Tesla price target raised to $1900: Wedbush

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Wedbush Securities Managing Director Dan Ives breaks down the latest on the reason for the $1900 price target for Tesla
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE says:

    People lose faith in tesla when they SEE how SpaceX fakes going to space.

    • Avatar MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE says:

      @Michel Bruns – Plenty of proof. Cgi and fisheye lens faked earth balls, are fake like a child’s video games.

    • Avatar Elfie Huber says:

      Oh how i miss the early 2000 days where people like you had no chance of providing your thoughts due to lack of web (html/ftp) knowledge. It was such a fine place with real nerds 😡

    • Avatar Michel Bruns says:

      @MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE and how do you explain the proofs which are from the official flat earth society which they now just ignore which proof that the earth is a globe?

    • Avatar Voidshift says:

      He is obviously trolling guys🤣

    • Avatar edsta714 says:

      Elfie Huber Ironically they probably use Waze to get to their flat Earth meetings 😆

  2. Avatar lithgrapher says:

    Big boys are crying 😢

  3. Avatar John Smith says:

    Are people crazy? Tesla is a stupid investment. No way a Tesla car beats Toyota.

    All these cult followers of Elon can sniff my musky taint if you think otherwise.

  4. Avatar XRP Freak says:

    NIO will outsell Tesla in China.

    • Avatar superdupe says:

      @Marc The chinese government will step in to prevent tesla sales from growing. That is no joke

    • Avatar Voidshift says:

      @superdupe yeah probably, the Chinese government going crazy and so are the people who invest in their companies.

    • Avatar congloba destro says:

      Car market share is very big, everyone will have a slice of the EV market, it’s always been like that. It’s not about NIO or TSLA, it’s about EVs and ICE cars.

    • Avatar ken 1 says:

      superdupe Wow someone should tell Elon Musk this right away!

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      TESLA is #1 in Sales in China and #1 in Satisfaction.

  5. Avatar Key Lime says:

    The interviewer has obviously never driven one. Tesla’s brand is built on happy customers. The Tesla smile!!!

    • Avatar Neopabo says:

      @Badr Marfou Just google tesla quality. There’s plenty of studies

    • Avatar Badr Marfou says:

      @Neopabo the fact is all car manufacturers has more issues, but journalists will not get attention if they report on a Camry so they don’t

    • Avatar Neopabo says:

      @Badr Marfou You’re clearly biased my dude. Do proper research

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      @Neopabo – and TOTOTA is recalling cars.

    • Avatar Badr Marfou says:

      @Neopabo don’t do research in the internet dude, just visit the nearest Tesla supercharger and ask people face to face

  6. Avatar H B says:

    I have never seen in my lifetime a stock this overvalued.
    Congratulations to all who invested in 2019 or before.

    • Avatar Ni Viuk says:

      @ken 1 I bought at 300 in March and sold half of it at 1400 to naive kids out there. Thats the way to go – same as Katie does. In effect payed minus 800 per share, thats 2200 cheaper than buying at 1400 🙂 .

    • Avatar ken 1 says:

      Ni Viuk nice profit good luck

    • Avatar Jesse Cantrell says:

      being a “buy tangible value” investor with a few mining stocks on their cycle, I’ve had to do a mind meld of change for these (new) types of stock. Looking at all of this year, the tech stocks are the only ones that haven’t been taking it up their shorts. literally.

    • Avatar Jesse Cantrell says:

      @H B one short stock guy said of Tesla “you can’t short a CULT”. He’s right.

    • Avatar Ni Viuk says:

      @superdupe Tesla is selling stock to milliennials who wish to get filthy rich by doing nothing. I like this attidude very much since it shovels tons of their money into my pocket as I bought all Tesla stock I could afford in March for around 300. I have dumped half of it some weeks ago and will unload the rest of the rest around battery day. 1000 thanks kids 🙂 .

  7. Avatar Doublethink says:

    Don’t Panasonic make Tesla’s batteries?

    • Avatar rvg says:

      Most of the complexity is around the battery management software which is written by Tesla, which according to Sandy Munro looks to be way ahead of the competition

    • Avatar midnight816 says:

      Yes, for now.

    • Avatar Marc says:

      The Model S is 8 years old and the competition is miles away from there. They are Usain Bolt. Nobody will catch them.

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      Panasonic builds cells for Tesla in a Factory that TESLA built.

  8. Avatar Ni Viuk says:

    Dan Ives is going to lose his job if he continues his disinfo. He claims weak demand in the US is compensated by strong numbers in China & Europe. But the opposite is the case: Tesla China sales are down 24% from June to July and Europe numbers are even worse.

