Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) presses Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Capitol Hill on content blocking

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) questions Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at hearing on Capitol Hill before U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on content blocking and Section 230.
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101 thoughts on “Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) presses Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Capitol Hill on content blocking

  1. Kuningas Reply

    Ted Cruz – what a LEGEND.

  2. Lalisa is my religion Reply

    This senator knows exactly how to grill them haha

  3. Daniel Porath Reply

    God damn Cruz is lethal! 🙂

  4. Boby Yoyo Reply

    Imagine going for a job interview with this fool. Why do you want this job? Well I tied my shoe laces last week….

  5. Silly Reply

    so Ted injecting bleach in your oppinion is not dangerous ?

  6. Silly Reply

    Ted ….no comments on voting fraud from 2016 and how Trump won the elections with russians back then?

  7. Silly Reply

    so Ted,….to wash your voters with comunist threat in 2020 is not problematic and silly ? how stupid can your voters be ?

  8. Silly Reply

    so Ted,……i heard on Parley that aliens stole the elections this year…true or not true ? yes or no ……it is the most credible media on earth so the answer is ?

  9. Silly Reply

    so Ted is trumpet rasist ? yes or no ?

  10. DJC Coetzee Reply

    Drain the swamp Mr President Trump.

  11. Silly Reply

    Ted this are just stupid questions

  12. Silly Reply

    Ted….maybe north korea would suit your kind of people better

  13. Shawn Harris Reply

    This is just a show I’ll be surprised if congress does anything to tone down these social media platforms

  14. Brian Mello Reply

    So what happened? Any fines imposed? Did they get arrested? This is another tongue lashing and waste of time. We need to stop paying the salaries of politicians who constantly bark all day and never bite. Just ridiculous and waste of time and money….we have lost our minds.

  15. 전휘 Reply

    Left wings’ self contradiction that they are intolerant of freedom of expression

  16. R. K. Reply

    Ted is great.

  17. R. K. Reply

    Twitter and Facebook are Deep State platforms.

  18. ginguz1 Reply


  19. Roy Rogers Reply

    A lot of pressure on Manson….I mean Dorsey right now.

  20. Tomasz Szymanski Reply

    This guy has no idea what he talks about. I mean Jack.

  21. OnePunchBrand Reply

    Cruz should just tell Dorsey that if Dorsey cant respect democracy he has no business in the US.

  22. Maridene Matthew Reply

    This man will die in prison 100%

  23. Allen Wrench Reply

    why don’t conservatives just leave twitter and Facebook and go make their own social media site?? I mean whenever a democrat or liberal does something that conservatives don’t like they tell them to leave the country so why can’t the same be applied here???

  24. Ard Pat Reply

    Twitter blocked The President of the United States of America! That’s the last straw. These monopolies need to be broken.

  25. Jérôme Giorgi Reply

    Hey american men, qu’est ce que vous attendez pour aller brûler sur la place publique jack Dorsey et ses enfants de même que ceux de Zuckerberg ? Salutations from France

  26. Ard Pat Reply

    Ted Cruz, thanks. Twitter’s blocking the President and New York Post is sickening!

  27. bob taylor Reply

    tRump called Ted’s wife ugly. Ted rolled over for a belly rub. ted is a Good Boy!

  28. T. J. Reply

    Democrat puppet

  29. shadalady1 Reply

    Hey break them up already it ain’t free or fair any more break them up

  30. Olga von M Reply

    Give a power into wrong hands of evil leads to chaos, mental torture, dictatorship and revolutionary. Dorsey is a sleazy guy who willing get away with murder.

  31. Zach Falbe Reply

    Funny how Mark speaks for “we” at the end. Oops.

  32. Black Sun Reply

    No straightforward answers means Guilty!!!

  33. Old Man River It just keeps rolling along Reply

    Ted Cruz has been killing it for the last 2 years. I will support him in his future endeavors. Day in and day out he battles this treasonous riff-raff on our behalf. Thanks Ted.

