Why I’m Leaving California

It’s official – here is why I’m leaving California, where I’m moving to, and what’s going to happen next – Thanks for watching! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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116 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving California

  1. Guy Reply

    Don’t vote democrat.

  2. Eoj's Drawer Reply

    You kept voting for Democrats, and that’s the problem.
    TRUMP 2020!

  3. holysoldiers co Reply

    Wow, in Canada we’re at 14-15% but we have free health care and services are not expensive

  4. Jussainwuturthinkn Reply

    Just be honest ffs. Gavin is pure trash.

    • Steven Dux Reply

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  5. btvbrndn Reply

    Yes convince others to leave too please 🙏🏼

    • Vincent Smith Reply

      This pandemic has really taught people the importance of investing in profitable investment thereby growing there funds,am amazed most people Don’t know that the Rich gets richer by spending less and investing more while the poor remains poor by spending without investing, truelly investment is the only way one can grow his wealth truelly investing in Stock will be very profitable due to its current rise now I urge you all to invest in Stock,write expert Harrisburg on what Sapp invest with him his strategies are top notch
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  6. Peter Payne Reply

    When you have no friends because you’re so focused on your business and growing your net worth, you don’t lose much by not being in California. I personally am super happy to remain a resident of California (though I live in Japan too), and pay state taxes that cover the university system that allowed me to go to universtity for $444 per semester in the early 90s.

  7. 999Vin Reply

    only reason i’m gonna try to stay in california is cause disneyland

  8. Max Bakken Reply

    Don’t vote democrat or you’ll have to leave the new state you go especially cause your moving to Vegas, don’t ruin this state

  9. Vita Reply

    So hell is on fire and now the devils have to run and flee🤨

  10. Doug The Plug Reply

    yup, trump 2020!

  11. Robert Armstrong Reply

    Just don’t take the California policies with you when you move, or else you will never seem to escape declining cities.

    • Robert Armstrong Reply

      @Graham Stephan que?

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      @Robert Armstrong he will help you invest and earn huge in Bitcoin

    • Robert Armstrong Reply

      @Graham Stephan lol, much appreciated but I’m a truck driver. Investing has always felt too much like gambling and I was raised to never gamble what your not willing to lose. I do seriously enjoy your investing videos, but politically I believe that your kind heart would help LA with your money much better than what a government would do with it.

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      @Robert Armstrong No just write him on what Sapp invest with him and start earning huge

    • Alex Reply

      Robert Armstrong that’s not the YouTuber from the video don’t click anything these accounts tell you.

  12. Vita Reply

    Must be nice receiving Colonizer Benefits California has never liked and really allowed Black and Brown Businesses 😘 always hard to get Business Licenses

    • Alex Reply

      Y’all find any reason to race bait. What are coloniser benefits? Every race colonised y’all are just mad that Africans were the worst at it.

  13. Jerry Stevens Reply

    “Everyone is leaving California. There’s too much traffic.” – Graham Stephan | Sounds like too few people have left.

    • Philip J Fry Reply

      everyones leaving LA and moving outwards away from the coast and still working in LA.

  14. julian frikken Reply

    Sounds great graham! Excited for the new content from nevada!

  15. Link From Zelda Reply

    My dad wants to move to Texas because it’ll be easier to live there than it is here. But if I graduate from the high school I currently go to, I – and any other district graduates can go to a district college absolutely free. I’m not sure what to do. On one hand, I can tell my dad we should go to Texas and we don’t waste money the way we do in California. On the other hand, we can wait four years for me to graduate high school and then college (which if I graduate from the designated school I’ll have a 100% chance of being accepted into) and then move to Texas but by that point we probably would’ve wasted all our money here. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  16. Jeff Smith Reply

    Democrats ran Cali into the ground. People leaving please leave your liberal ideas in your dumpster fire of a state

  17. igor Reply

    The problem is simply DEMOCRAT

  18. Vita Reply

    No one needs your charity we need you to speak on the lockard on the major of construction contracts how your nepotism and cronyism has kept us out of that inner circle and until yall really come Clean all I see is 💩

  19. SleepyDroid Reply

    Don vote left or it will end up like california.

  20. Max Bakken Reply

    Don’t come here and ruin my state please 👍🏻

  21. Kimberly Hilbig Reply

    Don’t bring the same politics that you left behind in California to Nevada.

    • Graham Stephan Reply


      + 1 7 1. 4 3. 8 4. 6. 7. 3 2
      Do well to tell him I reffered you to him his strategies are top notch 💯 💯☑️ ☑️☑️

  22. John Becker Reply

    Left Costa Mesa in 2008 for Virginia. Moving out of California was the best decision I made. Moving to Virginia… not so much but it’s home. Soon, once this pandemic ends, going to call Tennessee home

  23. Bestrad Reply

    Bruh Vegas? You’re better off in Texas, Vegas is crap as well.

