180 House Members Sign Onto Article of Impeachment | NBC Nightly News


The draft article of impeachment accuses President Trump of “incitement of insurrection.” In a memo, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the earliest a trial could begin is Jan. 19.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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180 House Members Sign Onto Article of Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

99 thoughts on “180 House Members Sign Onto Article of Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

  1. Anita Miller this is Reply

    This is BS just like last time when they try to impeach President Trump what a bunch of morons Pelosi needs to be arrested trump 2021👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  2. Wayne H Reply

    Trump never told anyone to get violent. Democrats instigated with not be willing to investigate elections. Democrats want total power.

  3. Military Street Minded Reply

    That’s a RICO case. He told them to fight, and they fought. He told them to calm down, they calmed down. He controls them. What more proof do you need? You can’t tell an angry crowd to go somewhere and fight, and expect them to do anything but that. If he ain’t guilty, then they need to make restitution to Jon Gotti’s family right now.

  4. Qui-Gon Jinn Reply

    There’s way too many old people running the country and needs to leave i think 8 years has been long enough.

  5. Gus Boogie Reply


  6. Truth & Justice Channel Reply

    WOW 180???? While 70/80 MILLION still stand behind Trump bc he didn’t incite violence!!!!! They were let in!!! PLANNED!!!!

  7. Rebecca Swanson Reply

    Poor judgement?! WOW! Get him out now!

  8. william wesley Reply

    A second impeachment is a waste of time and energy. Just ride it out. At least downgrade his membership to a visitor’s pass

  9. Pius Chege Reply

    Stupid Trump

  10. lang1031 Reply

    I would hope that some of the Republicans also signed on for an order of impeachment. To not do so would put them on the same level as Trump.

  11. Pius Chege Reply

    Democratic USA

  12. Cynthia Haney Reply

    The purges got to stop this is soo wrong.

  13. Thomas Smith Reply

    These republicans are weak F!!

  14. HighRisksatx Reply

    Germans trying to hold onto stolen lands.

  15. Emily Rose Burnett Reply

    R E M O V E & P R O S E C U T E H I M N O W 👏

  16. Pahanin Reply

    She’s taking it personal

  17. Military Street Minded Reply

    He did tell them to do what they did when he said fight. He trying to say Trump didn’t tell them to do what they did, at least word for word. He doesn’t have to if his words match what they did. Laws are open to interpretation, but too bad he used the word “fight”. There’s no excuse good enough. To be responsible for a death, and not take credit for it is the most heinous and despicable act anyone can do. Even more so for a president, who is supposed to be responsible for protecting his citizens.

  18. Per Omnia Reply


  19. Michael R. Reply

    Why is pelosi so afraid, what is hiding?

  20. Jimmy Collette Reply

    Next they will try to impeach God. He has too much power.

  21. Gerg Nossirag Reply

    And chumpy trumpy said Hillary was bad, typical narcissist gaslighting.

  22. MatterIsNotSolid Reply

    Zzzzzzz… Impeached for what exactly? What exactly has Trump done wrong? Nothing yet again.

  23. Saul Molina Reply

    Hope they’ll follow with this impeachment even if feels like wasted time …..it will be well invested time just in case for 2024 comeback… YOU HAVE TO PLAY ALL THE CARDS ON THE TABLE..

  24. Greg Seaborn Reply

    Screw the House F all of them

  25. B Lannister Reply


  26. Éamonn Síoċáin Reply

    A 2nd impeachment is necessary to bar the be45t from holding office again.

  27. Rd Reply

    So.. violence DOES bring unity to the government?

  28. NY NY Reply

    Trump is a threat to national security

  29. Old Crow Reply


  30. Uncle60 Reply

    Because what you do to others they might do it right back to you one day.

  31. Rong Shen Reply

    All Buddhas Bless President Trump Must WIN The Election, Bless He And His Family Have Good Health, Safe And Auspicious🌞🇺🇸🌞🙏🙏🙏✌️

  32. Ethan's Bluefox3 Studios, Creative Ideas Reply

    those losers set it up so they can impeach him… our government leaders are immature brat spoiled moron BULLY school kids.. seriously..this is how HIGH school teens act when they hate some one in class… bunch of fake greedy coward morons that got hired as government workers just because they filled out the application, and not for real intelligence

  33. Michael Schulze Reply

    Pelosi Unhinged description of Trump is actually the description of Democrats and herself. Must have been looking in a mirror talking to herself. Democrats, Rinos, Fake News Media, Big Tech heads will be in jail when Trump is returned for his 2nd term. As for leftist trouble makers who act in violence protecting Biden, make sure your health insurance is up todate.

