Eli Lilly’s Coronavirus Antibody Treatment Trial Halted | NBC Nightly News

The drug makers announced it was pausing the trial “out of an abundance of caution” amid new potential safety concerns. The move comes just hours after Johnson & Johnson announced it was also pausing its trials because a participant suffered an “unexplainable illness.”
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Eli Lilly’s Coronavirus Antibody Treatment Trial Halted | NBC Nightly News

86 thoughts on “Eli Lilly’s Coronavirus Antibody Treatment Trial Halted | NBC Nightly News

  1. GoodMusiq Reply

    I don’t understand why the US isn’t collaborating with the World Health Organization and other countries to develop a vaccine. The priority should be SAFETY

    • Jose Lopez Reply

      One word….trump

  2. Sun dial Reply


  3. Kris Helfferich Reply

    ATTENTION I live in Wisconsin. Alot of dummys think a mask is a political statement. Virus going up and up. Please vote Biden

  4. robotron17 Reply

    “Hi, we’re here to give you your mandatory, barely-tested, zero-liability vaccine.”

  5. andrew koh Reply

    Why can’t the USA be humble and learn from Singapore, Taiwan and Australia where covid-19 battles are being waged with success!!! Forget immunity, “herd mentality” or miracle cure as these are like trying to find gold at the end of the rainbow or capture a mirage!!!

  6. Vá Nu lashes Reply

    Wow. J&j. Now eli lilly. Frieghtening.

  7. robotron17 Reply

    *To quote Dr. Fauci himself* from TWiV #461 (5-minute mark), any PCR test result using a setting over 35 cycles is “just dead nucleotides, period.” – i.e. a false-positive.
    Now, to quote NY Times 8-29-20: “Most tests set the limit at 40, a few at 37. ” NYT found 90% were set way too high. Geit it? This is not hard to understand. It’s over!

    • Jose Lopez Reply

      LoL hahaha 😆😂🤣

  8. Rebel Yell Reply

    Here’s a treatment plan for you dem p*ssies it’s called Tylenol and drinking plenty of fluids stupid f*cks

  9. Separate Realities Reply

    Why can’t everyone get the cocktail of drugs that Trump got, like he promised all of us for free? They have something already! Trump is the proof! Lets face it Trump was a prime candidate to be on a respirator! His age, and his heath put him at risk! Are they just teasing us with the cure, and plan on making money off it when things get really bad?

    • Ken Marko Reply

      Because his a hoax. Mr.Cheeto just got a common flu and not the Covid-19 virus. lol

  10. jane simmons Reply

    these vaccine making companies have ZERO liability for injury or death.the only recourse is vaccine court,and if you happen to maybe win,it’s on the taxpayers dime.

  11. Linda Langewisch Reply

    You can tell the truth NBC, the public needs to know the unexplained illness was paralyzation. I do not know if the patient is ok now.

  12. Trailobyte Reply

    Take hope in knowing there’s still at least 9 other vaccine’s in Phase 3 trials.
    We knew not all of them were going to be successful, which is what these trials are for.

  13. Amy G Reply

    It’s strange that both companies have halted their trials at the same time. I hope this isn’t a ploy to build the public’s confidence in vaccines that are being developed at break-neck speed. Most vaccines take 10-15 years before they are ready to be approved for use.

  14. Rebel Yell Reply

    If you ain’t dead of covid you ain’t black. _ Joe Biden

  15. SophiaP JohnTheB Reply

    Names matter. ALIAS. Re read and re read and wake up to this stupid sham. Find your brain FFS then awaken your soul.

  16. Gayle Foster Reply

    It takes at least three years to even get to clinicals. #COVID19

  17. VP O Reply

    How coincidental… Now everything on pause as the elections get closer!!! They really want to scare people to stay home and not vote in person !!! The fix is in !!!! Vote in person!!!!

  18. dr-nocka. Reply

    Here comes the zombie apocalypse

  19. D. K. Reply

    Masks the best dense…Oh well..

  20. D. K. Reply

    “defense” Don’t drink and write.

  21. 4treeBeats Reply

    Super genius?

  22. allieversaid Reply

    China has the capacity to test a million person city in a day. Russia has already advanced their trials out of country. Are we great yet?

  23. Ashley Stump Reply

    0:57 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  24. DJ ARCHITECT Reply

    Trump going to say fake news

  25. Jian Graye Reply

    CDC’s Director stated that a fully distributed vaccine will take 8 to 12 months FROM ITS APPROVAL. Trump is for HERD IMMUNITY, which will expose seniors in massive numbers. 10% of seniors die from covid while survivors are left debilitated.

  26. Tony Oliver Reply

    Trump said “im cured” but you can catch covid again in 90 days.

    • Jose Lopez Reply

      I personally know & saw my daughter’s mom (50 yrs great health) get 2x.
      She got virus, sick for 3wks then test neg. Went back to work tested every other week. After 2 mo. Tested pos, then fell ill for month. She is better now. Stay safe!

  27. Jose Lopez Reply

    Wait.. Didn’t Trump say, “vaccine will be out before elections?” 🤔
    Oh wait, didn’t Trump promise , “that he would give us for FREE the medicine he got?” 🤔
    Everything out of Trump’s mouth is CACA DE TORO.

