Why I Stopped Holding Cash

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Lets discuss the new money supply entering the market, why M1 has seen such a big increase, and what this means for you – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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How this works:

First, we have the M0 Money Supply – This is PHYSICAL Cash Money that you have in your pocket, or the money I’m holding in my hand, or the money sitting in a bank vault.

Second, we have the M1 Money Supply – This represents a combination of money in checking accounts, and all physical cash mentioned in M0. This is money in checking accounts that could basically be converted to cash, or spent, at a moments notice.

After that, we have M2…this includes money sitting in savings accounts, money market funds, and other accounts that people hold on to with less than $100,000, but don’t use for day-to-day spending. This ALSO includes all of M1

And finally, we have M3…this covers investment accounts, retirement accounts, and other “long term holdings” that you wouldn’t necessarily spend instantly, but – you COULD get access to money if you needed to. And just like the others, M2 also includes all of M2.

First, there was a big shift of money moved from Savings Accounts and into Cash and Checking Accounts…or, to put it more appropriately…there was a big influx of M2 money supply moving into M1, where it could be more easily spent. The thinking is that this is AROUND the time where many mortgage forbearance plans were expiring, we weren’t sure if rental protections would be extended beyond December 31st, and end of year financial obligations may have caused a big move into the M1 Money Supply.

Second, this MIGHT have something to do with proposed tax plans on long term capital gains for those earning over $1 million per year. There have been quite a few proposals for an increase in tax rates and transfers, and because of that – many wealthy people have shown interest in locking in their profits, or cashing out by the end of the year to avoid a potentially HIGHER tax in the future.

Third, as people save more money and refuse to spend it – more money is going to end up in savings and cash, further inflating this amount you see here.

Or, in other words – OVERALL, YES – more money was introduced through the Trillion Dollar Cares Act, people had to save because there were fewer places to spend their money, low interest rates promoted more borrowing so people could have access to more money, the velocity of money dropped because that money wasn’t spent, and because of that – there was a large influx of money into SAVINGS AND CHECKING ACCOUNTS than we’ve seen during any other time in history. That’s why the money supply saw a HUGE initial increase.

Regardless, though – YES…a LOT of more money IS in circulation…a LOT of that was because people have fewer places to spend it, so they keep it in their accounts…and, until there’s sufficient demand – there’s not much concern for inflation. In the future, that might be a different story as stock and real estate prices continue to go up…but, at least now you know more about it, and how the supply of money affects you and your wallet.

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Azzurri82 says:

    Awesome video! This gave me food for thought about the % of cash I’ve been holding.

    • Avatar Azzurri82 says:

      Annnnnd had to report the “alt Graham Stephan “ for outing himself by posting the phone number.

  2. Avatar alexanderespinoza says:

    On the app the thumbs up turns white.

  3. Avatar Tristan Prejean says:

    Thoughts on saving for a BRRRR? Cash, or invest and then sell off after saving enough for the BRRRR?

  4. Avatar skiitahoe says:

    Whats up graham its guys here CURSED

  5. Avatar Mokey D Meeple says:

    Great video, Graham,. This sounds like extremely basic knowledge, but they definitely don’t teach this kind of stuff to normal people. This added a lot of clarity to all of those claims about new money being created out of thin air.

  6. Avatar Mortisa Taher says:

    0:02 What’s up Graham it’s guys here

  7. Avatar Secure CTRL says:

    I stopped holding on to TSLA stock. Sold all shares and thinking of YOLOing everything into PLTR BB and GME stock. All the WSB bois are in it so I was gonna roll with it. What do you think?

    • Avatar Star says:

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  8. Avatar Rich Le says:

    YouTube failed me….it didn’t recommend this vid til 3 days later

  9. Avatar seneca983 says:

    3:44 The velocity of money is how frequently the money is spent on goods and services. That “YOLO investment into Gamestop” doesn’t count towards it (except for the possible commission).

  10. Avatar Mitch Kuchenburg says:

    The real question is: Where do you put the currency you have?
    The overall P/E ratio for the SP500 is ~40, which is synonymous with a yield of ~2.5% (pretty low & likely lower than inflation .:. a negative real rate). So, unless one is speculating that the market will continue to rise in the future, equities are overbought & should be avoided. The only other times the ratio was this high was immediately preceding the 2001/2008 market corrections.
    You would be in a much better position to provide the current yield for real estate, though based on prices & rents I would assume this yield is also fairly low.

