World Reacts To Pro-Trump Rioters Storming U.S. Capitol Over Baseless Election Claims | NBC News NOW


NBC New’s Keir Simmons details the reaction from around the world to the mob violence by pro-Trump rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol over baseless claims of election fraud.
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World Reacts To Pro-Trump Rioters Storming U.S. Capitol Over Baseless Election Claims | NBC News NOW

105 thoughts on “World Reacts To Pro-Trump Rioters Storming U.S. Capitol Over Baseless Election Claims | NBC News NOW

  1. jerry johnson Reply

    Japan is smart there the Germany of Asia

  2. Rychy St. Vincent Reply

    If a person shows up not wearing a glittery top hat while surrounded by clowns riding gilded elephants standing proudly on hind legs please believe what you see and hear. IT’S A CIRCUS! And now that all the dung is down and the trash is about, the Orange clad Ring Leader and his troop of
    clowns want you to believe they’re not part of THE GREATEST S—T SHOW ON EARTH!

  3. Paul Yap Reply

    Liberate America. Revolution of the Time.

  4. Jules Mack Reply

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  5. FED Reply

    This is his supporters also showing how furious they are with congress as well.

  6. Raymundo Salvador Reply

    Well Planned coup for Globalist greedy evil people.

  7. Zhixin Tan Reply

    Great! The downfall of USA has been a long time coming

  8. ALl BABOUR Reply

    Don’t worry about this what is the miss leading ?

  9. Michelle Ruiz Reply


  10. Mar Co Reply


  11. Out of USA's Manipulation Free to speak Reply

    the hypocr!sy politicians, elites and tycoons as top rank of US were crazy to ki!! our American patriots who are not
    r!oters but standing out to f!ght for justice and freedom, stop mainstream media, that are manipulated by the top rank, propagate hypocr!sy political messages, to brainwash Americans and smear our patriots😤😡

  12. Ashley Breaux Reply

    You can’t spell hatred without RED HAT ( SHARED)

  13. Unoseth Dohi Reply

    Well you know what Trump’s looks will say about criticism from across the pond. “It’s 1776 again and we’re all General Trump’s Minuteman,”

  14. Water Bug Reply

    My advice, vote for the boring person. How the F is there a large group of Trumpers in Japan??? Clearly stupidity is a universal human trait.

  15. Anne Mitchell Reply

    How can America expect to be treated with any kind of respect when the powers that be let this happen

    • keep calm Reply

      well it was already considered a joke

  16. Вася Сикаморкин Reply

    Весь мир знает Байдена как жулика и прохвоста! Эти выборы полная чушь, демократы такое во многих странах мира делали а Трампа щас козлом отпущения зделают. А потом опять мнимая угроза Россия, Китай, иг – и давай пилить военный бюджет и загонять Америку в долги! У вас там у людей с головой всё в порядке? Или у вас в призиденты нормальных людей нет выбирают? Ваша страна уже начала захлебыватся в собственном ДЕРЬМЕ с чем вас и поздравляю!!!

  17. Dinesh Kumar Reply

    Where is Captain America?

  18. j Miller Reply

    Do not remove Trump from office. Pence will be President and will pardon Trump of all crimes. Hold Trump accountable to deter future Presidents who want to threaten Americans to get their demagogic ways. Restore democracy & pass laws to make sure none of this happens again.

  19. Antoine Howard Reply

    Think about it. The same country America nuked had a Pro Trump rally

  20. Khate Emola Reply

    Shocking?- 😀😀 get used to it, this is just the start!

  21. Pamela Spicer Reply

    Please arrest and sentence congressman moe brook! Senator Holly and president Trump please

  22. Stokes Family Reply

    The end is near 🙏🏼

  23. ok tvl Reply


  24. Flor D. Reply

    It didn’t help that Giuliani literally told the crowd to have TRIAL BY CONBAT !!

  25. Thomas Spencer Reply

    He attacks his own capitol. America has a traitor as president.

  26. Thato Modisane Reply

    Why is everyone surprised that this is happening, are we really that ignorant.
    Just look at how many people this so called democratic america have killed from the BLM protesters

  27. Troy Spartan Reply

    BL ah blah and blah

  28. Ernest Chacon Reply

    trump has no friends, his only friend is himself, the devil, incarcerated !!!

