Markets expert warns it’s ‘dangerous’ for investors to ‘follow the momentum play’

2020 7/07
Markets expert warns it's 'dangerous' for investors to 'follow the momentum play'

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi speak to Megan Horneman, Verdence Capital Advisors Director of Portfolio Strategy, about overall markets and what investors should keep a lookout for.
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コメント一覧 (50件)

  • ̈ says:

    How long until the Fed games can’t prop prop up the markets anymore, fake economy, fake recovery

    • Im Free says:

      @moon1 congrats brother, continued success.

    • Rajeev Nanda says:

      The fed just pumped in trillions of liquidity. Treasuries and bonds have little yields. Where is all that money gonna go especially with the rest of the world markets unattractive? Yes US stocks. Liquidity and zero interest rates drive the market. When that runs out then fundamentals will matter. But we will hit all time highs very soon and go higher before any significant correction. As long as the fed keeps putting in money it’s gonna keep booming

    • Kris Paul says:

      Yeah, I don’t see any change happening soon. This is a blimp of appreciation that will downturn quickly

    • Hexagenium says:

      Yep Convoluted and manipulated, now built around lies and deception.

    • aldo cela says:

      @Im Freesame here…

  • Kelly Mullaney says:

    The world is so crazy right now. Riots in the streets and floating letters in the sky

  • Jacke7111 says:

    The market is sick like deadly sick.

  • Edward Kubow Partners says:

    Buckle up, the markets are going to crash again and best the March lows.

    • Chris van den Heuvel says:

      kurtsaidwhat all the news that the markets is ignoring and probably a second peak. (Peak not wave)

    • Melvinthedeathless .Melvinthedeathless says:

      @kurtsaidwhat When V-shaped recovery turns out to be a fantasy.

    • Shahin says:

      2nd, 3rd quarter earnings and GDP will knock some reality into greedy investors not respecting the fundamentals. I suspect 3 and 4th quarter drops. Either way, I’m sitting on cash on the sidelines until January. Market cycles / business cycles / credit cycles are long. Impossible to predict how well this recovery is playing out without a few quarters to look back on. I’m long America, but something’s off with the current valuations. I could care less about sentiment. I want to see the earnings.

    • manasvi patel says:

      Good luck. Keep waiting for because I don’t see Market crash at all

    • Gavinn Niroopan says:

      @kurtsaidwhat TQQQ liquidity crisis.

  • Land Lord says:

    100% the end cant ignore fundamentals

    • Praveen Reddy says:

      When did we start thinking long-term?

  • Hong Xing Ru says:

    The printer goes Brrrr….

  • Progressive news says:

    You are under estimating us the consumers

    • James says:

      You consumers get out there and spend more money!

    • miller charlie says:

      Don’t get fooled by unemployment numbers, there’s been payouts to stay employed. Demand can’t rebound when incomes fall

  • M D says:

    Market crash is a politician hot potato, Trump is kicking it down the road. I wouldn’t put it past Trump’s constituents to setup a crash if Biden wins in Nov raking in and cashing out

    • P Gray says:

      hell yeah, i didnt think of that but good idea!

    • rock Onmyboi says:

      That’s not how markets work tho

  • Arty Erty says:

    No, it’s fine.
    The FED will just brrrr more.

  • Supralobe says:

    Gotta be careful here now that we’re hitting the 200 DMA. I think reversal soon but who knows in this market.

  • any says:

    What are this guy saying.. dont bet against the fed?

  • Wado Waleli says:

    This is how corporations have used their rescue money, funded by the middle class tax gouge, a huge add-on to the Fed’s balance sheet and ultimately a spike in our national debt– to reflate the stock market bubble. Corporate socialism in America is the default process in the Trump economy, and the only thing it will do is buy time before the expanded house of cards collapses, probably before the owners of that shaky house can even pull their shiny new, debt-financed car into the driveway.

  • Pirate X Life says:

    You Snooze You Loose…

  • S says:

    I think these guys look like real idiots after today’s rally …just admit it know one knows jack about what the market is gonna do

    • James says:

      In the short term Mr Market is a voting machine.
      In the long term Mr Market is a weighing machine.

  • manasvi patel says:

    Don’t listen these idiots. Just BUY equity u will always make money 💰

    • Sam Azzarano says:

      manasvi patel lol Stonks only go up, right?

    • Felix Bonneau says:


  • Maksilver says:

    She gave brilliant answers, not too excited about recovery neither too alarming about the recession

  • Aleksandra Rodavan says:

    Ever Since i started trading i haven’t seen a broker that impresses me like Mr Ernest Vincent Does, 2 weeks of trading with him already made $6500…his strategy is second to non

    • ben griffiths says:

      @Johnny KalfmanHere is his mail

    • Robin Gibson says:

      Mr Ernest is good, His commission is very fair compared to his great efforts in making large profits.

    • Robin Gibson says:

      I made my first profits in stock when i started investing with his amazing strategy

    • Jay says:

      The same Ernest Vincent that was taken down for fraud.

    • Jay says:

      The wanna be maddoff, yeah let’s steer clear guys, thanks for the heads ups

  • Brian Curran says:

    Fed is fundamental

  • Hector Garmao says:

    Right, so siting on the sidelines whilst the market drives up +50% qualifies you as an ‘expert’ these days does it?

    • Mike Joseph says:

      You only made back what was lost early but how come most experts say the market will crash again the economy is not going to recover for a long time

  • Mike Joseph says:

    We don’t want to hear about stock market is has nothing to do with the economy

  • Mike Joseph says:

    What happens in the future when the debit bubble collapses

  • Mike Joseph says:

    Buy gold and silver when the dollar goes bust it goes higher

    • Sam Azzarano says:

      Mike Joseph yeah if the dollar goes up gold goes down, and if the market crashes, gold crashes too, then soars higher. Smarter to wait until a crash then buy down, in my opinion

  • P Gray says:

    the next day the dow went to 3200!! you folks are trickters suggesting a sell now

  • Brian Dunbar says:

    The Ponzi Scheme continues. How many more trillions of taxpayers dollars into the ponzi scheme? Taxpayers dollars!