My Thoughts On Bitcoin

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These are my thoughts on Bitcoin, why I haven’t invested in it, and where I think it will go in the future. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Daniel Manning says:

    Omg this guy is clueless

  2. Avatar Zach Maclennan says:

    I’m 14, investing in stocks working multiple jobs and I’m dedicated to be financially free because of you tubers like graham, I have now become more frugal, I can now manage time more efficiently, and I’m getting ahead of everyone else. So I just want to say thanks Graham!

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  5. Avatar Kristijan Lanović says:

    Wait so if I comment I have a 1 in 5 chance to get a response from Graham? Notice me senpai 🥺

    • Avatar Kristijan Lanović says:

      @Graham Stephan consider your like button smashed

  6. Avatar brogen100 says:

    He is opposed because he missed the train

  7. Avatar e ml says:

    Its incredible to be this young, have such a good understanding of money and NOT being more bullish on bitcoin🤯

  8. Avatar mary haden says:

    I was able to make a huge income every week with the help of Dutchmanhack on instagram who made me believe there are still good traders on earth a real genius

  9. Avatar clavo says:

    Bitcoin seems to be averaging towards more stability as time goes on. Owning Bitcoin can be likened to owning a share of a self driving Tesla Robo-Taxi. Which is something, I wish, I could buy.

  10. Avatar Kaden s says:

    What a g

  11. Avatar Naman Sehgal says:


  12. Avatar Naman Sehgal says:


  13. Avatar Mugen Freeman says:

    I may not have been paying enough attention but I think the one thing you missed graham are the halving cycles uniquely built into bitcoin at the end of every four years which make them even harder to mine besides people finding them. Based on my research that has a lot to do with why bitcoin has consistently hit higher highs and higher lows over time when you look at the charts long term with consideration of whale movement and general popularity.

  14. Avatar becky gifted says:

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    • Avatar Amanda Sou says:

      I need help understanding the market, how do i get to him?

    • Avatar Fx n' Crypt says:

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    • Avatar becky gifted says:

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    • Avatar Lana Fischer says:

      Yeah, Tyler is 100% an awesome trader. The results of his signals speak volumes

    • Avatar Sandra Fortnick says:

      There’s no one out there doing what Robert Tyler is doing for investors right now. Everything is concise, well laid out and profitable when you invest with him.

  15. Avatar Reformadi Prawiro says:

    Heyy Graham, what’s your thoughts on DOGECOIN?

  16. Avatar Hoesiee says:

    make a video about bitcoin or i unsubscribe

    • Avatar Hoesiee says:

      @Graham Stephan this was not a fun joke

    • Avatar Lizzy Maguire says:

      @Hoesiee that’s a bot
      It’s referring us to Graham’s trading broker

    • Avatar Hoesiee says:

      @Lizzy Maguire i thought so

    • Avatar Lizzy Maguire says:

      @Hoesiee yes dear.
      I did message the broker though

  17. Avatar Junior Billiot says:

    You should do a video on which is the better company to file taxes with

    • Avatar Junior Billiot says:

      @Graham Stephan I meant like H&R Block or turbo tax etc etc

  18. Avatar David Cabrera says:

    He knows to much about btc to not have any btc.

  19. Avatar Tim van Monero says:

    bitcoin 🙂

  20. Avatar Vmondude's Asylum says:

    You need more researching mate your opinion and information comes straight out of 2017. You’ve got some catching up to do, we’re talking global reserve currency now 😉 just a heads up. Look up Micheal Saylor of Micro Strategy …You’re welcome 👍

  21. Avatar Project Influencers says:

    I’m glad I didn’t listen to Graham’s sarcasm on bitcoin years ago.

  22. Avatar pierre njeim says:

    Graham! the offer doesnt work for us folks not living in the US! 🙁

    • Avatar pierre njeim says:

      @Graham Stephan Sorry i don’t get it. is this an automated reply? I’m not looking to learn how to make profits trading. I’m looking to get the weibull free stocks by singing up using your link which i can’t do because it’s for US only.

  23. Avatar Bobkat Wu says:

    Skyrocket 5%???? Rookie numbers.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      I appreciate your comment , do well to write to my account manager Williams. on how to make profits Trading

  24. Avatar Lamont Pounds says:

    K’NEX video beyond Elon musk be in the richest person in the world and Tesla stock

  25. Avatar john winkelman says:

    That’s a lot of ads dude…

  26. Avatar john winkelman says:

    I was a btc maximalist until I realized it can never work as money. It’s a tulip after all.

