Philippines’ MILF rebel group ‘committed to peace’

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The leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) say they are committed to peace negotiations with the government.

Some fighters – including child soldiers – are laying down their weapons in exchange for government benefits. But not all commanders are convinced.

Al Jazeera was granted an exclusive interview with Abdullah Macapaar, known as Commander Bravo who says he will never give up the rebel group’s weapons – not until historical injustices, which he says were committed by the Philippine government, have been corrected.

Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from the island of Mindanao.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar AlphaSierraHotel117 says:

    This title actually made me do a double-check to make sure that I was reading it right.

  2. Avatar DigitalYojimbo says:

    I don’t see any milfs.😂

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      DigitalYojimbo milf’s 😃😄😂😆😅😁

    • Avatar El Perro Loco says:

      DigitalYojimbo I’m so disappointed.

    • Avatar Mr. Hot Potato says:

      Dont joke about it.. If u wanna live

    • Avatar Elvin John Tropezado says:

      hahahahahaha I was expecting stifler’s MOM

    • Avatar Joey DeDominicis says:

      They‘re very elusive. They get in the bushes & sort of buxom & knead their way to the frontlines.

  3. Avatar Certinho says:

    Click-bait! Suckers!

  4. Avatar wwNetMentality says:

    so is that where the drugs are flowing?

  5. Avatar Martin Boni says:

    entré para cogotearme el ganzo

  6. Avatar Pyramid QuartZ says:

    Now this is a movement i can get behind.

    I heard they stick stickers of Lisa Ann on their guns

    • Avatar M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 says:

      Docto Octo Jewels Jade is a Thousand Times better than Lisa Ann

    • Avatar dudeman5685 says:

      I’d prefer Kayla Synz.

      Off the top of my head I can’t think of any Filipina milfs who would be a good mascot for MILF.

    • Avatar Victorino IV Rondain says:

      Lisa Sparkle and Naughty Allie!

  7. Avatar Wonderful Mockingbird says:

    Great general and soldiers. Support from Texas!!

    • Avatar sirlurkalot says:

      Texas does support MILFs, 100%, bro.

    • Avatar Wonderful Mockingbird says:

      their weapons are imported from US.

    • Avatar issareign says:

      Russia and/or amurkah are behind all militancies

  8. Avatar Obsidian- Radio says:

    Best acronym ever! 😀

    • Avatar Andi Pandi says:

      no.. NORWICH is more romantic..

  9. Avatar Antonio Delgado says:

    Jeje milf.

  10. Avatar Dave Terrasidio says:


  11. Avatar Rogue_Console says:

    I just came to read the comments.


      Generalmojo Ali you’re not the only one.

    • Avatar Mercce says:

      Me too fam… Me too.

    • Avatar just your average joe says:

      Same here

    • Avatar P says:

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  12. Avatar Abraham Med says:

    Thumbs up if you came for the milfs 😂

  13. Avatar MazManPants MazManPants says:

    Hehehehhe milf

    • Avatar Norailah Nur says:

      MILF means Moro islamic liberation front

    • Avatar harish hashim says:

      MILF, not Milf

  14. Avatar Al-Ikram Chowdory says:


  15. Avatar musti mon says:

    Never trust a Christian government

    • Avatar issareign says:



      Never trust a government controlled by any religion
      Theres a reason why they sepparated religion from government control in the first place.

    • Avatar Buto Mo says:

      Never trust a muslim government

    • Avatar kosa kata says:

      Actually duterte didn’t trust current PH Catholic doctrin

    • Avatar Legendre says:

      Government system is not based on Christian belief it’s base on American democratic constitution. There is no so called Christian government in this century it only appear during medieval times.

  16. Avatar Mr Lallar Lara says:

    hehe milf

  17. Avatar The Rambler says:

    LMAO, seriously did any of the members of MILF even for a second really give any throught to the name of their group

    • Avatar TuTOk says:

      Tuko Pomwene its depend on how you define MILF….if it Moro Islamic Liberation Front then sure no moro will give it a second thought.

