Tossed Ballots Raise Concerns As Voters Mail In Their Ballots | NBC Nightly News

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Tossed Ballots Raise Concerns As Voters Mail In Their Ballots | NBC Nightly News

141 thoughts on “Tossed Ballots Raise Concerns As Voters Mail In Their Ballots | NBC Nightly News

  1. freep Reply

    More Republican bullsh*t for vote suppression, it’s criminal and now Time to Lock up Trump, his entire crony administration, and his GOP crime family cabal. Ted Cruz too.

    • freep Reply

      @Mariane Boyer – Thank you for the link, more of a repeat of… but you are quite the clever one 🙂

  2. Matt Thompson Reply

    Don’t vote for Joe and the Ho!

  3. Jeremy Kern Reply

    the technology is here we can vote on policies, not people. And at light speed, imagine that a true democracy. if you can unlock your phone with your finger print why can’t you unlock your vote.

    • Jeremy Kern Reply

      @Mariane Boyer thank you that was nice

  4. Host Mo Berry Reply

    Vote in person.

  5. Gabriel Tang Reply

    Biden should vote in person, definitely no HIDEN

  6. Magus Peitub Reply

    Let’s give credit where credit is due #yourefired #vote

  7. Get IT J Reply

    Who is doing the verification is the big problem. Crookery

    • Debra Reply

      After Florida’s “hanging chad” episode, do ANY Americans have ANY faith LEFT – in our state-to-state patchwork system of elections? No ?
      No wonder!

    • Lotta Sunshine Reply

      @Debra It was worse than just hanging chads. My Dad lived in Palm Beach County and many Democrats inadvertently voted for Pat Buchanan because the style of the ballot was changed at the last minute. It was called the butterfly ballot and candidates were listed on both sides of the page.

    • Allan Gregory Reply

      🙄 Really, are you lot that dumb

    • Get IT J Reply

      Allan Gregory Russian troll crawl back in the snake hole u slithered out of. Intelligence only here not child’s play

    • Debra Reply

      @Lotta Sunshine OMG.
      Wonder if state ballot formats should be standardized across the nation!

  8. Art Hernandez Reply

    “Voters in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, two states that have grappled with incidents of police brutality and a summer of protests that followed, said they trusted Biden to do a better job handling race relations, protests and violent crime, despite Trump’s recent efforts to paint Biden as an ally of anarchy and violence.” – Politico

  9. Rem Mys Reply

    Dam I better reregister now because my signature may have changed.

  10. Marlin Holley Reply


  11. Doug Reply

    Please get out and vote Trump out he and the Republicans will stop at nothing to rig our election. The thought of a so-called President telling voters to commit fraud is unprecedented and he should be put in prison for that. Please vote Biden/Harris 2020 and vote the spineless Republican Senators out to.

    • Kim Oliver Reply

      TRUMP! 2020! 👈 🇺🇸

  12. Victoria Warrior Reply

    Why we have to be denied our vote? This is pure joke

  13. Lori Stewart Reply

    Since I have gotten older, my signature has changed.

  14. Raymond Omit Reply

    How about I punch ya face to verify my signature, make sure that you’re getting it right?

    • Raymond Omit Reply

      That’s after ya witness my signature!

    • Raymond Omit Reply

      Trump is rigging the election 🗳 before we get the chance to vote then calling us what fake voters?

  15. hellasow Reply

    If you want a higher chance to get your vote excepted go in person…

    • Mace Moneta Reply

      You are inadvertently correct.

  16. Angie Feliciano Reply


  17. robert stecko Reply

    This wouldn’t be a problem if the u.s. had a modern more effective system for all the states like in other countries instead of a system designed for a Banana republic.

  18. CeCe A Reply

    This is going to be a big mess. Why are they doing this? AND WHERE IS MY STIMULUS CHECK?

    • Kim Oliver Reply

      The Democrats are holding it up! 👈

  19. Cliff E. Reply

    What could go wrong with mail in voting? STAND IN LINE AND VOTE!! Makes it harder for the thief’s.

  20. Abul Fayj Reply

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  21. Mike F Reply

    The line at the casinos are an indicator that voting in person isn’t that much of a big deal. The real issue is our system sucks and the poll workers are burn outs or boomers that move like the sloth in zootopia

  22. Aragti Reply

    Shows what’s to come on November 3rd, Republicans keep stealing no matter what.

    • Kim Oliver Reply

      I think you mean the Democrats! 👈

    • Akash Guha Thakurata Reply

      They said age is a key factor for signature mismatch, you’ll probably have a pea sized brain to think it’s Republicans doing this.

