Tesla bull Dan Ives talks battery day and competition: Right now it’s an arms race in terms of EVs

Wedbush Securities Dan Ives breaks down Tesla battery day, China, and Tesla’s outlook.
#Tesla #Teslastock #ElonMusk

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89 thoughts on “Tesla bull Dan Ives talks battery day and competition: Right now it’s an arms race in terms of EVs

  1. MrChiangching Reply

    Tesla way overpriced.

    • James 1 Reply

      @MrChiangching No I mean post split. You’ll see.

    • MrChiangching Reply

      @James 1 It’s possible, but til then it’s all speculation.

    • James 1 Reply

      @MrChiangching yeah

    • Jay Reply

      @SMH Ninja Typical tesla shareholder’s comment

    • SMH Ninja Reply

      @Jay haters gonna hate 😂

  2. Tay international Reply

    She is the most beautiful woman on the finance news today , and very sharp too .

    • joechil63 Reply

      Can whalop me anytime

    • Lucky Luke Reply

      Pretty yes, but Baby Tesla NO!!

    • Glen W Reply

      Smart? Maybe. But definitely ill informed if she thinks Nikola is a baby Tesla.

    • Ryoga Hibiki Reply

      To each their own, I guess. 😅

    • Lari Apple Reply

      She is hot but disqualified herself intellectually with her baby Tesla comment referring to Nikola. But damn she fine

  3. Evil Panda Reply

    YESLA by China Coming Soon🇨🇳😆👍


      No wonder he got a factory of there he knew 😂

    • CollegeDegree Reply

      PRAMETHICINE China doesnt allow other automakers to build factories there. The only incentive for China is to have access to that tech. Sandy Munro, check him out, he says China is VERY interested in finding out Tesla secrets

  4. R Timmins Reply

    NKLA is not Baby Tesla. Not even close or comparable. NKLA is nothing.

    • Abdulla Reply

      Comparing it to Nkla needs to be a crime

    • cr7 hh Reply

      And you are just a toxic Elon fanboy

    • Jerry Lee Reply

      Nkla is a scam

    • char Reply

      NKLA = Theranos + WeWork

    • Tom Banks Reply

      @cr7 hh loooool

  5. PP DD Reply

    More EVs in polluted areas of earth? sure

  6. trackbiker1000 Reply

    Nikola is not “baby Tesla”. Trevor dropped out of high school, got his certificate later and went to college, then dropped out, then started a few companies that failed. He has nothing but an ego and the gift of gab. Bernie Madolf is probably on speed dial.

  7. TheMapTurtles Reply

    Lmao “baby Tesla” yeah pretty sure you don’t know nothing about both.

    • ShlamDunkn Reply

      “Don’t know nothing” that’s a double negative sir you are saying she does know….

  8. Bill Hight Reply

    Tesla’s stock price is all hype. Stupid investment.

    • jcastaneda631 Reply

      Look back at this comment in 10 years to realize how stupid you are. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Alex To go Reply

      Ookay Nikola investor. Now that’s stupid

  9. Signal to Noise Reply

    She STILL thinks of $NKLA as a “baby Tesla”? Seriously? Or was the script just written before the Hindenburg Research piece.

    • cr7 hh Reply

      Hindenburg are criminals

    • Signal to Noise Reply

      @cr7 hh How so?

  10. Thomas Reply

    Tesla always said from the beginning they would eventually ship to wider Asia Market. once again mainstream media makes up news

  11. deluxeh0 Reply

    Nkla is more like a baby turd

  12. Quiet Lightning Reply

    If Hell exists, you just know Yahoo is there!

  13. Knight Rider Reply

    She totally needs ass to mouth action. But yeah, Tesla definitely stands alone in terms of being the leader in its industry. Best of luck to all Tesla share holders.

  14. Quiet Lightning Reply

    Yahoo: just accept it! You’re on the Netscape highway!! Lol

  15. Quiet Lightning Reply

    Soros must be keeping Yahoo alive…

  16. meme youyou Reply

    2:30 “baby tesla”? oh please thats is one fugly baby then, LOL. telling that nkla is akin to tsla is quite insulting

  17. Avi Gindratt Reply

    All the anti Nikola comments here make me more attracted to it

    • Vlimpy Reply

      I’d want to advice you to look into it first, since other peoples’ scepticism drives your interest, i wont add to that by telling you jot to do it. But i’d really want to tell you to look into it. Theres a reason (if not plenty) people are yelling its a scam.

    • JustLivnForMañana Reply

      🤣😂🤣 if you’re attracted to loosing me money sure go for it lmao

  18. Stella Reply

    Tesla is a Beast, look at Tech now they have been smashed and Tesla has held strong 💪

    • Shane Coble Reply

      It fell from $500 USD to its current price of $380.That’s a 24% decline, the NASDAQ has fallen 10%.

      Not sure you aren’t on crack ?

    • Stella Reply

      @Shane Coble 
      The NASDAQ isn’t all Tech ACTUALLY.
      And you are trying to compare a company to an Index so you must be on CRACK.

    • Khoa Do Reply

      @Shane Coble any other stocks don’t decline ? wait til Battery Day then come back here

    • Shane Coble Reply

      @Khoa Do The mystical battery day. I understand it will have the same initial effect as a stock split, where the stock price runs up even though a split adds zero value to the company.

      I believe battery day has well and truly been valued into the stock price already.

