Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bets on gold and sells major bank holdings

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Yahoo Finance’s Julia LaRoche breaks down Berkshire Hathaway’s
investment in gold,
#WarrenBuffett #CharlieMunger #BerkshireHathaway
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE says:

    LOL, betting on gold, and China has most of it ! ……..Earth really is FLAT…………

  2. Avatar Marvin - says:

    Let’s GO-LD!

    • Avatar Mechanism says:

      I’d rather silver

  3. Avatar DMINATOR says:

    The reality is, there is no productive business to buy it’s all been over priced and over inflated…

  4. Avatar Malvinder kaur says:

    can we have a report on whether Gold is still being mined, discovered, and where all these mines are still active .Gold is always safest investment can be cashed any time.. and yes unproductive assest… for productive assets good for everybody, including investors, I have that list. But let me make a very good point in Gold’s favorite, My mothers Gold jewelry left to me saved me in lot of life’s worst situations. nasty situations caused by crazy insane idiots for the ones who were not ever bad or nasty to anybody, at that point selling off trinket by trinket i could go on.

    • Avatar David Tyrrell says:

      Legos have outperformed gold since 1961.

  5. Avatar Neil Varghese says:

    This was probably Todd or Ted

  6. Avatar Backup Dec Twenty eighteen says:

    Buffet has to sell
    Chaos is nearing

    Those days of buying a company and holding the stocks until the person is about to die is over

    All such stocks of buffet will fail and he knows about it

    It’s only once the vaccine is out you will see actually start to see recession at it’s worst

    Don’t be fooled by the point that with the vaccine the market will see an upside

    Therefore , buy food related stocks

    • Avatar Infinite Rings says:

      Ah yes, investment fundamentals will forever more be worthless if at any point there is a recession.

    • Avatar Fajitahmed says:


  7. Avatar David Tyrrell says:

    The move was a hedge, nothing more and nothing less. Just because Warren Buffett gives a dollar to a homeless person doesn’t mean he’s investing in the homeless. His gold position compared to the rest of his portfolio is tiny! This was also a decision by consensus.

    • Avatar unknown territory says:

      He doesnt hedge gold is up and he knows gold miners will make money on high gold prices

  8. Avatar Johnny says:

    Makes sense…considering the whole market is over-inflated

  9. Avatar OG Jin Bling says:

    Ironic given how Buffett has always said that he didn’t invest in gold because all he could do was fondle it.

    • Avatar John Brown says:

      Buffett didn’t buy gold. Berkshire Hathaway purchased stock in a gold mining company, Barrick Gold. Also, it was a small amount of shares, which suggest the stock was purchased by either Todd or Ted, and not Buffett.

  10. Avatar Infinite Rings says:

    Berkshire put 0.3% of their portfolio in a gold mine and everyone is just going nuts.

    • Avatar Hew W says:

      I think you have to put in the perspective. It is not the amount, it is the fact that one of the biggest critics of gold is buying gold (indirectly), and they at the same time is dumping their bank-shares, banks that he otherwize loves. . No matter if it is 0.0000001% or 99%, you do not buy it if you do not believe in it.

      0,3% is pretty much on just one asset, expically consider if it is something you have said is worthless for so many years that he has.

      So yes i think it is big news.

    • Avatar Daveco321 says:

      I could almost guarantee that buffet didnt buy gold but one of his people did

    • Avatar Infinite Rings says:

      @Hew W I said Berkshire, not Buffett. And Barrick Gold is just another company. It’s not like Buffett suddenly changed his mind on gold. You have to look at things on an individual basis. Most value investors would say that while gold is certainly speculative, a very small portion of a portfolio allocated to it is fine if there is nowhere else to put the money. Berkshire has more cash than it can spend on companies right now with prices the way they are.

    • Avatar HAHAHA Lemon says:

      Buffett has scoffed at gold throughout his investment career

    • Avatar bluegtturbo says:

      He’s not buying gold, he’s buying shares in a mining company… Big difference

  11. Avatar fourzerotwo says:

    Well…….. he didn’t buy gold he bought a gold producing company who sells gold

    • Avatar Hew W says:

      That is indirectly buying gold. How the company will go will rely alot on the price of gold.

    • Avatar Carole A says:

      @Hew W true and it also relies on how well that company is managed

  12. Avatar Mojo16011973 says:

    He bought a Gold farm.

  13. Avatar P Zak says:

    I bet its not buffet its those over 2 . Buffet is just a figurehead now. I bet when buffet dies brk will start paying dividends too

  14. Avatar Mahalia Silver Stacker says:


  15. Avatar Leonardo Lilja says:

    They didnt buy gold… just to make things clear haha

  16. Avatar Dimitar Margaritov says:

    I am just starting out with my portfolio despite the current situation because I am for the long-term however I also plan to allocate about 10% gold and 10% bitcoin so my portfolio is balanced for when/if the market dips again.

    • Avatar Amir Patel says:

      I don’t understand bitcoin though, don’t u think it is a bubble and might burst to 0 someday? Just curious.

  17. Avatar acarrca says:

    The Federal Reserve and other Central Banks like the BIS, IMF, and ECB are the virus! The “Cure” is a RETURN to a Sound Money Silver and Gold Standard And Free Market Capitalism like the Founding Fathers intended! The Fed hijacked the American economy and government in 1913, and destroyed our Monetary System! The Dollar was originally about an ounce of silver! Now, the dollar is just DEBT backed by NOTHING but the U S Military! The Economic Collapse is here folks! Got Gold? Warren Buffet does!!