  23. Brenda boyle Reply


    • Randall Rounds Reply

      No thought went into that mess of words.

  24. merle stewart Reply

    I sent in my absetee ballot in for the primary. 
    My state requires that there be a witness to my signature, and that I provide one of four identifying credentials. I had a witness and provided all four of the identifiers, just in case there was a question, and called my division of elections. They were able to verify that my ballot had been received and was accepted.
    I have every confidence in our absentee voting.

    • merle stewart Reply

      @Mariane Boyer Don’t bother with sending anonymous links. I don’t do “click bait”. Say what you gotta say straight up.

  25. Zona Nelson Reply

    The vote still counts. Just go confirm that it is you.

  26. fourthqtrplayer Reply

    Republican states gonna find ways to hinder voting, it’s almost like a part of life!?

  27. Lowen Blau Reply

    Vote in flesh !

  28. Liz Hall Reply

    Signatures are so varied!

  29. Kim Oliver Reply

    Democrats worried that if they don’t cheat they will lose! THEY WILL! 👈

  30. Marseilles Vieux Reply

    Now show the paid ballot stuffers paid for by the democrats.

  31. Hugh Janusz Reply

    Wasn’t there a story about ballots being tossed and dumped in an abandoned parking lot?

    Leaving peoples votes in the open for psychopaths to get their address and personal information?


  32. Lex Films Reply

    “handwritten expert” 🤤🙄😂 not a real thing sorry

    • Secret EyeSpot Reply

      @jb888888888 its not based on any objective science.. so its not a real thing.. at all

    • Ron Burgundy Reply

      ​@Secret EyeSpot If people are willing to pay a person to do that work, how is it not a real thing? How do you think something as subjective as art gets appraised?

    • Secret EyeSpot Reply

      @Ron Burgundy theres a difference between an art and a science.

      Something as serious as counting ballots shouldn’t be left to an aesthetician.. no matter how skilled

    • Lex Films Reply

      jb888888888 just like blood splatter huh

    • Lex Films Reply

      Ron Burgundy because it’s something that could put people away.

  33. Maisha L. Reply

    People, put a mask on and be prepared to stand in line if you’re able to.

  34. truth is different Reply

    It looks like trumps post office is stealing future, this red trump post office should be investigated and things should be corrected before it is too late, trump is using tricks his money and lies as tools.

  35. Aspyn Noëlle Dommer Reply

    This is just another way the Democrats will be rigging the election.

  36. ChristiSheaDeplorable Coffee Reply

    The corrupt dnc rats will do anything to try and cheat!! Oh by the way nbc there were over 25 ,000 at president trumps rally in Nevada

  37. johnathan smith Reply

    I hope the American People are more intelligent, and do not fall for the IDIOCRACY tactics of voting by Mail!!! We go to Home Depot, Walmart, eat in Restaurants, go to Sports events… “and cannot vote because it is dangerous????” It is MORE dangerous to vote for that walking corpse and his opportunist parasite.

  38. Gene Mars Reply

    Trump Bragging About Protecting Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi’s Murder:
    ”Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, tells Ali Velshi that he is “outraged” that Donald Trump would reportedly brag about protecting the Saudi Crown Prince after the gruesome murder of U.S. resident and American-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”

  39. Farmwife Reply

    She signed with her initials and called that her signature. Her signature on file was her actual name. The media should point that out instead of engaging in fear mongering.

    • Mace Moneta Reply

      It’s a legal signature. The problem isn’t the signature, it’s that the are trying to authenticate it, another form of voter suppression.

    • Farmwife Reply

      Mace Moneta no it was not her legal signature, she only used her initials. If she had always just used her initials then it would have been fine. I sign in each time I vote here in our little town in the boonies and see nothing wrong with that. folks who cannot sign can use an x or whatever the county deems sufficient, but since everyone knows everyone problems have never occurred here. I am one of the minority democrats and we all get along just fine and share the cookies and cupcakes that are donated at the firehouse where we vote. I cannot speak for the things that goes on in other areas of the country.

    • Mace Moneta Reply

      @Farmwife While statutes and requirements vary from location to location, anything that an individual identifies as their signature is legally valid. If someone holds up a document in court, and asks if that’s your signature, and you agree, that’s your signature.

  40. GlassOpper11b Reply

    I don’t think any two of my signatures have been identical, in my entire life.
    What an asinine issue.

  41. DesertPunk Reply

    VOTE IN PERSON!!!!!!!

