Wisconsin Health Care Workers Speak Out As State Sees Spike In Covid Deaths | NBC Nightly News

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On Tuesday, Wisconsin set a new record with 34 reported coronavirus deaths. Nurses in the state say they’re worried the public doesn’t support them or take the Covid-19 danger seriously.
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Wisconsin Health Care Workers Speak Out As State Sees Spike In Covid Deaths | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar chaoreye says:

    WE have NO leader NOW and if he win (IMPOSSIBLE) we wont have a LEADER for another 4 years!!

  2. Avatar efren alonzo says:

    Really? But liar Trump said last month that COVID-19 will pass and go away soon,
    he lied to all Americans again!

    • Avatar Google Name says:

      And you’re stupid. Here are the latest survival rate estimates from the Center for Disease Control:

      Age 0-19 … 99.997%
      Age 20-49 … 99.98%
      Age 50-69 … 99.5%
      Age 70+ … 94.6%
      The “science” argument is officially over.

    • Avatar Noah S says:

      @Google Name Are you sure that is actually “science” evidence? Or just made up crap?

    • Avatar efren alonzo says:

      @Google Name Pennington your president said he never believed on science, that it is just a hoax!
      So, why did you send me these facts? Also, no name calling, you already possessed and inherited the bad I’ll mannered characters of your president Trump, bad influence, really unfortunate to see these to some Americans like yourself but it’s not too late for your to change and see the truth, look at “The fact checker”, they are not bias, they fact checked Trump’s lies over 10,000 a month. Pls wake up you seemed to be a person with substance…thank you.

  3. Avatar Yaska Gates says:

    Trumps Fault!HwcTrained His Cult Followers To Not Believe And Spread hid!They assist in Genodicide and Ethnic Cleansing By Spreading It!That is Murder In My Oppinion!

  4. Avatar Kelly Clement says:

    So less than one death per hospital in the state. Oooooooh

  5. Avatar T K says:

    Tracing revealed that the majority of cases are from house parties and get togethers with friends and families. People in some counties with lots of Trump flags are up (and horrifying infection rates) don’t comply with the mask mandate and ignore social distancing, I heard. Republican-leaning people are scoffing at the mask mandate as it’s not working. Are they idiots? If people don’t comply, of course it won’t work. The republicans keep striking down whatever safety measures the governor issues. That’s all they do – no plan, no strategy. What do they want? Overwhelming the hospitals and having the corpses carried away with military trucks in masses?

  6. Avatar Terence Graham says:

    If america hasnt noticed…your dying 1000 a day from #covid19….

  7. Avatar kang shinok says:

    Hey, where are those cocktail treatments that Trump received? Why ordinary grandparents are dying from this fake virus that Trump supporters call?

  8. Avatar duvine says:

    As long as states allow crowded big events voters will continue to die until there’s no one to vote for at the end, sad!.

  9. Avatar a lema says:

    That’s why the people have to make sure that they wear their mask if they can cover their eyes their ears social distancy anything you take into your home you make sure that you wash it down in a spot where it’s dirty and you clean your items and then you clean the area where you brought the stuff in from you have to strip down with your clothing that you were outdoors with they’re put into a washing machine and being goodly and you are put into the shower then your house isn’t contaminated sounds like a lot of work but it saves lives

  10. Avatar PU says:

    The MAGA rally attendees should be made to visit these hospitals…..for a taste of the reality that their cult is causing.

    • Avatar Steady2033 says:

      They should sit with a patient struggling to breathe, carry their bodies out of the hospitals, pay for their coffins, dig their graves for free and then explain to the families why they think this was a hoax!!!! And why their haircuts and nails need to be done at the expense of their loved ones 😡😤

    • Avatar Harry Taylor says:

      The Countries who have handled this supposed Pandemic properly are the ones who have not allowed False Positives to be counted.
      The U.S. is counting every symptom from every Common Cold and Seasonal Flu, and every False Positive from PCR/Exosome testing in people who have No Symptoms as Positives.
      Google is making false reports from an algorithm using random numbers from random cities.
      It is all Bullsh|t.
      The World Health Organization has repeatedly declared Pandemics that obviously do not exist. The reason they do this, is because of Contracts they have made with many Nations, that if the WHO does declare a Pandemic, it triggers Payments of Billions of Dollars to Pharmaceutical Companies that manufacture “Vaccines”. Like GlaxoSmithKline, who pays the people who run the WHO Millions of Dollars to declare these Bogus Pandemics.
      THE JAB FEATURING GlaxoSmithKline

