‘I think we’re past the idea of a V-shaped recovery’: Economist

2020 8/24
‘I think we're past the idea of a V-shaped recovery': Economist

Oxford Economics Chief U.S. Economist Gregory Daco joins Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman to discuss the latest GDP figures, weekly jobless claims and why U.S. durable goods tumbled for a second month in April.
#economy #recession. #economicrecovery
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コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Olaf The Mighty says:

    Stock market did the v recovery thats for sure.

    • Michael Voy says:

      Olaf The Mighty , realistically I think the market may be a w shape.

    • CalvinTimToms says:

      I’m up 1000000000%

    • Patrick Slomka says:

      @CalvinTimToms lol

    • Micheal Le says:

      I’m waiting for another V shape! It’s Global reset! Boom!

    • surfinggoat says:

      Obama inherited a terrible economy, but rebuilt it along with reducing the deficit. Although the deficit has been soaring, and things look pretty grim, I am placing my bets on Biden to get us out of this (again).

  • paul kieffer says:

    I believe in a hexagon shape recovery.

    • TInyK12 says:

      I disagree. Pentagon.

    • sam says:


    • John Stibal says:

      some type of polygon for sure

    • You Wish says:

      I believe in a breasteses shaped recovery

  • MyKingdomForanRV says:

    more like an FU recovery.

    • Enki's World Order says:

      The wealth has been extracted; no more stalling necessary.

    • Fendy1 says:

      Or an FU12 recovery …

  • Hermann Novakovic says:

    I see Video games but I don’t see the biggest like CD Projekt Red ( Witcher) or Embracer Group…

    Maybe some US Biase…

  • TheM0joDoj0 says:

    Recovery? 25m unemployed. The US economy is metastasizing an economic brain tumor and we won’t even know its a tumor until those unemployment numbers turn into the defaults/foreclosures/evictions that start pushing against our economic skull. Right now we’re still at the stage where we think the jobs numbers throbbing in our head is just migraines, so we pop a couple stimulus Tylenol and pretend like nothing’s wrong.

  • Jacke7111 says:

    You think😂

  • James Campbell says:

    What happens when your job says come back to work and you don’t will those folks be able to claim unemployment? I doubt it but I’m just a dude.🤔

    • Cool Breeze says:

      No, they won’t. At least in most places.

  • Olu says:

    Potemkin market!

  • David Brown says:

    I pray it is the red states hit the hardest because I want Trump trash to suffer.

  • T C says:

    How can you say we’re well past a v-shaped recovery when we’ve recovered 80% and we’re 25 points away from all time highs. Your title as it stands is more wrong than right

    • J. O'Brien says:

      TC the stock market is not the economy.

    • marioalll says:

      Jaja, you dont understand the economy. Serious investors are not putting money in the stock market, because sooner or latter, the stock will have to make a huge correction due to the hard economic environment that people will start to experience in the following months

    • Heavy Metal June Cleaver says:

      Exactly how is the economy 80% recovered when unemployment is at 23.9%? 40.6 million people are out of work. The highest rate of unemployment during the depression was 24.9%….

  • Enki's World Order says:

    The consumer market will become the cheap needle market. It happens all time.

  • Football Dreamer says:

    I am an economics graduate who applied for Investment internships at Goldman, JP Morgan and Citadel. Got rejected in all 3, maybe because they are not looking for economists who can address what debt cycle is, what a shock on supply and demand looks like in a IS-LM model to know it takes time and many measures which do not include money printing to lift up again GDP, because if you had that kind of people working for you, you would not be back at all time highs.

    • Cool Breeze says:

      What school did you go to? That’s usually the most important thing in many places.

  • erich84502ify says:

    L shaped FUBAR recovery

  • the greatest says:


  • Kevin Schmidt says:

    Wait until we have to shutdown again.

    • signor pops says:

      Not happening. Are you still on unemployment?

    • jbjergh says:

      Why? Covid19 is gone. As SARS!

  • Carbon Forms says:

    We’re not even to the second surge in the fall. Things could get ugly.

