I Just Scammed A Scammer

Here is how I just scammed a scammer – and exactly how you can avoid falling for one of these tricks. Thanks for watching – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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106 thoughts on “I Just Scammed A Scammer

  1. Graham Stephan Reply

    Just to be clear: The scammer is stealing pictures from the verified.whitney instagram profile – Verfied.Whitney is NOT the scammer, hence why I was prompting the fake person on whatsapp to send me a DM, knowing that wasn’t ACTUALLY them behind the account. Again: Verfied.Whitney IS NOT associated with this and her pictures are being unknowingly exploited.

    • Gary Williams Show Reply

      Be careful guys!

    • Hi:Dang vlog Reply

      Worth subscribing your channel

    • Josh Roche Reply

      Smashed the like button again. Please make a video about IULs Indexed Universal Life insurance 🙏

    • Bojan A Reply

      You should use Grabify IP logger so we can see where are these scammers located 🙂

    • Stupid white girl Reply

      Dont worry graham ur too cute for us to not listen 😃

  2. Speedyboba Reply

    scammar = graham Stephan
    graham Stephan = scammar
    so graham scammed a scammar who was scamming people.
    My mind is blown.

  3. Josh DankTank Reply

    I’ve been seeing these scams for a while now. Super happy that someone with as much influence as you has shed some light on this. You da man Graham!

  4. Fernando Rodriguez Reply

    Sorry but..people…people can be incredible stupid!!

  5. The Ever Farting Elephant Reply

    We don’t need any more YouTube regulation..we need more ppl to think and not try to get rich quick.

  6. My Exotic Animals Reply

    Dont let all this scamming distract you from how cute I am!

  7. Erik Reply

    Just read the title. Did you Scam Joe Biden?


    When he asked to give the video a like button in the intro I was about to but then saw that I had already pressed it. I guess it has become some subconscious thing every time I watch a Graham video. He’s been consistent in saying it that I guess he ingrained it in us. lol

  9. The Excellent Laborer Reply

    I heard scammers lie

  10. Cheater FNCE Reply

    I turned 20 to almost 30 today in ACB

  11. Jaime Aranda Reply

    Guys, Grahem Staphen is the best. I just got one FREE stock from Webul bc of him. I reccomend you work with Grahem, he’ll make you money for sure. Just click on the link in the description of this video!!!

  12. Shy Reply

    I’ve been seeing these commenters for awhile and knew they were scamming. Glad you made a video and exposed it.

  13. Victor Vindiola Reply

    Graham should have put into an investement form with the money hes taking from the scammers and then at the end of a time gap do something to give back during this time

  14. Tyler Caracanas Reply

    Graham I have a question that I have started to struggle with. You are one of the best money savers on YouTube and I have learned a lot from you. There are certainly things you do not buy or do because you are frugal and I do the same. However, what if you died tomorrow? All of that saved money for what? How do you find the balance? A personal example would be, I really don’t need a $50 gymshark tee shirt but I would like one. It’s important to reward yourself I feel but then how do you get the self control to say no to other stuff after? Then how do you determine when you can reward yourself again? I came hoping maybe Graham would help but any help would be appreciated

  15. Parker Johnson Reply

    6:57 “are you angry?” LMAOOO

  16. Mokey D Meeple Reply

    Great video, Mr. Kevin!

  17. Dominic Frost Reply

    Graham with that Uno reverse card

  18. Digos HNDRXX Reply

    He acted as if 50 to start would mess up his dignity as a trader…. but would the percent your able to increase the money mean a lot more than the actual amount? Wether it’s 1$ or 1500$ if you can get 50% percent increase that’s what matters

  19. Jiohann G. Reply

    This could be a great series! Specially during this times where people that aren’t use to internet can get involved on such things so easily

  20. Digos HNDRXX Reply

    Did you let the lady who’s picture was being used that her pictures where being used?

  21. Austen Woods Reply

    Graham: “Listen guys, $5 coffee from Starbucks is basically immoral and financial suicide. Check out my 5 cent coffee.”
    Also Graham: “Yo what up literal scammer, here’s $20.”

