wake up. The real issue with the bill is Pelosi and Schumer want big money to bail out their states. They are the ones not willing to settle.

  5. Avatar West Coast Treasures says:

    They blame the republicans for planning on stopping the payments, it’s all a song and dance they’re in it together, the payments should have kept going, it would have forced both parties to work harder to get things done, there is a small group of those that would rather collect EDD however when employers call their employees and they don’t come back to work, there should be a phone number to call and report these employees then they can be cut off EDD, pretty simple

  6. Avatar Earn&Cook,preventioncovid TV says:

    earn and boost immune system to fight covid.
    subscribe to my channel guys to know the recipe

  7. Avatar alameer's world says:


  8. Avatar Cecil Rollins says:

    Help the American People!!!!

  9. Avatar Mike Nike says:

    Schumer and pelosi can both take turns polishing my knob!!!

  10. Avatar Blue Bull69 says:

    Democrats are purposely obstructing the stimulus bill because they’d rather see Republicans take a loss than see the American people receive relief. Dems voted against a short term extension which would have given monetary relief to the people. Schumer and Pelosi only care about power for themselves and their Lobbyist pals.

  11. Avatar Tracey Soto says:

    It’s mostly Nancy’s fault!She has to have it all her way or no way at all!

  12. Avatar shelly broussard says:

    The republicans don’t want to pay people not to work and the democrats want bail outs for democratic states!! The rest of us can go pound sand!! Lets DEFUND congress!!

  13. Avatar MaximusX45-1911 says:

    Republican criminals keep trying to screw the poor and middle class because they are ignorant and only care about the rich, we need to protest for government reform and our stimulus or they will burn this country down we need to vote trump and his criminal party out in November.

  14. Avatar Dion says:

    I have asthma and my daughter has asthma I don’t make have what I used to make from unemployment with $600
    And I have 4 kids I’m closing my business so I can keep my kids safe
    If I did not have kids I probably wouldn’t care much but I’m the only supporter for my family my wife stay home so not all the people making more money staying home.

  15. Avatar Yee Lee says:

    The federal minimum wage was last raised on July 24, 2009, when it rose from $6.55to $7.25 per hour, the last step of a three-step increase approved by Congress in 2007. Before 2007, the minimum wage had been stuck at $5.15 per hour for 10 years.

    The living wage in the United States is $16.54 per hour, or $68,808 per year, in 2019, before taxes for a family of four (two working adults, two children), compared to $16.14 in 2018.

  16. Avatar Ruby Thomas says:

    Pelosi, why doesn’t everyone stay home and receive the 600 dollars.? Thats a real good idea dont you think. You especially, shoukd be staying home and receiving the 600 dollars. Although, you would be overpaid. We woukdnt have to hear you spout your wicked thoughts and plans to dissolve our gov. That you are doing thinking no one sees what you are doing. Please take your 600 and go home for ever.

  17. Avatar Bryan Williams says:

    Well if all these people in Congress want to help why are they not helping people are dieing and going hungry where’s the help our government don’t care or a bill would have passed already

  18. Avatar Awoke! Awoke! says:

    If they lose the $600 allotment the economy and real estate industry will tank. The unemployed were factored in to the numbers that reflected our status of keeping “afloat”.
    I mean this is the working class, so it’s not a permanent situation, even short term disability is for at least six months.
    In this environment and economy I just DON’T see any economical gains or benefit in cutting off millions of people who will soon return to work. If you cut them off now, we will lose a large labor force!

  19. Avatar Ron Krikorian says:

    The Feds are printing more money everyday and putting trillions in the stock! They give the greedy corporations billions! I know a guy that owns 3 restaurants! He just received $ 5 million dollars! WTF is going on???? This corruption & manipulation will continue!!! DISGUSTING

  20. Avatar jrmnlitt says:

    Americans are facing historic death, unemployment and Republicans still would rather give billions to their rich friends over suffering American families….you can’t make this s..t up

  21. Avatar Red Rover says:

    Crownvirus is the common cold. This fake plandemic is a hoax. Wearing a mask is a badge of stupidity.

  22. Avatar Reginald Fryer says:

    Hay woman make a deal

  23. Avatar David Eby says:

    RUN! The return of the swamp creatures!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Avatar Bobby G says:

    We need that 600 again, Should of been more we didnt ask for this b.s

  25. Avatar April DeVito says:

    I was just saying a few days ago that I need a white suit. She looks great!

  26. Avatar Al Blake says:

    Did u hear what she said as Democrat she sounds like so.e1 with heart knowing people are goin through a hard time and if u have any heart how can u say what she is sayin is wrong smh this is amerikkka

  27. Avatar Montana Michael says:

    12 years I have worked at my job…not my fault it closed then reopened at half menu…I am in big trouble…please comprimise…please. Its gonna get real bad real fast.

  28. Avatar Lfma nuri says:

    Vote for Democrats !!!!

