Postmaster General DeJoy Suspends Changes To Postal Service To Avoid Any Impact On Election Mail

2020 8/20
Postmaster General DeJoy Suspends Changes To Postal Service To Avoid Any Impact On Election Mail

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced Tuesday that the U.S. Postal Service will suspend any policy or operational changes until after the November presidential elections.
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Postmaster General DeJoy Suspends Changes To Postal Service To Avoid Any Impact On Election Mail



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Steve Proselutori says:

    More left propaganda. Nancy Pelosi can barely make words. Her and biden have the same brain defect.

  • Belle Francis says:

    He must get the mail boxes back to how they were without chances of spoilt ones and make sure to sue DeJoy and Trump for measure

  • Pak De says:

    To avoid angry mobs with pitch forks and torches is more likely. Joking aside I predicted Trump would back off as soon as he realized that slowing down the mail hurt his campaign among elderly voters.

  • lynx Nel says:

    It’s not enough. DeJoy has to be REPLACED.

  • lynx Nel says:

    For Trump to come this STRONG, he SURELY Iis being PRESSURED by his “IMAGINARY FRIEND and BOSS.”

  • Fernando Astudillo says:


  • qtez37 says:

    Every dime his family and cronies obtained while in the WH should be put back to tax dollars 4 the people, and all their bank accounts should be depleted like they do the drug dealers saying it’s all drug $, well it’s all TRAITOROUS $ and TREASON $ now take it

  • Graciela Castañeda says:

    trump needs 4 more years to cover up his mess and do more break up american and hand the pieces to putin

  • sally simonds says:

    So..he’s going to put all the removed boxes and sorting machines back?

  • Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez says:

    Trump’s crony Dejoy said he will suspend down sizing until after the elections but what of the machines and boxs that have already been moved will they be replaced of course not

  • G. Elliott says:

    We can expect the PO to become profitable when the Defense department turns a profit

  • Diana Comer says:

    Do not believe this

  • Myra Harrell Fleming says:

    Too late DeJoy…you have made a mess of things already. Lock them up in the same cell…!

  • Myra Harrell Fleming says:

    Trump is rigging the election…We see what you are doing and you will pay for your abuse of power!!

  • TheMountainbobcat says:


  • Emily Stanley says:

    Resign your position! You’ll never be respected or trusted! Vote Americans!

  • Mary Elizabeth says:

    Now to get his wife out of Canada. Both DeJoys are trump boot lickers who brought their jobs.

  • David Rivera says:


  • crashweaverda says:

    What a scam where was the outrage when the Obama administration was doing the same thing? Former Postal employee who had to take a buy out 7 years ago to save his famly after they excess there mother to Chicago and I was suppose to get sent to Denver. Not to mention all the collection boxes they removed and all the facility s they close. This is nothing but election BS.

  • clharrellsr says:

    You know when the president stands on national TV and tells people but he is actually trying to slow down the voting because he’s afraid he will lose he’s tried all sorts of tactics because he knows jail is his next move

  • George Layton says:

    To late. Fire him and indict him.

  • Voice of The People says:

    He will do anything to get reelected (yes, anything) if he thought (or someone told him) being peed on would ensure his reelection he would say, “excellent, who wants to go first?” so sad and pathetic….Solution to getting us through this crisis of voting by mail this cycle, Congress spends the money, Congress pay fedex, DHL and UPS to send registered voters a postage paid expressed envelope with the appropriate return address for the mail in ballots thus takes the load off of the United States Postal Service and dividing up between those 3 Mega delivery services fedex, DHL and USPS. This is not a game and this incompetent idiotic so call-president will stop at nothing to steal yet another election, he knows his freedom depends on it as well as the freedom of many others

  • Voice of The People says:

    ….DeJoy), already a good amount of damage has been done, once a felony has been committed it can not be undone….criminal charges and a just sentence MUST ensue, just as if anyone else had/has committed such a felony….NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!…..This is not a game and this incompetent idiotic so call-president will stop at nothing to steal yet another election, he knows his freedom depends on it as well as the freedom of many others

    • Dave Griffin says:

      Very well stated💙

  • Yolanda Davis says:

    Fraud as& politicians including Trump

  • Evelyn Hudson says:

    It will be a disaster because america including rats want him out of office

  • tree man says:

    Does anyone notice Trump likes to surround himself with people of color while spewing his crap from the mouth? They have nothing to say, just standing there looking black and cheerful , but if you actually analyze their faces, they’re bewildered !!!!!

