Jon Stewart Defends Veterans Looking For Burn Pit Relief | NBC News NOW

Comedian Jon Stewart joins Kristen Gillibrand and other leaders in Washington for the fight to help war veterans looking for burn pit relief and says “we always have money for war, we never have money for the war fighter.”
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Jon Stewart Defends Veterans Looking For Burn Pit Relief | NBC News NOW

93 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Defends Veterans Looking For Burn Pit Relief | NBC News NOW

  1. Nom Nom Reply

    The liar Chief have no respect for our Veterans, Republicans have Defund Veterans

    • Yo Jo Reply

      Darrel House, who are you talking to

    • Darrel House Reply

      @Yo Jo nom nom

    • Yo Jo Reply

      Darrel House, it’s shocking people forget nearly 5,000 us military personnel died under George w Bush. Most in Iraq alone.

    • Darrel House Reply

      @Yo Jo i know it

    • Bakersdirtydozen Reply

      I joined the Army as a Republican and left a Democrat. Republicans talk a big game over the Vets but the reality is this, they gut the VA on a regular base then make the claim that the system is broken (which they broke) and then push their privatization agenda…. rinse and repeat. The Democrats are usually (not always) responsible for pushing VA funding which the Republicans eventually give in once the conversation hits the US diner tables.

  2. Susan Criblez Reply

    Support the vets! Get rid of Pelosi!!!!!

    • Corey Mondello Reply

      The most corrupt administrations in my lifetime have all been Republican: Nixon, Reagan, GW Bush and Trump. When Republicans rule, there is more oppression, inequality and suffering! Trump and his supporters are enemies of America, Domestic Terrorists!

    • gutzy19 CKG Reply

      She’s not the one who supports bounties on the troops you paid Russian Troll..

    • S. Don Reply

      @gutzy19 CKG
      I’m not sure these Russian trolls receive monetary payment. I have a feeling they’re either under the threat of falling out of a window or being poisoned!

    • Trevor Sole Reply

      @TooSlowTube wonder how much they get when the President of the United States retweets their posts…

  3. Nancy M Ross Reply

    Thank God for Jon Stewart who has fought tirelessly for our veterans and for first responders at 9/11. He alone has made a difference in helping them get what they are due.

    • discorperted Reply

      He got a large portion of the 9/11 money….
      And he does not pay his property taxes on his mansion…
      He is a con man that fools morons

    • Jaikain Reply

      @discorperted proof or shut up

  4. Nine Fools Wise Reply

    Please Interview Dr. Bandy X. Lee, Yale School of Medicine wrote May 13th in the DC Report, “Genocide: Trump’s Final Solution To Immigrants And Minorities “Let’s Call His Purposeful Bungling of the Pandemic Response What It Is—Genocide. According to the United Nation’s Genocide Convention, the perpetration of genocide requires an “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Since the White House itself has acknowledged the disproportionate deadly effects of the virus on minority communities, the intent can no longer be denied.” I would include the elderly & other vulnerable populations. Trump doesn’t need gas chambers when he’s got COVID. And please keep questioning Mr. Woodward’s myopic & unethical four plus month delay on releasing vital information. He knew “what & when” about a couple hundred thousand lifetimes ago…- Thank you NBC & Mr. Stewart.

  5. Robben Salyers Reply

    It would be nice if we could get help for the Vets who served at Ft. McClellan too.

  6. James Kuster Reply

    As a military veteran, thank you @jon stewart for standing up for military service members as well as first responders, if he ever decided to run for office, whether for Congress or President, I would vote for him

    • Bakersdirtydozen Reply


  7. Ozark caveman Reply

    You would have thought it gotten better since Agent Orange the government always likes to wait till a few have died that way they save some money. When there’s only a few left the science will be there.

    • wildcatter63 Reply

      They are STILL fighting THOSE diseases whenever they can. The VA is of the opinion that it’s job is to make sure the Veterans get RIPPED OFF by the Government whenever possible.

  8. Brandon Angstman Reply

    I’ve yet to see a better example of human decency than John Stewart.

    • Minnie Granger Reply

      Darrel House OP wrote about “human decency” and you mentioned Trump…. 😂😂😂

    • Darrel House Reply

      @Minnie Granger Trump is the greatest president america has ever seen.!!!Its about time you open your eyes!!

