Controversy In California Over Republican-Installed Unofficial Ballot Boxes | NBC Nightly News

State Republicans are installing dozens of unofficial ballot boxes in at least three California counties. Secretary of State Alex Padilla — a Democrat — tells NBC News that he has security concerns about what he calls “fake” boxes, but Republicans say the boxes are legal.
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Controversy In California Over Republican-Installed Unofficial Ballot Boxes | NBC Nightly News

105 thoughts on “Controversy In California Over Republican-Installed Unofficial Ballot Boxes | NBC Nightly News

  1. IMA stabber Reply

    Illegal box means legal destruction!!!!!

  2. Christopher Harrington Reply

    It goes like this, if your proud to be an American you will vote for Trump. If your ashamed to be an American you support Biden. Wake up America!!!

    • Jim M. Reply

      If you’re a proud American, you’ll celebrate whenTrump is dragged out of the Weird House and hung up by his thumbs. Wake up America!! Trump’s killing you, and he doesn’t care, because HE’s got the happy pills.

  3. Melissa Wey Reply

    How do you know which ones are official and ones that are not? That is the problem

    • Jim M. Reply

      Look for the…’Made in Russia’ …label. …Trump’ll try anything.

  4. Jeremy DeVaughn Reply

    I’m single 😥😥😥😥😥

  5. Paul Kelly Reply

    Why tho?

  6. Paul Kelly Reply

    Why rock the boat…. Jesus christ

  7. NOC NOC Reply

    That’s unbelievable, Americans were afraid they would become a Venezuela… what about the GOP desire to transform the whole US becoming a Mississippi or Alabama? scary

  8. Jemma Cox Reply

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  9. Reina De Castro Reply

    Take it off all.arrest those people put it there..

  10. patrick mix Reply

    Republicans and Democrats are full of it you can’t trust venom from a two-headed snake they paralyzed people on both sides of the aisle you can’t challenge it or spin it our country well their country is what they make it not us it’s been proven

  11. ZMAN 420 Reply

    Republican Cheaters!

  12. Cheri Alvarado Reply

    However, if you were another party, your ballot may bever get to the elections office.

  13. Chris Johnson Reply

    We need a conviction as quickly as possible so nobody can say
    “alleged tampering.”

  14. Armando 1 Pain Ortiz Reply

    Meanwhile NBC did their due diligence After this aired and found out who it really was. 🤣😂

  15. P T Reply

    ! THE Great Democratic Party . Initiator and perpetrator of white supremacy; Manifest Destiny: Slavery: The Civil War; The Ku Klux Klan; Jim Crow Laws; Segregation; opposition to civil rites measures; opposition to women’s rite to vote; making Black people victims rather than equals; enabling the Bigotry of low expectations; widespread abortions among minorities; increased minority incarcerations; open boarders (which keep wages low and minority unemployment high); protecting underperforming schools; opposition to school choice; disrespect for law and order; and ignoring destruction within our cities; LOOK IT UP while its still there.
    With all this seeming historic evidence of being uncaring, the Democratic Party has the audacity to make the outrageous claim that it cares about minorities. Ignore what the Democrats say .Look at the evidence of what Democrats have done and continue to do to minorities—– as well as to the rest of America’s citizens — as they now embrace the failed agenda of Socialism

  16. ForalD Reply

    ……what the?? So Republicans are collecting ballots now after they cried foul about mail in ballots?? OMFG the hypocrisy on the right remains undefeated

  17. Lily Tran Reply

    Wow I am wondering that you all have been /are watching the FAKE NEWS MEDIAS such as cnn, nbc, msnbc, abc..ect. all days???? WAKEUP PLEASE! without MR. TRUMP2020 WE ARE ALL DEAD UNDER THE CHINA’S HANDS ALREADY!

  18. Drama Queen Reply

    Vote in person! This is too important to vote by mail

  19. Cameron Angel Reply

    Oh sure try to blame the republican party for something the Dems pushed for that’s funny

  20. Mavis Kelley Reply

    So unethical! They all need to be charged! WOW!