    • Avatar Aisu AkumaSlayer says:

      Tuko Pomwene Lol that group was created in 1980’s… MILF stands for MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT!

    • Avatar Goliath Online says:

      +Aisu AkumaSlayer
      This. I mean no one can foresee in the 80’s that MILF achronym would be used for something that is very raunchy. 😂😂😂

    • Avatar Magical dweeb in the internet says:

      Nope MILF wasn’t a word before the group’s been created

    • Avatar JIM LLOYD ARREGLADO says:

      @Magical dweeb in the internet yes

  18. Avatar Zaid Rahman says:

    where the MILF’s at dow 👀

    • Avatar Arriel Radja says:

      You mean molos indepedece liberation front

  19. Avatar Shamir George says:

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF????????!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Avatar bajorjor1 says:

    They never thought their name will mean what it does now when they created it in the 80’s lol

  21. Avatar Average Joe says:

    False Adverting

  22. Avatar jason4275 says:

    They would have more respect if it was an all women group.

  23. Avatar Trustworthy McLegitimate says:

    the MILFs are rebelling…

    • Avatar harish hashim says:

      They are not Rebels, they are sepraratist Muslim.

    • Avatar Mahadi Mohamed says:

      @harish hashim yes

  24. Avatar Johny Hero says:

    Looks like their weapons are supplied by filipino military

  25. Avatar issareign says:

    Yes! Who doesn’t love the milfs? Weeeeeeeeeeee

  26. Avatar Bio-Sexual Interface says:

    dammit what a disappointment

  27. Avatar king philip pilipino kristiannak says:

    we love yiu bravo kill all drugs and repis

  28. Avatar Greenson ottoison says:

    They kill Police.

    • Avatar harish hashim says:

      They killed Police because they are just protecting their lands.

  29. Avatar ronmar1able says:

    Money matters behind his agenda according to pres. duterte.He is collecting a min. of 2k pesos per month for every muslim families in his area.Soon..these groups will perished inshallah

    • Avatar Rashid Noypi says:

      bakit taga doon kaba…dami mong alam…

  30. Avatar bien savier says:

    its time.. Enought for fighting . Rebels must gets the Saba!!!… Russia and china help philippines. malaysian are not talented! they didnt win in any compition!! Eve on sport.. got talet!!

    • Avatar Smug cat says:

      how there you talk bad about my country,Malaysia.

  31. Avatar Orang Ulu says:

    Those MILF are Police Officer killer.they kill the police withouy mercy.

  32. Avatar BROWN MONKEY says:

    Milf sold out to Malaysia.

  33. Avatar Jonathan Wright says:

    Soon MILF will announce the creation of their new elite force – Cougar Squad!

    • Avatar Elvin John Tropezado says:

      hahahahaha tf!

    • Avatar pinoy ako says:


  34. Avatar Killah Priest says:

    Terrorist Leader: we’re gonna start a rebellion, we will fight for what is right…
    Rookie: ok, im in! what are we gonna call ourselves?
    Terrorist Leader: *sees the local milf ads in the net*, MILFs

  35. Avatar Bepis Man says:

    2010s: hehehe milf

  36. Avatar Alioden sarangani says:

    The leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) say they are committed to peace negotiations with the government.

  37. Avatar Flying Boi says:

    I cant believe we couldnt defeat these bastards

  38. Avatar ViperVenom16 says:

    This terrorist group has a very misleading name. NOT what I was looking for.

  39. Avatar Aegis Eurobeat says:

    They’re literally called MILF 😂😂

    • Avatar EroL Villacin says:

      Moro islamic liberation front…(MILF)

  40. Avatar Je t'aime en dieu En Dieu says:

    الله أكبر

  41. Avatar AJ C says:

    Given the name, this terrorist group cannot be treated seriously.

