6 Millionaire Habits That Changed My Life

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These are my best millionaire habits that have changed my life, and what you can do to begin implementing them immediately – for free. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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I have to say, if there’s just ONE point throughout this ENTIRE video that you chose to follow…let it be this one, because I guarantee…this will have the biggest impact on the rest of your life if you just stick with it. Sign up for a budget tracking software like Mint.com or PersonalCapital.com, which are both completely free to use…and then, pay CLOSE attention to how much money you’re making, and how much you’re spending. I want you to SEE how much you spend on things you don’t even realize, or how quickly those small expenditures add up over the week and month.

I challenge you to start getting in the habit of CAREFULLY considering everything you want, and ONLY buying something when you can afford it outright, after thinking it through, and once you’ve prioritized your other investing and savings goals. We’ve all heard the saying: don’t put the cart before the horse…and this applies here, just like you shouldn’t put the brand new car ahead of your emergency fund.

As soon as YOU get paid, or as soon as money goes into your account – IMMEDIATELY move it into investments, put it in a savings account you don’t touch, that way it’s out of sight, and out of mind. You get the immediate “Reward” of saving – and that makes you feel like you’re working towards something tangible, because you can “See” that savings right in front of you. Two, you’re FORCED to live off less because your invested money is completely out of reach. And three, you get USED to living on less – and you get USED to saving more – that you won’t WANT to break this habit once you see it working.

The people who are GOOD with money don’t just PANIC FOMO into investments because “pretty soon it’ll be too late to get in” – the truth is that, there will ALWAYS be new opportunities in the future that will be just as profitable as some of the best ones today, and there will never just be one SINGLE thing that you could strike rich at.

I’ve seen this type of pattern over and over and over again, and what I’ve noticed is that – the type of person who waits for a drop, is the same time of person who refuses to buy in when there ACTUALLY is a drop. It’s like, they’re always waiting for it to go lower – and even if it goes lower, they hold out for it to go EVEN lower…and once it starts going up, then it’s always going to be too expensive.

This is the step that I would recommend fully immersing yourself in once you have the groundwork finished with everything else…so, once you’re tracking your spending, once you cut back on wants, once you make your money invisible, once you invest in things you understand, and once you’re not timing the market…THEN, really learn the tax code and make the most of the money you have left over.

And, finally…that little cherry to top all of this off…is just CONSISTENCY. Not only do you actually have to work on everything I just talked about…but, you also have you keep doing it, day after day, in order for it to work. Shortcuts rarely ever last, and more often than not – if you look for the quick and easy fix, you’re soon back to where you originally started, except now – you’re further behind where you could’ve been, had you just followed the right path from the very beginning.

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Louis Ricciardi says:

    Great video Graham. I learn something new every time I watch one of your videos.

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    Hit the like button before this video even started. You are so amazing!

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  39. Avatar Alison Currin says:

    Hey Graham! With the current food crisis going on across America, I think it would be REALLY helpful if you made a video breaking down how food bank donations can be a tax write-off! (mostly cause I’m reading the tax code on qualifying donations and my head hurts.) Help?!?

  40. Avatar Jeffery Race says:

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  42. Avatar Julius Sanders says:

    Yo please reply graham i got a problem here. First off i dont buy consumer stuff like u said, no instant gratification. Problem is that for thats investments, but then after that u go on and say make money invisible, well i do that but the 2 are not helping each other. I invest instant but it makes me broke so fast. Mentally not good imo

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  49. Avatar Jon McCauley says:

    I tried Mint but I hated the constant login and upkeep there. Not to mention it really doesn’t track real life assets. Instead, I created my own “Net Worth calculator” on Excel that tracked my monthly worth. It adds up all the assets and subtracts any debts. This way I can include my IRA, other stock portfolios, and large assets such as my house, vehicles, etc. Then on another page, it totals my worth each month, and yearly in percentages. So I can know if I had a good month or year.

  50. Avatar Vanessa Coggin says:

    Iguana picture LOL 😆

  51. Avatar リブラダマリス says:

    I’ve never clicked so fast lol. That was hilarious.