  11. Avatar 요한 says:

    DOnaldj👍USA trump👍2020

  12. Avatar David Lindstrom says:

    If you’re in trouble call President Donald Trump and he’ll help you out and send in the National Guard doctors and nurses stop procrastinating

  13. Avatar David Lindstrom says:

    Strengthen your immune system oxygenate if you have a weak immune system you will be dead take personal responsibility of your actions

  14. Avatar UGOTIT says:

    Is very sad to say but is called apathy, people just don’t care as long as is not them or one of their loved ones! It starts at the top folks, the orange human we got at the WH don’t care and it shows!

    • Avatar Zamidare says:

      But comparing that “cheerleader” to a human is offensive to normal humans… I mean that “President” of the United States said that “it will get cooler” as a solution to the wildfires…

  15. Avatar Mario Stelzner says:



  16. Avatar Jean Rossi says:

    Survive WW2. Survive epidemics of the 1950s. And the morons espousing herd immunity in 2020 will get you – you are now expendable.

  17. Avatar Kevin Cobley says:

    It’s clear the President, the Republican Party, the Corporate and Banking Community have decided to murder millions of Americans.

  18. Avatar Panamanian Thing Scene says:

    Why is this a surprise? Some people are not taking this seriously..please be safe❤️

  19. Avatar Da Mao says:

    masks don’t work
    Covid is a fake news
    Covid is no worse than the flu
    only 1% of the people die
    fatality rate is 0.01%
    many people are labelled Covid deaths but are not
    it’s my right not to wear masks
    sheep, stay home
    Covid are lies by the liberal media
    it’s worse to stay home
    I think we are going to be alright
    POTUS made it and he’s 74 and overweight
    masks decrease your oxygen level
    masks decrease your immune system
    masks increase you CO2 level
    hospitals here are not full
    Sweden did well

    Survey says:

    Things that I cannot find any legit doctor will say
    also acceptable: things that morons will say

  20. Avatar Snow Glider says:

    Fake news

  21. Avatar BEVERLY Jones says:

    Trump has murdered many and shamefully you are giving him a platform ………SHAME ON YOU

  22. Avatar Gunflint Viking North says:

    Donald Trump….. Completely lying about and blowing his response to coronavirus, killing countless Americans and just absolutely destroying the American economy again!!!!!!

  23. Avatar Beth M says:

    So Thank you Trump and his administration for calling it a Hoax and not taking it serious. Next time Trump in Wisconsin bring him to the ER to see what the Health Care Professional’s are going thru.

  24. Avatar Kenia Martinez says:


  25. Avatar Airik Luna says:

    It gets to a point where you can’t comprehend the stupidity of our nation. And the medical workers that are knee deep in death every waking hour are simply asking you to wear a mask and wash your hands.
    We deserve this, our arrogance is on display for the world. 👏👏👏 good job Republicans, you have my vote!


  26. Avatar Gloria Terry says:

    Please everyone don’t give up wear your masks , wash your hands good and social distance.

  27. Avatar Edison Moore says:

    I am genuinely so sorry for Wisconsin. This is how NY felt back in Mar/April. The doctors were begging for help. Healthcare workers begging for PPE as they watch people die all around them. While NY was dying, trump knew what was happening, trump made a choice to not share with the American people life-saving information. While NY was dying, healthcare workers we also being infected because trump didn’t tell the truth. While doctors were trying everything to save lives in NY, states in the Midwest were protesting safety measures. Trump was politicizing wear masks and supporting protest against safety measures, NY healthcare workers were watching in horror, not understanding why other states were acting like nothing bad was happening. The Midwest was trusting trump while he was actively lying about the danger of the virus. I have said before, news crews should have been showing live videos of hospitals in NY. They should have forced everyone to see the horror first hand. I really believe if those types of videos were shown to the other states, they wouldn’t have listened to trump. They would have taken the virus seriously. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see that even 10 months later all we have accomplished is raising the death toll higher and higher. We haven’t learned. We have squandered our opportunity to learn from past mistakes. We are here because of the lack of response from trump. We are here because he chose to lie to us.

  28. Avatar Dee Cee says:

    It is a TERRIBLE thing that this is the FAULT OF OUR PRESIDENT… HIS FAULT….