  42. Sandra Gifford Reply

    First of all what is the source of the statement, were they misprinted ballots?

  43. Pulaski Condo Association Reply

    Trump cheats at everything his whole life still has morons dieing to being at this morons rallies

  44. God’s Spiritual Poet Reply

    John 10:21- . . . “. . . A demon cannot open the eyes of the blind, can he?”

    2 Corinthians 4:4- . . . the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

    Acts 26:18- to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins . . .

    Isaiah 42:16- “I will lead the blind by a way they do not know, In paths they do not know I will guide them.
    I will make darkness into light before them . . .

    Blind is leading the blind and corrupting their own minds

    Jesus’ Holy light can provide you with spiritual insight

    • Secret EyeSpot Reply

      Isaiah 45:7
      “I the lord creates evil”

      No one cares about your sickness sold as the cure. If your god creates evil and forms the darkness it is insufficient to provide a solution to anything.

      look into the history of the bible. Council of Nicea. See that it was invented by men and liberate yourself while youre still ahead.

  45. Mitch Arney Reply

    That’s the chance you take when you don’t go to the polls. Sorry

  46. Henry Niemi Reply

    Trump supporters got so excited, they tossed *on* the ballots. ‘Oh Trump, you are so manly and powerful, rub rub rub rub rub!’

  47. Old Woman Reply

    Might as well just plan on the monster staying prez another million years–they’ll just keep cheating and cheating and stay right where they are.

    • Tanner 101 Reply

      Woo hoo. 👍

  48. GODEED Reply

    Vote Joe Biden November 2020 / Vote Amy McGrath Kentucky November 2020

  49. Paula Keller Reply

    These is another good example of the reScambliCon voting suppression. That’s why if you can do it. Voting in person is better. But the lone lines is the strategy of the reScumbliKKKlans.

  50. Tim M Reply

    Dems are going to screw this up so badly. They want to steal an election with millions of bogus ballots

  51. Andre Anyone Reply

    #$600OrWAR ! give us our fvcking money! “every society is just 3 meals away from revolution” March on Washington! surround senators homes 24/7
    “the french aristocracy didn’t see it coming either!” they have unlimited money for wallstreet and the banksters and wars but only crumbs for us ? time to rise up! DEATH TO TYRANTS ! protest with GUNS like the white supremacist do
    im sure as people get more desperate crime will go down LMAO

  52. Walter Dayrit Reply

    Sure, vote early by mail. That will give them extra time to “edit” your vote.

    • Jack B Reply

      Funny. I get to see online that my vote was counted properly and what I voted for after I mail it in. So yeah, “editing” my vote won’t work, Einstein.

    • Walter Dayrit Reply

      @Jack B You are assuming of that what they are going to show you online is the truth? They can show what you want to see online while they “modify” your actual vote.

    • Jack B Reply

      @Walter Dayrit You really want to believe that, don’t you?
      You do realize there’s inspectors and recount officials, right?
      Go ahead. Rig a vote, watch how fast you get lynched by a district when people figure out what you did and they all bring their numbers together. You’re a dead man.

    • Walter Dayrit Reply

      @Jack B There are many ways to rig an election. As to inspector and recount officials? Well, let’s just say that willing or not, powerful politicians can have a lot of “influence” over them.

    • Jack B Reply

      @Walter Dayrit You sound like some sort of expert on the rigging elections. Curious how you came by your ‘expertise’
      You’re nothing but another Q shitposter. I am well aware of corrupt Republicans rigging elections in my state in 1984 by throwing out thousands of voter registrations the day the polls opened. But they also got caught. They couldn’t hide it.

  53. frances simmonds Reply

    Why aren’t the Dems up in arms over this! trump’s cheating BIG TIME. He’s going to win by cheating. trump always goes on the attack about something He’s doing, when he says if Biden wins it’s bc he cheated..that translates as, trump will win bc he cheated.

  54. W F Reply

    ……..I WILL CRAWL to the polls if I have to. I don’t even care if I get COVID, as long as I can be a part of VOTING TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  55. Jaqen H'ghar Reply

    mail in voting of any kind should be illegal…too many dead people and pets getting ballots…you should have to vote in person with photo identification

    • Jaqen H'ghar Reply

      @Mace Moneta citation needed

    • Jaqen H'ghar Reply

      ​@Mace Moneta snopes? no thanks…try again

    • Mace Moneta Reply

      @Jaqen H’ghar The Snopes article is based on information from the Heritage Foundation:

      The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., primarily geared towards public policy. The foundation took a leading role in the conservative movement during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, whose policies were taken from Heritage’s policy study Mandate for Leadership. Since then, The Heritage Foundation has continued to have a significant influence in U.S. public policy making, and is considered to be one of the most influential conservative public policy organizations in the United States.

