North Carolina Officials Issue Stern Warning After Trump Suggests Voting Twice | NBC Nightly News

2020 9/05
North Carolina Officials Issue Stern Warning After Trump Suggests Voting Twice | NBC Nightly News

Officials warned voters not to try and cast their ballots twice after President Trump suggested doing so during a trip to the battleground state Wednesday.
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North Carolina Officials Issue Stern Warning After Trump Suggests Voting Twice | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Xavier Ghazi says:

    The orange cancerous tumour must be excised before it’s too late.

  • Delfino Garza says:

    Anyone who has ever voted in person knows they have a system for making sure you only vote once, I guess Putin didn’t ask his double agents that question.

  • my music says:


  • Blondine Anthony says:

    Trump will not get you out of jail or pay your fines. FELONY IS THE CHARGE.

  • Boz M says:

    This common thug has defaced America , he has provoked real fury deeply, win.or loose the damage is humiliating.

  • Boz M says:

    A heart so cold, it sends a chill down the spine for real.

  • Pierre Louis says:

    TRUMP going to try to vote every states he go to .

  • Angie2343 says:

    What a disgusting pig!

    The LESS votes he gets, the better!

  • KRONOS 1957 says:

    Go ahead Trump supporters, follow your leader’s advice.

  • Trucker Lu says:

    And the law makers won’t do anything about it because the president IS ABOVE THE LAW.

  • Otis Driftwoodd says:

    Dude claps for himself like a 1 year old 😒

  • bee cee says:

    he is an utter disgrace…WTF is wrong with him?

  • Bee On Thyme says:

    I hope they try and as a potential felony, a HUUUGE BIGLY FINE TOO. HIS base is as dishonest as he is

  • Rameka Peita says:


  • philomena phanthagia says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👋👋👋👋👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹WAY 2️⃣ GO Trump!

  • 高育良 says:

    Nancy Pelosi faced criticism this week after surveillance video surfaced of her visit to a San Francisco salon, where she was seen inside without a mask on – which violated health guidelines in the city. 😆

  • Willie white says:

    You see Trumpy 🐻. This election is 🐻 proof. As in Russian 🐻. Come January 17th Hibernation is best bet.

  • Lasse Hjalmarsson says:

    Also, voting by the the polls would seem to be somewhat counter make sense-able if voting by mail-in for a reason in the first place?

  • Hector Herrera says:

    Dont mail in vote PERIOD!!!

  • Sharon Guyton says:

    I refuse to fault Trump for our ignorance because WE have allowed him to remain in office. We should have fired him a long time ago.

  • "Cancer What Is It Good For ! Making Friends ? " says:

    Sad , Cast Your Ballot Twice ? As Mr Trump, sends Mass amounts of absentee Ballots ??? What is This about please ?


    This guy will literally do anything to stir up chaos. He is a dumber, uglier Joker!


    Thanks chump! Thanks for just coming right out and saying election fraud is a Republican pastime. The rest of us manage to NOT do illegal things because we just aren’t daily law breakers like you and your jailed administration.

  • xl says:

    Personally, I sometimes use fake 100$ bills in a Walmart near where I live to check if the employees have been trained to detect forgery.

  • Nicole Dennison says:

    Trump is stupid. And a big liar. He will say anything to get voted back in. This is one big reason trump shouldn’t be aloud to be voted back in. Not to mention all the other lies he has told.

  • C S says:

    Go ahead trump cult and do as your cult leader says! Don’t pass go, go to jail!

  • informationOD says:

    Funny how democrats are so concerned about voting fraud but yet still pushing for mail-in voting. If they are truly so against voting fraud why not make people vote in person and with a valid voter ID? I listened to the whole speech, Trump did not say to vote twice, he said to vote again if your mail-in isn’t counted. You can check if your vote counted in some states and also at the voting station you can find out if your mail-in ballot was tabulated.