  29. Avatar Daniel Vaneck says:

    The democratic party has become terrorists and the ENEMY of the American people. They will be destroyed

  30. Avatar Angelica Ramos says:


  31. Avatar Rose Steele says:

    Don’t they dare continue to give $600 per week to those on unemployment. People are making more than they did when they had paychecks!!!!!!! Do they even still qualify for state unemployment. Are their jobs available to go back to?
    If so unemployment is to denied
    Or did they quit? You quit you don’t qualify for state unemployment.
    Have they been actively looking for work each week and reporting it to the state!!!!
    What about most of us who can only work part time because are jobs have been cut in half because our employers can’t have more than 1/2 or less working in their companies full time. We all should get $600 per week!!!!!! Sick of the fraud being committed by those who are stealing from the government!!!!!!!
    While the rest of us are barely making ends meet!!!!!!

  32. Avatar Charles Smith says:

    Pelosi and Schumer have got to be the two most annoying people in America!!!

  33. Avatar Abie Luu says:

    Your right no body wants staying home 🏡

  34. Avatar Marcus Vasquez says:


  35. Avatar S B says:

    Pelosi + Schumer = Human Garbage

  36. Avatar J D says:

    These two rats are TRAITORS to the United States of America. Who agrees?

  37. Avatar Gay Rob says:

    Pelosi and her side kick are trying to fool you on what and where they want that money to go and why

  38. Avatar Diana Sasina says:

    2030 !!!!!!!

  39. Avatar HOT 2020 says:

    That’s not true with everyone…I know people who getting 600 and are going to beach everyday

  40. Avatar Tony Burrito says:

    If they extend the 600 a week, i will try to get laid off on purpose. Coronavirus is never going away. A lot of these jobs are gone permanently. It is time to pay Americans a living wage and get rid of work if you don’t want to work. We are already pretty much socialist anyhow, may as well make it official.

  41. Avatar HOT 2020 says:

    What I learned from this pandemic is…..that hardly noone saves money for emergencies…they all spend it!

  42. Avatar Tony Burrito says:

    If they want to extend the 600, it should be like a food stamp card, only eleigible items should be rent, utilities, phone, and certain foods. You should not be able to buy a pc or iPhone with the money. You should not be able to buy him racks from with that money.

  43. Avatar Arthas Santi says:

    What about us, people that still working, essential workers.. calling us hero is not enough, that’s not fear at all, im still waiting for my first stimulus check. My weekly payment isnthe same.. im putting on risk my family.. and another one is true is people getting weekly 1000. Whata motivation for essential workers

  44. Avatar Tony V. says:

    While essential workers continue to be at risk with no hazard pay. Party is over

  45. Avatar Andre Anyone says:

    if they dont give us our F*cking money I say we march on Washington and burn it to the ground ! you think the riots where bad so far? keep f*cking with our money and we will come to your homes!! #600orWar

  46. Avatar W Stone says:

    Normal unemployment says apply to 3 jobs a week in Texas. Yeah, well, I’ve applied to 37 in a week… Jobs I am qualified for and even jobs I am OVERQUALIFIED for… still unemployed. There are so many applicants that most employers cannot review them all.

  47. Avatar Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

    0:23 overwhelming

  48. Avatar Linda York says:

    This is from Norfolk Virginia we need help we need money we need food we are homeless we need help someone someone please help us please we have seniors with nowhere to go please have to send you please have the children somebody help us

  49. Avatar Bill Wisniewski says:

    crooked California is diverting EDD’s unemployment money to CALPERS to pay retiree’s pensions. over a million desperate laid-off Californians are still waiting for their first UC benefit payment.

  50. Avatar Phoebe Fugate says:

    Stop lying

  51. Avatar CINDY WARD says:

    Let’s throw them all out and start over! I am a democrat, but I feel outraged that both sides have been unable to compromise! It is an outrage! Most people will survive with $400.00 a week!

  52. Avatar CINDY WARD says:

    She may be right, many people would rather go to work then stay home with their children – for another 5 months!

  53. Avatar MrThomas 19 says:

    WOW finally someone talking with common sense… 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  54. Avatar Plague_Doctor says:

    I just want my $1200 check….

  55. Avatar Michelle Smalls says:

    This is crazy. People out here hungry, can’t pay bills, children suffering, what are y’all doing. You all can go home and eat steak and shrimp. We have to eat egg sandwiches. Think about that ok

  56. Avatar Captain 420 says:

    Talking nothing but facts

  57. Avatar Desiree Espinosa says:

    I love Nancy P. She is such a rock star lol

  58. Avatar Mark Fogle says:

    Pelosi and Schumer are the most evil force the American people ever had to face. Thank God for Trump…. Vote TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Avatar eric heine says:

    It’s not just about the potential homeless. This is about the GDP.
    This is about Wall Street and people losing their investments. This isn’t just about helping people keep a roof over their head and putting food on their table. This is about sustaining a false economy.
    If the American economy collapses,
    America as we know it is gone.

  60. Avatar Hazel Em says:

    Ask trump to say anecdotal data.

  61. Avatar 321 renew says:

    That’s right Nancy! Show them the list! Heaven forbid someone make a livable income in America. (Sarcasm) I’m voting blue.

