The 5 BEST Index Funds That Will Make You RICH

Here is my review of my TOP 5 INDEX FUNDS that you can invest in that will make you the MOST amount of money as possible long term, and exactly how much they cost – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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#5: VFIAX Vanguard Fund SP500 Fund
Cost: 0.04% Expense Ratio
Minimum: $3000 Investment
Alternative ETF: VOO – 0.03% Expense Ratio
This is a Vanguard Index Fund that follows the SP500, which is the top 500 publicly traded companies in the United States. Buying this ONE index fund is basically the equivalent of buying all 500 of the largest companies in the US, and you’ll get access to some of the bigwigs like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and so on.

#4: VTSAX Vanguard Fund Total Stock Market
Cost: 0.04% Expense Ratio
Minimum: $3000 Investment
Alternative ETF: VTI
What makes this so unique is that it encompasses the ENTIRE US stock market in ONE single fund…like, this is EVERYTHING. If there’s a small cap, medium cap, or large cap stock in any industry you can think of – this index fund has a tiny piece of it…and for one low price, you can get exposure to 3,529 stocks…

#3: SWPPX Charles Schwab SP500 Fund Fund
Cost: 0.02% Expense Ratio
Minimum: NONE
This index fund was started in 1997 and it ALSO follows the SP500.

#3 (Tied): SWTSX Charles Schwab Fund
Cost: 0.02% Expense Ratio
Minimum: NONE
This encompasses the entire US stock market index, similar to VTSAX.

#2: FXIAX Fidelity Fund Total Stock Market Fund
Cost: 0%
Minimum: NONE
This is Fidelity’s version of the SP500 index fund with NO EXPENSE RATIO and NO MINIMUMS.

#2 (Tied): FZILX Fidelity International Stock Market Fund
Cost: 0%
Minimum: NONE
This is, in my opinion, a GOOD index fund for everyone to at least get in on – because an international index fund will cover foreign and emerging markets that COULD perform very well over the next few decades. Now, it is true that – Historically, the SP500 has been a better investment than international stocks – but that might not ALWAYS be the case, especially as other markets are REALLY ramping up production and consumption. It also gives you a little more diversification OUTSIDE the United States – just in case, you never know.

#1: FZROX Fidelity Total Stock Market Fund
Cost: 0%
Minimum: NONE
Unlike Vanguard, which has a 0.04% expense ratio – this one has NO EXPENSE RATIO. It’s TOTALLY FREE.

#1 (Tied): FNILX Fidelity SP500 Index Fund
Apparently, they couldn’t just say this is the SP500 because they’d have to pay fees to license that name…but hey, call it whatever you want if that means they can pass the savings on to the customer. With this, you’ll get the same SP500 index fund with no minimums and no fees…so, there you go, that’s a win for this fund.

So between everything I just mentioned, you should be able to find the PERFECT index fund to invest in – index funds within Vanguard certainly have the name recognition behind them, but others like Charles Schwab and Fidelity are cutting fees in an effort to get you to buy theirs, instead. Either way, this is GOOD for you – because now, you get to save more money.

Seriously, if all you did was just buy a total stock market index fund every month and nothing else – over 20 years, you would out perform the VAST majority of hedge fund managers, and you’d put yourself in a GREAT financial position to make as much money as possible. Investing doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to be expensive, either…any of these index funds I mentioned would be a great choice, and I hope this is helpful to maximize the value of every dollar possible.

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*Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies which Graham Stephan will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Graham Stephan is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available.

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  1. tyrone hilton Reply

    I buy indexes from each sector. Growth has been huge!

  2. Jaalib Sanders Reply

    I have 2 questions. When can you touch the money and where do you keep track of the $ you make?

  3. Vedi Y-ains Reply

    Can you talk about Transamerica and their index funds. Is there any benefit of life insurance w/ index funds?

    Love your videos!

  4. Cristian Bernal Reply

    So what is the difference between FXIAX and FNILX? both cover the SP500?

    • Al Rocky Reply

      The latter is newer and has a lower expense ratio

    • kimappreciateslife Reply

      Free one does not have as much history as the FXAIX

  5. Brian Andrews Reply


  6. Don Knotts Reply

    At some point, i hope people begin to understand, as a financial planner, investing is only a small part of growing ones net worth. Investing is the easiest part of my job.

  7. Xaverus , Reply

    1:07 big basket of STONKS

  8. knlmstr Reply

    im new to this, do you buy the whole 5 index fund ? where do you buy it? thanks

  9. Driving Emotion Reply

    Really, you are whining about $400 expenses on a million dollar invest?
    At the point where someone offers too much for free, I start wondering where he’s going to screw me over.