  21. Omen Nemo Reply

    People Dems and Reps make sure your vote is counted. There is a way you can check if your ballot was received. Make sure your vote was not changed. I swear Republicans are getting bold next thing they will come to your house and make you give them their vote. Do ya think that trump is trying to start something here?

  22. Bee Web Reply

    Democrats suppressing the vote….

  23. Lawn Man Reply

    The fraud is being committed by republicons.

  24. Agent101g Reply

    Okay republicans in the comments, defend yourselves. I want to hear what Fox News has implanted in your heads concerning this particular issue.

  25. Why Soitanly Reply

    GOP running scared, so they steal votes to destroy them. Trump truly fears becoming a Jimmy Carter… a one-term president. When he sees the handwriting on the wall he may lose the rest of his marbles. Hope the Secret Service and senior military are prepared for this.

  26. Lori Oestreich Reply


  27. cteben kato Reply

    I bet those pesky republicans did not consider this. every ballot they collect would be invalidated because the california law specifically requires the ballot to be signed over to another person for harvesting

  28. Roberto Curiel Reply

    Government Democrat go crash the f****** boxes that’s not right they try to stealing make a fraud

  29. MrMiddleFinger804 Reply

    Republicans have NO integrity!!!

  30. Javier De Haro Reply

    No one knows who set them up. Why do they go straight to the “Republican Party” all the time. That’s finger pointing. There is no evidence to suggest that. Who knows, it could have been the Democratic Party that did it.

    • tiger woods Reply

      They literally admitted to it

  31. Topher TheTenth Reply

    THIS IS A CRIME!!! You can’t tell people “deposit your ballot here and that’s the same as turning it in” when those ballot-boxes are just, nothing. This is a crime!! This is election fraud!!

  32. Rose Harvey Reply

    This is actually shocked me, didn’t think that was still possible. Don’t drop boxes have to be sanctioned by the people in charge of the election, not anyone who feels like it? Surely this is interference with an election and these people should be charged.

  33. NoFakesHere Reply

    My shocked face🥴

  34. Duc Anh Tran Reply

    talk grandayy life mccreamy thething

  35. Hero X Mania Reply

    total fake news

  36. rolandbcool Reply

    Just get spray paint, ..And writte on it ”FAKE BALLOT BOX” How hard can that be?

  37. julius obango Reply

    America is a shithole this kind of stuff happen in a third world countries.

  38. HIP HOP HUB Triple H Reply

  39. Richard Vernon Reply

    Looks like more of these idiots out of California took their brain from Trump they may want to give it back to Trump when they’re done with it! This is deliberately illegal in front of the American people right before our eyes and these idiots are going to go to jail or prison and join the rest of the other corrupt Republican party! How really stupid are these people that claim to be following the law out of California? They must have been taking a mind-ending drug from Trump’s cabinet to try to pull such a stunt on Californians! Welcome to jail or prison soon boys I hope it was worth it for you!

  40. Richard Vernon Reply

    And one of them even took a picture of himself right in the middle of incriminating himself with thumbs up! How really stupid is this guy and the others who participated in this that you want to follow your fearful leader into jail in his footsteps? Just how really stupid are these guys? And what’s more how did they become elected Republicans? Did they take or recite them the person man woman camera TV test? Were they considered stable geniuses to try to pull off such a stunt? Prisoners are going to have fun with these clowns! Like a deranged version of a Ringling Brothers circus!

  41. Kenny Key Reply

    When we see these boxes we should destroy them.

  42. Jackie Heaney Reply

    Shame on you!!
    Shame. Change the debate times.

  43. Pak De Reply

    This is surreal. Why aren’t they being arrested? Perhaps it’s technically legal for someone to deliver the votes of another person but they are aware that a person or organization is acting on their behalf and have requested that service. This is completely and obviously not that when they place boxes with the words official drop box. Take your ballot to the election office or vote in person and don’t let anyone prevent your vote from being counted.

  44. Tim Othy Reply

    LOL, at this rate you guys are going to need UN observers on the ground to have any hope of even the appearance of democratic elections.

