Watch Singers From Around The U.S. Sing The National Anthem To Open The DNC | NBC News

A choir of voices from around the country joins together virtually to sing The Star Spangled Banner to kick off the DNC.
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Watch Singers From Around The U.S. Sing The National Anthem To Open The DNC | NBC News

111 thoughts on “Watch Singers From Around The U.S. Sing The National Anthem To Open The DNC | NBC News

  1. Patricia Bornstein Reply

    160 dislikes? Who could dislike this?

  2. Lexi Lum Reply

    I”m waiting for someone to kneel. lol.

    • J Carr Reply

      Kneel or don’t kneel, it doesn’t matter. Why don’t you worry about the looting that’s happening in the White House, and our treasonous president

  3. Lexi Lum Reply

    Where’s Hawaii? it’s virtually the home of the dems!

  4. Echiya Reply

    wow I have been so mad at America… and now I am crying. Just wow.

  5. Dreama' Love Reply

    Yesssss!!! 👏👏👏👌

  6. Christoph Kahlen Reply

    This is so beautiful. All united for common aspects.

  7. c d Reply

    AMERICA or trump?

  8. Joseph New York Reply

    I’m a Republican but that was beautiful

  9. medjdt97 Reply

    Love, Love, Love ❤❤❤❤

  10. larry granbois Reply

    Dang it! Just like Monday night once again this brings tears of pride and joy to my eyes! How can anybody give this a thumbs down?

  11. D C Reply Please click on this link if you wanna know your history about the Democrats and the KKK and white supremacy it’s shocking and I’m surprised people vote for them after this ie link ie video

    • J Carr Reply

      You don’t think people can change their views?

    • D C Reply

      Well click on the link and you will be shocked it’s in blue on the message

    • D C Reply

      J Carr don’t you want to know the truth About the Democrats the KKK and white power click on the link can you see

    • J Carr Reply

      Lol I know their history but why don’t you worry about the GOP and it’s treason

  12. rick chase Reply

    Watching from Canada. Why do you throw in random grown Black men with children?

  13. Jonathan Lindsey Reply

    The power of video editing- you can create a choir, orchestra, band with 1 person, or many people across the world performing at different times and places. Technology is amazing.

  14. Gretel Chavis Reply

    Just beautiful this is who are

  15. Kevin Morgan Reply

    Keep it up! Stand up! Talk it up!

    Don’t mess it up with partisan lies.

  16. Rhose Marie Reply


  17. Sara Decapua Reply

    Something wrong with democrats being near American flags or Anthem. They hate this country.

    • Angie Hart Reply


  18. henry lockett Reply

    Why are these Trumpsters commenting on here? Democrats don’t hate America. We want this country to live up to what the forefathers said in the Constitution, period! These young people did an excellent job with this rendition of The National Anthem. I’m so proud to be an American!

  19. Jason Rosenbaum Reply

    They even look like Democrats 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • socal270 Reply

      What is your definition of Republicans? All white?

  20. momo Reply

    Get ready everybody . Comments section. Diversity ,diversity ,diversity, diversity. diversity on and on. Like Zombies

  21. M Wilson Reply

    Makes me smile ♥️ 💜 ❤️ we are strong and united 🥰

  22. Grace Tech Reply

    Next Step : Burn the Flag . I don;t Trust DNC any more

  23. anonymous Reply

    I loved the convention. It only shows that we don’t have to be together to be united. Also, this was a blessing because many people who may have wanted to be at an actual conversation would not have been able – – children singing, everyday people speaking from their homes. A very diverse group of people sharing from the heart. So very much of it made made it feel like family and we ARE in this together.

    Also, Eva Longoria did a great job. 💕💕🙏🙏

  24. Eclipse Z Reply

    Me- *trying too find my state*

  25. wayne Patrick Reply

    Deep state will eat some of them ,think ime lying

  26. Stefan Reply

    *the most NATIONALISTIC 🇺🇲 nation in the world.🌎*

  27. Jopflah Reply

    When not putting them in cages you use them as props. S.O.P.

  28. Aliou Barca Reply

    Really Nice

  29. Miracle Excel Reply

    I love Americans,wish I could find someone who could adopt me

  30. Chris_the_Onion Reply


  31. CC Reply

    Kamala “stick those kids in prisons” Harris

  32. Makeitreal Reply

    Hey you tube there was nothing wrong with my reply but you keep taking it down ,nothing working for you but a bunch of communists. Does the truth hurt for you.

    • Makeitreal Reply

      and again ,what do you do pick and chose who can reply. if it doesn’t fit your narrative i’m screwed.

  33. No Spin Zone Reply

    Cherokee is a state?

  34. Noah Frost Reply

    I’m Canadian but this video of people being united and singing the National Anthem is AWESOME!

  35. Shannon Ward Reply

    I took a knee!

  36. Jackster Jackster Reply

    Don’t you know the difference between the stars spangled and the national anthem ?

    • Charles Lee Reply

      Do you not understand that they are one and the same? Herbert Hoover signed the congressional resolution on March 3rd 1931 that made it so. Please refresh your history.

  37. Lins Vlog Reply

    Wow have a wonderful song and nice presentation I love it

  38. Francisca Barros Reply

    Beautiful beautiful music 👏👏

  39. Chris Sullivan Reply

    Hopefully our enemies dont see this, or they might decide to invade, suspecting the average IQ was around 94, and Testosterone mg/dl average is around 147

  40. MrFitz1465 Reply

    This is fabulous beyond belief.

