Confronting Kevin O’Leary | How He Spends $400 Million Dollars

Here is a detailed look into how Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank spends and invests his money – wait for it – Boomer bucks – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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113 thoughts on “Confronting Kevin O’Leary | How He Spends $400 Million Dollars

  1. Vendrix Reply

    music is wayyy too loud in the video, cut it in half maybe

  2. THE MONEY! Reply

    Got $1,000
    Please Check
    $AUY 🧐

  3. Carlos Otero Reply

    Looks like someone found a mentor…don’t lose it


    If i have that money, im gonna have a hair transplant so ill look 20 years younger 😊😊😊

  5. T A Reply

    True when you worship money, it’s never enough! I would rather have my kids and family than all the friggin money in the world…

  6. Jordan Makes Finance Videos Reply

    Graham making friends with his idol, nice

  7. Hf Tuh Reply

    Hey you, multimillionaire, please learn to record audio properly)

  8. Penguin Reply

    Graham stealing Kevin’s credit card pins when he starts counting them

  9. Ever Green Reply

    I barely noticed Graham is dressed like Kevin and Kevin is dressed like Graham… or at least I think that was on purpose 😂

  10. D Legionnaire Reply

    THE MERCENARY NOW ON DVD AND FREE ON AMAZON PRIME ………………………………………………….march or die ex 2 REPTILE SNIPER

  11. Bradley Pinski Reply

    I enjoyed this video very much!

  12. Chris P Reply

    Great videos Graham! At 33 I have just begun to get my financial life in order because of watching your videos. Thank you, you don’t know how much you’ve truly helped me and so many others!

  13. D. H. Reply

    Your interview with him has ben the best video ever!!!! 😊

  14. Alkaizer Reply

    1:51 lmao

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  17. Kylo 00 Reply

    He seems like a bad father

  18. Ganesh Raju Reply

    Please subscribe to Rishee Raju for training videos

  19. Quest4Greatness Reply

    Let me know next time when you come to Tunisia!

    • Ayech Med Reply

      haw wejhi ken rja3

  20. Jonas Carrasco Reply

    Thanks for great stories and advise if ever come to San Antonio let us know

  21. dbyrt11 Reply

    You should do a video on Vinovest!!

  22. Korvus Reply

    Imagine thinking Tim Hortons is better than Starbucks

  23. Official Filmilen Reply

    Kevin O’Leary is a financial genius. He will become a billionaire one day.

  24. William Choe Reply

    Alright Graham, Kevin O’Leary said you need to diversify your platforms. Waiting for that OnlyFans now.

  25. Jordan Miller Reply

    Boomer Bucks! I love it

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  27. Brandon Corlett Reply

    Thanks you.

  28. Devon Reply

    I have so many things to say but I’m just going to keep it positive and say good video!

  29. zykeveyin malone Reply

    This was very motivating and informative it’s giving me some very sound advice and confidence in some of my own decisions.

  30. Adrian Rice Reply

    That’s like having a money coach you can talk to. Salute! Graham solid content

  31. Art Haitu Reply

    Its crazy that Kevin sacrificed his family for the wealth, just dont have a family then man!

  32. Edward Wang Reply

    how you gonna call him out in boomer bucks

  33. Emilio Amador Reply

    Great video! Do one with Robert now.

  34. Joseph Gold Reply

    He’s a fraud he said he would never work for anyone again. Meaning me . I gave him the opertunity he never showed up . But his started in 2014 with Dan putin trump

  35. Joseph Gold Reply

    Mr wonderful was me he was mocking me

  36. Joseph Gold Reply

    Anyone involved with my last will and testament is treason period

  37. Joseph Gold Reply

    Ya he stole my dividends idea his knowledge wasn’t this good till I came around

  38. Joseph Gold Reply

    TREASON Period .

  39. Joseph Gold Reply

    And he’s wearing the ring

  40. Joseph Gold Reply

    And he’s a asshole to his kid saying he has to earn watching tv on the plane all the while using MY plane

  41. Joseph Gold Reply

    Quit waisting time throw everyone in jail who committed treason all politicians etc

  42. Joseph Gold Reply

    Risk to my life and others

  43. Joseph Gold Reply

    Your done Kevin O’Leary .