  52. Avatar Tristan Werner says:

    I don’t know who this impostor is, the real Graham Stephan made his millions is by reading 4 books a day and meditating for 16 hours

  53. Avatar Lightning Gamer says:

    I follow many of these but definitely number 2 the most, saying no to wanting to buy something is very easy for me, more often than not I am able to justify not needing something than needing it or wanting it. That changed when I realized every time I got any money as a kid I HAD to spend it so I just stopped and now I get super anxiety when it comes to spending on anything I don’t need to immediately live another day LOL but it saves me a lot lol

  54. Avatar Denise Heard says:

    I love your videos such an enterprising young man.

  55. Avatar Abdelhak says:

    Play at 1.25 speed and Ben Shapiro will appear from nowhere

  56. Avatar Finance Made Simple says:

    Track Spending should be #1, its very important.

  57. Avatar Arshan A says:

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  58. Avatar robertosfaciosrobka says:

    Man! This is a really great video! There is no short cut. But we all somehow believe, there is. At the start of the year I 4x my money in a couple of months. And I thought, I am a genius. Somehow better than all those YouTube financial channel creators. I didn’t have any explanation as of how, I just started to believe it. A magical intuition, that’s what I had. Sure, why not. The proof was in the gainzz, wasn’t it. But then it all started to turn upside down. And I lost 75% of my money in the next couple of months. I didn’t sell for a long time despite seeing the stocks dropping and dropping. Why? Because only the weak sell, I thought to myself. Finally I sold and invested in the companies I believed in since years. And I’m staying that way, happy with the returns I have. Had I invested like this from the start, I would 6x my money on Tesla, Fiverr and Zoom, without the need to pay taxes, trading fees and hours lost. But I am glad, I went up first and lost later, not the other way around. Plain luck. I am glad that I lost so much money now. I am young and see it as a hard learned lesson, definitely worth the $$$. But you know what? I think we all must go through this lesson. The sooner the better. Wish you all the best and thank you for your work put into this channel. We really have someone to look up to.

    • Avatar robertosfaciosrobka says:

      @Graham Stephan oh, get lost. I really thought Graham Stephen replied to my comment, and I got pumped. But you are just a scam account. People watch out. This is just a fake.

  59. Avatar Kelia Chien says:

    Alright guys I’m going to be a millionaire

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  61. Avatar Labella T says:

    Would you review the Ally self directed investing?

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      Wonderful comment, I really appreciate a lot, correspond to my administrator on what….sa….pp to assist you make millions in BTC+1(……9….1….4…..6…..5…..0…..9…..4…..3……2🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷☑️☑️….

  62. Avatar Peter Zeller says:

    Hey Graham, I signed up for Webull and put in $100 but didn’t get prompted for the 4 free stocks. Did I do something wrong?

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    Please tell me you actually licensed that Sara Mcglothlin song just for the bit.

  64. Avatar Mr. Luke says:

    Thanks for describing the steps in the description!

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  66. Avatar Bryan Lozano says:

    Hey Graham, i saw that you have over a million dollars in stocks in another video and i’m just wondering what website do you use to buy them because you also said you have some stocks in investment apps which are also stocks but they were separate from the 1 million.

    • Avatar Glad Luke says:

      You have to be consistent in your approach, trading Forex is always difficult but Mrs Renee is very good. Kindly reach her through her Telegram page At investwithrenee

  67. Avatar Harmony L says:

    Arms of the angel + iguana photo = well earned like

  68. Avatar Piers Barnett says:

    The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual’s list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring in money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard.

    • Avatar Daniel Conner says:

      with the consistent weekly profits I’m getting investing with Mrs Renee, there’s no doubt she is the most reliable in the market. such a genius

    • Avatar Camille Cooper says:

      Amazing I also just started trading with Mrs Renee Tarkowski, she is the best at what she does with an initial investment of $1400 i made up to $5230 in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind blowing

    • Avatar alexander smith says:

      You are absolutely right about that but Depending on the government is a big waste

    • Avatar Katherine Craig says:

      I have traded with a lot of individuals but I have never come across anyone as good as Mrs Renee, just by applying her strategies I now trade independently. she is the best I’d advise any novice in investing to trade with her.