  • Dave Ouano says:

    This is horrendous. Can we just do the election tomorrow?!? Get out of my White House, Trump!! #AmericansAgainstTrump

  • Laurie VanDyk says:

    America has never seen the likes of a donald trump before! And hope to never see again!!!!

  • James Obiri says:

    The impact has alreafy been done, mission accomplished

  • nosuchthing8 says:

    Trump is a plague upon the nation

  • Efrain Avelar says:

    Everyone must vote this currupted coward out for good and straight into prison let’s not forget his currupted administration



  • Efrain Avelar says:

    Anything they rig is not a fair election these are criminals we are dealing with here they should be arrested now people lets lift up and overvthrow these criminals out now since the authorities can do there job

  • Efrain Avelar says:

    If we protest they will tear gas us and even arrest us if any crimes are committed here trump and dejoy are committing a crime and dont even get tear gas at least never the less arrested this is BS trump dejoy and administration need to be arrested and PROSECUTED

  • andrew bryant says:

    If Trump says that this is going to be a rigged election will let his AG bar investigate

  • cnatview says:

    Collection boxes will remain where they are…. What about the ones they removed? Will they be returned to where they were? And the mail sorting machines? Will they be put back? I’ve not heard anything about that, but I may have just missed it.

  • judd442009 says:


  • Efrain Avelar says:

    No one should be arrested when they commit a crime from no on and if so you should get away with it if trump and his administration get away with it why can we

  • Rob B rc n stuff says:

    Since he got caught he’s not going to mess it up anymore. He should be in jail and his delivery companies closed down or fined to the last penny.

  • David Badilla says:

    I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Mark Allen says:

    Dejoy,caught red-handed trying to fraudulently gives buddy trump another rigged election,like Putin needs any help

  • G S says:

    yes but its already impacted.

  • rdtdriller says:

    dejoy for jail. My taxes demand it!

  • Llib Nos says:

    If he can suspend his action means it should not have been implemented at in the fudge can you support a person trying to openly cheat in the election people are really hypocritical

  • Jackoveto Lovo says:

    Trump is a crazy man likes of which never in history – like of his bull

  • Melissa Sullivan says:

    I’m not buying it. At this point, we will require proof and extreme oversight. I hope congress is doing this…

  • Gary Michaels says:

    Dump Trump

  • TT TT says:

    Postmaster General DeJoy needs to be investigated for financial gains and conflict of interest if postal services fail?

  • El Malo says:

    My Hispanic, Black, Asian, Caucasian, and Native American Brothers & Sisters, please don’t be fooled by the Radical Socialist Marxist’s pandering. They’ll take your vote for their gain while you suffer the losses. It’s clearly evident that they’d rather see your neighborhood citizens, children & police murdered, burned to ash, looted, vandalized, occupied by domestic terrorists, etc…without taking any accountability for their cowardice, negligence, & incompetence! We all need to take a stand to show them that we are sick & tired!

  • jeff cook says:

    democrats did it…… democrats did it…… Thats all they can spew forth

  • Billy Summer says:

    Lock him up…they are attacking our democracy..they are enimies of the United States..

  • Edy Smith says:

    I’m for Biden . I don’t want a mail in vote

  • Daniel Ortega says:

    If dejoy doesn’t replace all removed mail sorting machines and blue maim boxes than he should be jailed .

  • Ife' Green says:

    Put the boxes and the equipment back.

  • Nobi_Bklyn says:


  • Erin Norwood says:

    Now THIS is a bipartisan solution. This is the way our country should be run….with all parties working together for the good of the nation.

  • Nabin Sharma says:

    I quit my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Barbara Edelmann says:

    He is such a clown puppet! Glad he is stepping down. He is so foolish

  • Jay Mula says:

    When are you going to undo what you did. Send him to jail now the changes that have been made cannot stick

  • Fernando Marques says:

    Return the collection boxes and sorting machines!

  • Fernando Marques says:

    DeJoy must be arrested!