  24. Hercon Reply

    Complains about a 13% income tax bracket.

    *laughs in european*

    Here, 15% is the basic bracket. For more than half a million, you start paying 52%. At least in Spain. I’m leaving as soon as I have the means to. (If the state ever lets me do it, I can’t save with them taking all my money).

  25. George Reply

    another rich person bitching about taxes and the poor.

  26. scarab088 Reply

    Don’t vote or drive like a Californian and you should be fine. But if you do do those things, there is a special place in hell for those that do.

  27. Darlene Crone Reply

    Just don’t create in Texas what you left behind in Cali

  28. Ann Ells Reply

    15+ year local from Vegas here, we don’t like Californians or anybody who moves here tbh. We just opened the raiders stadium too and the city is trying to become more family orientated (yuck). But I’ll be keeping an eye out for ya lol

  29. Brutally Honest MF Reply

    California is a failed state. Liberals have destroyed the state. Keep that in mind this November.

  30. Death Biok Reply

    Don’t tell me you never saw my comment.

  31. Pepperless Reply

    Don’t go and pollute the new place with your California politics

  32. gustavo garcia Reply

    Welcome to vegas!

  33. Sabrina Reply

    Regarding the financial aspect l don‘t think the people in the US understand how „bad“ it is in the rest of the world and how extremely good you have it.

    Take Austria/Germany for an example: California has the highest income tax with 13% on 1mil. If you look over to Austria you have an income tax of 55% on >1mil. €. The houses here are not under 300k (in a normal area). If you want to buy one in a bigger city it won‘t be under 400-500k. Mind you these are not mansions – they are just normal houses.

    While we do not have uni tuitions to pay, the income is so much lower than in the US. For example if you were to study medicine in the US you‘d have student loans of about 300k but you can not forget your average salary of a doctor IS 300k.
    The average salary of a doctor in Austria is about 70k (let‘s not forget the income tax of 48% on the income between 60-90k). In Austria you‘d have to work for 4 years to have the salary of a US doctor while having about the same house prices and also the cost of food is quite similar. The only difference is we don‘t have crazy high prices for restaurants in a bigger city because we don‘t have metropolises like the US has.

    This wasn‘t meant to make your problems seem less because it‘s worse in other countries but just to think about differences regarding financial aspects when you‘re comparing one „wealthy“ country to another and not 1st world to 3rd world country 🙂

  34. Shaunt Anserlian Reply

    You’re on trending! Wow, I remember when you had less than 100K followers, crazy!!! But in seriousness too, I’m born and raised in Los Angeles too and I am getting thoughts to move with the gf…well see what happens soon.

  35. Jacob Klein Reply

    I knew people like you would move to Nevada!!

  36. yeet stones Reply

    Also the political parties suck

  37. charlie reyes Reply

    Sounds like a LA problem not California problem.

  38. jon blazin Reply

    YOUR SPEECH WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN ‘BEN SHIPRO’S SPEECH’ — his speech was bedded in racism and stereotypes!

  39. jon blazin Reply

    I take back what said! What about those that just can’t afford a place to live???

  40. Angel Torres Reply

    Arizona and Texas are tired of you Californians 🤦🏽‍♂️

  41. Soul Surfer Reply

    I am okay with the price of living as it is within my budget. I understand and get it, but the truth is we have 26.1M people so CA is clearly great place to live. As an avid outdoorsmen and surfer I am never leaving CA. Suggest you find a better tax lady.

  42. JoorsB Reply

    Meanwhile I’m in the Netherlands with a tax rate of 52% for everything over €66500,-. But I guess lower healthcare and education cost, I didn’t go to university and dropped out of high school though…

    • Alex Reply

      I’m happy paying a high tax rate in the country I live because we get great things for the money, unlike America.

  43. Design Your Universe Reply

    Good luck Graham 🙂

  44. steelvegas Reply

    Hopefully you will not bring the polluted mindset and vote the progressive ideology that has turned California into a hell hole.

  45. h0tne0 Reply

    Liberals: vote Democrats and create the problems, complain about it, run away to another state. Continue to vote Democrats and create the problems in the new state. Liberals are a virus, a cancer on this country. Lock them all up and MAGA!

  46. Raymond Calitri Reply

    California is a victim of its voting habits

  47. Shan Reply

    so vote for republican or getting worse

  48. The Jason Reply

    Don’t bring you perspectives to your next state. Don’t infect the rest of the country with your cancer.

  49. BeerSnob506 Reply

    About time, Brother.