  45. Donut Religion Reply

    Isn’t it funny that Trump and his dirty minions keep saying that the Democrats will cheat and fraudulently try to steal the election when it’s clear they are doing everything to suppress the vote? Breaking the law that won’t be prosecuted and will just get pardoned if they try to prosecute? Pretty much looks like without a doubt the conservatives are doing just that.

  46. itweety21 Reply

    Republican Party leaders on Wednesday said they will not comply with an order” so much for the Law and Order loving people 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they also love the police because they go after the people they don’t like but they Hate the FBI for going after Clorox Donald criminal syndicate.
    We all can see the hypocrisy you don’t believe nothing but yourselfs.

  47. MysticKoolaid808 Reply

    “Really Official Ballot Drop Box, We Promise!” will read the next one.

  48. wafflemouse 1612 Reply

    NBC: please make a newer end card. It feels so out of touch, like a grandpa talking about “this new fangled internet thing”

  49. corujariousa Reply

    What is the controversy? Aren’t there laws against this? Start arresting people responsible for it and immediately inform the population what is happening and where is safe to deposit their ballots. Banana Republic?

  50. Blue Green Reply

    U guys voting? Wow

  51. Reina Lee Reply

    Why republicans are even allowed to do this???? No one going to jail for this???🤦‍♀️

  52. The Canadian Reply

    As I’ve been saying the last 2 years, if your system is rigged against you, there is no point to vote. You must defend your democracy by taking back your house.

  53. Anandan Kannoosamy Reply

    #RemoveBox ASAP

  54. MysticKoolaid808 Reply

    And here in red Texas, the governor reduced the number of ballot drop-boxes to just one per county. It’s hardly bigger than a blue mailbox outside of post offices.

  55. M.A. Fion Reply

    It’s not “controversial”, it’s fraudulent.

  56. Brand Augment Reply

    Yes, state law allows organizations to collect completed ballots, but only if the voter KNOWS who is doing it and how it is being forwarded to the voting station. Unofficial drop boxes that mislead voters into thinking they are official boxes, and which lack normal drop-box security and vote-submission protocols, are misleading at best and, in some cases, illegal.
    Full disclosure of who collects the drop-box ballots, and proper security for the box, are lacking for these unofficial boxes.

  57. Rob B rc n stuff Reply

    Whoever is responsible for this should be publicly executed, voting is the most important thing in our country and for anyone to interfere with it should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

  58. p dog Reply

    How about a “no knock” warrant on the Republican campaign HQ?

  59. Sidney Hello Reply

    Cheating cheating cheating.

  60. Gustavo B. Reply

    This is literally republican voter fraud

  61. Jay Reply

    Insane… criminal. Put them behind bars!

  62. cedrick samaniego Reply

    Beautiful DRAMA

  63. Richard Hunt Reply

    Mail in Voting for TRUMP …..LEGAL
    Mail in Voting against TRUMP … ILLEGAL
    Drop boxes for DEMOCRATS … ILLEGAL
    FAKE Drop boxes …LEGAL

  64. William C Reply

    Brazen cheating?

  65. Michael Adam G. Reale Reply

    Anymore, the Republican Party disgusts me. Their dirty tricks to stay in power are nauseating.

  66. Kmone Phanthavong Reply

    They will do anything Trump and GOP.The symbols of frauds.555

  67. Carroll Jonnes Reply

    There is no standard for the Republicans, they break all the rules and violate all the ethical rules concerning our elections. It’s a disgrace that our democracy has been eroded by Americans with Russian proclivities. Where did the American people get the notion that the two worlds could become one. Russia has been a thief and a thorn to all the free world economy for its own purposes. We need to know that trump is a Russian lover.

    • AVENUE Reply

      You really don’t understand this at all do you? The GOP is challenging the liberal CA AG’s opinion that what the Dems have been doing for years is illegal because the GOP is doing it now. SMH

  68. S CT Reply

    That’s fraud and should be prosecuted. Arrest them ASAP.

  69. Rick Roth Reply

    There is no Law that says the DEMS Cannot Collect the Ballot Boxes, and Ballots.