    • Minnie Granger Reply

      Darrel House Two words: Fact check.

  9. discorperted Reply

    How about holding the companies that did this responsible?
    The ones Jon Stewart has investments in…

    • Trevor Sole Reply

      Can you site your sources please?

  10. Harry William Reply

    Trump has done a wonderful job. So good he needs to go

    • Darrel House Reply

      TRUMP 2020

  11. Corey Mondello Reply

    When 9/11 happened, the GW Bush fought AGAINST helping first responders. It took almost 10 years for Republicans to partially help first responders. Even now, Republicans hate veterans and our troops!

    • Corey Mondello Reply

      Emmett Lee do some research. It was Hillary Clinton who fought for 9/11 first responders when she was NY state Senator. You’re a moron, like most Trump supporters, have no idea what reality is!

    • Emmett Lee Reply

      @Corey Mondello what do you mean. I did do my research. Are you saying trump didn’t give records funding to the military and a pay raise while under the Obama administration Military funding had a sequester.

    • Emmett Lee Reply

      @Corey Mondello I would love for you to explain how I am wrong.

    • Bakersdirtydozen Reply

      I don’t think they hate our troops… The Republicans are all about privatizing everything to the extent that they will (and have) de-funded VA programs to help make their point. I’d simply say that they love money more than Vets because that’s easier to find supporting proof for.

  12. Leeka Scot Reply

    The media cannot win the next coming election. Only those who helped Veterans will win the mind of the veterans’ votes actually.

  13. Dan M Reply

    Vote TRUMP for police, law and order🇺🇸🦅

    • TooSlowTube Reply

      @Trevor Sole Kirschner is. I’d have gone with tax evasion, but:
      “Former Federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner: Trump has committed second degree murder.”

      •Premiered on 11 Sep 2020
      The Dean Obeidallah Show
      2.06K subscribers

      “Former Federal prosecutor and current NBC News legal analyst Glenn Kirschner told SiriusXM radio’s Dean Obeidallah that Trump’s intentional lies about Covid has raised the charges Trump should face from manslaughter to second degree murder.”

    • TooSlowTube Reply

      @Dan M Like this?
      “Bill Bar Again Tries to Protect & Defend Donald Trump, This Time in E. Jean Carrol Defamation Suit”

      •9 Sep 2020
      Glenn Kirschner
      140K subscribers

      “When E. Jean Carroll reported that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in the 1990, Trump called her a liar and said he didn’t do it, using as a defense that “she’s not my type.” Ms. Carrol filed suit in New York state court for defamation, claiming that Trump lied about her.

      The suit was about to proceed to discovery and Trump would have had to produce a DNA sample and sit for a sworn deposition. Then . . . in gallops Bill Barr. Barr is trying to invoke the Federal Tort Claims Act to transfer the case from state court to federal court and remove Trump from the suit altogether and substitute the USA/DOJ as the party/respondent instead.

      In essence, Barr is trying to use our taxpayer dollars to mount the defense of Trump’s misconduct. Here is how the Federal Tort Claims Act works and here are the possible outcomes of Barr’s attempted abuse of the law to protect Donald Trump from being held accountable for his misconduct.”

    • Trevor Sole Reply

      @Dan M ou, so you just want laws to apply to minorities? Got it 😉

    • Dan M Reply

      Trevor Sole so you think that minorities are the only ones on the streets?

    • Amy A Reply

      Hahaha!! That’s funny 🤣😂

  14. Agumon5 Reply

    Isn’t this like the 10th time he does this now?

  15. Gary Flythe Reply

    I am part of the camp lejeune water study our president our Congress our Senate the Marine corps our full of s*** they do not take care of their veterans

  16. Kaleigh MacKay Reply

    its sad that he has to fight for this every year but im glad he does

  17. Anthony Lonsdale Reply

    Thank you, Jon.