  • Jerry Smith says:

    He needs to.put the mail boxes he took away and put the letter sorting machines back as well. He’s a part of Trump’s criminal enterprise.

  • BFDT says:

    Put the boxes and the machines back. Hire back the people who know what’s going on who have been laid off or fired.

    Then put DeJoy in a box and send him to the North Pole (you know, where a polynya is). And plunk. Send him express mail to Santa’s elves for special treatment. Ugh.

  • J.M .B says:

    Is he, really?

  • Liza Belle says:

    This year we need young and healthy poll and election workers if you are or someone you know is interested get directly involved in Democracy and make some money.
    Register to vote today and ask for a mail in ballot fill out and return the next day or drop a a secure election drop box or take to a polling place or if you go to the polls WEAR A MASK!! Vote like your life depends on it, “Because it does.” VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!! Vote blue from local elections to the Presidency and bring back decency, leadership, and patriotism.

  • Steve Young says:

    Who? if anyone actually thinks his word is true? Just a ploy

  • inveele says:

    We can’t trust this shady Postmaster General anymore. He probably found another way to sabotage mail

  • S.L R.N says:


  • d aging flower child says:

    I’m in Oregon, put our Mail boxes back!

  • d aging flower child says:

    You are the Disaster like we have never seen!

  • Walton says:

    D e j o y should be made to pay for those separators that has been taken out of the post office. possibly have to pay the post office overtime that they have Missed.

  • house2homeplus says:

    Goodyear history of racism… UTHEAST TEXAS RECORD


    » Stories » 2012 » June

    Suit alleges history of racial discrimination at Goodyear

    By Marilyn Tennissen | Jun 12, 2012

    A worker’s recent lawsuit against Goodyear describes an alleged history of racism at the company’s Beaumont rubber plant.

    Kenan Alexander filed suit against Qualitech Maintenance Inc. and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. on June 7 in the Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division.

    He claims that in May 2011 he found a figurine of a black man eating a watermelon hanging by a noose in his company locker.

    “However, the incident to which Plaintiff was subjected on May 31, 2011, was not an isolated incident at the plant,” Alexander’s lawsuit, filed by Houston attorney Peter Costea, states. “Defendants were aware all along that the plant was a hazardous work place for African-Americans but failed to take effective remedial action to ensure racist incidents of a crass nature would not happen again.”

    The lawsuit lists the following alleged incidents as evidence of the problems at the plant:

    April 2011
    A noose was found hanging up between the P&L lines at unit 880
    Late 2010 or early 2011
    An employee found in a desk drawer a letter stating that “n—— are lazy.”
    January or February 2011
    A Goodyear operator disclosed to other employees, including plaintiff Kenan Alexander, that he heard an employee in the Natsyn Unit that he disliked “n—– President Obama and also that all n—— thought they were running the country now.” The operator claims supervisors and employees in attendance laughed at the comments.
    February 2011
    A white employee referred to black employees at the plant as “Negroes and colored.” Plaintiff Kenan Alexander claims he told the white employee, “it’s 2011 and you can’t refer to them as such.” Alexander alleges he reported the incident to the foreman, but the foreman took the incident lightly and did not admonish the employee.
    Graffiti in the plant’s bathroom and cafeteria depicted KKK swastikas. The graffiti was removed but is “occasionally reappeared in the same places.”
    An employee wrote on a safety card that the leaders of the Confederate Army should still be around and that slavery should still be legal.

    Alexander’s suit states that Goodyear management issued a memo relating to the May 31, 2011, noose in the locker incident experienced by Alexander. The memo stated that management was interviewing several employees, and asked that anyone with knowledge of the incident step forward. According to the suit, management stated that the incident violated company policies and that racially offensive materials or graffiti “would not be tolerated.”

    “Apparently, this action bore no fruit, for in July 2011 the word ‘n—–‘ had been written down on a table in the Qualitech break room multiple times,” the suit states. “Also, in early August 2011 a swastika was found grafittied in a restroom.”

  • Scott Mueller says:

    The damage is done, DeJoy said nothing about reinstalling the machines. Processing times will still be slower no matter how much over time you have!

  • Dean Dartista says:

    Dejoy and Trump need to be tried for conspiracy against the Government. DeJoy clearly trying to bankrupt the institution for personal profit.