  10. Private P Reply

    Im working at my job I make $850 a week I have 10k in 5 different index funds. I put $500 in each one every week I hope grams video pays off I was going to get a used bmw instead I trust him

  11. Jared Carroll Reply

    Fzilx not supported for trading on webull?

  12. AJohnson0325 Reply

    I know there are 2x and 3x index funds. I wonder what dollar cost averaging would look like over 10 or 20 years.

  13. Matthew Kilgore Reply

    ARKK must be one of them

  14. Ama et fac quod vis Reply

    Funny and educationally, just like an ETF, u get everything =)

  15. Wealth Advice Reply

    I am going to show this to my 2 year old

  16. Rui Pedro Oliveira Reply

    Do all these funds allow DRIP’s? Btw I’ll send you the bill of my laptop repair from smashing the like button.

  17. Kobe Hoang Reply

    hey guys so i just turned 20 years old and I want to get into investing into a Roth IRA to take advantage of compound interest! I have enough to max out the contribution limit but I am stuck of how I should invest in it if that makes sense. How I should allocate my portfolio? Should I just buy into an S&P 500 stock like (FNILX) and an international stock market fund or is that kinda dumb. If anyone could help guide me that would be amazing! I’m new to this and want to make sure I’m doing it right.

  18. Alejandro Dávila Reply

    I see what you did there

  19. Jakub Wachocki Reply

    Which is the best place to invest in index funds to avoid brokerage fee? ETFs are to be bought via a broker so a brokerage fee applies.

  20. Andy Land Reply

    So glad i began investing while in my second trimester of birth. That is the key to my financial success.

    • Marcos Luna Reply

      It’s all about time in the market not timing the market!

    • Andy Land Reply

      @Marcos Luna I believe thats what my mom would sing to me at night, but the memory is foggy…

    • FaustasGamerYT Reply

      I cant like its at 69

    • Patrick Wells Reply

      2nd trimester is why you’re only in the upper/middle class. If you want to be elite rich you need to be all in before the positive test is confirmed.

    • Big Bubba Reply

      You should have started earlier. Time in the market is the most important factor.

  21. Calaway Scholes Reply

    How about VIGAX? 32% on the year

  22. nilu1121 Reply

    Are management fees different than expense ratio or is it a part of the expense ratio?

    • Al Rocky Reply

      Latter – management fee is part of the expense ratio.

  23. Vilhjalmr Edmundson Reply

    I swear it would take me a week to come up with one of the hilarious cut-aways you have in your videos, yet you have a TON of them. So good. And then, you’re helping my entire family

  24. //PROJECT JT314 Reply

    Fun fact, the ETF Acorns uses for “Large Company Stocks” is VOO, the ETF version of VFIAX (#5 in this list)

  25. Abraham Lavi Reply

    In order to make profits in the stock market, one has to have a good strategy and proper knowledge of how the holders manipulate the market.

  26. Ashraf Wadiwala Reply

    Fund #2 ticker is FSIAX NOT FXAIX

  27. Liu Victor Reply

    Graham, with considring the dividend, it seems like VOO has better return than FXAIX/Fedility.

    • Al Rocky Reply

      That’s a tad misleading. Remember that VOO has current share price of $325 and FXAIX $123.

    • Liu Victor Reply

      @Al Rocky Really? VOO dividend $320/$1.309 vs. FXAIX $124/$0.46, you tell me which one is better.

    • Liu Victor Reply

      @Al Rocky so assume buy both $10,000 each for VOO and FXAIX, each every 3 months the dividend for VOO would be $40.9 but FXAIX is $37.1

    • Al Rocky Reply

      @Liu Victor It would be helpful if you linked where you found those numbers.

  28. Ronnie Sheer Reply

    Might be wrong here.
    But when you run the numbers, Vanguard’s tax efficiency makes up for the expense ratio when compared to the free funds from Fidelity.

  29. your mom Reply

    These comments are sketch

  30. Wu Hongzhou Reply

    No mention of QQQ?

  31. Gagan Singh Reply

    Graham, isn’t what you’re stating in this video contradictory to how you yourself actually invest in stock market? In one of the videos with
    Kevin O’Leary you had said you invest in individual company stocks while you’re asking the masses to invest in funds? Please clarify.

  32. Justin Brodie Reply

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    How should the investing strategy change for short- to medium-term saving goals? E.g. for wedding/honeymoon or down payment?