    • Avatar Fareed Waseem says:

      acarrca Feds are pumping usd like crazy. This is not going to last

  18. Avatar Bart Van Looy says:

    Sell it all!

  19. Avatar Shan R says:

    Gold is money

  20. Avatar Mexx says:

    He should have bought Franco-Nevada Corporation (TSX:FNV) (NYSE:FNV) instead

    • Avatar samir panjwani says:

      What is that

    • Avatar Mexx says:

      @samir panjwani It’s the best performing gold stock in the past decade

  21. Avatar mon_fi says:

    He hasnt invested in gold, he uses gold as hedging.

  22. Avatar unknown territory says:

    Hes not betting on gold. Gold miner is exploration company. Gold is up so miners will make more profit

  23. Avatar unknown territory says:

    Warren buffet said he would buy gold miner instead of gold years ago

  24. Avatar Cavonta Davis says:

    Never do as they say. Do as they do.

  25. Avatar Scooter Vargas says:

    Something is not right buffer and Mungier them selfs have said Gold is a liability, so this really has me scratching my head

  26. Avatar Jonny x says:

    🤣🤣 Gold 😂😂✌️

  27. Avatar M tom says:

    You forgot to mention he sold out of the banks 😂

  28. Avatar Ken says:

    I can’t believe how many ppl are going nuts over this:

    1. We don’t know if it was Buffett, it was Berkshire.
    2. It is such a small position for Berkshire.

    And the point most ppl are ignoring:

    3. Berkshire didn’t buy gold (the metal), they bought GOLD (the stock ticker for barrick gold), which is a business! Buffett has never said he would not buy a business that primarily deals in mining and selling gold, he said he would not buy the gold itself. One is a commodity, one is an active business that generates earnings. 2 TOTALLY different things! The company BENEFITS from the rising price of gold, but ultimately, in ~10.5 years at the current earning rate of Barrick Gold, you’d have generated enough money to entirely pay for your investment initial cost, and all profit from then on would be passive income. Blocks of gold generate nothing – in ~10.5 years you still have a block of gold. THAT is the difference. She says it clear as day in this very video!

    • Avatar Roland Philip Go says:

      Yep she’s as stupid as stupid gets! Why is she even on yahoo finance Luh

  29. Avatar JA X says:

    People don’t talk about how much good price has risen over the last two years. Fewer talked about how much silver has risen over the last two months.

  30. Avatar Adam Paul says:

    This is the worst analysis ever. He bought a good mining company, not a bunch of finished good bars, there is a big difference

    • Avatar Jordan Berg says:

      Completely agree. It’s anyone’s guess how this type of commentary makes it on the air

  31. Avatar {Forbidden.Knowledge} says:

    wise move, interested rate is very low so he doesn’t want to put money on bonds, and stock market is overprice, plus fiat currency is about to inflate so the obvious choice is park in gold for sometime and repurchase the market at a discount.

  32. Avatar Thurston Howell III says:

    What about PCC? Will he sell PCC as a whole or only the struggling Aerospace machining sector?

  33. Avatar james morton says:

    a WB Red Herring, he is laughing at you.

  34. Avatar Adam White says:

    Gold “is not a productive asset”, if you don’t count stabilizing the monetary system

  35. Avatar Okky Pratama says:

    Please, investing in gold is different from investing in a gold company. The return for gold investment comes from the increase in price, while the return for investing in a gold company comes from extracting the gold from the mines and turning it into gold products. He is consistent in his principle not to invest in commodity.

    To draw a parallel, he often gives illustration to invest in a farm, but never in agriculture commodities.

  36. Avatar Major Tob says:

    The key take away: invest 0.1-0.15% of your assets in gold, just like buffett did

  37. Avatar jojie riveral says:

    at the first of pandemic we thought market would get bankrupt cause most of us wont invest

    but little did we know people are now willing to invest to secure their ability to purchase things and make money specially in the times that we are not allowed to work yet

  38. Avatar Charlie Robles says:

    Wow all these experts in the comments

  39. Avatar Acceleration 1 says:

    He didn’t buy gold he bought mining company… is that your experts? Get out of here

  40. Avatar Pradeep says:

    Now is the time to sell gold!
    These big fishes are good at speculating.

  41. Avatar Hussam Sabbagh says:

    He did not buy Gold ! this is misleading. He bought a Gold mining company. It’s a business that produces revenue and it even pays dividends. Also, probably it’s not even him who bought it not even Charlie. There are other money managers at Berkshire who oversees small purchases.

  42. Avatar King Cheung says:

    Rich people like Buffett could buy gold like a drop in a bucket.
    The days of buying $300 an ounce of gold are long gone.
    I don’t see the advantages of buying gold now when the price is around $2000. and watching it doubles in value in the near future will only spell Doom for mankind.

  43. Avatar Ross says:

    Hey buffet. What do you use when you buy stock. Do you barter with other stocks or do you use money? The seller of the stock, what do they demand for payment? Sheep, shells, cigarettes or MONEY? The USD, YEN, YUAN are these productive assets intrinsically? Or are they money. Big difference.

  44. Avatar Sam M. says:

    PetroDollar is Fiat Currency. Has been for a while.

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