    Yes! Trump is a f* moron.

  • John Graham says:

    He is not going to restore his abuse, he should be continued to be investigated, only the potential of going jail will stop these syncphants

  • Terri Seaton says:

    trumpy won with a rigged election. What is he worried about?

  • cattigereyes1 says:

    The removed machines and missing workers do not just replace themselves! This is stupidity and criminal ignorance

  • Charles Martin says:

    Vote blue vote Biden/HARRIS vote Democrats vote 2020

  • scott storey says:

    And as of today he’s still have sorting machines pulled out from coast to coast. if you see any, report it to your AG of your state.

  • W Douglas says:

    The Damage Is Already Done.
    There Not Going To Restore What’s Been Removed. They Have Trump’s Cronies Calling The Shots.

  • Bernadette Thomas says:

    Lock him up. Do not trust him. Take your ballot to the board of elections.

  • Bernadette Thomas says:

    Where is the FBI? Lock him up. No one is going to do over the election if he loses he loses take his butt to Russia.

  • Jessica Falstein says:

    he’s full of crap. do they think we’re stupid???

  • WECAN DOIT says:

    If he is up Trumps Asp, he will lie in public and still be undermining the Post Office as that is what the Republicans do. Please watch Barr very closely as he is more corrupt than Trump.

  • JVS 3 says:

    He’s already done enough to impact it. Removed 671 sorting machines and 100s if not thousands of mailboxes in strategic areas. He should be prosecuted for criminally tampering with the post office with criminal intent to rig the election

  • Trey Atkins says:

    Vote for Joe Byedon on November 3rd! Anyone who is able to, needs to vote in person! Where a mask! I don’t care how long the lines are, you need to VOTE IN PERSON! It is honestly the best option for you to vote. Donald Trump has tampered with The U.S. Postal Service too much for you to cast your ballot in. If you are disabled or an essential worker who is working hard shifts then either drop your absentee ballot at your local clerk’s office or vote early in person. Overall, voting in person is the most logical way for you to vote!

  • Pepper Jackson Joyce says:

    I know exactly what it is. He got in much deeper than he thought he would. He thought that Donald Trump was going to back him and he didn’t. When he started seeing the police coming at his front door, he ran for the back and they were there also. He tried the basement and they were there also. He did the right thing. He gave up without a fight. He did it expect that the country would respond to him the way that we have. We are the United States of America. We are not Donald Trump.

  • Martha De santiago says:


  • Love Proud says:

    Stupid trump is a disaster

  • Samuel Collier says:

    That 2 million campaign donation in 2016 bought DeJoy the PMG position. How did Gordon Sondland’s 1 million grease job for ambassadorship work out? Pelosi & her dinosaurs won’t do anything – the hearings will b a circus DeJoy will wiggle off the hook. Damage done. Those voting machines WILL NOT b replaced – mission complete. SOOOO tired of The Godfather rerun.

  • scot woodz says:

    It like watching Chinese propaganda news………. all accusations, no facts.
    Peter Alexander is spewing a bunch of crap. Almost like the Chinese is paying his wages.

  • Maria Garcia says:

    He is no fool. He knows he has done enough damage to help trump, he destroyed the machines and mail boxes, those will not be replaced. Him saying he is stopping now just says he is satisfied with the work he has done in assisting trump

  • J. Arias says:

    I can’t wait till January when Trump is (edited:arrested) for Treason.
    Party at my house, must wear a mask.

  • eduardo quirino says:

    No one in this world believes the words of this man and his hideously corrupt president

  • Edward Martins says:

    Mail in voting has been around for tpns of Decades. No 45 and his cronies have used it. They would do anything to cheat .

  • Dawn Walton says:

    Please please people pray to ask God to allow every vote to count whether in person or by mail and to block every effort to have the election stolen.

    Matthew 18:19
    “Also, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about something and pray for it, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

    Leviticus 26:7-8
    You shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall by the sword before you. Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you

    Galatians 6:7
    Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap

  • holdmybeer says:

    trump is a first class chump. dejoy and trump need to loose their freedom for a few years.

  • K A says:

    Lol. Backfired! USPS 1 Trump 0