  34. Casey Grutz Reply

    Ted Cruz waking Dorsey up from his heroin coma

  35. Tiki Reply

    Twitter twitters on…Dorsey is most untransparent biased person I’ve ever seen. Go Senstor Cruz you nailed it and have made them look like bumbling lying idiots.

  36. Todd M Reply

    Cruz looking like a desperate radical right wing ideologue with nothing but manufactured outrage for his Republican cult followers…

  37. Gladhand Reply

    Boycott these Liberals with their communist Views

  38. Fierce Ammo Reply


  39. Genie GENIE Reply


  40. D Reply


  41. ElTimotoQIK Reply

    Ladies and gentlemen, 2024 campaign has begun

  42. Tom Brooks Reply

    Water board them !!

  43. Hew W Reply

    What is the point with these hearings? They do not lead anywhere. It makes the evil big tech look bad for a few minuts, but that is it. Then it goes back to nothing has happen and nothing change.

  44. Crispy Chaos Reply

    People in the comment section: Only can come up with things to say about Dorsey’s appearance. What about the subject at hand? Twitter is a privately owned company, it’s not funded by the government or the people’s taxes. When you set up an account you agree to the Terms and Conditions, if you violate them then Twitter can see fit with whatever they want to do. And if you don’t like it well make your own platform. You conservatives snowflakes already have platforms made specifically for you, go use that. Oh wait it’s not as popular because conservatives can’t make decent/good choices.

  45. kate reich Reply


  46. kate reich Reply


  47. kate reich Reply


  48. kate reich Reply


  49. Trish Lilly Reply


  50. ms&mrreckoning Reply

    Fakè news ànd censoring got Twitter Google and Facebook

    Thankfully we have a female cell which is YOUTUBE BÀBY, BRINGING TRUTH ÀND WELLBEING TO THE PEOPLE OF USA

  51. Mrs Lowery Reply

    Who cares about this stupid committee, talking about something that don’t mean anything at this time. How about getting together for relief for the American people. This is so DUMB

  52. Jimmy Cheen Reply

    Nice beard Raspubic…

  53. Jimmy Cheen Reply

    Ingenious use of recycled taint hairs…

  54. Mason Yoo Reply

    if republicans can’t get with twitter then just delete it and leave it like America if u don’t like the policy then just leave republicans just leave twitter

  55. duce wags Reply

    Remember way back in the day. Bill Clinton called facebook “the best FBI and CIA data base ever, and it’s free” The only thing that changed over time, is TWITTER was added to the list.

  56. Jennie Johnson Reply

    are Zuck and Dorsey worked for CCP ?

  57. Diego Lopez-Gell Reply

    This man looks like a former seal team member 😂

  58. rod clause Reply

    Hey, Ted, if really worry about transparency, do something about clearly proven fake news about the election.
    I don’t f care whether the fraud is. But it so much clear that there are so many fake news on Twitter and FB.
    Just go check it yourself.

  59. rod clause Reply

    If they applied the same policy and Rep gets more penalty, then do your homework first.

  60. たなあかさ Reply

    The giant social media must be regulated, they have too much power, yet very few responsibilities.

  61. mcfrederich Nana Reply

    Am laughing alot😆.. the media vrs the law

  62. Sabina Lanning Reply

    Dorsey looks like an extremist nut

  63. Diamond David Lee Reply

    Its utterly sad and really just flat out disgusting that twitter uses their platform to silence conservatives. Their job is not to shape public opinion.

  64. Slim Reply

    Free and fair democracy… are u kidding me , they refused to accept the result of the presidential election ! It is a joke this guy … stop licking trump ass !

    • Rem US Reply

      you do know it has to be certified by the electors and not by AP…

  65. Michele Balcomb Reply

    Ted Cruz hurts my head….

  66. Necromonger Reply

    Comrade Dorsey deserves a smack in the face, with a brick.

  67. jody huntsman Reply

    Great job! Ted

  68. jrsobx Reply

    Ten bucks says Dorsey has a belly ring that matches his nose ring.

