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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Tiffany T says:

    Looks SO great!! Better than the models! I’m so happy for you guys!!! 🙂 I might steal the Pokémon card frame idea and make one with all my 20 year old cards! Lol

  2. Avatar EliteJovenAgent says:

    5:29 Come one graham. Where’s *the lick*?

  3. Avatar William Dauria -Financial Freedom Channel says:

    Go Graham! I am so happy for you! Finally getting that aquarium too! Love it! Keep up the great content bud! Oh yea and get the GT!

  4. Avatar Jacob Nerona says:

    nah get the roadster

  5. Avatar Jonathan Friend says:

    10:00 so does that mean if you’re sending parcels back to / via Amazon, you don’t need to go find a collection point? You can just use the one you have installed at your own address? That’s amazing!

  6. Avatar Julia N says:

    Those 4 jackets have their own pad LOL

  7. Avatar SirTwiz says:

    See those Toll Brothers Water bottles haha

  8. Avatar JB Benavides says:

    Congrats bro

  9. Avatar Dexter Morgan says:

    First thing I thought when I saw that shower was.. “damn must get cold..” lmfao

  10. Avatar Kevin Morales says:

    When it comes to the car market. Weigh out all your options. Look up common problems, and the regular maintaince on the parts that degrade with time

  11. Avatar Antoine Starks says:

    Whats the name of this jazz song in the background somebody??

  12. Avatar Mikhail Rodrigues says:

    I will watch ALLLL the house tours on youtube to ever exist…. if they are narrated and filmed like this!

  13. Avatar Mikhail Rodrigues says:

    Haahahah 8:56 sooooo cuteee❤️❤️❤️

  14. Avatar koolyo2foots says:

    No way thats a 90 inch 📺… looks like a 40 inch at most 😂

  15. Avatar ELIRAXPRT says:

    Cool house. I like the tall ceilings and that kitchen island

  16. Avatar reynolds619 says:

    get the roadster!

  17. Avatar Dhara Patel says:

    why carpet tho

  18. Avatar Michelle Belle says:

    The bull on your table should be officially named Webull. I take full credit for that.

  19. Avatar HarleySpike says:

    Dude, I usually hate when people show off what they have, but you seem like a genuine person who has worked his ass off to be where you are at! And while I know this channel is making you money, you deserve it and your vids have helped this crusty old man to get more out of my life before I go and set up my kids and grandkids at the same time… thank you!!!

  20. Avatar Jeremy Phelps says:

    Weren’t you just living in a duplex and explaining how the other tenant’s ridiculous rent paid for the majority of the mortgage? Now your just flexing the same materialistic possessions you used to criticize other people for having…

  21. Avatar Andrew P says:

    LOL mtv cribs lead in that was awesome

  22. Avatar Inappropriate Reefer says:

    I hear reef tank!! 😊

  23. Avatar Obmot58 P says:

    Get the Ford GT!!!!

  24. Avatar Cherish Mango says:

    11:54 The right-hand man Jack

  25. Avatar Theola Reets says:

    As someone who watched Selling Sunsets I’m glad that Amanza was the one to help set up your house. Looks great!!!

  26. Avatar Budimirs Kluvaks says:

    still wondering how you will change a bulb on that ceiling

  27. Avatar brian oleson says:

    graham thinks this home is going to go up in value with appreciation that said yes but most likely not for awhile if he had bought this in 2012 it would be a different story hes buying this at near peak price its more likely to drop then rise people cant afford homes as it is it cant just jump more that is ballistic. the cost of las vegas ever nearing lower california prices i think the time to do a property like this ended 5years ago unless im wrong and things are gonna continue to rise a medium home price will be 1m and 500k in nevada in the coming years but thats some sure head turners what price will be in 2030s

  28. Avatar Charles DuGood says:

    Please post link to where I can buy a T-Rex mold like that!

  29. Avatar Marc W. says:

    Just don’t bring CA politics with your vote and screw up our state any further than people relocating from CA already have.

  30. Avatar TrutleSpeed MKE says:

    ford gt is the best car lmao get one

  31. Avatar Coatomc says:

    6:26 TRUE 🤣🤣 i was thinking maybe twice as big

  32. Avatar Janine Anderson says:

    That is a massive home for two people, better start making some babies! 🙂

  33. Avatar omar hussein says:

    Get the Ford gt

  34. Avatar Jason Cease says:

    What company did you contract to build the house?