  70. AcidT Tundra Reply

    bannana republic

  71. Dreadboi87 Reply

    And to think, it’s people going to jail for the smallest things, while they cheat, lie, steal and let Americans die. I don’t understand

  72. Cyborg Ninja Reply

    So they collect the ballots. Look up to see if they’re Republican. Discard the ballots if they’re Democratic. Makes sense.

  73. Michael Clegg Reply

    I’m sure the left won’t lie

  74. Superbustr Reply

    This should be the message of this news report: Please go and vote in person at a ballot office. Do not mail in your ballots or put your ballots in drop boxes. Election fraud at a huge scale is happening this year.

  75. leadfarmer556 Reply

    Republicans dont trust cheating democrats.install drop boxes, liberals heads exploding. 🤷‍♂️

  76. SOUTHEAST L.A. Reply


  77. SOUTHEAST L.A. Reply


    • AVENUE Reply

      Hunter? Is that you? Put the crack pipe down

    • SOUTHEAST L.A. Reply


    • SOUTHEAST L.A. Reply


    • AVENUE Reply

      ​@SOUTHEAST L.A. OK….i’m fair game after the Hunter comment LOL

    • SOUTHEAST L.A. Reply


  78. monmixer Reply

    They should just watch the boxes and charge anyone who collects the ballots with tampering. Then take the ballots to the county election board and have them properly processed.

    • AVENUE Reply

      There is nothing ‘illegal’ about ballot harvesting in CA. The only thing illegal about this is the Lib CA AG’s opinion that they cannot put the word ‘Official’ on the boxes. The Dems have been collecting ballots door to door for years. There is NOTHING in the law that prohibits people ‘collecting’ ballots. The Libs are fighting this because now, for a change, the ballots are being collected from predominately conservative locations. Please research your facts my friend.

  79. The Resources Reply


  80. iam stevenson Reply

    I turned my dog house into an unofficial GOP ballot box and I am getting a lot of ballots for trump should I put them into an official box?

  81. ມາ ທາ Reply

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  82. Tamie Basse Reply

    The new lows to which the Republican party will stoop amaze me more as each day passes. I believe the republicans are trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the elections to give Trump and company grounds to contest the election.

  83. SinistaN Reply

    republicans claim the boxes are legal yet illegally put official drop box on it. so they won’t mind if the other side puts their own official drop boxes right next to them right

  84. mabimagic Reply

    Since some seem to be thinking that whether or not this is illegal is up for debate:
    The California Secretary of State announced such unauthorized ballot drop-boxes are illegal:
    In addition, the GOP have acknowledged that the boxes are theirs. Therefore, they have committed an illegal act.

  85. De Cruz Gabriel Reply

    Politically Trump cannot deny and denounce the falsehood of the “pandemic”; THE AMENDMENT 25 could be applied to it, but it is giving it an intelligent treatment… whoever has understanding that understands… that makes an honest president who has not sold himself to the CO-V-I-D-19 AGENDA…

  86. r singh Reply

    It is a SHAME that usa that lectures other Nations about Democracy & Equality, makes its OWN people wait 7 hrs in Lines to Vote (that too in EARLEY VOTING !!). SHAME ON AMERICA & ITS GOVT Make america Great ? my a*s, America is worst then Africa Banana Republices. Bet Russia & China have more EQUALITY & RULE OF LAW then america does. Your days are over america, you are just “all talk, no substance”. The world sees you in your TRUE COLOURS.

  87. Hugues Viane Reply

    Why are you Americans still using such a stupid and backward voting system? Is it because it facilitates fraud? My gosh… even here in Brazil we have a better one.

  88. Ch V Reply

    No No
    Listen to the California Secretary of State

  89. Master Sonogashira Reply

    Yes, let the weasel watches the chicken…

  90. M. McC Reply

    I live outside Modesto, CA. The pastor of a local mega church, who is also running for mayor, had one of the illegal unauthorized ballot boxes installed at his church campus, Big Valley Grace. His name is Rick Countryman, phone 209-577-1604

  91. muradal2006 Reply

    Wtf. Why aren’t those boxes are just removed?

  92. raju Basnet Reply

    you are fake news

  93. db105 Reply

    If you’re too dumb or lazy to vote in person and are willing to trust a drop box then you deserve the potential consequences.

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