    If you can go to the hair salon without a mask, you can vote in person – Pelosi.
    NO to MAIL-IN VOTING – if you can’t be there in person, apply for an absentee ballot. Do not support mass mail-in.
    For an 80 year old, high risk, one foot in the grave, to “risk” her life for a hair do (just to wash her hair, not even a haircut)…..tells us exactly how “deadly” the virus really is.

  • Andrew Rogers says:

    3rd reason of thousands: I will not vote for Trump because he actively acts to undermine our democracy

  • Maureen Bregazzi says:

    Trump just wants to cause as much chaos, mistrust of the voting system and a breakdown in the voting system to cause him to be able to scream foul WHEN he loses. Trump is sly and sneaky, not intelligent, but adept at cheating. Get him out of your White House, he isn’t fit to sweep its’floors let alone hold office there.

  • JMFH SMITH says:

    Don’t test the system is a felony? But the system is perfect!

  • Hound19745 says:

    That’s seven bankruptcies talking

  • Ehimen Grace says:

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  • ronald labranche says:

    Some ” LAW AND ORDER ” !!!!!! Traitor Trump on live TV and recorded on video tape saying to his Trump cult supporters to vote twice during the 2020 election. First of all this is a felony criminal action , a federal crime. Trump is in absolute panic mode and is doing everything he possibly can to sabotage the November 2020 elections. Just like the True Tyrannical Dictator his truly is at heart , that is if he has a heart ! Trump only cares about Trump and will sabotage the 2020 election and the Democracy of the country to be reelected. We see it happening right before us all on live TV. It is a sure thing that Trump supporter will indeed be voting twice in the 2020 election !!!! They always follow their cult master’s orders blindly. Trump is sabotaging the 2020 election , by sabotaging the postal service , which he has already done. Trying to sabotage the Census Bureau since over a week ago , to affect this and future elections . The Census Bureau does a Census every 10 years , so if Trump succeeds in sabotaging the Census Bureau and the Census. It will be for 10 years !!!! Trump has always said that the elections are ” RIGGED ” Trump should know and is a professional at rigging elections. He did in 2016 with the help of Russia and his buddy Putin and he is rigging the 2020 elections now all by himself and right before us all on Live TV. Vote Traitor Trump and his republican enablers out of power in the 2020 elections and save America !!!!

  • Dwane Johnson says:

    Trump… The reason for mail in voting is due to the pandemic and for many who can’t vote in person for various reasons.
    Why would people vote by mail and then go to the voting centers in person?
    More proof that you are not concerned about the covid 19 virus and the public.

  • Lliam Jurdom says:

    Its a way to undermine the cheating that goes on with mail …. its way flawed system … people do shift from house to house everyday … its just not clever

  • land is yours 2 says:

    So he is encouraging his ‘base’ to vote multiple times which is also a crime. What a surprise…? Put an end to this on 11/3/20 America by voting multiple times for Biden also…! 🙂

  • land is yours 2 says:

    When Trump called Americans who died in war ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’, I think he ALSO meant the people who still blindly follow him and plan to vote for him.

  • Jeano Gato says:

    I hope Donald Trump’s supporters are stupid and dumb to do so to go to prison for their dear leader.

  • mike coll says:

    Trump will flee the country as soon as hes forced out of the office(after ue loses the election) with all the money he and Mitch McConnell and the cuckservatives laundered

  • Thaddeus Stevens says:

    Donald Trump: _”Democrats are going to cheat in this election. By the way, be sure to vote twice.”_

  • TJ says:

    *Let Crooked Trump’s supporters vote twice; they may get lucky and share the same prison he’s in once **_he’s voted out of office._* 👍

  • S. H. says:

    Dipstick dementus Primus has gone off the deep end….. BY-DON

  • Tom Blakley says:

    Voting twice . That will slow down poll places real good . Good move Mr Trump . Now we have to go waste time with this nonsense . Ewe …

  • Prayer Power Partners says:

    Food alert

  • Julia Walker says:

    26 September, the worldwide day of repentance. Let us return to God otherwise we will reach the point of no return. Just like in the days of old God spared Nineveh from destruction because its citizens repented and turned away from their sins, so let us repent and change the course of history. It is in your power to push back the events described in the Book of Revelation! If the American citizens along with the other nations don`t repent America will be destroyed and with it the rest of the world. Dear fellow Christians, spread the following video far and wide!