  35. Avatar Matt Uehling says:

    You should call your piano a graham piano

  36. Avatar Mitchell says:

    Get a Ford GT for sure

  37. Avatar Edgardo Ortiz says:

    All hail the almighty algorithm!

  38. Avatar zombiesingularity says:

    Your shower problem can be solved, just add like 4 or 6 or those huge Kohler Rainheads overhead, and hang them lower to the ground, and also a few on the sides of the shower ( and add a door to keep the steam in).

  39. Avatar a guy says:

    Love the house, but the orange couch ain’t it…

  40. Avatar Garrhet Sampson says:

    This week on MTV Cribs.

  41. Avatar Kevin Cardani says:

    Graham, my friend – amazing house. But you need to hide that plug that is hanging down under the Mario art. You can either move the plug up to be behind the piece, or have a conduit put in the wall in order to pull the plug through that down to the outlet. It will make that art and that wall look 100% better.

  42. Avatar No Name says:

    Las Vegas is only 30 miles east of the California state line but 40% cheaper. Reno is also cheaper, but 15 miles east of the California state line.

  43. Avatar The Greatest Minds In History says:

    A Reefer Quarium? Sounds interesting, Graham.

  44. Avatar Paul Vitella says:

    Unreal Graham

  45. Avatar DJ Barry says:


  46. Avatar Himanshu Ghalwan says:

    Give the cameraman an Oscar.

  47. Avatar HJ T says:

    I feel you might actually feel lonely in that big house. I personally find myself happier in a small space, and only will want a bigger house when I have family. Watching you from a while ago to now I think you might miss your apartment the most in the future because that’s where you start, a simple and easy home. In Chinese we have a slang saying: 金窩銀窩不如自己的豬窩, basically means gold house or sliver house will never be as good as my piggy house.
    Anyway, congratulations on the new house! maybe change the shower place to rain shower head? the big ones that actually make you feel like standing under the rain. 🙂

    • Avatar HJ T says:

      It’s pretty easy to change by yourself so save the money from hiring plumber 😉

  48. Avatar OdeOfLies says:

    get the ford GT that would be one thing I wouldn’t mind losing value on…

  49. Avatar Taylor Noel says:

    LOL did i spot Jack in his pajamas though? Beautiful house though. Really great.

  50. Avatar Waren says:

    haha, Graham, never knew you are a midget ! Awesome home, man – enjoy

  51. Avatar Wheelz says:

    I was wondering when Graham was going all in with his money! Here we go.

  52. Avatar Tokyo Blender says:

    Well kids, you can’t buy taste…

  53. Avatar MrHalchemist says:

    Frickin love the new house! Amazing! I also love the boojie piano music constantly playing in the background as you show off your new place XD even more so when the beat drops in for a few measures to accompany the boojiness lmao! But seriously, I love the place, and I’m very happy for you! <3

  54. Avatar solloman says:

    beautiful house – absolutely amazing! congrats!

  55. Avatar Maggie Abrego says:

    Love, love the house and everything about this video. Can’t believe you went all out but you definitely deserve it.

  56. Avatar Joshua Brown says:

    Can you post a link to that Amazon at home delivery drop box?

  57. Avatar M H says:


  58. Avatar Timo Schmid says:

    The rug really ties the room together

  59. Avatar mohmed maulaie says:

    2020 has made graham from 20c ice coffee to rich kid

  60. Avatar Brandon Morris says:

    Buy Doug DeMuro’s Ford GT!

  61. Avatar psimac says:

    I dig the new digs. Really like the use of the black accent walls. The master shower is ridiculous as you’ve pointed out. My suggestion would be to get a large rain-style shower head, and a hand-held shower head, Grohe would be my brand of choice. Congrats!

  62. Avatar Jarvis McLeniny says:

    I would have thought the candy jars were cool before you showed the candy walls.

  63. Avatar olyguy2000 says:

    Beautiful pad but just wondering what it will cost to heat and cool that monster? You’d have to be a millionaire to live there.

  64. Avatar siiiimmo says:

    I can’t stop laughing at your standing on top of all your tables / counters and saying how big they are. I don’t know why I think it’s funny but “this is my new counter” while your standing on it is comedy gold to me.

  65. Avatar Co0INaMe says:

    Graham isnt gram
    Grey ham

  66. Avatar Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen says:

    0:19 groovig

  67. Avatar Gerald Prayogo says:

    Graham still seems super humble even when he’s flexing his literal new mansion lol

  68. Avatar SlimeStories says:

    get the tesla

  69. Avatar Carolina Crespo says:

    It’s jack in the pjs for me😂

  70. Avatar Buildorama says:

    I just clicked cause i thought to myself today that today is a good day to get jealous

  71. Avatar REVO515 says:

    You also need to upgrade to toto toilet seats. One of the best comfort of life things I have purchased. Beware using a normal toilet afterward will be shocking.

