Is the stock market losing momentum?

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Investor’s Advantage Corp Founder and President John Grace joins Yahoo Finance’s Akiko Fujita to discuss the country’s economic outlook amid renewed lockdowns in some states as COVID-19 cases climb.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar IPlayBattleCats says:


  2. Avatar N** says:

    It will going to low as of march earlier this year. May be more lower at the end of the year as of CALCULATED firmly.

    • Avatar Ancient Kid says:


    • Avatar C yzl says:

      People say that every time there is little drop. But every time it goes back up and more

  3. Avatar J.D. Hart says:

    The Market is totally fake.

  4. Avatar Michael Shepherd says:

    Yahoo News….LMAO

  5. Avatar mattsky says:

    At 50 seconds he said 40% decline not 20

  6. Avatar Michael Shepherd says:

    Yahoo’s website suspend’s the comment section on their articles…..Yahoo couldn’t handle the comment section destroying their propaganda with truth and facts

  7. Avatar Michael Shepherd says:

    Good thing hardly anyone cares what Yahoo reports….People know it’s all liberal propaganda

    • Avatar Tony Alston says:

      Go over to fox news for your fix

    • Avatar Tim M says:

      Ah yes. Everything that makes the fuhrer look bad is liberal propaganda. Donald Trump is therefore “liberal propaganda”

  8. Avatar Cute and Funny Earthlings says:

    Just need the feds to pump trillions into the financial markets and then the stcok market will be rising in no time

    • Avatar Paul Stone says:

      Absolutely. And the Bulls don’t care about all this bad data. This has been out there and they have gone on a buying binge. The market won’t tank until the big money gets scared and starts selling. And the Fed has put a floor on the market. So we will all see how far it falls.

  9. Avatar justnow says:

    I want to see a crash! Let’s goooo.

    • Avatar Kathleen Rasing says:

      Same here Timmy! Patience is a virtue, readying my buying power lol

    • Avatar C yzl says:

      Fed will just pump more money in before it happens

  10. Avatar Chae Yi says:

    xtra unemployment benefit ending this week. I believe significant down turn ahead.

  11. Avatar Ancient Kid says:


    • Avatar Yelkster says:


    • Avatar Tony Alston says:

      Not according to poll numbers bud

    • Avatar Marilyn Reallon says:

      Joe might be but Trump is losing momentum!

    • Avatar Tim M says:


  12. Avatar MA63 says:

    The market is not losing momentum. It has been overvalued for too long. The real prices will come to fruition.

  13. Avatar Charlie Rodriguez says:

    Of course it is.
    The extra money to the unemployed ends in a few days.
    People will not be spending in August.

    If anyone wants to know how to destroy an economy and national prosperity, just look at the last 50 years of US economic policy.

  14. Avatar makinamusica says:

    He said 40 percent decline twice! She said 20 lol

  15. Avatar Sue Kang says:

    Known facts…

  16. Avatar Atanatari165 says:

    40% decline? what is this guy smoking?

    • Avatar Jordan Bellamy says:

      He clearly has a ton of put contracts expiring EOM

    • Avatar Atanatari165 says:

      @Sara Bear Wow how did you learn this secret information? No other market participants are aware of this, it’s not priced in, the market will be SHOCKED! All in puts!

    • Avatar badass1g says:

      I’d say more like 50% decline. The storm is rolling in soon…

    • Avatar jackson thompson says:


    • Avatar Atanatari165 says:

      @jackson thompson reality is good for AMZN

  17. Avatar yorkRaymond rabatMercer says:

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    • Avatar antiphonyCurry raffinoseFrost says:

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    • Avatar simonsaysno21 says:

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    • Avatar Garbage Bacon says:

      Sounds like you and Aaron are buffoons

    • Avatar Tony Alston says:

      Stop advertising your garbage trading system.

  18. Avatar G M says:

    Classic bull trap 👌

  19. Avatar charles V says:

    Very simple, if you’re not willing to lose money during pullbacks, don’t put your money in the market. It’s a really volatile time right now, if you need the money that’s understandable, there are all kinds of risks investing, you try and minimize your losses. These “experts” don’t know what’s really gonna happen, but have a belief based on certain fundamentals, one day one sector is hot, the next day it pulls back, i’m a long term investor so seeing these highs and lows are just a bunch of noise from speculators. There’s always gonna be short sellers, market swings are unpredictable for the most part, a lot of paranoia in the market, whatever the news of the moment is during trading hours can have any type of impact on any given sector or positions, it’s a guessing game, only the truly big players make all the money. It’s the little guys who suffer the most. It’s not a place to really play around with if you’re not prepared to take a loss, you only lose money if you’re down and decided to sell because you’re afraid of losing more, Best is to just wait it out, market always come back at some point, and you only earn money when you sell on the up days when you’re up on gains, and you wanna get out of a position, most of us aren’t rich day traders who know about options trading, which is only for investors with years of experience. If you’re willing to stomach the down days and have a “let’s see what happens” play out, you’ll do okay, market prediction are just that, a prediction. If you listen to a hundred analysts you’ll get a hundred different opinions are what the market did, what’s it’s done, and where it’s going, talk to to as many people who’ve been in a long time for advice, and only the ones who’ve been successful, there are no guarantees of success, but you’ll do better than having money just sitting in a bank earning zero, don’t risk everything you have, just make some of work for you.

  20. Avatar mrpmj00 says:

    Buy the dip!
    I’ve bought Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe, Alteryx, Wells Fargo.
    TRUST THE PROCESS…The stock market goes up in the long term because it takes 2 steps forward for every 1 step backward.
    Cash is trash, it loses out to inflation.

  21. Avatar mrpmj00 says:

    Naw, back to school shopping is happening now for Macbooks, iPads, subscriptions. My son’s gong to be a college freshman
    so I’ve just replaced his 5 year old 13in Macbook Pro for a new 13in Macbook Pro with 16GB ram/1TB SSD for $1999 and $250
    Applecare, Apple watch, 5G iphone coming.

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  24. Avatar Fr. Robert Cole says:

    Exactly, I agree! stock market seems overvalued. More like fed bought the market…Let’s see how long they can keep it up…. Timing the market is extremely difficult if even possible. my investment strategy actually calms me down. This week I made over $2000 so far on one stock just in morning trading, shoplifty and I believe anyone can do it if you have the right strategy. Eyes on the prize, stays the course!

    • Avatar Stile Hookes says:

      The great depression took 15 years and a world war to get over it. Trade wars lead to currency wars which leads to world wars.

    • Avatar Brendan Murphy O.P. says:

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  25. Avatar jtrade says:

    healthy pull back. stimulus bill passing will give the market extra boost it needs .

  26. Avatar ShutUpLige says:

    Is the stock market losing its momentum? Every liberal in America hopes so

  27. Avatar mark fursdon says:

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    • Avatar Eric H says:

      I’m surprised Yahoo even allows comments on here. Probably didn’t want people questioning Democrat governors who feel it’s safe to have publicly funded daycare, but no classes held at a school building. I’m sure the Teacher’s Union will be protesting the dangers to children of being put into state funded daycare. How will they keep all these children separated and safe, cages ?

  28. Avatar Roberto SERAFIM says:

    Legal !!Mas quê tal traduzido ou dublado!!??

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  30. Avatar D Campbell says:


  31. Avatar P.J. Fox says:

    The stockmarket going up during the worst pandemic in a hundred years? I’m out of it on a manner of principle!!

  32. Avatar P.J. Fox says:

    What a country! Billions injected into the stockmarket but ordinary americans are left in the lurch for a month!

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