    • Jaqen H'ghar Reply

      ​@Mace Moneta oh sorry…i guess they have the final say

  56. tim kahn Reply

    i had to go in person because i failed to send in my address . i live in the State of AZ. we can vote in every way and we are /where a red state before the traitor trump. he is losing here now. because john Mc CAIN was a hero . not a bone spur lying loser . i met john 4 times and he was sort of rude one of the times. maybe having cancer puts a person in a bad mood. still he said hi and then walked off . the man made a lot of sense on about everything. i voted for him every time in my state and one time for president . even with the strange woman running for v p.

    • Investigative Audit Reply

      That’s a better option. Trump only made his own and his business allies’ fortune during 4 years and specifically out of pandemic funds!
      PLEASE READ my latest investigation report on how Trump distributed $3 TRILLION ($3,000,000,000,000) 1st pandemic stimulus funds that his administration received to combat coronavirus [under CARES Act, Paycheck Act, and Coronavirus Preparedness Act]
      While majority of funds were transferred to big business owners, $100s of billions were paid against orders which were never filled for testing, PPE, contact tracing & virus spread containment, etc. That is why there are 198K deaths, 6.7M infected and 50M jobless!

      (Downloadable PDF FORMAT of the report is liked in the comments section of the video report – there are more reports on the channel on Trump’s propaganda & conspiracy theories, including WHO, China, HCQ, Huawei 5G, etc.)

  57. Akash Guha Thakurata Reply

    So age is a factor for signature mismatch, the Dems are yet again trying to discredit Republican votes.

  58. DmanFunk88 Reply

    Republicans are doing everything to undermine the mail in aspect of the election as well as the result aspect of the election. Being as they are all traitors.

  59. Ryan Roberts Reply

    What a load of BS! How do they even have the time to cross check all the signatures?! Banks don’t even do that! If your signature differs that doesn’t matter, it’s still a legal signature. You could sign your name one day and then just an “X” the next day and a line the next day. They all legally count as your signature as long as you personally made a mark on the paper! This would stand up in any court! *They do not have to match!*

    Personally I have a muscular disability that makes fine movement difficult and as a result my signature looks different every time, even on the same day! When I bought a house I had to sign like 50 times in front of a lawyer – all the signatures looked a bit different, but the lawyer didn’t care.

  60. paycheckgame Reply

    Trump is trying to rig the election

  61. E Hole Reply

    Kind of like my state “lost” my voter registration. Thanks Texas.

  62. Roy Rogers Reply

    Trump was right again

  63. Patty Robin Reply

    So does democrat jihadis who illegally corrupt every election. Cheat, steal, hide, duplicate, falsify, use dead people’s names, illegals, felons, scum of the earth. Then blame patriots.

  64. Allan Gregory Reply

    You can NEVER have a fair election when the president is rigging it. Forget it, it’s over you have allowed him too much power

    • Tony Smith Reply

      I just vote in person no rigging to worry about 👍

  65. Allan Gregory Reply

    You need independent election monitors a bit like third world countries 🙄

  66. Jennifer Williams Reply

    How dare they…who the f:;$k are they to toss ANY BALLOT …who are these people??

    • Tony Smith Reply

      This is bound to happen on Both sides I’m voting in person

  67. Tanner 101 Reply

    This election is gonna be a disaster.

    • DajjaD Reply

      there will be no winners only losers

  68. Dead Pixel Reply

    I’m glad i don’t vote

    • Tony Smith Reply

      Me to 👍

    • Mace Moneta Reply

      Not voting is a vote for Trump. If that’s not what you intended, then it’s up to you to correct.

    • Tony Smith Reply

      @Mace Moneta red Tsunami is coming don’t bother

    • Mace Moneta Reply

      @Tony Smith Then you not voting is the right choice.

  69. Mary Terrell Reply

    This election gonna be a hot mess. Just go to voteing center

  70. Tony Smith Reply

    Vote in person unless you are vulnerable but President Trump needs to invoke the 14th Amendment COG & National Security are at Risk!!!!!

  71. cheryl f Reply

    “Stop blaming everything on Trump I’m sure Democrats hv something to do with the mail to.”

  72. Phyllis R. Reply

    Now can you stop asking people why they don’t vote?