  9. Avatar Monkey D. Lucy says:

    I’m buying a Tesla after test-driving and realizing this a superior product. I’m not talking about quality. I’m talking about a SUPERIOR product. The iphone aggressively overtook traditional/popular nokia phones at one point because it was became clear as the SUPERIOR product.

    • Avatar cashdinero0 says:

      Dont forget blackberry lol

    • Avatar Marc says:

      I still remember the day I tested it. When it started moving without making a sound. What a piece of brilliant engineering.

    • Avatar Pluto is a Planet says:

      Tesla is THE one piece!!

    • Avatar Rory Reddog says:

      Haha yep
      BMW=good panel gaps
      Teslas=superior engineering

    • Avatar Jesse Cantrell says:

      @cashdinero0 buddies new truck doesn’t do gps without a cell phone, and Blackberry tech. They’re still very much around. And remember the industry they’re in CHANGES and morphs all the time. It aint’ the coal biz.

  10. Avatar nsk s says:

    small investors better stay away , heavy competition 300 miles or 500 km now available at less than 10,000 dollars

    • Avatar Voidshift says:

      Not a Tesla tho 🤷‍♂️

    • Avatar ken 1 says:

      from who?

    • Avatar nsk s says:

      @ken 1 nissan , polar , nio etc

  11. Avatar Edward Villalovos says:

    I test drive a Model 3, here in Texas and I’m blown away!! My next vehicles will be Tesla!! Ordered a cybertruck too!! 🙂

    • Avatar victor leon says:

      I am a tesla share holder – well done keep on buying !!

    • Avatar Bettintx says:

      Where can you test drive a Tesla near Central Texas? I want one.

  12. Avatar A. Ali says:

    Yes braava .. BMW eye3 looks better than Tesla design …. your mother still buying your clothes ?

  13. Avatar BdashRain says:

    Is he saying $1900 before the bell?

  14. Avatar Justyouraverageplayer 123 says:

    “On the outside it looks cool if not cooler” what an idiot 😂

    • Avatar Marc says:

      You really need to be heavily misinformed to make that statement.

    • Avatar Chris Weston says:

      We have some cool renderings. I bet Elon is shaking in his boots at our super cool hypothetical cars!

  15. Avatar Y W says:

    Trolls and bears are dying out, this company is going to the moon and mars and beyond (financially)

    • Avatar rRobert Smith says:

      I can’t name one company that has a P/E of 200 plus I want to buy right now. Long term no one builds a factory in China, where China doesn’t take over their business.
      Enjoy your short term gains cause long term this is a dumpster fire waiting to happen.

    • Avatar ken 1 says:

      rRobert Smith What foreign companies have been taken over by Chinese?

    • Avatar WitchHunter93 says:

      Tesla’s going to mars financially, spaceX is going to mars literally.

  16. Avatar MegaSukiran says:

    Question is not why he’s so bullish on Tesla. The question is, why are you such a dead weight? Tesla will help shut down ICE automobiles for good, that’s what the world is betting on. Drill that in your thick skulls.

  17. Avatar ne0nZchr0me says:

    1900 after the stock split

    • Avatar Scott Brown says:

      1900 in the next hour…

    • Avatar Me & My GoPro says:

      2200 stock split

    • Avatar ID says:

      Haha that would be insane 🤪🤪🤪

  18. Avatar Laurens Van Der Veen says:

    Made $400 because of this. let’s fucking go man

  19. Avatar Alexi Barroso says:

    Milllleeeessss ahead 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Avatar DaVinci says:

    Brian “competition is coming” Suzi
    This loser has been using this as his main argument for 3 years now.

    • Avatar Voidshift says:

      More like 10 years. Shortys running out of lies.
      2021 will be even better for Tesla 💪

    • Avatar Pluto is a Planet says:

      I like how Dan Ives pointed out that the competition has been coming for years but in the most polite way

  21. Avatar Verne Fits says:

    Awesome great company

  22. Avatar Verne Fits says:

    Competitors are late.

  23. Avatar Neo Smith says:


  24. Avatar Dimitar Margaritov says:

    I consider buying it later this week as soon as the funds arrive in my trading account.