  29. Avatar Cat M says:

    People need to be shown a case of Covid from beginning to end , harsh …. but nothing seems to brake trumps fantasy bubble that these poor sick idiots are living in.

  30. Avatar Cinthia Aguilar says:


  31. Avatar Ryguy 1218 says:

    There’s nothing you can do to stop this virus Peorid

  32. Avatar mikael facelo says:

    Then there are people so privileged to walk around without mask demanding service thinking they are some sort of privileged god or something

  33. Avatar Kory Tarr says:

    Aside from Donald Trump you can thank Robin Vos, Tom Tiffany, Glenn Grothman, and many more in the Wisconsin GOP for this.

  34. Avatar Sharon Martinez says:

    And Chump speaks about it like an ignorant disrespectful PIG.

  35. Avatar Google Name says:

    here are the latest survival rate estimates from the Center for Disease Control:

    Age 0-19 … 99.997%
    Age 20-49 … 99.98%
    Age 50-69 … 99.5%
    Age 70+ … 94.6%
    The “science” argument is officially over

    • Avatar SOUTHEAST L.A. says:


  36. Avatar Jacob Pennington says:

  37. Avatar Brian Harechmak says:

    Vote vote vote blue for biden 2020

  38. Avatar J&JB Transport says:

    I predict Trump’s base will be real sick the week before Thanksgiving

    • Avatar John Google says:

      too sick to vote …

  39. Avatar Rita deRuiter says:


  40. Avatar Imelda Ancheta says:

    It’s such a shame. We trust Doctors, Nurses, Medical Workers with our lives when we get sick and yet some people treat them like their dispensable. It’s inhuman. My prayers to all medical workers.

  41. Avatar robotron17 says:

    To quote Dr. Fauci from TWiV #641 (5-minute mark), any PCR result using over 35 cycles is “just dead nucleotides, period.” – i.e. a false-positive.
    Now, to quote NY Times 8-29-20: “Most tests set the limit at 40, a few at 37. ” NYT found 90% were set way too high. Geit it? This is not hard to understand. It’s over!

  42. Avatar Trump sux2020 says:

    Trumps having a rally there watch the numbers really explode.

  43. Avatar TRABAJOS DE HVAC EN USA says:

    Hey can they get the 100,000 dollars regeneron coctail treatment for free, like the one trump got a week ago all for free

  44. Avatar fpshooterfull says:

    THANKS TRUMP!! Look what you’re doing you dumb orange.

  45. Avatar MRMR says:

    As a Canadian I fully support your health care workers. I feel so sad that your leader, the GOP and the WH Administration shows total disregard for all of you. My best wishes go out to all the families and the front line workers that are suffering because of this.

  46. Avatar justinthor says:

    Wisconsin is a special kind of stupid.

  47. Avatar Erick Hicks says:

    Trump should have got the same level of care as everybody else it’s not fair that he got special treatment he’s responsible for more people dying then had to it’s just not fair but all we can do is pray for him to stop his treacherous Behavior God bless everyone even Trump

  48. Avatar xyzzyxf says:

    Dunno Trump: everything is under control.
    Covid: I think he is confused.

    • Avatar Gareth Gray says:

      Oh Trump, this is the guy who said it was going down, after the US had 15 cases of covid-19. 15 cases! He assured us it was beautiful, all under control, would just disappear…8,150,043 cases later, here we are today

  49. Avatar Trish6704 says:

    BLUE ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BALLOT. Trump wasn’t the ONLY REPUBLICAN on PUTIN’s PAYROLL. I would put the number at 80%. If you want to get rid of TRUMP, the SAUDIS and PUTIN for good, you must VOTE BLUE throughout the ENTIRE TICKET.or we will be dealing with Putin and the SAUDIS for the next 4 years camouflaging us until we learn our lesson. When are people going to learn that its the GOP that screws things up and then the DEMS have to come in and clean up their GOP mess AGAIN

  50. Avatar Zita Ch says:

    Ebola in beef

  51. Avatar pixiegirl641 says:

    Trump! Never heard of him

  52. Avatar Reina Lee says:

    Anti-maskers should be sent to hospitals and earn 40 community hours each time they are caught not wearing a mask😑

    • Avatar Roderick12 says:

      and you call me a nazi…..for voting for trump….. you have to laugh

  53. Avatar Eric RedClaymore says:

    We can end this pandemic quickly and safely if our leaders implement a comprehensive antipandemic plan like the one described in the book Beating Covid.