  34. V. T. Reply

    Let’s cut a clip from Trumps speech and make it seem like Trump was the sole reason the incident at the capital happened and not the media that has been trashing 76 million people that voted for Trump. Also, it’s funny how the media doesn’t mention that Trump denounced the riot and all violence but was blocked by Twitter.

  35. Gregory Parrott Reply

    Rendering judgement shouldn’t take more than the few minutes they’ve likely already spent watching trump’s advocation, the resulting riot, the deaths of six, including (now) TWO police officers, and the invasion and trashing of the Capitol. Each congressman and senator should be called to vote up or down on impeachment and the ’25th’. Document WHO fails to act on trump’s actions.

  36. Joseph Dykes Reply

    There are a lot of scared politicians that can’t even wait 2 weeks. What are they trying to keep hidden?

  37. Michael Schulze Reply

    Politicians who steal votes, rig the election and by doing so commit treasonous presidential coup are not immune from punishment by Trump or the peaceful majority. Unconstitutional government is not a lawful government. Either way Trump will endure and The swamp will see the end of their lives as they know it today.

  38. Gib H Reply

    But but her emails

  39. Tony Caine Reply

    The rise of the Nazi party has began

  40. Kenneth Raymond Moore Reply

    Wish these old s***s cared this much about Seattle and Portland.

  41. Dave Lund Reply

    They are all traitors

  42. D. Lee Reply

    Whatever HOLOSI DeepState!

  43. Mary s Reply

    So what? Impeachment? Look what his first impeachment produced…a riot. Get that traitor into chains and inside a cell with a urinal. Get that traitor to shovel dirt from one mound to another and to keep repeating the process days on end, years on end. No twitter, no facebook, no tv, just his cell and a urinal, two mounds of dirt, and a shovel. This is how to MAGA!


    That’s it democrats…keep shredding the constitution for you wants and needs

  45. Natasha Peterson Reply

    Are they all off their meds. How many times has he used poor judgments.

  46. Rosie Outlook Reply

    Given that there are 435 members of the House, that is a pretty pathetic total given what Trump has done.

  47. Luke K Reply

    If you can appoint a supreme court judge in 8 days you could impeach the Oompa Loompa in 10

  48. Bonnie Bell Reply

    Trump is back. He will not be happy until he causes a civil war. Twitter and facebook his alias is JohnBarron1946

  49. Xemina Perez Reply

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  50. Whyso Serious Reply

    Pelosi should resign and go back to the mountain. That will be better for usa.

  51. K A Reply

    All lawmakers from House and Senate could have been killed. I don’t understand why any of them would not support an impeachment and conviction against Trump who incited a coup and their violent ouster. These thugs were out for blood.

  52. K A Reply

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

  53. H Simpson Reply

    can she do a stimulus package that fast?

  54. albert wulff Reply

    5 people died. Let me repeat that for those of you who don’t understand the serious ramifications of the actions of an unfit mentally unstable fascist. “5 PEOPLE DIED” ! ! You can spin the tale anyway you like, but it’s not that difficult to read between the lines! Trump wanted violence. And anyone who says otherwise is not living in reality.

  55. Sean Jones Reply

    D E R A N G E D – U N H I N G E D – I M P E A C H E D

  56. Phil Myers Reply

    Oh no ! Not < shudder > impeachment ! That’s worse than being slapped with a feather ! I’ll bet there are people in prison who wish they could’ve been impeached for thier crimes.

  57. Mila Arucan Reply

    What for..cant wait?.to get the bulk of moolah…like..h.c..hahaha

  58. Mila Arucan Reply

    Hahaha..as the saying goes..if at first you dont succed..try and try agsin..

  59. Mila Arucan Reply

    You guys are such a slow folks like snails..hahaha..or cowards

  60. Sonya Edwards Reply

    We shouldn’t fired all of u and start over

  61. motosofter Reply

    Fake news

  62. Mila Arucan Reply

    I thought she was playing her ches..

  63. rottvang Reply

    One day soon I’ll watch all of you corrupt politicians in all three branches of government be taken out in handcuffs, including ex presidents like Obama, Clinton and Bush. And these poor Democrats will wake up from a nightmare you have them all trapped in believing. When the truth comes out be ready. God is on our side and all of you who believe what the media tells you have abandoned God and chose Satan.

  64. Isabel Leon Reply

    Impeach trump, never has a President has caused such a deadly gathering of people.

  65. Tony Bjorklund Reply

    Is Pelosi paying any attention to what is going on? The President (Trump) has been vehemently against rioting and offering help to cities that have them to forcibly shut them down.