  18. Angelica RoseMarie Reply

    America/NBC News… Jon Stewart, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Chuck Schumer,
    It’s absolutely obvious like “AGENT ORANGE” war veterans looking for “BURN PIT RELIEF,”
    deserve to be “MEDICALLY & MONETARILY COMPENSATED” for their honorable service and sacrifices to the U.S.A. as brave veteran war fighters.
    IF, the Trump administration & some Congress members, can approve funding for undocumented women… being forced to have egregious unethical and illegal hysterectomies,
    through possible government fraud, waste, and abuse… they can approve funding for…
    brave war veteran fighters “BURN PIT RELIEF COMPENSATION FUNDING.”
    IF, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy can continue to get highly paid… while under investigation
    for alleged campaign finance violations…the “BURN PIT RELIEF COMPENSATION FUNDING” should be “IMMEDIATELY APPROVED.” IF, Michael Caputo can be “Communications Chief”
    for HHS talking “Russian Propaganda Conspiracy Hogwash,” the “BURN PIT RELIEF” should
    be approved. IF. President Donald J. Trump can host private meetings and gatherings… inside the people’s White House, with Rudy Giuliani and ex-Russian mafia members at taxpayers expense… Congress can approve the “BURN PIT RELIEF COMPENSATION FUNDING.”
    Our taxpayers are currently paying, millions upon millions for President Trump’s golf trips.
    Would anyone consider President Donald J. Trump playing golf, more important than brave troops risking their lives at war, wounded warriors being seriously injured during war or veterans suffering from BURN PIT INJURIES, WHILE FIGHTING TO PROVE THEIR INJURIES WERE CAUSED… DURING THEIR PREVIOUS TIMES FIGHTING IN VARIOUS WARS???
    These brave veterans and war fighters were not experiencing these horrific medical problems
    and multiple similar symptomatic illnesses, until they were brave enough to fight and defend our Nation during these ‘chemical agent induced wars.”
    Congress shouldn’t make these brave veteran war fighter heroes, and their families suffer heartbreak, disappointing discouraging emotional and physical hardships… like the “AGENT ORANGE BRAVE VETERANS” suffered for many years until their MEDICAL TREATMENTS AND COMPENSATIONS WAS EVENTUALLY APPROVED.

    • ZBoy2020 Reply

      Trump lied to the American people about Covid.

  19. Curt W Reply

    Finally something Democrats and Republicans can lock hands and fight for together.

    • Corey Mondello Reply

      Curt W Republicans, even John McCain voted against helping active and retires military!

    • Curt W Reply

      @Corey Mondello yeah, I’m calling for them to stop the nonsense. My hair fell out, my blood labs are a mess and my kidney is messed up. My name has been sitting on a burn pit registry for 5 years collecting dust. I’ll be okay but others are dying everyday. Bums on both sides need to pass this bill no matter how much they hate one another right now. And I’m under the belief the hate is fake half of DC lives with one another in a rooming house and drink beers together.

  20. jdax21 Reply

    If only the people who currently run this country had a fraction of this man’s passion, honor and integrity. Jon Stewart, you are a national treasure.

  21. mark ellis Reply

    Well we might not have enough money for them because TRUMPY needs to play more golf at tax payers expense…..

  22. Kelly Brown Reply

    Why anyone would work for the government baffles me!
    There’s no loyalty there!
    We see it time and time again!

  23. DON MCKINNEY Reply


  24. tom brady Reply

    Donald Trump doesn’t care you could do whatever you want you guys are voting for him and he still don’t give a f*** about America you guys voted for him now you got to deal with it and you want Donald Trump to be a president again no that’s up to y’all

  25. tom brady Reply

    And you guys are complaining all the time Donald Trump doesn’t care not even supporters not even Republicans doesn’t care about America people in America he say the troops are losers and suckers

  26. tom brady Reply

    Biden Harris 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏 let’s make this America great again vote vote vote God bless are American troops and American people

    • Kaile Taylor Reply

      Yay yeah lets vote for the neolib party that gave us tRump, and all of the wars we are fighting, that have done NOTHING to oppose him, aside from making ip and running with one baseless russian conspericy theory after another, that refuses to even consider m4a or anything to help anyone but their corporate lobbyists and elite. Till the Clinton /Obama influence and power over the party is taken out the (appointed 4 yrs ago by HRC president Kamala Harris will be your reality. Locking more poor people in prizon starting in schools. Making generations of people who are banned from voting, thst doesnt sound at all liberal sounds very republican. Wh yy are you pledging votes to those who laugh at your suffering

    • Amy A Reply

      @Kaile Taylor u must get your info from fox fake news because your comment makes no sense and contradicts itself. Neolibs have nothing to do with the trump administration. They hate trump. Anyone with common sense does

  27. DON MCKINNEY Reply

    I POLUTED YOUR COUNTRY AND THE WIND BLEW MY WAY . CAN YOU HELP ME ? Depleted uranium armaments and phosphorous , etc . were delivered by these mercenaries of evil . getting paid for service ? Murder is service ?

