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2020 8/22
The Brewdog Story | Business Class | CNBC International

The Brewdog Story takes a look at the history of the Brewdog company and their beer’s success around the world.

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Caan is one of the U.K.’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs as well as the guest presenter of “The Business Class.” for more great clips:
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  • Drone Urbex says:

    So James, where do you get your ideas from?
    James: We put out fake marketing jobs, don’t employ them, and use their ideas. Easy.

    • Eyes On The Road says:

      There are so many things incorrect and false with your statement, that it’s HILARIOUS. I’d love to know where you heard this claim, actually, I know where you heard it, and all I can say is if you actually had a clue and didn’t listen to what the cancerous (jealous) press would have you believe, you’d realise how laughably wrong you are.

      Do you really think that’s how marketing works? Do you realise that they have NEVER advertised marketing jobs in the manner that you claim? If this was even possible, every damn company on earth would be doing the same thing. We’ve all seen people making the same statements you’ve made in the past, when this claim first came about from a fake source, and the reality is that it just prompts nothing but laughter… because it really is beyond ridiculous how anyone could think something like that was even possible. Anyone with the tiniest idea in how companies are run, or moreso how BrewDog is run, would realise that.

      I know the numbers. I know the staff. I know how it works. So it’s best to educate yourself from reliable sources before you go on making false statements, and ultimately looking like a prized idiot on the internet. /Have a nice day.

  • swimdeep 1 says:

    I’m Ouwt.

  • Daniel Taylor says:

    Their beer is generic pretend ale. Poor business standards and stealing the punk ideology was cynical beyond belief. Just horrible.

  • ianevans67 says:

    Punk ipa is gorgeous and they sell it in spoons so you’ve got my vote