  27. Avatar Ty Pierrelus says:

    Title should be “ I missed out on Bitcoin and I’m butthurt”

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      I appreciate your comment , do well to write to my account manager Williams. on how to make profits Trading Bitcoin

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      W . H . A . T. . S. A . P. . P.
      + 1 2. 1. 0. 5. 5. 6. 0. 7. 4. 2.

  28. Avatar kk's moments says:


  29. Avatar Reed Austin says:

    Yeah, all your information is old news by 3+ years bud. It’s okay if you missed the best bus of our lifetime.

    Cryptocurrency is the “dotcom” for our gen. Nobody understood html or internet in 1980-1990, but it’s now running the planet.

    Most ppl don’t understand cryptocurrency now, but in 10+ years it will be running fintech globally.

    I got mine. I won’t be a regretful “have not”

  30. Avatar Jordan Norris says:

    A Misconception is that they want to use it as a currency. Its actually more looked at as digital gold. Its not fast enough to use in day to day transactions. It has a deflationary nature and it has a limited supply which is what makes it valueable. It is better than gold in many ways do your research. Of course you cant make jewelery or use it in microchips, but its scarcity is very appealing. Hence why its gone from 0.006 cents to $40000 in 10 years.

  31. Avatar John Hernandez says:

    Dodge coin

  32. Avatar Ramon Bril says:

    You are talking about the automobile as if it were a horse, back when the infrastructure was still built for horses. I make my money by teaching people about cryptocurrencies. My high net worth clients usually think similar thoughts, until I’m done with them :).

  33. Avatar suck to suck says:

    can you make a “how to make money for teens during quarantine” please??? thanks

  34. Avatar Taiyo Araki says:

    gold has a 9 trillion market cap, thats all i gotta say.

  35. Avatar Joseph Williams says:

    Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2021
    Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaires

    • Avatar Francisco Jackson says:

      @Shang Guan If you are a beginner, I will advise you to get connected to a professional trader like expert Augusta

    • Avatar Velda Adams says:

      I’m a single mum, hope investing in bitcoin will help solve my financial problems?

    • Avatar Burnice Tromp says:

      @Velda Adams Yes,As a single mum you can actually invest and make daily profits from bitcoin and use the earnings to take care of your children but I will advise you to invest in Mrs Augusta’s bitcoin company,she is a good and professional broker

    • Avatar Deja Dietrich says:

      Mrs Augusta is certainly the best , i invested with her a year ago, my profits per week is almost $10,000

    • Avatar Luigi Rogahn says:

      Can i invest from the comfort of my home ?
      I’m very much interested in bitcoin

  36. Avatar sieropoli says:

    Graham, I think you’re missing the point of why it’s so volatile. If you as an investor put $1000 into bitcoin and it turns into $100,000 you’re going to take some profit. When enough investors take profit after massive growth it creates enough sell pressure to bring the price down significantly. Rinse and repeat. Bitcoin is volatile BECAUSE it’s in a growth phase. Once the market cap grows substantially bitcoin becomes a hedge against inflation at much lower volatility since the the price does not gain massively causing massive profit taking. It is a sound money technology, and the ‘problem’ of volatility that you speak of is how it is currently growing and being distributed. Once you understand that cycle after cycle this is repeating you understand that it’s a sign the technology is working and being adopted. Once you know that you can assess it’s potential future value, and invest in it like a technology. The objective is not to just have x amount of dollars in it, your objective is to own as much of the pie as you can.

  37. Avatar White Leo Gaming says:

    H-O-D-L !!!!

  38. Avatar coolbuddydude1 says:

    So if large sells can affect the price that dramatically. Does it mean that there are not many buyers ? hence why people on the internet encourage others to buy and “hodl”.

    • Avatar coolbuddydude1 says:

      @Graham Stephan Fake Graham Stephan account lol

  39. Avatar coolbuddydude1 says:

    It’s a penny stock.

