2021 outlook: History says this should be a great year for stocks: Tom Lee Fundstrat

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Fundstrat Global Advisors Managing Partner & Head of Research Tom Lee weighs in on the December jobs report, stock volatility, and the market outlook for 2021.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar SatelliteOffice says:

    A great year, white males now being profiled and hit the no-fly lists. There goes the airline and auto purchasing industries.

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:


    • Avatar SatelliteOffice says:

      @Justin Miller You didn’t hear, DHS wants to put all at that riot on no-fly list.

    • Avatar SatelliteOffice says:

      @Justin Miller Also, white while driving is now a thing. They have a FBI, PDF circulating too. White males now being profiled. They are angry about the cops dying by white male’s hands at the Capitol Hill riot.

  2. Avatar SatelliteOffice says:

    Add banking too, but on the brightside, the government will be able too cease a lot of bank accounts of Trump sedition rioters.

  3. Avatar Hot Girls Video XXX says:

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  4. Avatar IAM HuIAM says:

    Yea sure
    A great year for ripping people off

  5. Avatar Mark E says:


    • Avatar Jeremiah Miller says:

      Says the guy with a net worth of 5k

    • Avatar Ancient Kid says:

      @Jeremiah Miller lololol

  6. Avatar Rice Crash says:

    Why do these people CONSTANTLY push bitcoin ? It has precisely ZERO value, it is not a currency, it is not a storer of value and you NEVER have anyone with differing opinions. Yahoo PUSH PUSH PUSH your bitcoin bubble.

    • Avatar Greg Harris says:

      but but but fiat currency! lol The bitcoin scammers have to find new suckers to buy the junk, hence the reason you can fraction them out in order to buy crap from Overstock that you dont need. The way they slice them up, there’s more bitcoin in reality than there is US Dollars.

    • Avatar Rice Crash says:

      @Greg Harris Totally agree. They say it has a finite supply. What a load of fractional ^ 10 crap.

    • Avatar Greg Harris says:

      @Rice Crash Rudimentary calculus knowledge tells anyone that the area under a curve can be sliced into infinite pieces.

    • Avatar Javan Jenkins says:

      Why not just buy and sell for profit

    • Avatar Rice Crash says:

      @Javan Jenkins Because it is purely speculative and thats not how I invest.

  7. Avatar Mark Kravitz says:

    ✊ Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. Entrepreneurs always keep that @evenkingsfall (His insta name) THINK BIG approach to life! Great videos always ☝️

  8. Avatar Jay M says:

    Amid the chaos (including 5 dead), the rich are making off with everything (including the
    kitchen sink). Stock Market has hit consecutive new highs in the past few
    days. Thanks FED (money printing arm of Congress for the reich).

    • Avatar Marko S. says:

      You seem to be an expert on the stock market. Are you a billionaire, or at least a multi millionaire?

    • Avatar Greg Harris says:

      @Marko S. The Maple Leafs and the Stanley Cup have been social distancing since 1967 lmao

    • Avatar vcash says:

      Shut up and buy stocks!

  9. Avatar mrpmj00 says:

    capitol riot means a covid19 petri dish; we need another lockdown.
    we have streaming and don’t need to travel or go to a commercial theater and avoid
    covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020), police killing nonwhites like George
    Floyd, and exploding RVs like in
    Nashville, capitol rioters bringing pipe bombs

  10. Avatar Sergi Medina says:

    If Biden and the Democrats don’t destroy what’s left of the economy, that is.

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:


    • Avatar Dip says:

      How would they destroy it more than what Trump’s 2017 corporate handout bill did?

    • Avatar Greg Harris says:

      You mean like continuing the 12 year bull market that started just months after Obama was sworn into office in January 2009? Even though Moscow Mitch declared Republicans only goal was, “To make Obama a one term president” the Republican traitors to the USA werent able to keep America down, nor take over in their Trumpian Failed Coup Attempt.

    • Avatar vcash says:

      Trust nobody…

  11. Avatar Greg Harris says:

    Typically, the first 18 months of an incoming administration whose party also has control of the Congress, is a very good time for stocks. Then the mid-term election campaigning fires up and everyone’s “concerned” again and gridlock sets in. GLTA!

  12. Avatar R James says:

    Fidelity, MicroStrategy, Shopify, PayPal, Gemini, Spedn app, NCR, Alzashop, Litecoin visa card and more …🌔…🛸

    The future for Bitcoin and Łitecoin is looking more bullish every day…🛰

  13. Avatar vcash says:

    👉NIO for the win✨✨💰💰

  14. Avatar Bill James says:

    Really depends on small businesses recovering if the virus is going to continue to rage the economy is not going to get better and with it the stock market can’t keep going up that’s all there is to it.

  15. Avatar sbkpilot11 says:

    this guy is a lunatic. The JP Morgan numbers are not that far off at $146,000? ah ok.

  16. Avatar Tony B says:

    Bitcoin behaving pretty textbook, sounds like B.S. What comparable model in history are we comparing?

  17. Avatar co co gu says:

    I am afraid this time there will be no 40-50 percent correction to crypto especially Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are new kids in the block this time around that joined the market in 2020 and they don’t behave according to any textbook. They will swallow up fiercely even a smallest correction!

  18. Avatar Small Pockets Big Rockets says:

    Invest in genomic plasma rays, blockbuster blockchain batteries, and industrial muppet baby refineries.

  19. Avatar karlaq94 says:

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    • Avatar Hyatt Hank says:

      It’s a win-win situation every time even when the price of bitcoin is up or down I still earn regularly. thank you sir

    • Avatar Towne Duane says:

      Greetings all the way from UK, I have been trading with Solberg for quite some time and it’s been rosy all the way

    • Avatar Donnelly Roxanne says:

      Solberg Jonas is truly an exceptional trader and the best signal provider out here

    • Avatar Canok Mene says:

      I’ve been so impressed by him, I deposited $5000 into my account for a start and so far I’ve made back more than 4 times that amount and it’s not up to a 2 weeks yet

    • Avatar Zulauf Ronnie says:

      For the past 4 weeks I’ve been trading consistently with Mr Solberg strategies, My start-up capital was 1.5 btc, now my portfolio is currently at 8.5 Btc plus the recent pump!

  20. Avatar thisguy73 says:

    Tom Lee has never once been bearish. So he is usually right but sort of like a clock.

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