    With that said, what ‘investments’ remain?
    The only other one I can come up with is commodities, which have been rallying.
    Personally, I am converting fiat currency into precious metals in order to preserve purchasing power for the market correction that I am anticipating. This is also a hedge against inflation, which is almost inevitable once the velocity of money increases (can it be reduced any further? Not by much, imho…)

    So, are gold/silver the best place to park capital at the moment?
    Regarding these two, I recall the Kevin O’Leary interview that you did.
    He said that your SLV holdings were ‘silver’, which is not wholly accurate – it is a silver derivatives investment.
    What is the ratio of silver/gold derivatives to physical metal?
    When that question is answered, you’ll ‘back up the truck’ buying the real thing vs a piece of paper with a fiat currency exit clause…
    My $0.02 fiat.

  11. Avatar Conservative Deck says:

    0:40 damn thought we were going through the votes for biden graph

    • Avatar Star says:

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    • Avatar Conservative Deck says:

      @Star bruh you ain’t even trying 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  12. Avatar Carlo Solis says:

    Wow great video! Keep up the good work stephan!

    • Avatar Star says:

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  13. Avatar Kelly Chan says:

    0:00 My brain is square and I’m confused.

  14. Avatar Asta Seppala says:

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  15. Avatar Ty Fisher says:


  16. Avatar Charles Broderick says:

    What is the difference between the government printing of money and me making counterfeit money

    • Avatar Charles Broderick says:

      @Boxmining what

  17. Avatar Dolphin xx69xx says:

    I honestly didn’t even notice the intro until the second time I watched it lmao

  18. Avatar Cosmas Desmond says:

    As the economy crisis keep rising,one needs to have different stream of income, one needs to have a diversified portfolio in order to survive

    • Avatar Marcus Jones says:

      @Mason Jack + 1 6 0 2 7 8 2 8 9 8 6

    • Avatar Mason Jack says:

      @Marcus Jones thanks for being nice here i will message him Immediate

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  19. Avatar Carl Woods says:

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    • Avatar bella andason says:

      Thank you will do

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  20. Avatar WallStreetBoss 华尔街老板 says:

    Part of the long term economic cycle

  21. Avatar Songkharm Family says:

    I never have cash on me. .

  22. Avatar Lisa LPH says:

    They don’t teach this stuff in school because the schools are run by the government. The government doesn’t want you to know what a sham the fiat monetary system is so that you don’t revolt against it. If everyone understood how massive deficit spending is reducing the value of your money, most people would stop demanding spending for this and that. Then they would no longer have the opportunity to benefit their cronies with lavish spending. The politicians make it sound like everything is good for us but it’s really just good for them and their buddies. For example, the war on terrorism, the war on drugs, climate change, a bullet train in California, etc.

  23. Avatar rick henderson says:

    Confirmed graham bought GameStop

  24. Avatar Alex Shively says:

    Better explanation than my econ classes

  25. Avatar rickydavis1051 says:

    Anyone else feel like another recession is on the horizon?

  26. Avatar Matt James says:

    Your uncle Larry’s a smart guy. You should listen to him.

  27. Avatar Captain Obvious says:

    Just sent you a good tip for free – got a half hour ad video for a scam called quantum code investing. Watched it the whole way through so you made a few bucks out of the pockets of scammers

    • Avatar Captain Obvious says:

      @Boxmining you not real guy.
      Why u scam so much bro?

  28. Avatar dafi723 says:

    I came here for financial advise, but I dig the stack in the background. Keep it up bro’

    • Avatar Greham Stephan says:

      Appreciate your comment

    • Avatar Greham Stephan says:

      W. H. A. T. S. A. P. P
      + 1. 4 0 4. 9 0 0 2 5 8 5

  29. Avatar GiBiG says:

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    FRA: 6KO

  30. Avatar Robert says:

    So rich are protected with assets and poor get poorer

  31. Avatar Lou Rosario says:

    How do you see this scenario if you are approaching retirement? Basic factors for the scenario include a set retirement date (no more than 62), limited expenses (only home mortgage), Soc Security, etc.

    • Avatar Lou Rosario says:

      Thanks buts not quite what I was going for. I generally agree with most of what you post and the suggestions you give folks. However, holding such as a small % in cash especially as you near retirement could be a bit dangerous in my opinion. As most of us age the shocks we can endure are limited. We no longer have the luxury of time and returning to the work force isn’t an easy proposition. Just wanted to see if and how your thought process might change under this scenario.

  32. Avatar Patrick Blackdale says:

    The inflation is happening in the wealthiest parts of the market: luxury real estate, equities, btc. All those prices have skyrocketed. The rest of the economy is suffering, and the m1 supply illustrates that.

  33. Avatar PINK USER says:

    It’s always a good idea to hold cash incase of an emergency to be honest.
    My opinion.