  50. scypher guy Reply

    yeah california has lots of gators

  51. MrTangolizard Reply

    Can’t say I disagree with having to have parking for each property if they didn’t developers would knock up one room properties and cram as many in as possible

  52. Expert Opinion Reply

    Graham, will you be buying any firearms for home defense? Now that you are moving to a state that allows you to purchase them, and also allows you to defend yourself

  53. Abyssopelagic Reply

    Hope those moving to states from California won’t vote for the same policies that turned CA into the mess that it is.

  54. Mike Ratkowski Reply

    Nobody cares dude

  55. Cedrik Kaurit Reply

    Good Luck!

  56. Expert Opinion Reply

    many YouTubers I follow are leaving California as well.. The only “influencers” who are moving to Los Angeles are young TikTok-ers and instagramers

  57. C K Reply

    No, the homeless are not the only victims.

  58. Crazy California Fishing Reply

    I’m planing on leaving asap unless things change

  59. dan flick Reply

    Hey all California idiots. Stay there. Quit making movies about leaving. The rest of the country does not like you.

  60. Welt Reply

    Man as a German im crying about these „high“ Tax Rates 😑

    • Alex Reply

      To be fair, in Western Europe we get really good benefits for our high taxes, unlike in America.

  61. Aldrin Smithson Reply

    I left this year and moved to NORTH CAROLINA BABYYYYY

  62. tom law Reply

    Don’t bring your brain dead liberal laws with you. You will just ruin the place you move to. Liberals are like a plague.

  63. Eric Newbury Reply

    Stop moving out and voting progressive.

  64. Andy Ortiz Reply

    be sure to change your license plant when you make the change. California license plants are looked down upon in vegas.

  65. Kevin Ortiz Gomez Reply

    I live in Las Vegas, went to UNLV and worked at Wynn. I love Las Vegas this is the best place in the West. Low cost of living, clean, no income tax state, safer, cleaner, growing, and lastly less traffic.

  66. jason williams Reply

    Blue state. If you move to red state. Dont bring you blue state politics with you. Vote red!

  67. Layfon Alseif Reply

    I guess you never played the Fall out series.

  68. FixItInPost Reply

    shoulda chose Texas or Tennessee

  69. Eccentric Digital Media Reply

    I’ve been trying to leave too. It’s getting too expensive

  70. B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu Reply

    Keep your voting habits in California… we already know that leftist policies are a cancer and destroy everything they touch

  71. Eccentric Digital Media Reply

    I’m aiming for Oregon or Colorado

  72. Andrew Walker Reply

    Why I’m leaving California:

    “because I don’t want to pay my share of taxes.” That took a lot less than 13 minutes.

    • Dishant Reply

      Either you didn’t watch the video or you are missile brain cells.

    • Alex Reply

      You don’t get much out of those high taxes, the place is a shithole. I’m fine paying high taxes in France because we get amazing things with that money unlike in California

  73. D M Reply

    One less doesn’t bother me let him go. Taxes is not the only reason to leave. Right behind you California blows.

  74. The Demented Man32 Reply

    Now that everybody is leaving its time for me to buy that cheap real estate 😜

  75. Josh Juday Reply

    Hopefully all the people leaving California don’t take their liberal politics with them and destroy the cities they’re moving to.

  76. Blythe Majors Reply

    Don’t take your liberal lefty loony voting attitude with you to a red state. Don’t fack the place you’re moving to.

  77. Tim Rafferty Reply

    Californians act like people have never moved states before.

  78. Horizon585 Reply

    Millions of Californians will flee their state, and start their dream life in another, and in 30 years they will wake up and wonder why their dream state has overpriced housing, rampant crime, rubbish on the street, etc, and even begin considering moving interstate again, that same day they will go to the ballot box and vote Democrat.

    A vicious cycle to say the least.

  79. KC Danny Reply

    California people ruining republican states 😒

  80. Jojo Gragasin Reply

    Hard to continue to watch your video due to all the ads…will no longer watch your channel due to this.

    • Alex Reply

      Lmao nigga there’s like 2 ads

  81. Lisa Thompson Reply

    If u live is Alabama 50% of your check goes to tax an in some places sales tax is 11% ! Don’t come here especially birmingham it’s nothing but thugs,everyone politicians is crooks an even the ones that work for the city court house,an county public service anything ! The last 4 idiots that run our water company has been arrested or a slap on the hand for embezzling money! The mayor is the biggest joke of all!

  82. Evan TheGreat Reply

    It’s amazing how many of you morons don’t realize that this is being done on purpose. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election because too many dems are clustered in NY and CA. So they’re making life unlivable in those areas forcing you to spread like a Virus throughout the country. Because lefties stay lefties, they’ve been brainwashed by the school system. You watch left wing policies ruin your state, so you move to NV and vote left wing there. Makes no sense, but it’s what all of you do.