  34. Rob Erickson Reply


  35. MtFresh Reply

    can you give a index fund tutorial video
    like how to actually do it I’ve never bought a stock before.

  36. Cynthia Micheal Reply

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    I’ve never heard anyone try to pronounce the index fund tickers like that, haha. I’ve always thought they were acronyms, that might be why they’re hard to pronounce :D. Great video, as always!

  38. SUNRA BEAUTY Reply

    Hi Graham’s I have a request, can you do a video of high risk , high earning potential stock. I need to 5 plus I should be buy and focus on instead of purchasing different stock please thank you

  39. Frida Hioe Reply

    #2 typo FXAIX not FXIAX

  40. Yeevanie Shepherd Reply

    Do you need to open a roth ira with the index funds to avoid after tax

  41. Nathan Shipman Reply

    Love your videos!! Thank you for doing these. I just opened my wife and I Roth IRA’s and was looking in to what I wanted to invest in to. This video really helped.

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  43. Lucas Dunn Reply

    I’m 14 and my Dad won’t let me invest till I get a job so I’m going to try to get a summer job at 15, there aren’t many in my area and I might have to ride a bus for half an hour so wish me luck

  44. Chris Heryla Reply

    I’m already holding the top 3 on fidelity. So glad I’ve found Graham, dudes a life saver

  45. Kaleb H Reply

    Graham’s faces keep getting more and more ridiculous in the thumbnails.

  46. No Ceiling LC Reply

    Winning in a Loser’s Game is extremely difficult, but not impossible.

    Whether you’re new to stock investing or trading, or you’ve been in the market for over a decade, the fact doesn’t change that it’s a Loser’s Game. The majority of the participants lose money.

    If you want to be part of the winning 10%, you have to have an edge.

  47. Andy W. Reply

    Hey Graham, can you do a vid on your favorite China focussed funds so we can prepare for their eventual takeover of the U.S. and the return of the Dragon?

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  49. Eun Kyung Reply

    I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Olivia Mason, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

  50. Dimitris Fokas Reply

    Stephan your amazing bro good job! I want To ask you one Question can you tell me the difference between SPDR 500(spy) and VOO Vanguard? and witch is the best ETF with the highest Interest return ?

  51. Derek Smith Reply

    The YouTube algorithm got me in; the content and method of communication got me to sub.

    I personally find similar videos miss the mark at communicating “stock/etf/index __ is xyz and as a buyer you should look for 1-2-3.” For me, this hits the sweet spot where I’m educated but not overwhelmed or vice versa.. Underwhelmed with a feeling I’m being spoken down to. Great content, looking forward to seeing more.

  52. Benny Li Reply

    why not just buy SPY?

  53. Kathleen C. Murrin Reply

    Great stuff. I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven’t made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands.

    • Amanda Peterson Reply

      Have you considered consulting an investment advisor or using a portfolio manager?

    • Kathleen C. Murrin Reply

      @Amanda Peterson hi, no I haven’t do you know any or can you point me in the right direction?

    • Amanda Peterson Reply

      @Kathleen C. Murrin I want to go into stock but i need a certified/registered professional who will guide and handle my account.

    • Amy Arango Reply

      @Amanda Peterson JOANNA MALIVA LEE search her on web, she is very popular

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    Good stuff Graham! I moved multiple accounts under Fidelity to simplify and save on fees as my 2020 resolution. Zero regrets!

  55. Lycia Jontal Reply

    I just wished we learned about investing in grade school.

  56. Lycia Jontal Reply

    Vti it is

  57. maarten heijmans Reply

    Is it me or does Degiro not offer these ETFs? If so, which brokers do you use to invest in these?

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    i’m making over $2128 a week with them!

    εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

  60. William Kreth Reply

    Most the stock mentioned cant be purchased on webull

    • Graham Stephen Reply

      Do tell her that I referred you to her..

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  62. Brian Himmelman Reply

    My brain shrinks with this foolishness … “get rich” self help, beat the man schemes … regulators should shut these types of channels down for using YouTube commercially prey on fantasy and the damage to people’s finances … these sorts always show up at the end of a bull market … next video … how to buy a new car free and have dealer pay you to drive it and make you a millionaire … show us your portfolio statements? …. ; ) Thought so

  63. Alexis Martinez Reply

    FXAIX has an expense ratio of 0.02%

  64. chopra1073ify Reply

    You forgot to mention Fidelity zero fee index funds?

  65. Jim Salmon Reply

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  66. Benson McDonald Reply

    How do you invest in the fidelity options from the UK? I’ve made an account etc but I can’t find those index funds.

  67. beijinghsk Reply

    why don’t you buy SPY directly?