  54. Avatar 마옴감기 says:

    To those whose not wearing mask they the havoc people…

  55. Avatar Lea Lane says:

    Lies!!! Fake news!!!

    • Avatar SOUTHEAST L.A. says:

      BOOOOO 👎👎👎👎👎

  56. Avatar Chinmay Benegal says:

    Well…your president and your contrymen have decided that you are worth the sacrifice #herdimmunity #herdmentality

  57. Avatar Melissa Johnson says:

    The 45th needs the 25th cure.!!
    He’s holding off until election day.!!

  58. Avatar Young Sauce says:

    I live in Wisconsin n I promise you guys people who support Trump doesn’t care about the virus or the elderly, they think this virus is a joke because the person they love (Trump) says the virus is a joke smdh 🤦‍♂️

  59. Avatar David Murray says:

    Trying to keep Wisconsinites out of bars is like trying to keep fish out of water. Drink at home? Ya gotta be kidding!

    • Avatar Jim McLoughlin says:

      A drink in the Last Chance Saloon a lifetime ambition?

  60. Avatar Jason Boyce says:

    Trump: “I’m cruising to re-election, everybody loves me!”
    Covid-19: “I’m about to ruin this man’s whole political career”

  61. Avatar Cynthia Faith says:

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    Rheumatoid arthritis.

  62. Avatar pairote12 Pae12 says:

    Thailand very good 🏝🏜🏖🗻🚣‍♀️🌟🌛

  63. Avatar Lady J Faithful says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would want 4 more years of this president.

  64. Avatar Hindun K. says:

    Covid didn’t feel real until your close one affected..

  65. Avatar Triker Punch says:

    Trump keeps the lie about CCP and Trump virus! DUMP D TRUMP! VOTE BLUE!

  66. Avatar SOUTHEAST L.A. says:


    • Avatar Freedom Matters says:

      All politicians- failure

    • Avatar SOUTHEAST L.A. says:


    • Avatar Freedom Matters says:

      @SOUTHEAST L.A. I’m not a Trump supporter but what do you mean? The virus has never been isolated purified by koche’s postulate pcr test are not to be tested for a virus per the inventor Dr karey mullis I don’t support either politician but how does any human contain a virus they spread as they all ways do stop listening to the constant 24/7 fearporn propaganda news networks it’s a 99.97 percent survival rate per the CDC

    • Avatar SOUTHEAST L.A. says:


  67. Avatar SOUTHEAST L.A. says:


  68. Avatar FederalReserve Brown says:

    the scamdemic is falling apart

  69. Avatar James Smith says:

    I don’t know if if I heard the dr right but what I thought I heard was that this pandemic is bigger than numbers so true

  70. Avatar Sgt. Sister Fister says:

    I live in Wisconsin and it’s ridiculous how many people don’t wear masks and evil eye you when you do.

  71. Avatar Christina C says:

    I know, don’t believe these people right!

  72. Avatar Leslie Royal T says:

    So heartbreaking. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  73. Avatar Wide Island says:

    And Trumpshenko thinks all is great. It will be once he is gone.

  74. Avatar Kiki says:

    Rudy Guliani and trump said 2/3 days ago that this virus is not dangerous,and not to fear it,yet the same day close to a thousand Americans died ,what was your president doing ,asking for re-election, and encouraging voter suppression. ,never for one day spoke or empathise with the families hurting

  75. Avatar Kris Helfferich says:

    Im in Mauston WI…no one wears masks around here except in grocery .
    Bars are terrible. NO ONE wears masks! Or distance!
    Now we have more Corona cases.

  76. Avatar bellabana says:

    For those of us watching around the world it’s staggering that so many in people in the United States STILL don’t seem to grasp that it’s a deadly pandemic despite America having the highest death rates and infections in the world. Trumps complete failure and incompetence with managing the pandemic compared to other leaders in developed countries should be of huge concern to all Americans.