  42. Avatar Yutaka Joshua says:

    They literally call them self MILF

    • Avatar Yutaka Joshua says:

      Try to type milf in google and see the pictures

  43. Avatar Topi Miring says:

    Mabuhay bangsamoro

  44. Avatar mata panda says:

    WHY they are so hard to commited to make a peace agreement?

    • Avatar Goliath Online says:

      Because the rebels knew they will be wiped out if they escalate their violence to a degree that will disrupt trade both in the Philippines and Indonesia. Abu sayyaf is a shadow of it’s former self and now the Mauate is gone. Peace is the solution for the MILF and other rebellious for their continued existence.

  45. Avatar Joey DeDominicis says:

    They simply get in those milfs and beat it up every time.

  46. Avatar Joey DeDominicis says:

    If you keep it up you will soon fear the M.I.L.F.!

  47. Avatar Phunswaurang Basumatary says:

    Seriously the guns are really awesome how do they get , the gun dealers are seriously …..

    • Avatar Johorean Person says:

      Some said that Mahathir gave some to them.

  48. Avatar Ang Anito says:

    My full respect!

  49. Avatar Flash Speed says:

    This rebels are no history

  50. Avatar lambert doctore says:

    mas magaganda pa armas nila kaysa sa PNP at AFP.

  51. Avatar Seferino says:


  52. Avatar Deel Weed says:

    I respect MILF NOT MILFS

  53. Avatar Domagoj Pulisic says:

    Did they like google their name 😀 ?

    • Avatar MadLightsProduction says:

      they started this war back in 80s.

    • Avatar Christiano Ako says:


  54. Avatar Mystique Portal says:

    FYI the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation front) was formed before the showing of American Pie

  55. Avatar DeLEET Titan says:

    Note: The group is the reason why the acronym is not a laughing matter in the Philippines and among the majority of Filipinos. They were founded in 1977, which obviously predates the internet slang
    On a personal note, as a Filipino, I didn’t even know the meaning of the acronym in the internet slang sense until I was in my early college years

  56. Avatar BGB IG says:

    Sexy matures with guns

  57. Avatar Mad Artz Graphics says:

    Sounds pornhub to me.

  58. Avatar Carlo Lozada says:

    Search MILF Philippines,so the MILF(rebel)will appear

  59. Avatar Yoffy says:

    Needs to join forces.milf.mnlf,biff and communist rebels.

    • Avatar Rashid Noypi says:

      communist are not islamic group…………they are bunch of bad actions..!! MILF,MNLF,BIFF they are ISLAMIC soldiers…to defend our land and religion…..

    • Avatar Terence Angelo says:

      @Rashid Noypi all of them fight government troops, though. Also, the NPA has its own motives such as defending indigenous groups and is against eco-terrorism such as when they raided mining operations.

  60. Avatar Osbarov says:

    i liked filipino MILF

  61. Avatar The Gray Ghost says:

    Wheres da milfs

  62. Avatar Dennis Diamond B. Belvis says:

    Mga demonyo at hayop!

    • Avatar JOMIL AMPAO says:

      ikaw ang dimonyo at hayop
      mga sakim

    • Avatar harish hashim says:

      Natumalo sa mga diablong Ilaga, at asan na ngayon sila?

    • Avatar harish hashim says:

      Tinalo ng mga Hayop at mga Demonyong sinasabi mo ang ang mga Baboy at Diablong Ilaga dito sa Pilipinas.

  63. Avatar azroy azhar says:

    I now about this group first before i know about the term ‘milf’ in late 90s

  64. Avatar Mahadi Mohamed says:


  65. Avatar B M says:

    this is not what i expected when i searched Filipino MILF

  66. Avatar TK- 7174 says:

    We witness the birth of a meme.

  67. Avatar Arriel Radja says:

    You know there are another branch
    The molost independence liberation front

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