  73. Robert Rodgers Reply

    We can NOT trust any part of our election system. It has always been corrupt and broken (on purpose), but now it is worse than ever. We do NOT live in a real Democracy nor even a little bit of a Republic. We are in an oligarchy that is on the brink of falling into the nightmare of dictatorship!

  74. Ciao Jeff Italia Reply

    Get off your lazy bum and vote in person.

  75. David Eby Reply

    Last nite Lefties shot two LA county Deputies.More lefties blocked the emergency room entrance shouting”Hope they die”! You Liberal Democrats are not on the of good. You are evil people.

  76. James Knott Reply

    While I’ve never voted by mail, where I live we get voter registration cards, which are handed in at the poll and our ID checked. Are those cards included when someone mails a ballot? If not, doing that could help prevent fraud. Also, as I understand it, while our signatures may change, the characteristics don’t. I believe that expert was getting at that. And yes, we do have provisions for those who are not on the voter list.

  77. cattigereyes1 Reply

    Illegitimate governments canceled your votes!

  78. String Monkey Reply

    It all seems simple to me. If a signature is questionable, have the person show up in person, verify the ballot, and show proof of identity.

  79. Mace Moneta Reply

    I don’t think my signature has ever been the same twice. The IRS accept digital signatures (by law); why don’t the polls?

  80. AOL Rodr Reply

    Trump is MY president:
    1. he’s NOT a saint BUT definitely less evil than any others
    2. He’s very witty, president should be witty
    3. He’s FUNNY, he keeps EVERYONE entertained, engaged, interested in his engagements
    4. He’s bold, courageous; he’s got steel balls
    5. He’s a president smart NOT to get into wars, even after having provoked with MOAB bomb, Killed sulemani,….
    6. He’s patriotic to his country raising its economy for its citizens; some FOOLISH citizens don’t understand this, instead they shoot at their OWN feet
    7. …..and the list goes on…..



    Trump 2020!!!

  81. DR Dubois Reply

    Republikkklans canceling votes already. This is disgusting behaviour for ANY real democracy.

  82. Roverino Snarkman Reply

    Avoid this by soliciting an absentee ballot. That way you can be sure that your vote is counted.

  83. E Luckey Reply

    This is William Barr and Trump’s hands all over it. America the rigging the election. How many more ballots will they invalidate so they can win.

  84. Mike Morgan Reply

    The precincts should be randomly audited for vote tampering.

  85. Dave S Reply

    Democrats all Spring and Summer: “There is no evidence of mail in voter fraud”
    Media: “More than 550,000 ballots have been thrown away in 2020.”
    We know who the real liars are in America, and we are d^** tired of them.
    THINK, PEOPLE, THINK Throw out the koolaid.

  86. Michael Young Reply

    Like I said before. These aren’t Republicans or Democrats issues…They’re President Trump’s issues. Wake up America!

  87. Jerry Davenport Reply

    Democrats demand mail in voting for a reason. Fraud!

  88. msmonicacollins collins Reply


  89. Pradip Chitrakar Reply

    USPS under Trump cannot be trusted – conman will do everything to win the election.

  90. Ben Dover Reply

    For 4 years there has been relentless, non stop attacks on Donald Trump. After all this time, millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent on pointless investigations, what has been proven? Donald Trump told a buddy many years ago that when you’re rich and famous some females let you grab their stuff? If you stay current on politics, you will find that the things Democrats have blamed Trump for to try to impeach him are the exact things they were doing themselves. Projection is a specialty of Democrats. You can rest assured the people crying “racist” are the racists. The “antifascists” are the fascists, the “peaceful protesters ” are the rioters, and the whole world, not just Americans see it. Thats why this will be the easiest win in recent history for Trump. It doesn’t help Democrats that they nominated a man who has been in congress almost 50 years and has literally done nothing in that time to help Americans. His running mate is a lying, self righteous twit who said herself that she will say whatever she has to say whether or not it’s true. It’s truly pathetic. The last ditch, desperation move is to force everyone to mail in ballots and ditch voter id laws so all the illegals democrats let in can vote. That was the plan all along. Anyone who supports the socialist, communistic Biden/Harris party should go to Venezuela or China for a while to get their minds right.

  91. lotarus wing Reply

    majority dems and mccain type love endless illegal immigration to abuse welfare for votes to the point of rig 2008 for destroy libya to do migrant crisis, they defend influx using people of color card

  92. King Onei Reply

    This is ridiculous. Why are Republicans really refusing to observe the fundamental ideal of america, elections. Republicans know about the hacking and they did not report it to FBI in 2016. They have engaged in voter suppression and they are the most Un-American people in America

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