    The people who rushed the Congress feel that injustice was done at the election and instead of going through the numbers and proving them wrong or for having a lack of a better term a do over so that everyone can agree the election was fair.

    Filing impeachment against him will just incite more anti democratic party feelings and actually validate their conspiracy theories. They might be turning this into a powder keg when they need to drop it and focus on the unity they promised instead of persecuting Trump and multiplying division. They’re going to make a social martyr out of him and fuel the fires of distrust if they persist in this course of action.

  66. Mrs. Torres Reply


  67. David Jansen Reply

    Only 180?..

  68. sky walker Reply

    Another Democratic dog and pony show.

  69. Bill Roderts Reply


  70. S Rz Reply

    What kind of “organization” have we become when law makers are threatened by the president and his henchmen?

  71. Steve lee Reply

    This is exactly why they stormed the chambers

  72. Samuel Evans Reply

    180 members of congress may have signed but what about the 600,000 military and Law Enforcement that sides with the President? Are they ready for them?

  73. William C Reply

    He takes no responsibility..

  74. boomerhgt Reply

    Poor judgement that guys says are you kidding..get Trump out of there he is a maniac

  75. onthehousetop sparrowalone Reply

    To. the wicked,.the deceitful
    Isaiah 5:20.
    Woe unto them that
    call evil good, and good evil; that
    put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that
    put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  76. IAM Rena Reply

    This is a joke!!! He should’ve been removed when he was impeached the first time!!

  77. C W Reply

    On the one hand, I’m glad Americans are starting to realize what a disaster Trump is. On the other hand, the policies that Biden represents made Trump possible in the first place. The alternative between a neo-fascist disaster (Trump) and a neoliberal disaster (Biden) is no alternative.

  78. Alex Smith Reply


  79. Kay N. Reply

    Strike strike strike January 20 at Noon.

    We need to withdraw our support from the economy and inconvenience the rich and the powerful.

    We will not be silenced…..

  80. Acceptance not defeat Reply

    Impeach him and then ban him from ever running for federal office. He definitely deserves it, and so do his defenders past and present.

  81. Acceptance not defeat Reply

    It’s called “making an example”.
    You teach people how to treat you.

  82. LunaCapri- Piazza Reply

    They just built their own prison and will be barricaded behind those gates they just put up, along w/ 750 national guards they brought in. This is going to be history in the making! Get the popcorn, wine and buckle up. Lets see who has the final words!

  83. Carlo Lippo Reply

    Jesus Pelosi do some actual work would you

  84. hockchye qua Reply

    Where is the vaunted freedom of speech that you Americans are always talking about? When it affects your country negatively you want to clamp it down. So, don’t make hypocritical complaints about other countries any more.

  85. James Carpenter Reply

    GOP must support Trump’s 2nd impeachment to take the party back and ban him from running an office…or else he will take GOP hostage? Worse scenario..Trump will take the 75M domestic terrorists who voted for him and run as an independent in 2024? Either way the GOP will lose?

  86. sammy eloc Reply

    Its Trump who is vindictive…extra ordinary circumstances, extra ordinary measures, fitting punishment, drag the lunatic out straight to a solitary cell that befits a hardened criminal!

  87. Dan The Man Reply

    It’s an orange cornered dog biting at anything that moves.

  88. Herman Auer Reply

    Invoke the 25th amendment asap and start impeachment proceedings against the treasonous Trump!!!
    Trump is a major threat to the national security of the US. NO SELF-PARDON!!!

  89. Melvin Muddfuckle Reply


  90. desertpunksunabozu Reply


    Gop today: N-now hang on guys. It was just this one time. He said he’s sorry. Well…he hasn’t…and he hasn’t technically conceded…BUT I’m hoping he’s sorry!😅

  91. CRUX SHADOWZ Reply

    Everyone who signed that bill is OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE , LIFE , LIBERTY & PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and to SWINDLE AS MUCH TAX FREE MONEY THEY CAN ! who wants to bet me ROMNEY is on that LEDGER 🇺🇸

  92. Nicholas Fay Reply

    To all demorcrates surely this impeachment is only going to divide us even more,75 million angry people is bad news for all of us,only a week or so to wait✋

  93. CRUX SHADOWZ Reply


  94. Anron Jatu Reply

    They are scared to death

  95. Anron Jatu Reply

    You guys really gotta start fact checking NBC.

  96. Christy Meredith Reply

    People in congress need to be impeached not Trump. They are the only ones refusing to help American’s. Impeaching him now is just ignorant and a waste of our tax dollars that could be used to house the homeless. 🙄🤮

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