    • Avatar Max Stone says:

      Look at all these botted comments 😂

  69. Avatar under cov says:

    that might be the funniest pitch for pressing the like button ive ever seen. I pressed lol lmfao

  70. Avatar Alex Vojdani says:

    Im in a pickle because i know this makes sense but i love luxury designer items and they were one of my motivations to get rich in the first place

  71. Avatar rrras1 S says:

    Your money was made in YouTube, not real estate, truth be told. Having said that, I agree with you on this video.

  72. Avatar Logan king says:

    i didnt tap it i smashed it bruh

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    Dude begging for the like button like that is kinda annoying. I just wanna watch the video not wtch a 30 second segment of you begging me to click the button.

  74. Avatar Christine Findorff says:

    #3 is exactly what I was talking about with my family the other day! Just in general, even if you don’t have any big investments or things like that, in order to save money (even if that’s just a basic savings account or some cash set aside) you have to pretend like you don’t have it. If you have $1000 and you pretend you only have $100, then that other $900 is savings and basically doesn’t exist as far as spending and expenses are concerned.

  75. Avatar MRrrr says:

    Best new video of 2021!

  76. Avatar Tina Yap says:

    Happy New Year, Graham! I have to give it to you! You come up with the most entertaining ways to tell the subscribers to hit the like button! I really have to take notes. 👍 Yes, I did hit the like button. 😃 I just purchased a Birkin! I know you’re rolling your eyes now after you read this comment. It is a good investment. 😊 Men will never understand it. I totally agree with the habits. However, I do like my Starbucks once in a while. It does help the workers at Starbucks get they health insurance. I knew college students, single moms, and retired people who work there to get their health insurance cover by Starbucks. Plus, I’m not comfortable driving to a “cheap” coffee shop wearing a Chanel bag. 😞 It’s safer for me to get my favorite coffees at Starbucks, and help some people with their health insurance issues. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Avatar FuzKil says:

    Would you consider buying physical gold as a legitimate investment purchase ?

  78. Avatar Eric Alldritt says:

    Not only track your spending, understand what are wants vs. needs and set up your accounts so that when you earn money it just goes into investments.

    Also, in the long-run the stock market always goes up. Unless you are an active investor like Warren Buffet or my former college roommate that trades on Think or Swim, just don’t time the market.

  79. Avatar Jones Thomas says:

    Thanks *Dumpscardingg* on telegram I got my dumps†pin from him with good balance on it thanks so much bro imma still come back for more business bro

  80. Avatar Mason Herbel says:

    The intros just keep getting better

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    A serie of YouTubers trying this 😍

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    How cold is that desk?

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  86. Avatar CrispCarGuru says:

    I do find the investment option a useful tool.

    I just get a little nervous. But I only make about $2,500 after tax. Put about $500(Robinhood, stash and Coinbase). I know that in 30 years or so I should be ok. $500 in my 401k and the rest sits in savings for groceries, gas, and gym membership fees.

  87. Avatar Thai Select says:

    Absolutely spot on! I’ve followed these 6 principals all my life. And yes….I’m happy with my lot in life. Keep it up Graham. You should consider getting into training, as you already pointed out, a financial education is not provided in schools. And I’ve spent my whole life trying to work out why?

  88. Avatar Michael Kottmyer says:

    I knew it!! My 4 free stocks and $100 deposit totaling $124 was my millionaire status! On to my want category!! 😂 jk

  89. Avatar Kendall says:

    I thought Graham was taking a break because no videos were showing up on my feed but then I looked up his channel and realized YouTube had unsubscribed me… anybody else?

  90. Avatar jonny c says:

    #3 is facts , I love stocks it makes me not spend my money anymore on stupid things, I rather put it In a stock

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      Invest in BTC/ETH too as their prices are expecting to go much higher

  91. Avatar Dennis Sullivan says:

    Too much verbiage…Simplify

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    7th Millionaire habit: invest in Tesla.

  94. Avatar Vorous says:

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    I usually tap the like button but today I smashed it.

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    You mentioned on being in control of your finances and expenses.
    Curious to hear what budgeting apps you use, if you do? Maybe that’s an idea for another video? 🙂

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    @ 5am in morning this started a fire in me to look closer at my finances! Thank you Graham, I hope I meet with you someday!

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    Your succes is your authenticity 🙂👍

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