  40. Avatar Kelton Johnson says:

    And the CME just released Bitcoin futures. Contracts are big however

  41. Avatar Myrka Zamora says:

    I have watched your videos on fundrise and Accorns, I was wondering if you can you do a video explaining the pros and cons on securities lending programs?? I recently received an Email from Etrade talking about E*TRADE Fully Paid Lending Program.* It allows you to earn extra income by lending out certain stocks you already own. I have looked around and have only found 1 down side if you own stocks that give out dividends. But I’m sure there has to be more information outthere.

  42. Avatar Odi Gomez says:

    Never understood and still don’t understand what is the attraction of bitcoin. Sounds more like market manipulation to me. Why would any vendor accept Bitcoin as a currency with such high volatility. Bitcoin is a speculative stock marketing it’s self as a currency. To each their own.

  43. Avatar Xavi Alonso says:

    dang! you are still that scared on investing on bitcoin

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      Really appreciate the comment❤. Reach my investment analyst to invest and make amazing profit.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      + 1 2 1 3 5 3 1 2 8 5 9

  44. Avatar Rishi Kyle says:

    Bitcoin is also its own form of exchange. That’s where it has implicit value beyond the subjective phenomena.

  45. Avatar Nathan Killpack says:

    Have fun staying poor

  46. Avatar YogaFlameTV says:

    Shouldn’t have thoughts on bitcoin your not apart of it

  47. Avatar Dank_Doc_Brown says:

    Graham obviously isn’t super interested in Bitcoin. Too volatile for him. Thats ok, dont just take his advice tho, do your own research. Especially if you’re holding long term it doesn’t matter if it crashes within a couple months. Itll go back up. Anyone who knows alot about this topic already ignores bitcoins intended purpose as a currency. Its a store of value and everyone knows it.

  48. Avatar Joe Crowley says:

    I destroyed part of your page with a hand showing only its thumb up.

    Thanks for breaking down BTC in a tangible way. I have the same ‘value’ issue that Buffet also states. If the argument is that fiat currencies are unstable, how can a BTC proponent defend it against the same argument? It is up there with the Venezuelan currency for ir being debased in….value.

    The fluctuations eventually will bring it to where only billionaires can trade it when it halves a 5th time.

  49. Avatar Inglourious Badjer says:

    Tether is buying Bitcoin to hold the price down with unregulated derivatives. Mr. Saylor said BTC should be hundreds of thousands of U.S. fiat dollars from his buys alone and that it is fraud (Tether) holding DOWN the price. It will be stable enough for regular high value transactions as well as energy, commodities, real estate, and other markets trading once Bitcoin has absorbed a decent amount of monetary energy and utility from the global M1 money supply. I need more. Please, Don’t buy Bitcoin.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      W. H. A. T. S. A. P. P.
      +. 1. 6 6 9 2 5 7 4 8 0 4.

  50. Avatar stoynov says:

    Can you do a video about Google AdSense

  51. Avatar Daniel Moctezuma says:

    You can also buy some options to hedge your btc position .

    • Avatar G. G. says:

      where can i do this? need to know

  52. Avatar Morgan Hubert says:

    Watching adds on Graham’s videos cause he’s worth it

  53. Avatar Sheldon Evans says:

    Bitcoin WILL crash again.
    It’s expected.

    If you understand why. You’ll be able to make a ton of money. If you don’t, those who do will be taking money from you.

    • Avatar Albert the Dog Einstein says:

      Explain it for me. Thanks.

    • Avatar Branden the Goat says:

      Learn the market

    • Avatar Shuki Shan says:

      never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake -Sun Tzu

  54. Avatar Gold grinder says:

    Those who do not buy Bitcoin because of its volatility forget that if it is so volatile it is because we are still few (relatively) to own it and this is precisely why its volatility and its room for improvement are large.

  55. Avatar wzibara says:

    Who is watching this after bitcoin hit 40k

    • Avatar G. G. says:

      im watching after it hit 40..i bought.. and then sank to 36500….

  56. Avatar Fern M. says:

    I invested just the amount of money I was willing to lose and now I have a down payment for my first house

  57. Avatar Wizard King says:

    Its selling time boys! Ready for the bulls after that

    • Avatar G. G. says:

      looks like people taking profit at this point..wondering how far it will go down

    • Avatar Wizard King says:

      @G. G. yeah me too. That last bull was CRAZY! It will rise again soon but now its just about can you hold it or are you taking profits. I just took them at something around 40k, but i have another one at btc euro and i hold that one. Its creepy how it dived so fast but it will soon go up again. Good luck to you man, lets make ourselves rich!