    • Avatar Boxmining says:


    • Avatar PINK USER says:

      @Boxmining I love it when a scheme comes together.

  34. Avatar The Social Experiment says:

    Money printer goes brrrrrrrrr….

  35. Avatar A berlon says:

    You absolutely skip fact that printed money went abroad…for different revolutions etc. Billions of dollars stored under pillow in ex-Russian republics and maybe trillion just in Russia.

    • Avatar Boxmining says:

      Do well to let him know I reffered you to him his strategies are top Notch✅..

  36. Avatar Success with Stacee says:

    Why isn’t this taught in school??? It seem so important to know. Thanks professor Graham.

    • Avatar Trevor Zheng - Personal Finance & Investing says:

      Because school wants you to be wasteful so the people at the top can make money off you. It’s the truth. Hope that helps 😀

  37. Avatar Hector Chavez says:

    Do you think inflation is likely to happen once demand surges after covid vaccines are distributed? Considering there is so much savings in ppls accounts?

    • Avatar Trevor Zheng - Personal Finance & Investing says:

      Personally no, since there are still a ton of people out of jobs. Hope that helps 😀

  38. Avatar MnifuzioN says:

    Graham: tells me to turn the like button blue
    Me who’s on mobile and the like button turns white: 👁👄👁

    • Avatar Boxmining says:

      💯 write my manager regarding making millions in B..T..C..

  39. Avatar jonathan james says:

    Put all your money in GameStop now. Buy the dip!

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  40. Avatar StormriderVarskil says:

    Don’t ignore Bitcoin. But report any Bitcoin scammers that put their emails, websites, and numbers in the comments.

  41. Avatar Mike Rivell says:

    great video, but $15 fed min wage is devastating

  42. Avatar D Doss says:

    Could you do a video on Sofi ETF’S?

  43. Avatar MP 40 Submachine Gun says:

    LOL a farmer getting paid? Is this some joke im too much of a farmer to understand?

  44. Avatar Gaur. Rahul says:

    The money is getting transferred in the hands of different people is not was actual money. in terms, it’s the money getting transferred by cutting commission by the hands who are transferring it.

  45. Avatar Jasmine Gravador says:

    You make me feel smarter with every video.

  46. Avatar Keb Lee says:

    Well that was a bit of a clickbait title….

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  48. Avatar Colton Brummel says:

    what’s up Graham, it’s guys here! Lol $TROLL is real money. Not kidding 😉 $DOGE too! <3

  49. Avatar Maggie Tesh says:

    What is up Graham, its guys here???????? LOL

  50. Avatar NeoIcarus says:

    Thank you Graham for covering this! YES. People need to know this and better understand it

    • Avatar Richard Fain says:

      Thanks for the comment

    • Avatar Richard Fain says:

      +1, (5,3,0), 6,3,3,7,2,3,5

    • Avatar Richard Fain says:

      What sap me

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  52. Avatar 留美生活你想知道的事 says:

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  53. Avatar Austin Amaral says:

    That intro was absolute fire.

  54. Avatar Mike Graf says:

    True story, Graham’s viewers have grown exponentially, and they’re all making so much more money by following Graham’s advice, than it’s created super exponential growth in money to keep up….

  55. Avatar Kim Koh says:

    I had to watch this video twice to make sure I don’t miss the information. Great video, Graham.

    Smashing the Like button + leaving a comment = Super Like!

  56. Avatar thecrow says:

    i hope graham didnt jump the shark….GRAHAM: do you think that happened? or can you prevent it

  57. Avatar Josh Gonsalves says:

    Up you guys what’s Graham it’s here

  58. Avatar John Hemmen says:


    This is a side topic but related to finance that you have never talked about. What about a family death, more importantly parents and how to forego with inheritance. This includes an upcoming wedding and maybe medical bills related to COVID.

    Could really use some feedback,

  59. Avatar lil bean says:

    What’s cash ?

  60. Avatar Chris Bell says:

    What’s good

  61. Avatar Patrick Sykes says:

    You’ve explained basic college economics information very well that makes it easy for me to remember. Thank you!

  62. Avatar Father and Daughter Road Trip says:

    If you had put $10,000 into Rollins stock in 1980, you would have over $250,000,000 today. Yes, that’s right. This company, which NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF, consistently grows over 25% a year for the last 40 years. So I ask you, do you think you should buy it?

  63. Avatar Milonee Mehta says:

    Hi Graham. Can you do a video on ESG investing? A lot of services like Betterment, Personal Capital, etc. offer it but the fees are typically higher than their standard investment portfolios.

