Hurricane Laura Strengthens To Category 4 | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/28
Hurricane Laura Strengthens To Category 4 | NBC Nightly News

Laura rapidly strengthened into a Category 4 storm, forcing more than half a million people to face mandatory evacuations.
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Hurricane Laura Strengthens To Category 4 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (105件)

  • Ghost Rider says:

    We got glass tables to hide under during an earthquake

  • Vittoria Gabellini says:


  • Lesli D says:

    “Prepared for anything” What is that woman thinking? She has no idea what a hurricane can do. 140 mile a hour winds……..that is beyond belief until you are in it. Good luck lady!

  • M. Fishabililah says:

    Virus,explosion now hurricane? I Will always remember 2020

  • Darth vader says:

    Dream and sapnap are there 🙁

  • breadandcircus1 says:

    87 years OLD ? Geez, this gentleman LOOKS 30 YEARS YOUNGER ! This is more amazing than the hurricane

  • Scorpio1964 Wines says:

    These reporters are a sick joke !!

  • Quaking Tea says:

    I can’t leave because I have school and test

  • yes sir says:

    Not even a drizzle in Houston

  • Marecon Agot says:

    Keep safe every one’s🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️😇

  • You Don’t Say says:

    All that Covid in the water… masks and gloves floating everywhere

  • g bridgman says:

    Screw Covid-19. Pack the shelters!

  • Kyazoo says:

    its 2020… why are they taking a chance <_< this year I don't trust anything xD

  • Kyouko Toshino says:

    Just duck and cover my man.

  • Top Timmah says:

    Another example of Media outrage!!! O the world is ending ahhhhhhhh!!!!

    • Angela says:

      This hurricane is more important than the stupid politics and rioting going on right now

  • Aalijah Harrell says:

    Population control Gtfoh government

  • Mingo Flamingo says:

    Hurricane Laura built different

  • verga dura says:

    Psalms 78 🐂

  • MobileDecay says:

    These guys are lucky. I have to live through 2020. 😥

    • Angela says:

      Grow up

    • MobileDecay says:

      @Angela 🎶I don’t wanna grow up! I’m a Toy’s R us kid! There’s so many toys at Toy’s R Us that I can play with. From bikes and trains to video games. The biggest toy store there is! I don’t wanna grow up cause maybe if I did! I wouldn’t be a Toy’s R Us kid! Bum bum!!! 💃💃💃🎶

  • Papa qask says:

    This year is something else

  • Jessica Rossio says:

    Hope everything goes well stay safe people sending good vibes from NJ ❤️

  • Sky Loop says:

    Just had the most racist dental commerical like wow

  • Pr says:

    We in Brazil are praying for you

  • 0_0 says:

    Okey hold up he’s 87!?


    FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Skunk Fluid69 says:

    That guy at 0:50 is just splashing threw the water in his boots 👀

  • Frank D says:

    Didn’t it already weaken to a CAT 2??

  • Tony Mullins says:

    That’s my hurricane that’s nature showing off and having fun hahaha

  • DisasterDoc says:

    30 minutes on how to prevent hurricane casualties

  • Hamdan Akhtar says:

    87 year old man looks healthy for his age. Maybe he doesn’t care .what could be worst that can happen to him

  • Lexi coben says:

    I live in Louisiana should we get out 😭😭

  • Nurth says:

    That 87 years old man better leave or his ahh gon get wet up Literally 🤣🤣 ⛈🌊

  • Reub3 says:

    My school shut down for the hurricane all the way over here in Houston. Its not even raining.

  • M Miller says:

    LSD hat 0:23

  • Raul Luna says:

    C-19 has a 99% survivabilit and they’re turning people away. Yet the storm is Cat5 and is definitely more dangerous. Why are people so effing stupid??

  • Michael Gray says:

    My God why have thou forsaken me….

  • Robert G says:

    These people were warned now there stuck ! Duh!!!

  • Bryan Robinson says:

    Sweep away the looters and protestors. GetEm Laura!

  • Queen Dragon says:

    Y’all can do the mopping up , I’m outta here

  • Frankly Speaking says:

    Im watching closely.
    Last hurricane, news channels used footage I took during hurricane Sandy in NC, but the news said it happened in florida.
    Dont always believe what you see

  • jesseplz says:

    Not as bad as the media wanted it to be! That is good news!

  • frosty l says:

    This is 2020

  • Pineapple Pizza says:

    There are always people that survive.

  • TimeKeeper Revelations says:

    Hurricanes are taking out mailboxes forget mail-in voting

  • Luis Perez says:

    Hurricane Laura was planned by the democrats!!

  • Justin E says:

    It is what it is to those “stranded”.

  • Static says:

    That’s pretty fascist of hurricane Laura to be so oppressive

  • San Bruno says:


  • imoimo imori says:

    good luck

  • Scott Shields says:

    How many people stayed behind citing violation of civil liberties as a reason?

  • Lynn ela says:

    So sorry for your losses xxxx may they be fewxxxx

  • random vids Aguilar says:

    Dam….. i feel bad.