  58. Avatar SHI*TTY TAKES says:

    I got in when it was around 250$ a coin. I got 50 before it hit 20. I have constantly been purchasing 1000-2000$ per month since that initial massive spike. I will continue doing so until it absolutely skyrockets to the moon. Potential is unlimited. Very low likelihood it will ever reach anything close to zero. When hyper inflation hits the US bit coin will be a better value exchange than gold. Anyone who thinks the us is immune to hyper inflation skipped out on HS economics.

  59. Avatar manson1900 says:

    Raoul Pal is more sales guy than trader, see and check his bio

  60. Avatar ryan ray says:

    Dear Graham,

    With the rise of Bitcoin, I have been hearing more and more about these things called “altcoins”, like Dogecoin, Lisk, Etherum, and Litecoin. Can you explain what these are?

  61. Avatar Lucas Castillo says:

    how do you mine for a bitcoin?

  62. Avatar David Lyn Jr says:

    Any thoughts on litecoin,Ethereum or xrp

  63. Avatar danieltriplehorn says:

    Remind ME! 5 years “Watch this video again”

  64. Avatar Nico thyme says:

    Do you still read all the comments

  65. Avatar UnknownBoss says:

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are the future whether you like it nor not

  66. Avatar david M says:

    eth coin

  67. Avatar Tolkoum says:

    So you claim that you respond to 600 comments per day? I am very sceptic about it… Rather I believe that you have a team of virtual assistants hired from the Philippines, who write responses for you.

  68. Avatar Bartosz Tenerowicz says:

    Actually a great video. Down to earth analysis with good pros and cons.

  69. Avatar V95 Aaaap says:

    The funny and obvious thing about Graham is why people take financial advice from him? He got extremely lucky and had money to buy property in the 2008 crash. Now he makes most of his money from making videos where people hope they can learn how to be rich when MOST OF HIS INCOME IS FROM YouTube. Unless you can time another random crash and have 50k saved you are mostly likely not going to be in his position, but yet he is making money off of people who WATCH him because of something that was 50% good timing. Most of his ability to invest and save is because of the ADs sold here that you the viewer pays with your time. Do other people not see this? I want financial advice from someone who is not dependent on YouTube money and became successful despite that. IF ALL of the finance youtube guys were honest, they would make ONE video saying ” want to get rich? start a YouTube channel and create an audience, there, you’re paid, then invest it. ” but of course that would end all of their revenue. GET SMART GUYS.

  70. Avatar Asleep says:

    Dogecoin next?

  71. Avatar Jacob Hanson says:

    You can’t chew on 1’s and 0’s. And the pretty much sums up them $hitcoins right there!

  72. Avatar CptNut says:

    The US does is not the World. Pretty sure Binance is the worlds largest exchange. Thanks for covering Bitcoin in a video, I paid using “LikeCoin” button. 🙂

  73. Avatar Joshua Cannon says:

    Before I finish watching this, thanks for making the video. 🌝

  74. Avatar Adeyemi Akitoye says:

    Coinbase isn’t the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange.

  75. Avatar Rod says:

    Please remember to say “Thank you, Donald Trump”.

  76. Avatar MrKyneQ says:

    Hi Graham, great videos and I love how you incorporate smashing the like button into your videos. I do it sometimes and sometimes I do not. I understand these are your opinions so Don’t thumbs down it. However I was pretty close to thumbsdowning ( is that a word) this video because it’s 14 mins long and there were 8 ads. Some of these ads were mid way through you getting a point/ thought across and just ruined the video. I Don’t know if you have control over this but just thought you should know

  77. Avatar sabres6288 says:

    Think of it less of a currency and more of a monetary asset separate from the existing financial decision.

  78. Avatar Navan Mamun says:

    Me: *patiently waiting for the new furnished house tour*

  79. Avatar Sudarshan HT says:

    Can you make a video on the potential stock market bubble in 2021 predicted by Carl Icahn and Jeremy Grantham?

  80. Avatar Ryan Holliday says:

    I’ve done some research on Bitcoin and I’m becoming more convinced to but a fraction of a Bitcoin not one whole Bitcoin cuz I don’t have 40K laying around but one question I have is can u invest in it like a stock on TD Ameritrade or do u have to do something else because I searched up the ticker but it didn’t show up on TD Ameritrade

  81. Avatar Cam Bryan says:

    Finally. Someone who realizes our money hasn’t been backed by gold since March 16th, 1973!!!!!!!