  29. Paddy le Blanc Reply

    Not that shocked. This is what the US has exported around the world while her brainwashed and/or braindead citizens cheer it on.
    This is a rogue nation.

  30. Edwin Vasquez Reply

    Democracy is dying ladies and gentlemen. Please brace yourselves! 😣

  31. Herman Auer Reply

    Totally disgusting and I hope justice prevails! The pillars of democracy have been rocked… sad!!!

  32. Josh Reply


  33. David Angelo Reply

    Trump,Trump,Trump..the biggest mistake in American history.💩💩💩💩💩💩

  34. Allan Chapman Reply

    To be honest this comes as no surprise to the rest of the world and in realty makes little difference to how the world now views America. Look at all the agreements Trump as pulled out of etc. If you cannot trust the word of the leadership a braying mob makes little difference.

  35. hf84f409fuj fmru4uihg499 Reply

    Thank you Japanese supporters of president Trump in Tokyo 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇺🇸🇺🇸 ( 2:55 ) who did a parade for him during this bedlam .

    You show once again during a pendomonium which also getting abused by MSM to confuse everyone, you’re like always a reliable ally .

  36. er ver Reply

    Why? Why?why?

  37. Sp S Reply

    More peaceful protesters. It’s the winter of love.

  38. Sp S Reply

    People are mad because there is extensive evidence on Election fraud.

  39. Sp S Reply

    When will they prosecute BLM and antifa and the Democrats for all their crimes.? BLM and antifa have destroyed many private and public properties..

  40. Saujana Reply

    the end of Pax Americana( American Peace )?🤔

    • keep calm Reply

      Maybe,20 jan will be epic,are you ready?

    • Saujana Reply

      @keep calm I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. I not from the USA but I interesting in History Events.

  41. G Howard Reply

    Odd, the Antifa that were bused in, later confirmed by DC police, and led the riot, were never mentioned by NBC.

  42. Naya Reply

    Chinese trump protesters, ridiculous those lil wannabes have 0 idea wtf they’re marching for but I’m not suprised they can be just as racist as the whites.

  43. alexleanh Reply

    The Republican Party will collapse just like the Federalist Party in 1815! Mark my words!

  44. Lachs-TV Reply

    trump trashed america like all his businesses.

  45. Dawn Johnson Reply

    Throw trump out our country

  46. SA RO Reply

    There is no democracy anywhere, and where they pretend to be it, democracy is only for corporate

  47. Niagara Cedar Reply

    So does this mean we finally get to stop hearing you refer to your president as “leader of the free world” now that’s you’re no longer free and no one is following?

  48. xuan lethi Reply

    Msnbc nbc wp wsj nyt foxnews fakebook tweeter are fake news cholera

  49. Shubham Sagar Singh Reply

    1:38 says European leaders.
    Shows tweets of The PM OF INDIA.

  50. dingus Macgee Reply

    This was a Nazi insurrection.
    The very worst we suspected of the Trump followers has proven true. Trump is basically a Nazi. I am not joking Trump is a Nazi!.

  51. mel Reply

    Its time that the US military will temporary take charge on US leadership. US military must take charge… RE ELECTION IS A GOOD SOLUTION.

  52. Brian Korth Reply

    See Trumpers. The whole world is against your cause, not just most of us in the United States. Drop it before you make it worse. You fell for a con man’s lies. Walk away

  53. Ray Maresh Reply

    Just some good old boys. Never meaning no harm.🎶🎼

  54. Cynthia Haney Reply

    Communist like purges going on pitting Americans against each other. This is exactly ,what these Patriots were attempting to illustrate. Don’t fall for it. Black bros. White sisters.brown sons an yellow bros do not turn anybody in.

