Kevin O’Leary Reacts To My $10 Million Dollar Investment | Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank reviews my $10 Million Dollar Investment Portfolio – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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112 thoughts on “Kevin O’Leary Reacts To My $10 Million Dollar Investment | Shark Tank

  1. shaddorry Reply

    I really wanted to enter on webull, but there’s no support in Belgium.

  2. Zohaib Ali Reply

    awesome video

  3. Matt Ziggy Reply

    Noticed you didn’t mention crypto currency…are you not investing in that, Graham?

  4. Alexander Bramall Reply

    Awesome video!

  5. Kaidis1 Reply


  6. TheIntuitiveTrader Reply

    not a fan of this music..

  7. Neonic Reply

    Make a video breaking down your stock portfolio!

  8. Htwo Reply

    Here is me at 35 hoping to have half of Graham’s portfolio by age 50 and Kevin gives him a 6 LOL FML

  9. Charles Niblack Reply

    When Kevin O Leary says it I guess I have to👍

  10. Chris Boldon Reply

    This video was the kick I needed to finally rebalance.

  11. Shinylore Reply

    Great Video!!! Also plays on the value of mentorship and always trying to improve even when you’ve “made it”

  12. Jayse Lau Reply

    Cool dude

  13. thisissooolegit Reply

    “I have a lot of cash”

    Can’t relate. But want to

  14. Sh1r Reply

    The Evil within vibes 1:28

  15. Mr Slate Reply

    How would you invest $7,000 dollars?

  16. M Eesa Wazir Reply

    I absolutely loved this video. Seeing a master guiding the apprentice was amazing. The only problem is I couldn’t understand half of the stuff he said: margin, leverage, equity, dive of 30% and more. Any recommendations on books, videos, courses, etc. to help teach me this would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Jacky Chen Reply

    @GrahamStephan, is your next goal being a shark at the tank to move your portfolio away from real estate?

  18. RyanGeeVEVO Reply

    Mr. O’Leary is actually a pretty lovable guy. Thanks Graham for this awesome video.

  19. Enrique Garcia Reply

    Very cool video and your portfolio is amazing. Wow … congrats man.

  20. It's all Good Reply

    Love the sound effects to cover your business investment 😄

  21. Kolin Boorom Reply

    Leave it to a billionaire to say “its good to start with a basic credit card, with say a $1000 limit.”
    -Me watching this with my 250$ student card: 😑

  22. Morrise Perez Reply

    Cool video, one of my favorites! 😄

  23. Ahan Verma Reply

    In the first 18 seconds Kevin sounds like Joker explaining human psychology to Batman

  24. TheManOfTheHour Reply

    Kevin really seems like a decent guy, props to Kevin for being informative. Still disagree with him around his negative sentiment around crypto and blockchain though.

  25. Aquarius Reply

    He’s still licking his wounds after missing the “Ring” investment, a little humbleness maybe ?

  26. Matt Simon Reply

    This is a Masterclass in investment strategy….amazing! Pasta vs Protein, don’t get buried by debt, 20% of portfolio max for each asset class, the list goes on and on.

  27. Jeff Reply

    Lmfao. That ending though.

  28. Mj Mainor Reply

    Dropped an atomic bomb when he said he wants no obligation to nobody.

  29. Prixcey Reply

    The fact that you don’t raise rent (even tho I wasn’t raised to afford rent on any of your houses) is just amazing because that helps the families that lives there alot

  30. AnythingGoes Reply

    Graham is an idiot.

  31. Youtubefan2017 Reply

    New sub, doesn’t raise rents.

  32. Alphonso Elm Reply

    Kevin sounds like a mob boss

  33. karrob Reply

    Yo, this was dope!

  34. Francisco Romero Reply

    Looking at this side of Kevin was really nice. Great vid!

  35. Dolli Smith Reply

    It’s like watching a real life version of monopoly and Robert kiyosaki’s cashflow game. I like it.

  36. Thaddius Bright Reply

    That was dope Gram

  37. Ryunosuke Furiya Reply

    This was great.