  28. Square Peg Reply

    Aman!! John Stewart for President 2024

  29. Basilisa Canales Reply


  30. Corey Mondello Reply

    The Republican Party is anti-Troops and Vets. Even John McCain voted against helping active and retired military!

  31. LostInPA Reply

    I don’t like 99% of his stances but I’m super glad he’s taken up these issues. He’s a really good speaker and doing something good.

  32. david wilfong Reply

    Is a program that Bobby should watch

  33. Sanjana Raj Reply

    Way to go Jon.

  34. On Little Things Reply

    Once.​ they.returned, Its.not​ sensational, not​ emotion​al, not​ patriotic anymore.​ Americans​ are.war craving drama​ queens!

  35. Julie Mackinder Reply

    Our government really sucks.
    People can’t face the fact that I I’m sorry to say our government probably did that to our veterans on purpose.
    It’s sick twisted how money and politics invaded our government the corruption is overwhelming there’s no way to be righteous and having integrity when everyone else is intent on making wealth and not caring about American lives our veterans are first responders I don’t know what the answer is seems like the politicians are all the same they’re they’re worst of all people combined they’re the same just different whether you put a republican hat on or a Democrat hat there’s still the same they don’t care about the people

    or the veterans or the

    first responders they just lied through their teeth

    until they get caught red-handed and then they never admit guilt

    what a life

  36. Julie Mackinder Reply

    ❤️ our government should be ashamed we love our veterans we don’t we can’t thank you enough someone’s got to do something but how?

    I’d say putting them on the record that’s good with that’s good that’s very good

  37. Julie Mackinder Reply

    You are right and I agree I agree we all agree with this.

  38. Julie Mackinder Reply

    Exactly just like how the myth breakers

    Make up one of those pits throw all of these people in it that are withholding the funds it’s our money you put in on this I put in on this they should listen and they shouldn’t be so slow to act they shouldn’t have to be made to do the right thing but that’s the way I’m afraid it is the way it is these days how sick twisted

  39. Anthony Campos Reply

    Come back Jon

  40. Rohanda Mclaurin Reply

    JON WE LOVE YOU..❗❗😇

  41. sobiesky Jimenez Reply

    JESUS LOVES YOU. come back. 💚

  42. Stuck in the Middle Reply

    Does anyone know what the distraction was in the background that happened on the steps of congress while they were speaking

  43. Nghia Nguyen Reply

    I see a lot of veterans go homeless… why?

    • mrJwlock Reply

      Have i you you asked 1 ?

  44. CH H Reply

    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel

  45. karen granger Reply

    Thx u

  46. Trevor Sole Reply

    Stewart 2020!…. is it too late to get him on the ballot?

  47. king chase Reply

    Defund the police and the give it to the veterans.

  48. bass tard Reply

    Thank you mr Stewart for caring about the veterans.

  49. bobo brazil Reply

    Jon your a lovely man…..BUT WAKE UP!!!!!…..9/11 was not a terrorist attack……it has been proved that the 3 WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition!!……planned in advance….there is a MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE wake up Jon….we love you..

  50. David Harrison Reply

    MAGA 2020

  51. Alecs Pabilonia Reply

    Jon Stewart’s back babbbyyyy

  52. Amy A Reply

    Trump administration has already stole the money I bet

  53. Bernard Rubble Reply

    Maybe if you hadn’t made a career out of mocking conservatives , your voice might carry more weight . Too bad . Really good cause .

  54. Tom Are Reply

    We pay for the life course of a condition in healthcare depending on their condition, do something similar with veterans

  55. Andrew Ferrauiolo Reply

    How about Vietnam Vets being exposed to Agent Orange?!

  56. judd442009 Reply

    Trump would call these victims: “Losers” and “Suckers”.
    Just like he ignores the 200,000 Americans who have died from the TRUMP-PENCE VIRUS (covid-19).

  57. Jacqelune Morrison Reply

    Why. Stops

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