  82. Avatar Brice_M says:

    What watch is that

  83. Avatar Ludwig Beethoven says:

    Federal Reserve FedCoin for all the slaves, China taking the lead with their digital nanny state

  84. Avatar Nick Satterfield says:

    He didn’t want to make a video about bitcoin because he has very little technical knowledge about blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the best performing investment of the past year because it can provide financial services to the 5 billion people in the world without access to centralized banking.

  85. Avatar JuicyToons says:

    Talk about ForEx!

  86. Avatar Juan Beniquez says:

    Hi y’all (deeeeep voice)

  87. Avatar FelixCited :J says:

    Just bought Bitcoin and Etherium today and fully prepared to lose 90 percent tomorrow

  88. Avatar monch zeberga says:

    bitcoin does not hold value because you give it value its proof of work that gives it value

  89. Avatar AmericanBulldogFit says:

    Put 10% tops into BTC. Nothing more. It’s crashing like a mutherfucker right now.

  90. Avatar Karan Minhas says:

    50% in Bitcoin! Chillin 😎

  91. Avatar Sleepy Bacon says:

    Man if you look on a year by year basis, volatility is dropping off a cliff this cycle. And also as many mentioned, the value proposition of bitcoin is absolute censorship resistance. No matter what sanctions are out there, I can still go buy a scarf from Iran and no one can come in and stop me. That’s big power. And also, when you said it gets harder to mine steadily, that’s not entirely true. It takes more and more resources to mine sure, but the total output of new bitcoins is steady year in, year out, save for the halving that happen every four years that reduce the amount of fresh supply by half. Have fun missing out on profits, more bitcoins for the rest of us. And you have absolutely no idea just how many people consider bitcoin to be an ideology and will effectively refuse to spend them unless they can spend them directly without transferring into fiat. I sure as hell ain’t savi anything in fiat so that some dude behind a computer can steal my wealth thru inflation.

  92. Avatar Dr. Woozie says:

    Those whales are selling right now. There’s no worry in those price dips it will always rise again.

  93. Avatar peter elliott says:

    He wants it to dip so he can buy more hodl

  94. Avatar Kamrin Wisherd says:

    Who else just witnessed bitcoin drop $10,000 today…

    • Avatar Nuno Valério says:

      And already regain the major amount of the drop, in a couple of hours? So what? THe market is still small and whales making profit produce ripples, that the market absorbs almost instantly. The point being, despite the 10k drop, followed by 7-8k correction (with more to come very soon), it is still waaaaaay above then a month ago. So, buy on the right time, keep yourself informed and do not come cry for volatility on something you might not understand.

  95. Avatar Nate Falls says:

    What about Bitcoin Gold?

  96. Avatar Nuno Valério says:

    YOu don’t understand bitcoin, or you are selling a story. Either way, it is a bad service to your followers on this topic. I think it is the first, to be honest, which is surprising. You are in a position where you should actually know more about btc than you do. You speak for instance about the volatility, quoting the drops of 70-90% over the years, seemingly forgetting to consider that those are more than shadowed by the multi hundreds ups. I mean, consider that btc was already in the past being traded, stably, at 1 dollar, 10 dollars, 100 dollars or 1000 dollars. The fact that you are coming late to the game doesn’t make it at all what you are trying to make of it. Damn, you could have bought it a 10000 dollars, and it would still outperform anything you might have bought with your money, except the recent surge on Tesla stocks. Nevertheless, what you seem to fail to understand (because you repeat it several times) is the perception of the value of btc. You keep saying btc goes up and down almost as a whim, cause well, it has no value whatsoever. That is fundamentally wrong and I strongly advise you to educate yourself on concepts of scarcity, and stock to flow demand, on the first major asset truly digital. That might shift your perspective. Peace.

  97. Avatar Mico Acosta says:


  98. Avatar The Right Mindset for Success says:

    Bitcoin investors were quiet in the last few years. They have popped out like they are investing experts 😂

  99. Avatar Nicholas Harden says:

    holy ads

  100. Avatar ultimatedoomslayer says:

    check out stock to flow bro

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