  • Joseph Sein says:

    This hurricane probably won’t cause more damage than BLM “protesters” though

    • Tee Hamp says:

      Stop showing your ignorance

  • Anse Royale says:

    The fact that President Trump would take up to $44 billion from FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund right before a possibly record-setting hurricane season shows his inability to protect our country during a crisis.

  • Rachel Lawson says:

    Your telling me people are being denied shelter for a virus with a 99.6% survival rate?? Are you kidding me?

  • UwU_ OwO says:

    Is laura going to hit florida

  • Enter a userlame says:

    And you guys thought that the Beirut explosion was august’s event for 2020

  • Jade Lu says:

    This has been the longest 8 months of my life can humanity get a break

  • nemo says:

    14 year old girl died so far from this i bet them parents regret staying

  • Terri Cohn says:

    She really said we’ve got mattresses if we need to climb under them….what? It’s a hurricane not a tornado. 🤦‍♀️

  • Selena Guajardo says: Galveston man turns to ball of light live camera! I screen recorded cause I can’t believe what I seen? Any ideas?

  • Lala Doute says:

    Some people are so in denial, putting first responders in peril because they are too stupid to follow advice.

  • Brian M says:

    Mostly peaceful hurricane amiright

  • Niyasia Walser says:

    Just hit us 🙃 not fun

  • Scarlett Huffman says:

    🥺 take this seriously.

    My friends did not. They stayed

    And that died. I miss you Lexi

  • Eric L says:

    To the people making the mattress jokes, I think she meant she can put the mattress on top of her so the roof or other things fall on the mattress rather than crushing her.

  • M.J TV says:

    This is good for American

  • Mike Nike says:

    This storm should hurry straight to Kenosha to scoop and throw all those garbage blm and antifa peeple in the ocean

  • Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

    1:28 peachy

  • Steph Wills says:

    Satan’s Wrath upon MANKIND!! HE HATES US! Believe it or Not!! If you are a Nay sayer ,Bless, YOUR SOUL

  • Robyn Justice says:


  • John Mark says:

    Laura: Steve urkle where are u
    Steve urkle: did I do that

  • Jason Hardy says:

    Watching from U.K.
    Gonna need a strong mattress .

  • SADIK RASUL says:

    2019: ma I the worst year 2020: are u sure about that

  • Just Some Pony With a Mustache says:

    *2020:* And for my next trick…

  • Lecho Gamboa says:


  • Yogi's Here says:

    Bill Gates: if we do a really good job with chemtrails, warming up the oceans and invest more money into DARPA! We can get these storms more powerful then before! Then we could lower the population by 10 to 15%!

  • Jo jo Mihalikk says:

    I’m the 1,000 comment

  • S R says:

    I hope Trump dedicates a golf game to this hurricane as well

  • WakingRay says:

    Just waiting on Trump to say the hurricane blew the virus away, like a miracle !!!

  • Mr Frag says:


  • terence barrett says:

    Mm climb under a mattress, I don’t get it

  • azzurra ongaro says:

    us: “2020 couldn’t get any worse”

    2020: “aight I know sending Laura”

  • Zachary Adams says:

    You know the years bad when this is considered a minor event

  • Hot Boy says:

    mickey mouse clubhouse full episodes

  • Sxdlsm says:

    Would you rather:
    Everyone get Covid-19 and probably survive
    The people who can’t find shelter because of physical distancing die from the hurricane

  • Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim says:

    Luke 13:3 NKJV
    I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.

  • Taffy Gang says:

    I’m in Florida but dam that must be tuff..Oop piriodttt🤭

  • Taffy Gang says:


  • Cedric Clark says:

    Praying for everyone effected 🙏🙏🙏

  • Modern Miracles says:

    To No-one, but me reading this comment again, may one day lots of people watch my videos!

  • chenet remelus says:


  • Cypress1337 says:

    Climate Change has arrived, we still have 10 years to act, this will become normal, heat waves will become normal, nature will eat us alive if we don´t act.

  • MIKE JONES says:

    There is going to be a huge earthquake too 😪

  • Will S.E.E says:

    Could things get any worse?

    2020: *Observe, Release Protocol 10: Laura*

  • Joe Onemanteam says:

    🙏 prayers out there to the everyone going through these times.

  • Joe Onemanteam says:

    Can everyone get along people.

  • Bucketzz says:

    Texas. Take this seriously. This isn’t just a tornado.

    This is coming from someone who lives in South Florida

  • Freedom07 Freedom07 says:

    Isn’t “Warning” From God To Us ?

    (But Human’s Don’t Care & “Just Little” Ponder To Their Self)
    If We Wanna Little “Ponder” Maybe God Sends To Us Many Disaster To Our’s For Back To True Way, Don’t Forget God, Don’t Make Too Many Sins, Immorality, Don’t Too Busy With All Business in this world & We’ve Forget our self (Worship To Allah,Do Good Charity)
    Realize All Human’s If We Wanna Little “Ponder” That’s A “Warning” To Us !!!
    Back To “True Way Now & Do Good Charity !!!”
    “The End Of Time” More Closer To Us.
    If U’re Think I’m Liar. So Let Me I’m Be Good Liar (In U Mind) & Someday We’ll Knowing Who’s “Liar” & Who’s “Liar”
    “We’re God Never Sleep & Always Watching Us”