  25. Avatar Darkened Ray says:

    nearly at 1900 already 😀

  26. Avatar Noam Churi says:

    i shouldve bought moreeeee

    • Avatar Carl Stockmal says:

      Buy today! Profits tomorrow! Buy more tomorrow! Profits next week! Maxwell, HiBar, Jeff Dahn, Tesla’s #1 talent pool, Shanghai, Cato Road, Berlin, Austin, Stock split, Battery Day, Tesla Energy, Autonomy and FSD, CyberTruck, advertising, RoboTaxi Network, Semi, Roadster 2.0. All this buying and building while sittin’ fat with stacks of cash. Do not wait until Tesla starts paying out dividends, if they’re going up now, just think about when ALL of this is in full production… and that’s just until 3 years from now. SpaceX IPO? Neuralink? StarLink? What else is coming? And hyperdriving the manufacturing to 10X-100X efficiency. $2000 is not even close to the peak. Hold on to your hats, boys and girls. It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. For a long time.

  27. Avatar D Schafer says:

    They’re so much more than an ‘automaker’. I do wish the analysts would monetize the battery storage, AI, etc…

  28. Avatar Me & My GoPro says:

    Beautiful to see us Tesla shareholders in the comments, lots of gains today lots of gains

  29. Avatar m Cave says:

    Good news for us that own tesla stocks.

  30. Avatar king of the swing. says:


  31. Avatar Chris Weston says:

    -We raised our Tesla Target price to $1900
    -But there’s a 5-for-1 stock split coming.
    -We know.

  32. Avatar Mahee Gunturu says:

    he is just a douche… tsla is a sw company – tesla is an energy company – nobody knows what is tesla anymore…

  33. Avatar Rory Reddog says:

    4:22 no longer 700k orders for CyberTruck. I just ordered another, I am 1,095,276 on the list.
    Yes 1.1million pre-orders!

    • Avatar Ankit Alan says:

      How you know that

    • Avatar Francisco Garcia says:

      Right behind you…

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      Tesla CT is sold out for 4 years.

    • Avatar Rory Reddog says:

      Mark Plott yep he said that. I think he will surprise with new CT lines in Berlin and China. Doesn’t need stamping or casting presses or even a paint shop. Small factory footprint.

    • Avatar Rory Reddog says:

      Francisco Garcia nice 👍

  34. Avatar Ankit Alan says:

    Yes punchline is tesla is a brand

    • Avatar Jesse Cantrell says:

      and a cult. you can’t short a cult.

  35. Avatar Lee Bruce says:

    They look cool or cooler than Telsa, WTF this guy smoking.

  36. Avatar Edge says:

    Wrong it’s 2600

  37. Avatar Alex Ndichu says:

    I remember the so called “big boys” saying they were coming and are coming to kill Tesla, too late now, Tesla is the king of them all

    • Avatar Carl Stockmal says:

      No, they’re still coming. Sometime around 2032. “Hi, we’re here, is there any beer left?”

    • Avatar Alex Ndichu says:

      @Carl Stockmal 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Avatar B Catuiza says:

    Just ordered my cybertruck cannot wait

  39. Avatar John Wick says:

    Dan Ives right on TSLA time and time again, deserves all the credit. One of the few that has actually been right!

  40. Avatar Mamene Wesh says:

    because who cares about a 1000 pe ratio amirite ?

  41. Avatar John Wick says:

    these Yahoo morons never seem to get it. “competition is coming, competition is coming” yet it never comes…

  42. Avatar Market Scraper says:

    Million mile battery? Sure why not… OR what about a battery manufacturing process that will make EVs as cheap as ICE cars and far cheaper in the future?

  43. Avatar Carl Stockmal says:

    The million-mile battery has already been announced by CATL. You can buy your own – at a higher price, since you probably don’t need 10 million 2170 cells a day. “There’s a nice discount if you buy more than 5 million a day.” And Tesla will be a battery and powertrain supplier – Elon already said other companies can license them, as well as the SuperCharger network. So why have a Battery Day just to announce things that are already public knowledge? There must be more…

  44. Avatar David WTube says:

    Tesla stock price has nothing to do with what some analysts say…

  45. Avatar Jory Lafountain says:

    I’m buying 10 shares tomorrow after some money gets moved around and I’m not even mad about spending that much money on them.

  46. Avatar Jim Allen says:

    The competition for Tesla? HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  47. Avatar Jim Allen says:

    Tesla has NO competition. The other players are just playing like kids in a sandbox. So far behind and they DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  48. Avatar Komil says:

    It’s a tech not a car…

  49. Avatar Junior JR says:

    Price earnings ratio of 1,000 stocks are the best buys. Too low for Tesla, only 200 years earnings for the current price. Oh wait earnings don’t matter for equities already, that’s fossil age era

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