  64. Avatar #Ronjmen says:

    He’s a money genius 💵

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      What I do is the ROI trading which enables you gain 10x what you put in within 24hrs

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      My strategies are top note

  65. Avatar Nate Mantell says:

    prices are going up, especially asset prices. If you already own assets like real estate or stocks your net worth will increase with inflation. But if you’re a wage earner and don’t own many assets, it will be that much harder to accumulate assets in the future. This is known as asset inflation and is usually seen as a separate category than price inflation

  66. Avatar roger chou says:

    can you do a video on your tax, i want to see how you deductions on your propertys

  67. Avatar Ryan Palmer says:

    One of your best videos. Nice work.

  68. Avatar InnerCHAMP says:

    I hit the like button just to prove it turns black instead of blue (Android user)

  69. Avatar Kamikaze Cash says:

    I’ve got a group of investors interested in establishing a REIT focused on residential housing. We have about $200,000 in starting capital. We’ve got some ideas about where to take this, but we are going to need some mentorship. Does anyone have any coaching resources in mind for us to turn to?

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  70. Avatar Julian Echelon says:

    Commenting for the algorithm. You’re welcome Grant 😊

  71. Avatar Tony Vegas says:

    Good explanation of M1,2,3.
    You should interview Jeff Booth, author of price of tomorrow. Technology is rapidly causing Deflation vs Banking systems need for inflation. Deflation collapses a debt based system. Countries will continue to print fake $.

  72. Avatar Nestor Sandoval says:

    That’s what I was trying to say, creating more debt doesn’t always mean creating inflation is actually the opposite, to avoid printing more fiat the fed creates debt and is all number on computer but not actual fiat money

    • Avatar Nestor Sandoval says:

      @Bitcoin Tips really 😒😒

  73. Avatar madan gopal says:

    Make subtitles in English

  74. Avatar Henry Su says:

    This videos explanation of why to smash the like button sounds like a pyramid scheme.

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  75. Avatar psander0504 says:

    But why did the m3 moneysupply also spike? Wouldn’t we need to see a drop or at least a stagnation.

  76. Avatar The Demented Man32 says:

    Cashless society will soon come

    • Avatar Julia Jane says:

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      From Rhode Island USA okay👤👤👤👤👤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  77. Avatar Mr. Soros says:

    what he says at 3:57 is the main reason why “trickle down economics” is a lie and UBI would make more sense.

    • Avatar Julia Jane says:

      I invested 500 dollars on BITCOIN I got 5,000 DOLLARS AFTER 7 DAYS all thanks to MRS MADELINE…

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  78. Avatar E Seb says:

    Graham you should really chat with Peter Schiff about this, see if your outlook changes.

  79. Avatar cosmin badalau says:

    Nice words game in the beginning 😆

  80. Avatar Marty Clement says:

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    I spend majority of my money on stonks these days, I wish that had more of an effect on the economy as a whole but my personal economy is my #1 priority. I’m grateful to be financially lit 💯🏁

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    Just FYI my like button turned black not blue. Still hope it helps.

  84. Avatar Phuc Le says:

    As an economics student, I approve this. Also, maybe a movement from M3 to M2 (I have not looked this up ofc) as well since some people might be cashing out from a historic market high.

  85. Avatar Nick Johnson says:

    you’re millions of dollars in debt. cash didn’t exist for you to begin with. not when you have a negative net worth.

  86. Avatar Henrik says:

    Thanks! Very useful video.

  87. Avatar pulsefire says:

    I believe that the situation with the USA economy is much more complicated. Those spikes in the “M” charts are just the tip of the iceberg.

  88. Avatar Ruy Osuna says:

    Mi hermano, the answer is very simple, BUY BITCOIN and HODL.

  89. Avatar spacetime says:

    I’ve been subbed since the beginning and normally don’t smash the like button, but you really outdid yourself with this video. THis is like such golden information and analysis, I knew most of it before from learning on my own, but to see everything put together and a well presented and organized manner is awesome. Yes folks, this video is the one.
    The one tip I can give you for understanding it is everything truly extrapolates and builds off this one idea, just on a gigantic scale: money is nothing more than a token for exchange of goods and services. Now combine that with Homo sapiens.

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    we’ve come to a point where saving is no longer considered a good option…

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    Considering American currency is so weak, kinda makes you wonder why they keep making it

  96. Avatar Jeremy Jackson says:

    Wtf you were WAY wary on GameStop

  97. Avatar Chuelito FJR says:

    Great video graham! but by investing your money do you mean investing it into the overvalued stock market?

  98. Avatar Edwin .O says:

    *Ever since the pandemic hit the world it’s been very hard for a lot of people to make ends meet. And as such i would like to advice anyone reading this to strongly consider iNvesting in the financial-market*

    • Avatar Edwin .O says:

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