  • MGTOW Rubicon says:

    There will be no V-, U-, W-, or L-shaped recovery.
    The recovery will be K-shaped.
    An initial drop straight down, followed by a bifurcation of the ascending “haves” gaining more wealth at the cost of the descending “have nots” losing their wealth.
    You have a short window of opportunity to choose which side of the bifurcation that you want to take.

    • GodISLuV says:

      MGTOW Rubicon Do we really have a choice?

    • Apoorva M says:

      @GodISLuV Yeah, choice is kinda cemented in place now. The haves and have nots existed before all this. The inequality will only grow worse now. Hard to pull yourself up by bootstraps now more than ever. Money multiplies for rich. Just like job loss and debt do for poor.

  • Moises Garcia Marquez says:

    5% on a single quarter? I would take my money out of the U.S. immediately and not invest in U.S. dollars in a while

    • John Keith says:

      Yes, I believe the U.S. dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world, very soon.
      Which means 20-30% of it’s value will go away, give or take…

    • Android_Z says:

      @John Keith the question is what’s the next reserve currency?

    • Pat Marco says:

      Who cares what the world’s currency reserve is and where the dollar would go as long as you have your residential rentals and relatively low overall expenses? People talk like they are involved in world trades and manufacturing of goods that get shipped between continents. Just focus on making money and economizing
      Anyway the dollar is currently less than 70% of the world’s currency reserves and if it declines so will most currencies around the world. Those who cannot understand the US economic power should read a book or two and study global numbers before writing their comments so freely for public viewing

  • D S says:

    3x worse then financial crash and market higher then it was this time 2019

    • John Keith says:

      Unsustainable, the center cannot hold…

    • Winston Smith says:

      Exactly, how could you put new money in based on current fundamentals

  • Jay says:

    v or not our guess is a good as an economist maybe better

  • DukeQuack says:

    Didnt the S&P already retrace to the 200MA?? What is everyone talking about? Genuinely confused.

  • CHeEEEeeeEEe says:

    Not gunna buy ur house u dumb boomers 😎

  • Vintage Swiss says:

    Hope you’re doing your DD… Not every company is going to fold… But a bunch will…

  • John Keith says:

    The Trump Great Depression is coming (actually, it’s already here).
    If you can’t see it, then you truly are a fool, who is about to be separated from your money…

    • TRUCKER J says:

      Don’t trust your bank. Around the world millions of people rich & poor are pulling out all their money from their bank…. The banks are freaking out because of it👍

  • Sabina Akter says:


  • bigdaddy gator says:

    Translation: we’re f*cked

  • DJ Brother Charlie says:

    20% unemployment and u r talking rebound. U R delusional

  • javonpryce says:

    Blah blah blah. This is 2020. The big company whales in the stock market of the last crash are no longer the majority. Tech is the big fish right now, and tech precedes the economy, its not a reflection of it.

  • javonpryce says:

    Everyone already dumped retail, food, and entertainment stocks. They are just waiting for the country to reopen for them to re-enter the market. Tech is King now. And tech is thriving.

  • Silvio Nunez says:

    Recovery be like an EKG Currently with PVCs and some abnormal arrhythmia.

  • MTB4miSoul says:

    ✓ shape

  • E I says:

    The 2nd wave of this pandemic will be brutal.

    • Pacific First says:

      First wave never gone… What r u talking about

  • Kodi Dude says:

    Lol – All the clowns out there making guesses. Cracks me up. Sorry but you guys like mist have been wrong up to this point. Stop it already

  • TRUCKER J says:


  • Jorge Horna says:

    I am touched by all of you American citizens who firmly believe in this economy, God bless you and all my SPY puts!

    • Apoorva M says:

      I mean, you’re right. It’s all belief and sentiment that made the V shape on the stock market at least a reality. My long dated puts way out of the money are SPY still look good lol

  • delatroy says:

    “I think we’re entering the idea of a L-shaped recovery”: me

  • Pat Marco says:

    I must admit, this gentleman answered all questions with clarity and as much accuracy as he could based on the data

    • Crowmaster says:

      Its not accurate he has to make it look good when its actually the opposite

  • Eric Cournoyer says:

    The vaccine will make everything alright.