  41. ArGeLLiCiOuS ArGeL Reply

    Nice song..pls support my channel

  42. Max Reply

    the only good part from the entire thing

  43. Jeannette Howard Reply

    How is it that the party who supports kneeling for the flag/antham and flag burning during these peaceful riots suddenly support such patriotic displays?

    Oh I know….because they are hypocritical about it, like everything else.

    • Borquita Lestrange Reply

      Oh shut up. You people are the worst, you support “the flag/anthem” then go support this treasonous orange goop that is the president. Move to Russia.

  44. Ephraim Varkey Reply

    I thought Dems hated the National Anthem

  45. Bukid Paruparu Reply

    God is always good always God bless

  46. Bill Haddad Reply

    This is the sound of hope and salvation for our nation. Pray that the fear, hate, and loathing coming from this unbelievably evil administration comes to an end soon.

  47. ApolloGenX Reply

    Hello Illinois and Louisiana….

  48. Lee Francis Reply

    But I thought the left hated the anthem

  49. shelley martin Reply

    Well it’s just picture perfect.
    Beautiful harmonies, beautiful diversity. A glimpse, perhaps…

    First rendition I’ve heard to rival Whitney Houston’s powerful performance during Desert Storm. But I think they can Both be perfect!

  50. Spoiled tomatoes Reply

    Love it! Just the best star spangle banner, brings us home to America love.

  51. Miishca M. Reply

    Together we are stronger

  52. Cinnamon Girl Reply

    This is our America beautiful!!!!……Biden/Harris…..2020 Let’s Go!!

  53. Barney The Addict Reply

    I’m surprised they did this


    Wow International member of choirs i love it

  55. Vreeland Gardner Reply

    Where are the Muslim girls with the head scarfs, where are the boys with the Afros , where are the transgender students

    • Borquita Lestrange Reply

      I know, wish they had more variety but this was great nonetheless 🙂 Thank you for thinking about the other Americans not represented in this video.

  56. ev3goddess y.o. Chandler Reply

    My heart

  57. cat channel k.h Reply


  58. Wise I Reply


  59. Rose See Reply


  60. manbtm1 Reply

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

  61. deedee green Reply


  62. Kristal Rolon Reply

    I love it 💜💜

  63. TheLastStan Reply

    Walk Away ……… RUN!!!!!!!!

  64. Raya Joe Reply

    MAN this gave me CHILLS!

  65. Abison Chitukula Reply


  66. WENDY MAISON Reply

    Democratic party=thug party

  67. MrGerms1991 Reply

    Such BS from the National Anthem hating Democrat’s….where were all the kneeler’s and flag burners I’ve seen the last few months??…gimme a break….Trump 2020!!

  68. Edward Lim Reply

    God bless America… Any muslim agree with me?….

  69. Borquita Lestrange Reply

    “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” – Republicans

  70. robotron17 Reply

    “See how fun it can be to be in a cage?” – NWO

  71. Haggis McHaggis Reply

    Spoiler alert: they all took a knee

  72. Hugo Ochoa Reply

    Now that is uniting the country!

  73. Michael Lopez Reply

    AMERICAN she is Beautiful 🇺🇸 🗽 ❤ When We All Stand United 🇺🇸

  74. C B Reply

    Use your National Anthem as your Battle Cry. Because you certainly have a battle ahead. It is either you, or the communist elite, who are trying to enslave you all. Get together, smoke them out, and throw them to the dogs. And always remember; it is in the God of Jesus Christ that we believe and trust.

  75. Robert Garland Reply

    Not being a Democrat, that was the best rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner I have ever heard. They did a fantastic job each and everyone of those people need to take a bow,. standing ovation🤩🤩🤩💥🇺🇸🤩

  76. Jerzygirl Reply

    Way to go kids!!!

  77. Sylvain Jacques Reply

    Nice work and behind the scenes also

  78. Aaron Berns Reply

    It makes we want to do the rendition by overdubbing my vocals. Be sure to check out my musical and the Dylan the Conquerer album.

  79. Lyart Bane Reply

    Wait I thought that song is racist ?

  80. O CHicku Reply

    Great job, thank for sharing.!Like & Sub to support your channel. Hope our long term friendship. 👉👍🤝❤️🔔🔔🔔✅

  81. Ruby Tagyam Reply

    Beautiful voices love it

  82. Lisa Kent Reply


  83. Ernest Barrios Reply

    I cannot wait for the whiter, brighter and less colorful GOP version.

  84. faqih rafsyah Reply

    Happy V-J day

  85. Tamra Nicole Reply


  86. Ian James Reply

    Research Democrats, Hollywood and Adrenochrome.

  87. Nigel Preece Reply

    I’m not an American, but hearing things like this moves me greatly. GO JOE!

  88. John Haakmat Reply

    omg, those thumbs down, seriously? this was amazing.

  89. MidScream1 Reply

    Wow so inspiring go Trump 2O2O

  90. Doreen kathure Reply

    God bless unites States of America one nation under God. Am not American but I love USA and its people

  91. Truong Xuan Thuyet Reply

    10:43 has the best

  92. epi pi Reply

    Mmm…I thought Star Spangled Banner is racist? It glorifies white people? I’m a bit confused here..

  93. HiPoint45acp Reply

    Dems yesterday: “national anthem is racist”……Dems today: “O say can you seeeeeee……”

  94. bone skywalker Reply

    A white guy wrote this song

  95. y0612 buibo Reply

    1 like sorry god and for give me God

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