  38. Sasha Brown Reply

    I hate webull. I love stash. Webulls tables are hard to follow and half the stocks i want i cant get thru them

  39. Setherday Reply

    rouseau “clair de lune” in the back ground i see u i see u

  40. Austin Ross Reply

    This man just finessed Mr Wonderful out of free portfolio advice. Graham coming for the title.

  41. Gerald Baria Reply

    KEVIN is a suit-day kind of meeting guy.

  42. sum1G Reply

    Graham, no crypto currency? Did you make a video on your thoughts of crypto?

    • serdy ximi Reply

      New sub, doesn’t raise rents.

  43. tantaluss68 Reply

    remember you pound the hell out of the like button then don’t call it in the morning lol best like button line I ever heard

  44. Economy Vibes Reply

    One of the most straight forward and useful investment advice videos I’ve ever watched. Cheers!

  45. serdy ximi Reply

    “You’re being discipline. You’re buying assets that have income, they’re buying boats, watches…” In other words, don’t go broke looking rich.

  46. doogcat Reply

    Awesome interview I learn so much ty you graham

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  47. William Dauria Reply

    Another great video Graham. Congrats from The William Dauria Show!

  48. David Reply

    Didn’t this guy drive a boat drunk, kill someone, convince his wife to say she was driving, and pay off the witness

  49. ScPrepper Reply

    Lol destroyyyy

    • Graham Stephan Reply


  50. Francisco Gastelum Reply

    Wait so what stocks pay out monthly? I can maybe start there, start small and save to invest in real estate.

  51. Eddy04tv Reply

    How to start and be disciplined and successful as you being outside of USA?

  52. Norman David Reply

    LOVED this man! Thanks for making all the videos you pump out man! They’re extremely helpful 🙂

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      Glad you like them!

  53. Option Whisperer Reply

    Graham wish you was my landlord. My rent gets raised every year.

  54. Chuong Doan Reply

    Wonder if Kevin got his share of money from this video.

  55. Darrell Peake Reply

    Great Video..

  56. Adán A Reply

    Excellent content and interview 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Elena Ramirez Reply

    This was a nice video. You and Kevin are opposite! It was nice to hear about talking about real estate and having to worry about taxes is a wonderful thing.

  58. Elena Ramirez Reply

    I do have to ask. How have you adjusted with the pandemic?

  59. Flaming Cantaloupe Reply

    Comment for algorithm

  60. Jeff Arguello Reply

    Smart not to raise rent on renters who our responsible. take care of those people who take care of you!

  61. Malcolm Gonzalez Reply

    It is uncertain when the lockdown will be lifted,so I’m tryna improvise by focusing on investing, an investor i saw on business insider spoke about making about $780,000 in 4 months as a beginner i would really appreciate any tips or guidelines on how to be a successful investor.

    • Franciszek Karl Reply

      I resorted to investing after been laid off early this year, Investing is way better than 9-5 but it can be quite complicated for a beginner. So its best you reach out to an Investment adviser

    • Stella Giovanni Reply

      I will share my experience with you, I began investing about 3 years ago but last year i began investing with the guidance of an Investment adviser and within a year i have made my first million from an investment of $360,000. So you’d make better profit when you have an advisor supervising your investment decision.

    • Alexandre Sansouci Reply

      Cool profits, You wouldn’t have to work a day in your life again.

    • laura alonso Reply

      @Stella Giovanni Wow! Amazing profits you got there, Please can you drop your Advisor’s info? I’d like to startup immediately

    • Stella Giovanni Reply

      @laura alonso Lorna Rose Sabbia is the investment adviser that assists me with my investment, I really enjoy working with her, she makes me understand the pros and cons of every investment decision i make. You can look her up and reach her on her webpage or you could still reach her directly on IG at tradewith_lorna.

  62. Noe Calle Reply

    Kevin plays no game with no debt.

  63. Alberto Reyes Reply

    Thats the life right there. I have so much cash I dont know what to do with it. Buys watches, and whatever steak he´s in the mood for lol.