  55. Derrick Cox Reply

    Attempts by persons or entities of various types to control the public narrative is one of the pre-eminent signs of a society deteriorating towards civil war and away from pluralism. The founders of Facebook and Twitter are examples of Big Tech looking to control a narrative of their own ideology of a coveted agenda of global hegemony. Citing a false accusation and conclusion from their own bylaws or rules to justify their banning of the U.S. President does not detract from the reality of their attempt to control others and society as a whole. That a few stupid right-wing radicals stormed a poorly secured event at the U.S. Capital does not incriminate a President that uses rhetoric that merely opposes the preferred narrative of the Liberal Left does not constitute “inciting” violence. However, this mere opposition is indeed incendiary to a liberal ideology that seeks total control of our country and even the world. The actions of Big Tech are forcing the public to take sides against each other. Perhaps this is their secret wish…an excuse to rid their private worlds of conservative thought. Ideologies that make them uncomfortable with their past decisions and judgments, even their current massive wealth. Whatever the case, if they do not quickly reverse their thinking in regards to their attempts at controlling the public narrative, they will certainly not be able to avoid the future consequences leading to civil war, whatever form it may take. This is America…the land of free speech, hard work, and hard thinking. If you want to go soft…then America becomes soft…and dies.

  56. Caged Reply

    11 days to go.

  57. Peter hkpcr Reply

    Thanks Trump and his adms and all US politicians’ support over riots in Hong Kong during past years , now it is the turn Hong Kong Govt and people support more riots and demonstrations in USA!!!!Fair enough to support these beautiful pro democracy demonstrations in USA by these peaceful and lovely demonstrators!!

  58. Mike Legare Reply

    When you add the (T) for Trump to Make America Great Again (MAGA) you get MAGAT!
    This definition of maggots sounds as if they are talking about the racist Trump supporters and the Republican Party of the United states:
    A maggot is the larva of a fly (order Diptera); it is applied in particular to the larvae of Brachycera flies, such as houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies, rather than larvae of the Nematocera, such as mosquitoes and Crane flies. A 2012 study estimated the population of maggots in North America alone to be in excess of 3×10.
    Source: Wikipedia
    Mike Legare, author of” When Things Seem Odd: Polly and the Internal Guardian,” (2014), FriesenPress, Victoria, B.C.

  59. Emerson Plowright Reply

    Only Trump could have done something like this. He’s a national disgrace

  60. Mildred Urena Reply

    America…the World is watching.

  61. Sara Guerra Reply

    Those are crazy fanatics who fallow a sociopath president, Trump… Dengerous man.👿😈😈💀😨😨💀

  62. kokot dutton Reply

    They wants to change people, with shoot policemen, and what’s going to happen to those police, whit shot four people in the Parliament House ? Is in the America any law today?

  63. Tuti Fruti Reply

    Decades and decades of CIA operations to overthrow governments around the world with incalculable number of victims, simply backfires. That’s all.

  64. jenny mckinney Reply

    this is nothing ,remember all last year,the burning , stealing,pulling down statues etc,this is a country that has has 2 presidents shot and killed 1 shot but lived and one that would have been a president shot and killed,where are they coming up with america being,in order. but not to worry biden will straighten it all out joke

  65. J D Reply

    Rioters? No. They’re peaceful protestors just like those who destroyed countless businesses, homes, churches, police departments and court houses in countless cities and states for the last 6 months

  66. Cheryl Lewis Reply

    They do this every night in Portland and they just ignore it.

  67. Thisisanya Reply

    1:30 Narendra Modi is a European leader? 🤔😆

  68. Jeff Perteet Reply

    Hmmm Trump is big in Japan..Is that some culture of disarmament, after losing WWII? Very puzzling!

    • Okemicco Reply

      Not every country worships at the altar of globalism.

    • Jeff Perteet Reply

      @Okemicco What does worship have to do with this?

  69. Okemicco Reply

    Any reaction from regular people? Ruling class dweebs don’t count. I would like to hear from those suffering from the tyrannical lock-downs in Europe and Asia.

  70. Savage New Reply

    Your at the wrong house.

  71. john clark Reply

    Dont worry Trump will be out on the 20th then arrested and charged with being the leader of terrorism

  72. Kaiju sushi Reply

    Trump has turned the national capital into a dumpster fire

  73. Bocephus Reply

    Fake AF. I was there. NBC is lying to you. Wake up 🇺🇲

  74. Cv Davison Reply

    Anarchy in its simplest form! Treason!