  22. Asia May Reply

    When you use the voice morphing effect on comments you sound like Eric Cartman

  23. Ruairi Rhodes Reply

    Long time subscriber, first time like button smasher

  24. Kings Accociate Reply

    I saw one of these on Super Car Blondie’s website.

  25. JustinSTeam2 Reply

    It is really sad that many people are stupid enough to fall for scams and they have made that much money off of stupid people. I am not victim-blaming as scamming is wrong but anyone with common sense can tell they are not legit come on…

  26. josh lovern Reply

    That was a great video!

  27. Derek Sanft Reply

    this is content

  28. Monique Polanco Reply

    commenting because more people need to see this

  29. Aru Gin Reply

    I enjoy that fast voice. That person should be honored, that they sound so funny.

  30. Jordan Smith Reply

    Graham: Listen up and grab some popcorn
    Me: I got my Cheezits

  31. Robin Mazariegos Reply

    Thanks for the warning

  32. Kyle Taylor Reply

    Who is “we”? We all struggle sometimes.

  33. Dathan Gruver Reply

    love this!! great job Graham

  34. Logan O'Hartigan Reply

    Well I guess I know what my new favorite thing to do is

  35. Joules S Reply

    Smashed the like button cause I laughed so hard watching this vid 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Andrew Dinkins Reply

    This is the best one yet! love it Graham

  37. T Kn Reply

    lmao you are the man

  38. GUTZ sama Reply

    make this a series hahaha this was goldd

  39. James on Stuff Reply

    Amazing that people who know how to use Bitcoin wallets get scammed. Surprised…

  40. C GC Reply

    savage graham

  41. Andygeofri Reply

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”..

  42. abigail abigail Reply

    Thanks for donating the money to such a good cause! ❤️

  43. abigail abigail Reply

    “If anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is” Yup

  44. Veyla Reply

    how are you gonna hand over your money to people that can’t even spell properly 😩

  45. QueenSB Reply


  46. Mario Saab Reply

    Wait Stock Moe is actually legit. Not a scammer lol

  47. B D Reply

    This makes me proud to be a fan!

  48. Aaron Tang Reply

    one must be brain dead if hey fall for this, like pls, its so obvious ma’am.

  49. Cheerful Satanist Reply

    The previous website creator has been sacked.

    Those who sacked the original sacker has now also been sacked. The rest of the scam has been completely redone at great expense, leading to everyone being sacked.

  50. SuperJam Sports Reply

    This was epic Graham, keep pushing hard!

  51. Literally DeCaffeinated Reply


  52. Bryce K Reply

    I heard that AZ just passed a 3.5% tax hike from the democrats. The very thing you just left is coming again. Hopefully it doesn’t get as bad as LA.

  53. Ryan Prasad Reply

    That first woof got me 😂😂

  54. Joe Mama Reply

    This should be a series

  55. MusselmanMedia98 Reply

    This was soooo goood please more of theseeee

  56. Jacob Smith Reply

    So… it’s legit? 😂

  57. Michael Luu Reply

    Graham Stephan. You’re my hero 🤣

  58. Bala Sidarthan Reply

    Love youu

  59. Jordan Reply

    Easy way to make money: be a scam artist. THANKS GRAHAM

  60. The3baldwin Reply

    I’ve seen them in the comments here and glad I didn’t join any!

  61. Xerxes Reply

    helo guys. I found gret way to ern big bucks!¡ send me coin and u wen BIG

  62. Andy Kennedy Reply

    As hilarious, fun, and insightful as this was, it kindof gets undercut by the video ads for ‘professional traders’ offering to manage your money or sell you there fintech or course.

  63. lyana col Reply

    graham why are the subtitles in Korean

  64. ThatTannerGuy Reply

    Eff you scammers!

  65. David Robinson Reply

    This is a great video, I am not a scammer BUT! I am a nurse and do post nursing related videos, two times a week on my channel so…. Lets support each other haha

  66. TheBritishMelonn Reply

    Graham you noob, the first obvious sign of a scam is grammar, not to mention trusting Youtube strangers.

  67. T-BoT Reply

    What if i want to scam the like button and get it to like me?

  68. Federico Flamenco Reply

    Thanks Graham! My first investment with Expert Jacob earned me profits of $25,620 and ever since then he has been delivering

  69. George Dion Reply

    You are the man Graham! The fact that you donated the money to such a great cause is awesome!

