Why now is not the time to sell tech stocks: Strategist

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Brian Belski, BMO Capital Markets Chief Investment Strategist, joined Yahoo Finance’s Adam Shapiro and Seana Smith to evaluate how inflation concerns are impacting the market.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Dustin Ho says:

    but is not the time to buy either lmao

  2. Avatar Allen Xiang says:

    Okay so it’s time to sell

    • Avatar Jake Anzalone says:

      Do the opposite

    • Avatar Davey Crocket says:

      Yes, they are just trying to calm you all from the truth that is our phony balogna market… (tech, crypto, and every other dumb money company these days!!) Buying Inverse ETFS to kick these clowns in the teeth when the market tanks eventually!

  3. Avatar Rachel Ottelé says:

    If you’re afraid, be mean would be a good drug to sell @neuralink We’re cool

    • Avatar The blockchain Today says:

      Thanks for watching…endeavour to write as soon as for more tips 

  4. Avatar Brews Willis says:

    Excellent action today! Keep beating tech and growth down another 65%! I will keep buying all the way down! I have plenty of dry powder! Wall Street has this inflation concern wrong! Value will continue to underperform for the next decade vs growth and tech! I have a 20:year horizon so keep beating markets down so I can keep adding to my positions!

    • Avatar Larry M says:

      enjoy 2 more months of it.

    • Avatar The Bearded Man says:

      @Larry M we can handle it

    • Avatar antinkuntinisler says:

      so what are you buying? @brews

    • Avatar Brews Willis says:

      @antinkuntinisler QQQ and SPY puts, bought a month ago. Holding, I am long on them. Wheels coming off Markets.

  5. Avatar InBae Dae says:

    Ones making money is fine

  6. Avatar Marc Wareham says:

    Buy low sell high, nothing changed!

  7. Avatar SuperWolf 007 says:

    The thing is nobody knows what a stock is gonna do tomorrow🤷‍♂️

  8. Avatar Roger Lee says:

    duh. with rsi is in 30s and closing in on 200 sma. yeah sell is great idea.

  9. Avatar SuperSteelers says:

    Too early to start buying anything including tech. Patience people

    • Avatar 老郭聊投资-invenstment says:

      Agreed. Don’t try to grab a falling knife!

    • Avatar Christopher T says:

      Is Tesla a tech stock?

    • Avatar 老郭聊投资-invenstment says:

      Christopher T yes and no. If you think Tesla just makes cars, then no. But if you have opportunity to drive Tesla car, then you will think it is tech company.

  10. Avatar Mark Oliver says:

    Joe Biden’s fault

    • Avatar Jehovah Witness says:

      And the headline should read “Why now is not the time to have any confidence in his ability”

  11. Avatar alemadd says:

    She”Why does oil look more attractive to you now? ”
    Because everybody is buying. Sheeeeeps

    • Avatar Individual_Liberty says:

      Stock market is driven by sheeps, not valuation.

  12. Avatar kerplunked 00 says:

    Because he wants retail to hold while they dump their overpriced tech on the market…. maybe ark acolytes will buy the dip.

  13. Avatar Sàbhail ar Alba says:

    Economics isn’t a science, no-one really knows what’s next. Some people have vented interests others talk the talk
    but two things are certain 1) stock prices are too high 2) inflation is too high.

  14. Avatar JSPH : says:

    ALGO to the moon

  15. Avatar Aerohk says:

    Buy crypto people. Great store of value! Look into newer coins like Safemoon for massive potential upside! (do your own research)

  16. Avatar Gang Lu says:

    This guy asks people not to sell their tech stocks so that HE can.

  17. Avatar howtowhat says:

    Don’t sell when there’s been a massive sell off… it may fall lower, but if you have high conviction just hold it

  18. Avatar Ooma HuntressProtectress says:

    sorri, just trying to charge, mon… heroin vaporizer,, but yes! almost acquired the entire Planetary heroin business, it aint easy!!..ces est plus difficile! mons Ami,,… but ya, just chilling here in Leadville

  19. Avatar Sergi Medina says:

    AMZN, FB, GOOGL and some others are undervalued. So not selling. But I don’t know if buying just yet.

  20. Avatar Curtis King says:

    This guy is so green. Ben Stiller movie references, says “in a vacuum.” Speaks in generalities—what a goon.

  21. Avatar Earle J. Glover says:

    I’ve always been a fan of tech and tech stocks. now 2 quarters and over $600,000 in raw profits later i am pretty convinced that tech has changed the future of investing through algorithmic trading. As a baby boomer myself i wonder who would have believed how fast we were to progress from piling up stock certificates & bonds to electronically making mass profits in an enormous market without even looking at a single graph

    • Avatar Irene Lambert says:

      @Earle J. Glover I just sent Josephine a message from her website. Hopefully she replies soon enough.i got a lump sum by inheritance doing zilch which i can finally put to good use. thanks for the heads up

    • Avatar Nichole Mathes says:

      @Earle J. Glover is the set up an easy one? I wrote Josephine already. however i wanna know how setting up my accoutn for this type of thing will look like

    • Avatar Earle J. Glover says:

      @Nichole Mathes it takes a few minutes to set up. you don’t even need to be a tech savvy person. that is one of the good points of algorithmic trading when you want to adopt the copy trading style of investing

    • Avatar Nichole Mathes says:

      @Earle J. Glover tnx man. i only have to wait for her reply now. wanna get started on this ASAP

    • Avatar Earle J. Glover says:

      @Nichole Mathes You’re welcome. I beleive there is space enough in the sky for everyone to fly. good luck

  22. Avatar P SG says:

    We’re in a long term bull market. You buy in a bull market especially during the dips. The future is still tech.

  23. Avatar Danielle Grace says:

    When it to crypto option or cryptocurrency the lack of strategy is not really a problem the thing is finding one that is lucrative and suites you

    • Avatar Ferdinand Freddi says:

      Just found them on Google!!

    • Avatar Amara Abraham says:

      My friend got a $20 bonus on registration, I couldn’t believe until I saw with my own eyes. Amazing!

    • Avatar Kenneth Brian says:

      How do one begin?

    • Avatar Noelle Rylie says:

      Tried taking a trading course in my early years in medical college, turned out to be so awful. I am glad I was able to make the right decision and diversified my portfolio. Gladly I started little by investing in reliable platforms

    • Avatar Aleksander Barunka says:

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  24. Avatar Carl Izabella says:

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  25. Avatar OhMeSoTrickyy says:

    Buy BONFIRE if you would like a safe investment with huge returns!
    Google Bonfire if you haven’t already, very cozy community.

  26. Avatar Ryan Kane says:

    while the Nasdaq seems to be recovering, the S&P is setting up for a large pullback. That’s the index to watch now.

  27. Avatar james scoza says:

    The swanky building conservatively print because hedge plausibly confess amid a aromatic rotate. weary, courageous aftermath

  28. Avatar Advik Avi says:

    cryptocurrency is the best investment currently cause of it high rate in the stock market

    • Avatar Bright Patrick says:

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    • Avatar Happiness Luke says:

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