  75. Edsel Hart Reply

    You are aĺl like thump

  76. Michael Fisher Reply

    The supporters of Donald Trump. You traded your nation and its constitution for a red hat.

  77. Edsel Hart Reply

    Babylon is going to fall for all the bad things they have done

  78. Jane Latour Reply

    I support President Trump

  79. shi tan Reply

    It will be more embarrassing if USA cannot do anything to jail him.

  80. robert hillis Reply

    Democrats are scared of law-abiding citizens.

  81. Fookoon Lai Reply

    Democracy, what Democracy? I am confused.

  82. aztecray1980 Reply

    Yup. America Fell on 1-6-21

  83. Sandra Roach Reply

    Trump is now disrespected all over the world not just in America his life is about to go down a lonely road

  84. daniel heartfire Reply

    To anyone with a brain, this was an obviously staged incident!!

  85. Kiko Jones Frank Reply

    Welcome to the world of the brainwashed 🧠
    The Devil got a lot of people blind of truth

  86. Perfect Students Reply

    Syria: We can teach the USA Democracy 101. We have years of experience suppressing the insurgents after our post-election chaos.
    Venezuela: We teach Democracy too.

  87. Cees Klumper Reply

    Why is this english guy shouting

  88. Paul Coover Reply

    Please america, this is a false flag attack. It will be used to pass sweeping anti gun laws and limits on free speech. The cops let them in. They knew what was going on. It served their purpose.

  89. Bette Chic Reply

    Even ALL the other Nations realize how utterly UNFIT our president is!! So embarrassed that we have such stupid people that follow a CORRUPT EVIL PSYCHOPATH SELFISH person .. he doesn’t care about anyone but himself! Wake up you cult members of the orange turd!

  90. Natty 27 Reply


  91. Charlie Prajapati Reply

    Jalwa he BC 😂 trump Ka 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  92. Dennis Coney Reply

    Trump saved y’all he made sure that the number of officers were low just like the coward he is including all of was easy making it look like to the people that you stormed in and took over actually with trump help if your so bad and rowdy and ready to die for trump go now with your coward added I bet want none of you go now cause without Trump you know it will be your last trip. I beg of you go ahead make this country day

  93. Luther Steinboch Reply

    The sad riotous breach of the Capitol on January 6th should not be condoned, but rejected. However, it was the manifestation of the people’s lingering pent up anger on the corruption and failure of our DHS, DOJ & FBI, the Judiciary, and both houses of Congress in resolving the fraud and irregularities in the last elections, that a third of the voting population considered as having been rigged. Our government is definitely broken, and our elections are no longer free, fair, honest and transparent that their integrity and legitimacy are now being challenged or questioned. Without a free, fair, honest, and transparent election, there will be NO representative DEMOCRACY. There will only be CORRUPTION and TYRANNY.

  94. Luther Steinboch Reply

    This MSM & Big Tech oligarchs’ full-on misinformation campaign and censorship of POTUS and conservative views, the Marxist Democrats’ continued lies and machinations to discredit Pres. Trump and his supporters, the abject failure of the DHS, DOJ & FBI to investigate allegations of fraud and irregularities in the November 3rd election and unconstitutional changes in States election laws (e.g. universal mail-in ballots), the hands-off policy in hearing and adjudicating on these election fraud cases by the Federal Courts and the US Supreme Court, and the complete disregard by the Joint Session of Congress to address the double sets of 6 States Electoral College votes and technically declaring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President-elect and Vice-President-elect, despite the widely publicized election fraud, are a stark manifestation of a complete breakdown in our government institutions that is making the second CIVIL WAR closer and closer to becoming a glaring reality.

  95. Luther Steinboch Reply

    The recent unresolved and unadjudicated fraud and irregularities in the November 3rd elections (which the Judiciary & the Legislature are washing their hands off on) are part and parcel of this 4-year long COUP (by the DEMs & RINOs, MSM & Big Tech oligarchs, 3-letter agencies, and the Deep State) against a duly elected POTUS. It should be STOPPED now. Pres. Trump should now invoke the Insurrection Act and order the US Military to arrest these COUP plotters for trial before Military Tribunals. WE, THE PEOPLE, demand the restoration of the rule of law in this country NOW before the communists take over our government and run our lives!

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