Apple September 15 event: Here’s what to expect

2020 9/16
Apple September 15 event: Here's what to expect

Apple confirmed that its fall event would be held virtually on September 15. Initially believed to be focusing on iPhones, Apple stated the event would focus on iPads and Apple Watches. Yahoo Finance’s Dan Howley joins The Final Round to discuss.

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コメント一覧 (42件)

  • who create GOD? says:

    It’s about apple car

    • A . D says:

      Wouldn’t that be sweet for a nice stock run up

    • Knight of Christianity says:

      A . D why? It’s still overvalued after 3 drop

    • Paul S says:

      @Knight of Christianity Hahahahahaha nope Apple will be $3 trillion before you know it

    • Exauce Mayunga says:

      @Knight of Christianity it’s always been overvalued, and guess what? That won’t stop ot from going up.

    • Knight of Christianity says:

      @Exauce Mayunga if u comfortable with mad swings go ahead, I know people who are good at it and people who are not, just depends on what kind of investor u r.

  • J P says:

    where the cat

  • Cecily Meyers says:

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • VK Musique says:

    Apple bores me. They just keep milking the same product lines for years. Yeah, they’ll keep making sh*tloads of money but isn’t it time they showcased something new and exciting ?

    • Beats Beats says:


      Apple Watch and AirPods are too old for you?

      Apple Silicon Macs are coming soon also.

      Also Coca Cola has been “milking” Coca Cola for a century, Ford has been “milking” cars for about a century. What a dumb comment.

    • VK Musique says:

      Beats Beats Guilty as charged. Thanks for enlightening me.

    • Oliver Cairn says:

      they definetly will when the water calm

    • What Is says:

      Two words: Planned obsolescence

  • Paul S says:

    Buy Apple stock NOW

    • T Colondovich says:

      Same thing happens every year.

    • MTK Knight says:

      Thats exactly what I JUST did lol

  • Victor Kidd says:

    I’m buying series 6

    • Beats Beats says:

      Hoping for a Watch SE in colorful colors.

  • Crix says:

    That guy has a SNES controller in a frame. hahaha

  • Wi Fine says:

    You can expect Tim to make your wallet thinner

  • Carlos Ornelas says:

    what about the duo launch?

  • Marie - wir uns kennenlernen says:

    0:20 thrilling

  • nuno bartolo says:

    Some slightly better and more expensive watch there won’t be any glasses or car or brain interface what a sad fate for a company buying back stock above book value rather than pushing the limits

    • Beats Beats says:

      What? Buying back stock proves they aren’t the “greedy company” morons keep claiming. Apple isn’t about pushing out unfinished crap. When the Car or Glasses release they will be mind blowing.

  • Verne Fits says:

    Great video

  • Bob says:


  • enzoTHEferrari says:

    Wait yahoo is still a thing?

    • Adam Jessop says:

      They identified a niche they could exist in, I quite like their coverage on financials actually I think they did a good move sticking to that

  • A. Ali says:

    Iphone and iwatch is apple 🍏 thats it ….. just saying …. the rest of the stuff is just for emptying american wallets every year …. well ok throw in iPad once u get the other 2 😆

  • Adam Jessop says:

    Such a purposefully misleading statement at the end about its 3 day decline, leaving out the massive run its had for the past fortnight

    • Beaston says:

      A fortnight is two weeks… hasn’t ran up at all tbe last two weeks.

  • Romashka says:

    “Apple is under pressure to deliver smth to impress investors…” ))

  • {Forbidden.Knowledge} says:

    another iPhone duh

  • The Flags that Flew says:

    I’m buying the 12 pro max

    • Lawanda Williams says:

      Same here but when ☹️

    • The Flags that Flew says:

      Lawanda Williams October bro

  • B Raju says:


  • Kira Black says:

    Apple car

  • Unessential Worker says:

    Hope they announce a new iPad mini. I’ve been holding off buying a new one.

  • David Khugaev says:

    Apple Car

  • •꧁Brieze꧂• says:

    “Final round” sounds kinda scary to me. Lol