  70. owney Hudson Reply

    Theres a new fing being advertised on youtube about investing in genesis technologies have u heard anything about this or is it enother scam

  71. Laura R Reply

    Great vid. These kind of comments/scams are on WeBull too.

  72. DANNY Gamer Z Reply

    Why just why……………

  73. antoni Nowakowski Reply

    Imagine year 2030 , Graham and Graham’s wife monetising their children and parenthood

  74. biG O Reply

    All the dislikes are from the scam artists🙃

  75. Jonathan Zhang Reply

    this is probably a very hard problem for youtube to solve technologically speaking. Every possible strategy they can implement, the scammers can reverse engineer and circumvent through trial and error. It is always a never ending arms race between the youtube algorithms and the scammers.

  76. Chris Topher Reply

    Sending him $20 was an investment towards a entertaining YouTube video. Just sold Apple Stock to invest in scammers. 😎

  77. Research Mind Reply

    In instagram there is person called bullshit he made fucking x rich by following mentorship courses 😂

  78. elang baru Reply

    Your eyes so creeepy

  79. diamone videos Reply


  80. Andres Perez Reply

    there a big “movement” in my area called “atm movement” all about this and it specifically recruits young kids to trade forex and it’s so obviously a scam but the have a almost cult following. the use this thing called IM Mastery Academy or something and the “ceo” is Ricky Cucalon. I did something similar to this video and tried to ask a lot of the members questions to understand it but it just seemed like a scam, also consulted the son of the owner of xapo and he agreed

    • Andres Perez Reply

      sorry about all the typos it’s late and i’m sleep deprived. Graham, if you see this i love the vida and you’ve taught me a lot and if you wanna look more into this lmk and i can show you how big it’s gotten

  81. William Sifert Reply

    As if youtube/instagram would actually strive to make the platform better and save users from getting scammed….nahhhh I think they’ll just shadow-ban certain people instead.

  82. Jesias Reply

    13:24 that’s actually brilliant. Albiet then con artists will just start a “long con”; but I like your train of thought

  83. Dirk Crypto Diggy Reply

    i get liek 10 of these on every video I make and I only have 6800 subscribers, it’s nuts

  84. Emmanuel Martinez Reply

    “Effectively I just scammed the scam artist”😂

  85. daniel driver Reply

    Invest in silver…really undervalued, just do it yourself and take physical delivery not paper (its for sale, so you don’t need anything more than a few youtube stacker advice videos you can watch for free)

  86. Michael Tran Reply

    lmaoo this is great

  87. Drew Dunnihoo Reply

    Savage lvl 9000! Scammed a scammer for charity

  88. Chris Ng Reply

    LoL exactly, try mention bitcoin, they will sure say that they know someone who helped them earned alot, and then keep mentioning his name. Obvious scammers from Nigeria.

  89. じゅん - June Reply

    Even Among Us players can tell better lies than these scammers

  90. Harry ILC Reply

    Should of made this sooner. Its messed a lot of people up including me

  91. Dae’Jon Moody Reply

    anyone else think he sounds like south park characters lol

  92. Alexander Brundin Reply

    those scammers are EVERYWHERE on all review pages

  93. H1_P2 Reply

    Ponzi scheme. Its lost me $120 usd btc :/

  94. Ni ON Reply

    a bunch of these scam farms are based in india and other low developed countries

  95. miladmzz Reply

    Can you also please scam back the scammers from fake IRS ?

  96. Bryce Newby Reply

    This was counter productive for me, I’ve never wanted to send a scammer money more than right now to see if I can get them to send me more back and uno reverse card them.🙄🤔

  97. Deuces313 Reply

    Not to burst the bubble… but you’ve just potentially shown people that YOU CAN make money with these people!? That’s a 189.55% gain in 3 days. INSANE.

    *insert ‘take my money meme’ here*

    Ps: where’s the internet police on this?

  98. Aviad Zamir Reply

    3 months ago i was scammed this style method lost 660$ 🙁

  99. Rodney Immanuel Reply

    Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team
    I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z*

    අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  100. Saith Figueroa Reply

    This video was beautiful lol

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