  44. Joseph Gold Reply

    Make him talk torture him

  45. Adriaan Smit Reply

    Stephen, you’re selling out! Your thumbnails are totally turning into click bait!

  46. Jordon Studio Reply



    You should have asked him why all his watch straps are red? Is that because he wants to conserve the original band?

  48. Max Meesters Reply

    Boomer money.

  49. 63Kanal Reply

    Its not like he HAS TO work. He enjoys to work, so it doesnt matter, he is happy. The work life balance concept is only applicable if work is a means to live your life.

  50. MexAttacks Reply

    Great video but annoying ads… could be a major reason why I won’t re-watch this video or any.

  51. BKinG Reply

    1 … and B 1:37

  52. Dennis Mollemans Reply

    I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 14, and I have had 4 businesses that failed, some were a little bit more successful that others, but over the years I’ve learned a whole lot. From Monday to Friday I’m busy from 6am until about 9pm, including meals etc. On Saturdays I usually spend my time on smaller projects, helping out other entrepreneurs with their websites and marketing and so on. Yet I still feel like I have a work-life balance. My girlfriend isn’t very ambitious, which I think makes for a beautiful balance, where potentially in the future, our kids could experience a stable home environment, while I’ll be able to keep doing the things that I love. On Sundays I generally spend time with my girlfriend. It may seem like I have no work-life balance because at the end of the day I’m still working 60-80 hours per week, but it doesn’t feel like there is an imbalance at all. Many things that I do can be done from home, and so I can still spend time with the people I love, even though I work a lot. Also simply planning well is, in my eyes a lifesaver, and it can make it so you can utilize the time you have as productively as possible, and outside of that you can still be there for your family. I believe that one who doesn’t understand the concept of love will grow to become a narcissist.
    Obviously there is no one path that’s right for everyone. I know of plenty of people that have a higher net worth than Kevin O’leary that get up when they feel like it, and that spend a lot more time with their loved ones than even I do. I think the work-life balance is all circumstantial, and there are many, many examples for both sides that can make a compelling argument.

    By the way Graham, if you’re reading this, my coffee is 8 cents per cup, and if I include the depreciation of the espressomachine and grinder, my coffee is about 13 cents.😏

  53. Jay James Reply

    8:11 – I was half expecting him to say “pokemon cards” and not “watches”

  54. meisterly manu Reply

    a perfect example of a man who should never have had children.

  55. Billy Kief Reply

    SMAAASHED the like button 👍🏼

  56. E Bearden Reply

    Great info in the stock market, especially the ETF indexes, if you have cash to park somewhere for the long term.
    Today’s market volatility, unpredictability, etc. doesn’t work for me. Thanks Graham

  57. Conspiracy Channel Reply

    Kevin’s Wife: Why are you working so much?
    Kevin: Making money
    Kevin’s Wife: *hits him with a boat and leaves the scene*

    • David Hood Reply

      Underrated comment

  58. Ryan Long Beach Reply

    Too bad all the other social media sucks except for Instagram

  59. Get Lost Reply

    Hahaha… coming here again by streaming. Love the exchange role from these two financial guru. Yeah, who wouldn’t make mistake. Love to hear from Kelvin’s life philosophy in the investment……………………………….. STF……………………………………….

  60. Get Lost Reply

    30 CDs? What for? Me, only one and manageable. There must be some other side dishes to have 30 cards. I think so…………………………………….STF…………………………………..

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  62. f0t0b0y Reply

    Invest in some better lav mics. 😳

  63. Sam Davis Reply

    8:00!i hate wasting money i think its bad karma

  64. Faraz Rajan Reply

    Financial reasons are the major reasons for people getting divorced, crazy

  65. Honest News Network Reply


  66. Gozilla Reply

    is he wearing the watch that ProducerMichael gave him? He´s wearing the same clothes so I guess it might be the same house^^

  67. matthew mahaffey Reply

    Wow egos are man’s greatest weakness..
    His social cues, micro expressions and manurisms say that he is intimidated by you..
    Must have been an amazing feeling. He knows that you are the alpha $$ lol
    Stay humble bud and thank you for teaching me.

    • matthew mahaffey Reply

      He is a very lonely person..

  68. Rachel Juneja Reply

    Best video you have posted. Make more like this instead of your reaction to milenials and how they spend. Want to hear from those that have gone before and have been successful!