      Happy investing

  19. Lucky Luke Reply

    There’s 150 EV companies in China. A lot of competition. Phase 2 expansion has yet to be completed it Looks like there’s already some demand problems. China’s having economic slowdowns from what I heard from my friend who’s currently in mainland China. Ppl are less incline to buy premium automobiles. This seems to be the issue.

  20. RD 202 Reply

    If you say the drop due to the S&P was an over reaction, the rise in price from $1400 to $2200 is the same.

    • Ying Reply

      You dont say? the rise is the exact same speculation

    • Copter Cop Reply


    • RD 202 Reply

      @Ying whats to speculate on a stock split, there is no fundamental change.

    • Jay Reply

      @RD 202 lol you nailed it. When stock was falling, that’s exactly what bulls said. “hold it, the fundamental hasn’t changed”… what a joke.

  21. Michael Lee Reply

    Nikola is a dirt lot. Their model trucks are all fake….Smoke and mirrors. The innovation of the million mile battery is going to a huge break through, like the invention of electricity, the telephone, and internal combustion engines.

  22. kabramble Reply

    Would most def crush that!

  23. Nas Ali Reply

    My goodness she’s a princess in finance 👌👊🌷

  24. David Stopps Reply

    She’s hot

  25. Shane Coble Reply

    Panasonic makes Tesla’s batteries.

    There are better batteries out there.

    I am confused about the hype around battery day.

    This sounds alot like the Q2 results and S&P inclusion all over again.

    Maybe the day they make a profit from their core business, will be a catalyst for justified stock price increases.

    • Wil M Reply

      You should read about project roadrunner. Tesla is planning to produce its own high performance low cost batteries. We find out more on sept 22.

      As far as profitability. Tesla is building multiple factories right now which means they are spending all available capital including regulatory credits. They are growing production at 50% a year and doing this while remaining profitable on the bottom line is incredible even with regulatory credits.

  26. Glen W Reply

    Nikola is a “baby Tesla” the way Bernie Madoff is a baby Paul Tudor Jones. Somebody has not been doing her homework…

  27. carlo martin Reply

    lol Nikola is worth 0. That is a certainty.

  28. Jay Reply

    Dan has been right in a bull run, the problem is he always moves his price target up reagardless of his fundementals story.

    His apple prediction went from 350 to 450 to 500 etc. His story has been the same but even when it went too far he just moved up again. Looses credibility

  29. FX MILITIA Reply

    Tesla is next gen. Elon believed long ago while GM laughed. Now GM has to make partnerships 🤣🤣

    • Elliot Butler Reply

      An anchor tying to another anchor sinks twice as fast right?

  30. Doitforstatez 1 Reply

    Nothing compares to Tesla what are you people talking about God .

  31. hapac money loader Reply

    It’s an insult to Tesla to be mentioned in the same sentence as Nikola..(Not the person of course.)

  32. fruit Reply


  33. fruit Reply


  34. Matt Chrzaszcz Reply

    Reporter: “Battery Day. September 22nd, I believe… if I’m getting the date correctly…”
    Tesla Shareholders: *cringe*
    Reporter: “When I think Nikola, I always, on some level, think baby Tesla”
    Tesla Shareholders: *spasming on the floor*

  35. MR FREEZE-98 Reply

    Tesla will hit $420+ by battery day for sure

  36. P.K. Subban Reply

    If anyone is waiting for battery day and thinks the price will go up… you’re already too late. It’s already been priced in.

  37. Shaun Ashment Reply

    Sadly, too many investors were fooled into thinking Nikola was a “baby Tesla”. Nikola may be able to make a Mattel car one day.

  38. Sven Olaf Reply

    Arms race absolutely 💪 buying Tesla stock on dips as they are the greatest tech/energy company ever! ❤️

  39. Carlo Alaimo Reply

    To all of you NIKOLA haters, have you ever thought that NIKOLA has the Guinness record for fastest semi pushed downhill?? 😂

    • soulmate Reply

      @ Carlo Alaimo He couldn’t even do it himself, probably outsource someone to push the truck downhill. Lol

    • Carlo Alaimo Reply

      @soulmate Genius!

  40. Copter Cop Reply

    I wonder if this lady genius has read all three of those coloring books on her book shelf. She’s all striving to look like another talking head with her stupid bookshelf in the background. But she failed….

  41. Kelly Carter Reply

    There is a people not known for chattery. They’re even light on flattery. But truth be told and if I can be so bold …they make an awesome battery. Go Gigafactory Ontario!

  42. Full Tilt Boogie Reply

    Nikola is Theranos

  43. Freddy Gee Reply

    NKLA is not a baby tesla….. more like sperm or premature jizzzzz.

  44. Wyborn Reply

    Why is Dan’s voice like that?

  45. Yunhua Ji Reply

    Funniest comment: NKLA is baby TSLA. Not at all. NKLA is baby Theranos

  46. golaizola Reply

    The long term value of a company is not tied to decision of bureaucrats.

  47. golaizola Reply

    Nikola us a scam, if you haven’t realized it.

  48. Andre Noble Reply

    Dan Ives has a slight accent, I’m trying to figure out which region it’s from without looking at his bio. I’m going to say NYC/NJ, Midwest or western NY state.

    • Chris Reed Reply

      Sounds like NYC to me

  49. Tom Banks Reply

    Baby Tesla Jeeez, what is this lady smoking? 😂

  50. Andre Rodriguez Reply

    When did they say they wouldn’t export out of China? I don’t think they ever stated that.

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