Chamath Palihapitiya makes $4.8 billion SPAC deal with startup Opendoor

Yahoo Finance’s Julia LaRoche breaks down the $4.8 billion deal between Opendoor and Chamath Palihapitiya.
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22 thoughts on “Chamath Palihapitiya makes $4.8 billion SPAC deal with startup Opendoor

  1. NotPoodle Reply

    Chamath Has a Buffet level future ahead of him.

    • Frederick Valdez Reply

      I have this guy under a microscope. Definitely knows what he’s doing. He is our gens Buffett.

  2. 1943vermork Reply

    Chamath, Chamath, Chamath

  3. EK Handcrafted Wood Reply

    bought shares

    • Frederick Valdez Reply

      EK Handcrafted Wood I did as well and should have bought more. This is my guy.

  4. Linkin Nogs Reply

    Nonwhites are ENEMIES of the West!

  5. EK Handcrafted Wood Reply


  6. Enrique Garcia Reply

    IPOZ 😀

  7. superstarrr121 Reply

    He’s a crook. Al these guys are making a fortune for doing nothing

    • Harvey H Reply

      Speak for yourself. He’s democratize investing in Private Companies for everyone. He’s the guy who pioneered growth in Bitcoin, FB, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Virgin Galactic, etc..

  8. Georgina Damon Reply

    Chamath has got that eye for golden opportunities, he is a really smart investor. I have been trying to get a grip on this stock investment thing, but it has been a slippery deal. I keep getting in at the wrong time, and taking up losses.

    • Stefan Selman Reply

      Truth is that he is well grounded in investment and most people who hate on him have got personal issues to figure out. He spoke about Tesla and Elon Musk last year and predicted a major growth, and we all know what’s happening right now.

    • Martin Taurine Reply

      @Stefan Selman correct, i have been trying so hard to be able to locate all this promising stocks, but I end up loosing my money at the long run.

    • Stefan Selman Reply

      @Martin Taurine What you currently need to do is locate a good financial advisor to help you navigate through your trading process. There are a few good and qualified ones, just look hard.

    • Gerrard Sylvester Reply

      It’s so true Martin, an expert broker would help you learn and earn. But talking about those expert brokers, I’ve made over $75,000 these past 4 months, trading stocks with the guidance of Michelle Lynnette Long, a broker I came across at a conference. I had to look her up online before starting to work with her, and she’s been really awesome.

  9. Brigadier General Reply

    Scam company

    • Metacognition88 Reply

      Pump and dumps are the best. maximum gains. Let’s go

    • Brigadier General Reply

      Metacognition88 yea if you can dump in time

  10. Petra - wir uns kennenlernen Reply

    0:27 unvorstellbar

  11. Oshan Don Reply

    Be the richest in the world 🌎 bro.

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