  69. Victoria Owusu Reply

    Please I have been following your videos for a long time now but none of them seems to operated in my country especially the money making ones

    And I have been scammed a lot of times over 5 times

    And I am so scared I’ll loose all the 30$ left on me

    So please I need your help and advice on investment

    Someone recommended me to you from IG

  70. george varughese Reply

    Buffett, Munger, and O’Leary when they speak you should really listen. I have been using BlockFi 8.6% interest account for my spare cash. It gives me a steady rate of income. Great video.

  71. Jason Chow Reply

    mr wonderful is a natural. so humorous

  72. amiga2091 Reply

    Great video but why the background music DURING an interview? VERY DISTRACTING!

  73. Samantha Powell Reply

    Anyone else hear the farts throughout?

  74. spark g Reply

    Man is acting like he doesn’t eat in posh restaurants that make food for partial cost of the bill would be

  75. Pyramid 2017 Reply

    I thought you said that the house was $1,440,000?

  76. jayde M Reply

    I have a billion dollar idea I just need help making it a reality Simone help me

  77. jayde M Reply

    Could you give me a start up for a product that would benifits stoners

  78. Casey Reply

    how many adds are you gonna run in this video my god

  79. Casey Reply

    yay more ads, wow this video has had more ads then any other video ive ever watched EVER.

  80. Caden soh Reply

    Your take on suits?

  81. Andrew Souther Reply

    The piano background music really is a nice touch!

  82. vishal chowdary Reply

    You’re like much softer mr.wonderful

  83. Toni Capone Reply

    Music seems a bit too loud, and I struggled to listen to you guys. But I love that song, so I didn’t mind too much.

  84. Allan Alva Reply

    After listening to Kevin combined with my studies in psychology, I conclude that, there is no money in this world that is worth sacrificing my relationships with my wife and children. I will immediately reduce the amount of time I am spending in creating additional sources of income. Harvard longitudinal studies show that when old people were asked what the most important thing in life was, they replied: telling their children they loved them more, telling their partners and friends how important they are to them. The meaning of life is the relationships we have with people and the impact that we have on each other not having a new Tesla.

  85. Oqalios Reply

    Beginning: *Confronting Kevin O’Leary*
    Ending: *Confronting Graham Stephan*

  86. Penisius Giganticus Reply

    People like you get rich by telling me how to get rich. Astonishing.

  87. DIY Packaging Ideas - Style by Kan D Reply

    30 sources of income, huh? Goals! And ask yourself “do I NEED this?” Much respect to Kevin

  88. QuerDenker Reply

    Claim your „here before 1 million views“ ticket 🎫

  89. justanotherguyful Reply

    I think its very true when Kevin said he got bored after 3 years of lavish retirement. I have a bunch of free time now and after 1 year im already bored out of my mind, I wanna get busy again but just dont know how and what to get into.
    Retirement is really not what its cracked up to be.

  90. Mike D Reply

    8:48 – I never new Kevin O’Leary’s mother was a ‘working girl’. I wonder if he knows what that means lol!

  91. Mike D Reply

    What’s the point of having 21 credit cards? I don’t get it.

  92. mackdrama79 Reply

    Kevin o’Leary should never I repeat never wear anything but a suit in public ever. Love him though.

  93. zx82 Reply

    Graham what’s your background with Canada ? You said “Torono” like a native

  94. Luis Avila Reply

    Fix tie. Great vid.

  95. Joonas Reply

    What about that cameo bullshit where he “shouts out” people’s businesses? Basically helping scammers >.>

  96. Gin Mador Reply

    diversify girlfriends portfolio

  97. Freddy James k Reply

    you should have improved MIc quality the noise is really huge

  98. Robert Barnes Reply

    Check out DHT as well they are at $5 a share and making .48 cents a share per quarter that means you get your 100% return at this rate in a little over 2 1/2 years.

    I told you about NNA ticker symbol as well it is selling at about $4 a share and it makes .30 cents a share per quarter you would get at these numbers 100% return in a little less than 3 years.

    The pay outs seam to not be the same months for NNA and DHT so this means you have 8 months of good returns out of 12 months for the year.

  99. Nyran Stanton Reply

    im not sure i want to work 10-15 hours a day lol

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