  68. D C Reply

    You’re so funny and thank you for sharing your amazing tips. Liked smashed 💥 😜😊

  69. N W Reply

    Damn I just opened up a vanguard account. Should’ve went with fidelity b

  70. Jose Gnz Reply

    I like all your videos 👍

  71. Jose Guillen Reply

    Random question: wouldn’t it be better to just invest in a large cap growth ETF like the SCHG instead of a S&P 500 analog? Some of those funds have a life time of 16% returns!!

  72. cole ridnicke Reply

    my best advices is to invest in an ETF that tracks the S&P500 and ride it out. Considering that market is still down about 15% from it’s high’s you could make a decent amount short term. I made about $600k trading Pfizer, Wells Fargo, Macy’s, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival, and American Airlines with professional help from my financial assistant Mrs Lucy Maria Koss(look her up). she handles my investments and is also well known in the states too

    • Hill Landry Reply

      impressive!! thanks for the advice

  73. Bjblues Reply

    FXIAX has a 0.015 expense ratio. FNILX has 0.0 expense ratio. Both mirror the S & P 500 FUND. What is the difference that I missed, besides the fee’s?

  74. Frank Harrison Reply

    The world needs to know about bitcoin because it’s the most important development, earning $ 13,889 with *Ryanburnnet_Fxtrade* @ lG and i’m saying goodbye to paycheck.

  75. Tarun Freestone Reply

    Hey Graham There was a ETF/Hedge you spoke of in a previous episode when you were talking about an infamous 12% annual return. It was an old American one thats been around since the early 1900’s maybe even late 1800’s…. what was it please !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  76. Matt Reply

    Yeah ended with 4 fingers

  77. GimmieTheLoot Reply

    I can’t find any of these on UK platforms 🙁

  78. spoof 22 Reply

    What happens when fidelity decides to dissolve these great funds

  79. Blessing catrine Reply

    I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker,Mrs sophiahicks.

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      I’m new at this,How can i reach your broker??

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      You can reach her through telegramme page @investwithhicks

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      @Blessing catrine Thanks….

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      Good to see my broker recognized. since i was referred to her and started trading i have been on my way to financial freedom, just by applying her strategy i now trade independently. she’s the best i’d advice any novice to trade with her

  80. edmhie1 Reply

    Use a dollar cost averaging… minimize the risk but will maximized your earnings. It is simply investing a certain amount every month or semi-monthly not putting a lump sum if you have the money. If I learned this when I was a teenager I could have retired by now.

    • Son James Reply

      You can reach her through telegramme page @investwithhicks

    • Al Rocky Reply

      no it doesn’t

  81. Rayhan Ajie Reply

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    The company my Daughter works for doesn’t have a 401k. Where the best place for her to buy these Index’s? As it all seems very overwhelming to her.

    • Al Rocky Reply

      List the index funds you were considering.


    FZROX is my automatic investment index.

  87. the_purcella Reply

    I put a finger down to hit the like button 😠

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  90. Alec Parron Reply

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    • Eleanor Woodbead Reply

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    • Hope ForHumanity Reply

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      + 4 0 3 7 1 7 0 0 3 1 4
      To say I’m glad to have taken your advise on here is me trying to be humble but I’m delighted I did.

    • Ryan Jacobs Reply

      SCAM ALERT 🚨

    • Ralph Zimmerman Reply

      @Ryan Jacobs beware the limits to joking and teasing. Beyond that they become offensive and hurtful

  91. Brian Robertaccio Reply

    Went to try and get the SWPPX from Vanguard and it has a minimum of $1000 not the minimum of $0 like in the video. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

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  95. AJ Hemi Reply

    I really like your channel and have learned a lot on real estate, but under FINRA guidelines not even a registered advisor can make a claim like you do in this title… “Will make you rich” is a guarantee claim and an index fund is not Suitable for all investors… So, we have an issue on a guarantee and an issue with suitability with an issue that you are not a registered rep, adviser, or hold any qualifications to make this claim. This is not to harp on you, as its click bait, but it pisses me off that I’m held to a standard that youtubers simply can ignore without holding any licensing….. Yet you wont get a fine for making this claim and if I do I will not only get a fine but could potentially lose my licensing…. Rant over

  96. TruthSeeker717 Reply

    so far I’m loving your videos Stephan, just wondering how you financially educated yourself.

  97. bchandl2 Reply

    Graham have you considered the dividend rate between the funds as opposed to just the expense ratio? VTI dividend rate is 1.57% vs FZROX dividend rate of 1.4%.

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