  64. Rosterized Reply

    This video makes me feel extremely poor lmao

  65. Dodo Hu Reply

    Excellent interview!!! So many great advice!!! Thank you so much 🙏

  66. Austin Southern Reply

    Kevin O’Leary would tear Kevin Paffrath apart lol

  67. Joseph Holland Reply

    Stephen is playing the “suit guy” mean while Kevin is playing Stephen. Shouldn’t be the opposite.

    • just a girl Reply

      I think they dressed to accommodate the other person lol

  68. Saige Alegria Reply

    I subscribed only cause Kevin said it

  69. C RT Reply

    This is so cool!

  70. Adam Man Reply

    All in SPAQ stock

  71. FinnishArmy Reply

    Ahhh, Graham ownes $12k of silver.

  72. Giovanny E Reply

    I dunno why but I think Kevin O’leary is your spirit animal

  73. Jpays Gamer Reply

    I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like this guy is doing good

  74. TheBoyz305 Reply

    What an epic Collab ! Keep it up

  75. GodZji Reply

    Fucking amazing!!!

  76. Wandering Veteran Reply

    Seeing Grahama AND Kevin O’Leary. This is THE video!

  77. Reeve Normandia Reply

    clair de lune

  78. Reply

    Graham has a full wheel of cheese on his face! 🤣🤣🤣

  79. Hans Elma Reply

    can some1 explain the pasta and protein analogy for me?

  80. Mei Hung Reply

    God, I think wisdom just spoke.
    Learnt: As soon as you are able to, reduce your debt! B: Diversify.

  81. Divos Reply

    That was a great great video! Congratulations to both of you Graham, really! I’m really proud of you! Keep on going! Want to see you in a couple of years to at least 100M, who knows? 1B at some point in your life, why not!

    • bodoy euir Reply

      Kevin O’Leary would tear Kevin Paffrath apart lol

  82. Stephen Cox Reply

    I really enjoyed that! Great video, Graham!

  83. Tehonrerzx Reply

    I came here from an interview on LAWHF, lol. Kind of disappointed you live in a mansion now, your mindset must’ve changed hah. Looks like you have more subs now too! Congrats on being a celeb 😉 I’ll subscribe cause you have some cool insights. One thing you said once is you don’t want to be repetitive because it doesn’t bring value. Same thing with asset investments huh?

  84. bodoy euir Reply

    “NEVER use margin in stocks. Never, never, never.” Ehem…where’s Kevin at?

  85. Sanjay Lolugu Reply

    Nuke the Like Button

  86. InstegramSHQIP Reply

    Buy Hyliion stock

  87. Kushe Darden Reply

    I really really love this

  88. Lashan Fernando Reply

    Hey Graham when Kevin says are you ready to pay that 3million if you need to does he mean by selling property or does he mean in liquid assets?

  89. Mzbonezz Reply

    This was amazing!! This may be my first video I am commenting on, but won’t be my last.
    The honesty in this video was refreshing. The conversation was intelligent and communication was great! Thank you for sharing this, not only did you get a like but also a subscribe 🙂

  90. SirrTinkles Reply

    how dare he say tesla takes a hit 38%. Tesla only goes up

  91. jeprox718 Reply

    Graham on Shark Tank soon?????? 😅

  92. Rodrigo Galindo Reply

    This video was just GREAT OVERALL!

  93. isabel desseaux Reply

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      I grew my portfolio from 1 btc to about 6 btc in just two months of trading with his assistance

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      Mr Benjamin mason is the best signal provider I ever came across and his help has made me a very confident trader

    • claudio cilloco Reply

      Bitcoin is a means to an end and a source of capital generation and its thanks to Howard for showing me how to. I mostly re-invest my profit into my real estate business and its been a rewarding strategy for me.

    • ataberc Reply

      I never realized trading can be easy using signals.

  94. TheTravelMatt Reply

    Can you pay off 3 million right now? Graham: “Yes.” – boss.

  95. Trent Hinkson Reply

    Man, how great is this opportunity. The value in having someone like him assess your investment strategies is priceless. You can’t just get that from a book.

  96. Oromo Views Reply

    Dude you are smart! I need some cash to follow your path

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