  • erme0213 says:

    The stupidity of this President has no limit! Unbelievable!

  • Tha Mecca Don says:

    Lol Trump should be an comedian, he’s amazingly hilarious 😆

  • Joseph Ostyn says:

    Felonies and pardons for the real Americans. Geez

  • caniican says:

    This is a message from the governor of North Carolina. Don’t listen to that orange maniac

  • my name says:

    Democrats know they cant win, so their best option is to cheat. Mail-in ballot is unlawful and doesn’t count!! Only heads out to the polls in person and wrecks the left’s plan. America Great Again! ! World leader, Trump 2020!!!!

  • KesselRunner606 says:

    Encouraging others to commit voter fraud is, in and of itself, a crime.

    He did not mis-speak. He was not quoted out of context. He repeated the call to do so.

    He flat out committed a crime on camera.

  • Heosphoros says:

    That orange mother serpent is trying to cheat the election revealing his true conman nature. He’s knowingly and deliberately telling people to commit fraud.

  • Grant Flippin says:


    • Grant Flippin says:

      OK, its not bad

  • Bob says:

    His point is the system doesn’t work the way the suggest.

  • timber_beast says:

    After we vote twice we inject ourselves with bleach to stop the China virus.

  • GRIM says:

    And We The People issue NC Democrats a stern warning about tampering with mail-in ballots!

  • Maddock fitzsimmins says:

    If dead cats can vote for Biden then i think reasonable human beings should be worth twice as much but in the end the majority of Americans will vote for trump and a minority and their deceased extended family, pets and TDS suffering mail staff in control of sorting federal property will vote for Biden. It should be a close call if the liberals are serious about cheating.

  • Roger Nguyen says:

    Oh my god… 😂😂😂…Open your eyes
    Trump doesn’t care about 185,000+ deaths
    The USA is chaired by an incompetent fool
    Next USA election Please remove This Liar
    😷😷😷😷 Shame On Trump 😷😷😷😷

  • Darrin Nolen says:

    He specifically said if your ballot had not been TABULATED to vote. This is extreme manipulation and not accurate news reporting. You guys make it easy for him to say fake news when this is the kind of journalism you sign off on.

  • johnny chan says:

    as trump advise for multi vote ,those is feloni, trump should be in jail federal prison

  • Tom Bell says:

    Why can’t Twitter do us all a favor and just ban tRUMPs account? He’s had so many warnings tagged on his tweets that most people would have already gotten banned.

  • John Kennedy says:

    You were amazing and I loved watching you. I really love your personality. Please talk of white farmers murders in South Africa –

  • cranshawmccaw says:

    …after you vote a second time, take a shot of disinfectant for your health.

  • Chuckle Head says:

    Let Trump supporters vote twice then lock them up

  • alex faversham says:

    Know why Trump keeps breaking the law..bc no one stops him. He has no idea of what the laws of the country are. Swore and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution?? He hasn’t got a f’king clue. Ppl need to stop him. He’s clearly above the law.

  • Amber Robinson says:

    Still sound’s like jokes on his followers 🤣😜👀🤣🤣🤣

  • Frustrated Omegle says:


  • Mar says:

    Isn’t this the same fool who argued voter fraud during his 2016 campaign run?

  • Bobby Collins says:


  • Douglas W. Rink says:

    Democrats are trying to steal the election again

  • LeAnn Thomas says:


  • Janet Neighbors says:

    Thank you!