    • Love Is Everything. Reply

      Lol I don’t speak Spanish but I know it was hilarious 😂

    • Jose Lopez Reply

      @Love Is Everything. nice spanish for BS

  28. Willard Chi Reply

    What’s the new safety concern? It is that it makes people so crazy they jump up and start dancing like they lost their mind or something whenever they hear the song, “Macho Man”? I do hope it’s not a permanent side effect. I mean, how embarrassing. There’s a cockatoo on YouTube that dances whenever he hears music like that. but he’s a bird brain.

  29. Elizabeth Shoe Reply

    I won’t take any vaccines! They aren’t safe! I especially will not take a vaccine from Bill Gates! He believes in depopulation! I’ll take my chances with the virus. 👈

  30. Dan Cook Reply

    They want to keep milking the government for money

  31. Kimberly Jackson Reply

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  32. Moe Wilson Reply

    Wonder if some of the people dying from Covid are getting all the same drugs and treatment like Trump did in the early stages of his Covid symptoms? I doubt it.

  33. Phoenix Star Reply

    I applaud the drug makers for their honesty and transparency that trails have been halted and for not bowing down to the dictatorship of a government leader who uses and abuses his position of power to falsely imply when a vaccine will be ready for political leverage. Thank you.

  34. Jaritsa Sierra Reply

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  35. HurriKayne McLean Reply

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  36. Rachel Hale Reply

    Another one

  37. Pat Warburtonr Reply

    Salvation is the free gift from God when you take Jesus into your heart and repent our reward in heaven is the gift of everlasting life and eternal joy!

  38. James Benitez Reply

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  39. Mary Mcwright Reply

    O lord can we please catch a break.

  40. Let’s grow Reply

    Who are you going to trust to keep you safe ???

    A known liar(trump)
    A medical experts with years of experience.

  41. justice relax Reply

    What is the reverse action? They didn’t say

  42. James D Reply

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  43. g money Reply

    This whole thing is a plan-demic, it’s all bs. From the numbers to infection rate, nope. I’m not saying there is not a virus, just they lied about everything. Trust the Lord Jesus, he won’t lie to you like these fools

  44. kyle mcmillan Reply

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  46. Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez Reply

    This raises even more dought if trump was ever infected and now claiming he is immune and cured people shouldn’t be galable listening to trump’s rhetoric that’s it’s not big deal trump lies

  47. Kinley Frank Reply

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  48. Hand full Reply

    Lester holt looks sick

  49. Jah Nubian Reply

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  50. MP WARD Reply

    I’m sure this is intentional and now breaking story Bin Laden is alive and well in Iran should really turn the Worlds stomach on this s New World Order . Bomb Switzerland and it’s a good start .

  51. Justin Nguyen Reply

    All socialist countries + England should get coronavirus, especially Cuba and North Vietnam.

  52. Rachael Moore Reply

    “Operation warp speed” seems to have encountered a hitch… or two.

  53. Jeremy DeVaughn Reply

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  54. ART - ANIMALS - LIFE Reply

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, take a break from politics, from pressing problems and see my humble works. Put likes, dislikes, subscribe to the channel. / https://youtu.be/0QqwHxHSdMI

  55. Lemieux Rachel Reply

    Calm down, have no political stance, and then think about the problem. If President Trump does not shut down flights from China, what will happen to the United States? Biden is opposed. If President Trump does not shut down flights from Europe, the United States What will it be like? Why is the Democrats’ turf plague so severe and the death toll the most? You just need to think from a fair and reasonable perspective

  56. Sudden Revelations Reply

    Why does the media jump to report this? Views? More ads sold? Conspiracy theories?

  57. MP WARD Reply

    You notice China halted their testing followed by Johnson and Johnson and Astrazenaca and Eli Lilly .the Plandemic is on course

  58. MP WARD Reply

    The investigators are the proverbial Fox guarding the Hen House!

  59. ricky flower Reply

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  60. Kaan Yücel Reply

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  61. Jah Nubian Reply

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  62. Gloria Terry Reply

    Good thing they’re stopped it because it’s unborn tissue! From babies!

  63. Jeremy DeVaughn Reply

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  64. Jemma Cox Reply

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  66. ricky flower Reply

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  69. Kim Harrison Reply

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  70. Ququshwuhe Hahdjwujd Reply

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

  71. Gabriel Tang Reply

    Why were some ppl excited to this issue.

  72. Paul Reply

    It will be interesting if after a Biden win Eli Lilly coincidentally resumes the trial.

  73. Rain Maker 5781 Reply

    Why deny hydoxycholoquine?it’s been used for 60 years,proof is there.
    Like the doctor in California who used it to cure 1700 patients.Why throw the baby out with the bath water?

  74. Psm Reply

    India the figure daun

  75. Denis Bailey Reply

    Trump and Fox News COVID-19 a hoax. Now vote for Trump you moron.

  76. bpxl53yewz Reply

    I wish they would say what the illnesses were that stopped the clinical trials.

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