  72. Avatar Tammie Pulley says:

    It looks great! Making a house a home takes a while. Congratulations to you. You worked hard to make all this happen.

  73. Avatar TryHardGamers says:

    What neighborhood? Henderson, summerlin?

  74. Avatar Honest Life says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your new home! I would love to hear some more piano footage, perhaps some intros to your videos?

  75. Avatar crossphaded says:

    Hey Graham, the Ford GT is a great choice. I would also consider a 73 Porsche 911 RS, a Mercedes SLS Black Series, or maybe an early 60’s Aston Martin DB4!!! All of these would be a great investment!

  76. Avatar 유영철 says:

    The best arch additionly pinch because fir systemically post concerning a magenta rake. handsome, hideous high rayon

  77. Avatar yunggunner says:

    amanza popped awf i love it

  78. Avatar Kevin H says:

    How tall are you btw? 😛

  79. Avatar Captain Awesome's Bizarre Adventure says:

    Graham 4 months later: ”Here in my backyard”

  80. Avatar Augustus Collins says:

    Jeez I thought he was serious about the refrigerator

  81. Avatar Alejandro Garcia says:

    Of course you had Meet Kevin on the TV 😹

  82. Avatar Phenomenal says:

    Hey Graham, would you consider making a video about student loan debt? Like can you consolidate it, if so where should you go to do so to get the best rates and should you set aside money to invest if you have a huge amount of student debt. On 1 hand if you have like 100k of student debt then it’s going to take time to pay off which means years of missing out on investing in the market. However if you do invest, then that means even less money you’ll be able to contribute to the debt which means even longer it’ll take to pay off. I think a video about this would hit a huge audience as student debt is such a huge problem right now. Thanks! I love you videos
    A student in debt😅

  83. Avatar Hillary says:

    and I thought I was the only one that had multiple coffee making contraption. It’s an addiction for sure, lol. Now I have a Ninja Coffee Bar, keurig… which is also older, a nespresso, french press, and drip coffee which was nice when the electricity went off for 2 days after an ice store. But because my stove is propane I could still use it!

  84. Avatar Arlyn says:

    Congrats on your new house! Where did you get your furnitures?

  85. Avatar Jesse Reyna says:

    Graham, where’s the DW?? 😟

  86. Avatar Ross A says:

    too big. He said more than 4 times. It’s too big, I wouldn’t want somewhere with such ridiculously big rooms even if I had 30 million pounds. It’s not needed. I don’t know why you’d care about the resale value, unless you plan on remortgaging to invest extra money. A bit weird. I just make the home I wanted.

  87. Avatar Chris Davis says:

    Who is jack??

  88. Avatar Keith Gapol says:

    Am I the only one that wants the Amazon locker?! Where can I get more info? Can’t find anything online or on Amazon

  89. Avatar Maverick says:

    rich people really don’t have taste.

  90. Avatar Minaide Sawaruna says:

    how is the crime rate over there? higher chance of your house get raided?

  91. Avatar Nilton Ribeiro says:

    Buy a CarreraGT or an SLS BlackSeries…

  92. Avatar denise ochoa says:

    And the fridge

  93. Avatar José Manuel Serrato Rodríguez says:

    Graham, I have been following your channel for year already, and I am super happy to see your new house. All the great and awesome job you have done so far has paid off.

    Thanks for being a positive role model in the Youtube community.

  94. Avatar Raima888s says:

    Not sure if you’re aware, but there’s a BIG ASS GLASS WALL in the shower.

  95. Avatar MarkSight says:

    That rug really ties the room together.

  96. Avatar phxcruiser says:

    Noice congratulations Graham

  97. Avatar Don W says:

    Graham has beef with meet Kevin? Shots fired at 6:25. Expose video

  98. Avatar CastrejonHDTV says:


  99. Avatar Julausti says:

    Graham. Get the Ford GT. Just. Just do it.

  100. Avatar Robert Papageorge says:

    Sorta want to see you go the SLS AMG route you mentioned once, rather than the Clarkson/DeMuromobile 😂 but there’s a reason the got GT’s.

    (The SLS has also been an appreciating car!)

    Edit: house is cool af

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