  • Thecornerstone 33 says:

    The president of the United states just told millions of people to commit voter fraud. Just to “test the system”.

  • Thecornerstone 33 says:

    Close your eyes and Imagine Obama said this.

  • Hong Ha says:

    Nobody But Clinton is lying. FAKE News.

  • Steven Lindsey says:

    Hey NBC he was simply stating that you should go to the polls to verify your mail in vote.

  • Allan Burns says:

    After Trump suggested that people “inject disinfectant,” poison control centers around the country got calls about disinfectant. When asked about this, Trump said, “I can’t imagine why” it was happening. That’s who he is, a guy who creates chaos, takes no responsibility, and tells endless lies. This is another version. There will be consequences, and Trump will not own up to them.

  • Allan Burns says:

    The “law and order president” who suggests citizens should commit a federal crime ….

  • H C says:

    Isn’t he in charge of ” the system “

  • Riley Lynch says:

    Ha ha now the media is actually reporting on the insanity of mass mail in ballots. ha ha ha and now the sheep are outraged.

  • California Prince says:

    Trump got us 300 extended unemployment and now will get us stimulus checks. Pelosi and Schumer go join Biden in the basement. My choice is clear in November 3rd.

  • Margaret W says:

    I feels so despair by reading all negative remarks about Trump! Please show some compassion and kindness to those God has chosen to put them in authority. You will be surprised to see all the goodness and mercy of God suddenly shine uopn you ! For God’s mercy endures forever, only loving kindness, not hate! I will bless Biden if he were elected to be next President. I will try not to be political but to honor those who are appointed by God.

  • MamaBee Redock says:

    So now we just told the Russians who accessed several states voter machines in the last lection exactly what to look for to mess with the votes

  • kwfown says:

    This is America!

  • Dawn Anderson says:

    Vote twice then go home and have a Clorox and red Kool-Aid party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meet Oobro says:

    Who gave him this idea lmao wtf

  • Steve Mccready says:

    Not what he said corrupt Media.

  • Lon Brooklyn says:

    Duplicate votes are flagged unless the system is somehow manipulated in a larger way thru computer for example!🚨🚨

  • Reasons Reasons says:

    What do we expect (rhetorical question). Trump is lawless. And so, sure, he will tell his supporters to break the law. Kick him out of our White House.

  • Adieu-DJT says:

    Could anyone even imagine the kind of backlash any other president would’ve gotten if they’d have suggested American citizens cheat and vote twice in a general election!?! D.T. is sacrilegious!!!


    If it violates your rules WHY have you not shut down his account? He agreed to the rules when he opened his account. I believe you have given warnings in the past. Shut it down, Shut it down, Shut it down!!

  • joseph sanders says:

    give away food it should be free clothes

  • Edwin Cruz says:

    Vote twice I will will vote 4 times !!! Ha

  • Rico Gutierrez says:

    With all of his pronouncements & tweets, it’s obvious Donald Trump is running the United States the way he was running his company. To the ground.

  • Holly Hocks says:

    Don’t worry Trump will pay your legal fees ….won’t he ?

  • Dwayne Joseph says:

    Trump is a criminal.

  • David H says:

    Hm, liberals fill our prisons to overcrowding, and politically promote a million abortions a year and gender dysphoria. I can see how morons would be attracted to that party like flies to doo doo. Yeah. I’ll vote Trump.

  • Malcolm Tem says:

    Democracy is at stake vote trump out

  • TimsTechin4K says:

    Good lord the media totally took what he said out of context!!! Freaking wake up people the liberal media will do anything to make something out of nothing! They edited it so you didn’t get the whole story as usual! He said to vote early by mail then to go to the polls in person and have them tell you that you already voted aka your vote counted. NOT to vote twice. You the media makes me sick!!! So unbelievably one sided holy crap!

  • black bird says:

    Thankfully our democracy cannot be unraveled by ‘pulling on one single string’ as Trump suggests. He’s a fat, stupid, gas bag.