  69. Guillermo Parapar Reply

    Men he got a revolution look 👀

  70. Maria Gee Reply

    CGI imaging in the background.. trees and houses moving. Hope his assets are confiscated and he is in jail already

  71. Scorpion Reply

    This 2020 US election, going to change a lots of things and has to change. The first one, gonna be , how the media are working and how they’re making their censorship in the favour for another party.

  72. Ossamakilla Reply

    He’s been on a bender for a while. 🤣

  73. RaisedontheRadio Reply

    Jack “Rasputin” Dorsey

    El Rushbo coined that one!

  74. Drake Valiance Reply

    dorsey at least had illegally a lawyer giving him advice on a second screen or window clearly.

  75. Bible Woke Reply

    <--- Jesus is God...the evidence is all there...God Bless!!!

  76. Max Private Reply

    Ted is a weasel.

  77. Sam Henderson Reply

    Dorsey is a strong man and way more good looking.

  78. Juju Beanz Reply

    If 230 is taken away then they can censor more because they would be liable for the content posted on their platforms so all content uploaded would have to be pre screened sand would need approval before being posted to keep them from being sued so you see it would force them to censor more section 230 should be reformed to take protections away if they act as an editor or publisher but should still apply if they stay neutral and respect the first amendment

  79. JR JR Reply

    Senator Presses Tongue Into Trump’s Stink Ring…….AGAIN AND AGAIN!

  80. Crystal Shoemake Reply

    Say ask him for work on me Ms Lavish Lilith

  81. Ken C. E Reply

    Please help me out. Any similar apps like Facebook and Twitter.

  82. 0415jacob Reply

    Jack bin Laden aka Osama bin Dorsey

  83. Rosso Films International Reply

    Dorsey looks he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar ….. 😉

  84. james arundel Reply

    They all bad liers

  85. Jose Goni Reply

    Why all this show and then nothing happens, what is the point…

  86. Tim Porter Reply

    When Cruz speaks I shudder.

  87. Sunshine V Reply

    Russian lawmakers opened a new front against the internet on Nov 19 by
    announcing plans to block any services deemed to “censor” local media.
    The legislation would grant authorities conditional powers to block
    access to sites such as Youtube, Twitter and  Facebook — either fully or
    partially. Proposing MPs said they had been moved to act following
    complaints about “facts of censorship” from US technology providers.

  88. Carlo Capanna Reply

    You only note the look of this man is the same of monastic man is the l new look of the profets of the insane future they wonnarealize now famous actors of ollivood have the same look silicon valley profets is the End of normal umanity and the beginning of the pragmatik ciberg umanity for the rest there is no future must be finished

  89. Lefteris Magiannis Reply

    Please lock up Zuckerberg

  90. König Nickerchen Reply

    “Jack, did you eat my sandwich?”
    “I do not know the specifics of that particular incident.”

  91. Tsavos Alliance Reply

    Twitter needs to GO AWAY!

  92. Mika-Corp Reply

    Decentralized platforms are the future.

    The more they censor the more they incentivise decentralized platforms.

    Lbry, Odysee, steemit, buzy etc.

  93. 4BTQ Reply


  94. Kumaroadking1 Reply

    Won’t answer a ? Cruz bang on.

  95. Kumaroadking1 Reply

    Dorsey is a Muslim

  96. Danny Reply

    Ah yes, 2020. Where Big Biz CEOs give answers like politicians and congressmen ask questions like a concerned citizens

  97. Stan West Reply

    Lmfao cruz roasted that hermit looking ass

  98. Callum Stewart Reply

    Remove the protections and allow the lawsuits to begin. We know what to do with a monopoly as well.

  99. Callum Stewart Reply

    Dorsey and Zuckerberg are on the wrong side of history; they are engaging in the modern day equivalent of book burning.

  100. Callum Stewart Reply

    Don’t let Google and Youtube (alphabet) to get a pass on this.

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