  77. Avatar Steve Harvey says:

    Americans people know for sure that The Democratic and fake news medias are controlled by the Communism China. WE MUST support Our President TRUMP to beats the Communism Democratic 💪WE MUST VOTE IN PERSON FOR OUR GREATEST PRESIDENT TRUMP 💙WE LOVE USA AND LOVE OUR FREEDOM💙USA AND THE WORLD NEED DONALD TRUMP 💙💙

  78. Avatar Mad Wisdom says:

    √ NO GOV. SUPPORT, TOO – Secretary Pompeo@SecPompeo / Feb 4 – USA Sent PPE to CHINA > US government account  >> Proud of our rapid facilitation of the delivery of donated life-saving personal protection equipment and medical and humanitarian relief supplies to the people affected by the #coronavirus in #China. Grateful to the generous U.S. organizations donating to the relief efforts. AMERICAN NURSES WORE GARBAGE BAGS  FOR PROTECTION. __/ “On February 7, the WHO warned about the limited stock of PPE. That same day, the Trump administration announced it was sending 18 tons of masks, gowns and respirators to China.”  – American nurses wore garbage bags for protection.

  79. Avatar J N says:

    (Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out)

  80. Avatar 3ishul 3.33 says:

    “Still love my democrat friends but…U See it your way… I’ll see it my way!
    You see Trump’s arrogance, I see Trump’s confidence. You see Trump’s nationalism, I see Trump’s patriotism. You hear Trump’s unsophisticated words, I hear Trump’s honesty. You see Trump’s racism, I see Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their narrative. You see Trump as a Republican, I see Trump as a Patriot. You see Trump as a dictator, I see Trump as a leader. You see Trump as an Authoritarian, I see Trump as the only one willing to fight for our freedoms. You see Trump as childish, I see Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave in to the lies. You see Trump as an unpolished politician, I see Trump as a breath of fresh air. You think Trump hates immigrants, I know Trump is married to an immigrant. You see Trump putting an end to immigration in America, I see Trump welcoming immigrants to America LEGALLY. You see Trump’s cages at the border, I see Obama’s cages at the border. You see Trump with a struggling economy, I see Trump with an amazing economy until the Democrats shut it down. You see the violence in the streets and call it “Trump’s America”, I see the violence in the streets of Democratic run cities who are refusing Trump’s help and call it “Liberal America.” You want someone more Presidential, I’m happy we have someone who finally doesn’t just talk the talk but actually walks the walk. You and I, We see things very differently.
    Trump Train 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    If you want to copy, paste and share. Here is the original post —> https://www.facebook.com/891415436/posts/10164333265140437/?extid=0&d=n

  81. Avatar BigWasabi says:


  82. Avatar Nada Davis says:

    Blame this all on Trump

  83. Avatar msmonicacollins collins says:

    Wisconsin is using herd ammunity….

  84. Avatar msmonicacollins collins says:

    Wisconsin shoved kids back to school….the protocol from county to county is different…..

  85. Avatar msmonicacollins collins says:

    Literally the health departments have no clue in wisconsin

  86. Avatar B Clownin says:

    Age and health of the deaths? Were these all elderly with 2.5 average life threatening issues? Or just healthy 20 somethings?

  87. Avatar Randy Marsh says:

    (BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof)
    Allen Harrow Parrot (CIA whistleblower) tells Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) that Obama and Biden sent Iran 152 Billion Dollars as a coverup for the deaths of Seal Team 6

  88. Avatar turtleark says:

    Republicans GOP same news every day.

  89. Avatar Eastern Washington resident says:

    Trump should spend some time in their hospital to see what he really knows about covid. He only knows that he is responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths. Remember when he said the U.S. only has 15 cases of vivid and lied to us about the severity. Bottom line is after those 15 cases, already lying and knowing how deadly this was he panicked, didn’t have a clue on how to be a leader and help us to help ourselves keep our families and communities safe. He lied and we died. His color is red because he, in essence, has blood on his hands.

  90. Avatar Delilla Blanton says:

    I know this is real because I read the Bible.

  91. Avatar Tlaloc 86 says:

    What’s scary is I too, can get it; said the doctor to herself. Who cares if the chicken die, unless, you too can become a chicken.

  92. Avatar John Laitar says:

    Trump is to blame!

  93. Avatar Polite Teardrop says:

    ALL….trump voters are crooks. Infected, diseased, crooks.🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  94. Avatar Mike Cisneros says:

    FFS people…Wear your masks and stay away from strangers. Being safe is not a constitutional violation, but a public health obligation.

  95. Avatar dr Lucky says:

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  96. Avatar Jake Willson says:

    Our hospitals are empty our restaurants and everywhere is full you guys use the samestaged videos to scare

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