  83. Steve M Reply

    Its full of bums now isn’t it

  84. The Honkler Reply

    10:34 if you want to know why Nevada has been turned derpy.

  85. Over The Clouds Reply

    Good luck. I moved out in 2010 thinking it was too expensive without owning a home.

  86. dkeberhardt home page Reply

    I would like to know, for each person who has left California, what their voting records were. Did they vote for the politicians who made all the mistakes that have ruined Cali? If someone from California moves into my area, I will confront them about their political views. I don’t want the same mistakes happening where I live.

  87. Douglas Juda Reply

    Move to Charlotte NC!

  88. Phoenix Rising Reply

    LA is a shithole.
    You didn’t need take 15 minutes to give the reasons why…everyone understands why people want to move away from high taxes, homeless bums and junkies, and high crime rates.

  89. MIN MIN Reply

    Sounds like the near future of the current situation in R.I.

  90. Stuart Hite Reply

    Thanks Nancy.

  91. Stuart Hite Reply

    Also Ben Shapiro moved

  92. Todd Fessenden Reply

    All this conversation is boiled down to one word we all face in our country that is definitely getting worse…. GREED!

  93. Anthony Morgan Reply


  94. Abolish Property Taxes Reply

    Californians stop voting for the same politicians for 40+ years any maybe things would change.

  95. Targaryen Dynasty Reply

    All of those things are political. When California was red it didn’t look like this. And this is even though the GOP is a toothless liberal party

  96. Smoot Life Reply

    For everyone leaving California, please leave your presumptions about how things ought to be behind (as in politics/social justice)…. these things are at the root of the decline of California. Otherwise you are simply bringing this problem with you (and speeding up the decline in your new environment). Otherwise, welcome to the rest of the USA where there is sanity. We are glad to have more rational folks among us. California is looking a lot like a Rio De Janeiro Slum in the making,
    Good Luck to you in your move, Graham. I am sure you will enjoy your new region, and I am betting you will be able to create content that PROVES the migration is a good idea for the safety and well-being of any thinking person.

  97. mcnuck 69 Reply

    Don’t vote like you did in California

  98. L HP Reply

    Everything you know is LA and it has shaped you as a person, you never imagined even having to leave. Why fix what isn’t broke..
    Opportunity costs and financial opportunity, that is the motivation for your work.
    But the conditions have diminished in CA, for you and you family, for all the CA residents.
    It’s diminished already, so actually it’s been broken and so it needs fixing.
    You want to support with money, in something you believe in, some day. For both you, your family and others.
    Crime is affecting your family, your girlfriend, directly and now. The homelessness and people not having anywhere to go. The care they need, requires money however. Taxes is the money to maintain these care facilities and the cost it takes to run them, keep people working them and so on. Keep people off the streets, kids off the streets.
    You are in real estate, your living.
    The limitations from the higher ups, on the ability to transform housing are affecting your work too. And the motivation is money. Higher up, bigger money.
    You know if nothing gets done, everything will get worse, it’s already broken.
    It’s too significant too ignore.
    You are leaving because you want change, and safety and peace, that is achieved with money that is not there. Nothing is being done without the money. It’s at the point you will rather leave everything you know until now, with the good fortune you have so hardly worked for. That fortune you are building now to use later, supporting something that are making things better, making a change.
    You reassure everything will be the same and you will build what you have now in the place you will go, Nevada.
    Then you want to continue the exact same way but in another place and still know that what you left behind, needs change.
    But then isn’t that ‘someday’, that you want to support and use your fortune, not here already? Isn’t then paying forward now whilst still having what you have earned until now, enough? Those few higher ups with the bigger money, have so much right now, that could be payed forward today too. They have insane amounts, most people are not even in that bracket, so most won’t be taxed the same. They will be the benefitors, creating a more stable society, and people in their homes and your family unbothered.
    I understand you don’t agree with higher taxes, but that is actually a system for combatting most of your observations and reasons for leaving a diminishing California.

  99. Chris Duderstaudt Reply

    Please don’t come to Texas. 🙏

  100. Nathan Vasquez Reply

    You make a good point about the homeless issue in LA, but I think you have a very liberal view about how much the state government can do to help these people. Yes I agree many of these people could use better resources in their current situations. However, you must remember that a lot of people suffering from homelessness or mental illness simply do not want or desire help. It is hard to help someone who isn’t searching for it. You can only help those who want to be helped. At the end of the day there will still be homeless, mentally ill, and drug users about.

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