    • Kyle Gross says:

      No it won’t, the economy was sick before the virus. Covid-19 was just a pin that pricked a massive credit bubble. A vaccine does not solve those debt problems

  • ENEVISION says:

    Just bring Peter Schiff on. A real economist

  • Eric Thomas says:

    So Congress funds unemployment benefits for four months. And governors keep things closed well past the “flatten the curve” period. Ya, I think I know why recovery is slower than hoped. Almost like it was planned that way.

  • Dr Tune says:

    3 million new Robinhood accounts in first quarter, +363k on ETrade, +608K on TD Ameritrade, more than 2/3rds of the latter in March alone. Dictionary definition of a Pyramid scheme: “a form of investment in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.”

  • B W says:

    Come on guys L shape none recovery 30 percent plus permanent job losses mass bankruptcy and foreclosure mass suicidal population

  • Bayesian Factory says:

    I believe in a fractal recovery.

  • D. Wagner says:

    Reverse J

  • dhahn123 says:

    40 million unemployed and still growing

    • Excel at Excel says:

      where there is a job loss, there is a job gains

  • Henry Wang says:

    J shaped recovery for J Pow. Nasdaq 4000

  • Marvin Alvarado says:

    I like turtles 🐢

  • Peter Jones says:

    I like how quickly they glossed over the performance of the Cryptos. 3% upswing on ETH at the time of filming this video and 10% at the time i write this comment.
    I do believe this country will see a second wave of the corona virus.
    It’s already happening but hey.. now we have all these riots going on to distract us from that fact.
    Godspeed to all the diamond hands out there holding puts.
    Godspeed !

  • Diego De La Mota says:

    Look more like a “” shaped recovery.

  • Rend says:

    Vagina shaped

  • Tc Linn says:

    Looks like we’ll have a recursive, SIN wave recovery, with long term upward bias. Ok, enough of my BS…

  • Amir Memon says:

    So then why isn’t the stock market tanking???

  • Tib Syy says:

    I wonder when people gonna realize that until there is one infected, it will spread! No vaccination, no nothing. Deal with this for 2 years. Depression is coming.

    • Aldous Huxley says:

      Depression for the next 30 Years. Those college grads should be farming

  • Murt D says:

    Classic bull trap

  • gxer1000 says:

    Unfortunately people are trading and buying without regard to fundamentals for stock price or any understanding of economics momentum market fomo just like the internet bubble market go with the trend but keep a tight check in place

  • Lew Speedwagon says:

    …can’t we just listen to our leader…? He has access to the country’s best economic advisers…

  • Jj W says:

    We are now in a F-E-D shaped recovery.

  • Greg Harris says:

    Loving the rebound in oil related stocks like pipelines and refiners! Sell! Mortimer! Sell! Take profits and get ready for another leg down with dry powder!

  • Ad Kest says:

    Can still be a W recovery.

  • AKEWSD says:

    Canadians still believe in V shape unfortunately

  • Abang Rino says:

    V for Vagina

  • Unicorn 1 says:

    Will trading be halted under Marshal Law?

  • lithgrapher says:

    Do not bet against the US.

  • Randal Nelson says:

    Sucker rally, people that bought the dip will be second wave dip sellers

  • Dan Glove says:

    We r looking at a SpaceX shaped trajectory.

  • JamesScottGuitar says:

    Consumer spending isn’t going to do anything much…I think people are underestimating how many people are going to be cutting their spending across the board…as they should be…when half the Country doesn’t have any savings. We need to celebrate consumer savings as much as we do consumer spending.

  • reeve1able says:

    Really because my portfolio is saying otherwise

  • Nathaniel Carreon says:

    We are past the idea of any kind of recovery for a few years

  • Mister J says:

    The stock market looks like a V to me

  • David Merriman says:

    Recovery lol. We’re moving towards WW3, Jack. 😁👍