  62. Avatar papa legba says:

    Well i hope Republicans and democrats can find their balls while they on 31 day vacation. They seemed to have dropped them when they took that last vacation.

  63. Avatar sam hawkz says:

    I don’t have a job anymore 😕

  64. Avatar Les Rosin says:

    Perfect for my $11.50 a hour brother who got fired last Dec., but still cleared unemployment. At $1,080.00 a week for doing nothing is his dream come true. American leadership Dem/Rep sucks with stupid people!

  65. Avatar flowersandcandy flowersandcandy says:

    $600 does not lift people out of poverty , they are still poor.

  66. Avatar Mc001Rem002 says:

    Everything, people, thumbnail, looks evil

  67. Avatar Titi1324 Kiki13 says:


  68. Avatar Titi1324 Kiki13 says:

    Solve HOUSING CRISIS. Opening the ECONOMY going back to work are USELESS if full time Incomes are not enough to Rent a UNIT.

  69. Avatar MrBerg4ever says:

    Not giving the $600 because it makes people not look for jobs is dumb because there are hardly any new jobs. I worked in the travel industry which has tens of millions of American employees and the industry probably won’t be in full swing till next year.

  70. Avatar Joe Akau says:

    These two are so fake they don’t care EVIL,and FAKE thats who they are trump 2020

  71. Avatar Patriots 1991 says:

    Pelosi is such a witch. If people like her there just as evil as her.

  72. Avatar Joe Muson says:

    listen forget the amount of unemployment look why isnt anyone mention the 1,200????!!! not in their speaks come in the middle stop acting like children!!! pass it already bunch of spoiled brats

  73. Avatar Tony Nguyen says:

    PEOPLE AT HOME NOT WORKING SHOULD GET ADDITION EVERY WEEK 50 US. Whoever works, can get an extra salary every week of 400 US dollars to compensate for the function of economic growth for the US and to pay taxes for work .

  74. Avatar Godschild Forever says:

    They did hit on points that are effecting people right now.

  75. Avatar Gioxtream says:


  76. Avatar Diane Porter says:

    Then why is it been 2 weeks since this bill has been on the table? Come on now just pass this bill

  77. Avatar Joseph Leighton says:

    Winter is coming.

  78. Avatar Rukhshee azizi says:

    Ur right Siri all people like to go work if job available why not I’m sure if job available all Americans citizens make more money then $600 hundred dollars 💵

  79. Avatar dew K says:

    Hunger of power.. abortion supporter..are you not a father, a mother, a grandpa, grandma? Don’t you love your kids, grandkids to have chance to live? .. the lake of fire is waiting for you..

  80. Avatar Bill Sizemore says:

    U twit now we have nothing

  81. Avatar Niylah JayPheonix says:

    Minimum wage is $15 an hour average job you work 40 hours a week you calculate that… That’ll be $600 a week. So what’s the complaint about we lost our jobs and half of use still can’t return to our jobs. Im currently still waiting for them to open back. With that being said that $600 a week is well deserved and well needed. That’s how much half of America is getting paid to work too.

  82. Avatar Tin Tizzy says:

    Can you tell my bills it’s coming soon? Thanks a bunch

  83. Avatar Joseph Leighton says:

    That 2nd stimulus check was for my rent. I’m hanging by a thread. I was furloughed. Have been brought back to work part time. Still not much going round.

  84. Avatar tay loso says:

    America is not a country its a business!!!

  85. Avatar clay2468 says:

    Thank you. Cuz ITS OUR MONEY

  86. Avatar Christine Gower says:

    You can’t con us we see you. Funnelling 3.7trillion tax payer money to your hoodlums to facilitate violence against American people is TREASON.

  87. Avatar ABDUL FARIZ says:

    No More $600 per, people have to work and make the money, This is absurd stay home make more money, put a Debt on next generations. This is why Trump and Republicans will win again

  88. Avatar Joglul Pasha says:

    Working hard 😓 in corona virus 🦠 making $450 weekly . without work unemployed people staying home and they are get $600 and more . Why ?? Why?? Everyone should get this benefits $600 (unemployed and employed )

  89. Avatar Ero says:

    They need 600 dollars I agree.

  90. Avatar A. West says:

    The $600 has been offered and they said no unless they get a bunch of other socialist crap. Don’t talk to me about condescension Pelosi. You are a hypocrite. You’re just playing politics as usual and we are the ones getting screwed.

  91. Avatar yotor lij says:

    Staying at home also save lives and minimize the spread of covid but they think as lazyness only, wtf

  92. Avatar Mitch says:

    😑😾 okay so I’ve applied soooo many times to these jobs and nothing !!!!

  93. Avatar Gene Smith says:

    Dumb and Dumber .

  94. Avatar Samuel Geddie says:


  95. Avatar cazz t-el says:

    I find it funny republicans proposed 200$ dollars. I hope they can survive off of 200$ when they get voted out during this election.

  96. Avatar t henderson says:

    Maybe Nancy and Chuck should denounce ANTIFA and tell people to get back to work.
    But they’re democrats an they just keep spending other people’s money.

  97. Avatar walt chambers says:

    Just give everyone a million dollars and be done with it.

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