Dr. Fauci: Committed To Being Transparent Says He Will Not Guess Answers To Questions | NBC News


During his first White House press briefing since President Joe Biden took office, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “One of the new things about this administration is that if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess.”
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Dr. Fauci: Committed To Being Transparent Says He Will Not Guess Answers To Questions | NBC News

112 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci: Committed To Being Transparent Says He Will Not Guess Answers To Questions | NBC News

  1. Slam Reply

    Finally we’ve got adults in the room.

  2. dotnb Reply

    Thank you Dr Fauci!

  3. moko baby Reply

    Wow, he looks so relaxed , comfortable and rearing to go

  4. eric heine Reply

    He looks so happy. He looks ten years younger. Pretending is exhausting. I bet he laughs as he falls asleep.

  5. dotnb Reply

    It’s great he’s free to do his job! So happy for Dr Fauci!

  6. the real truth matters continue the search always Reply

    Lol wth was trump even brought up in that way it shouldn’t be about that in the publiv health discussions of today and do you even know Dr fauci and what he’s actually a part of peole need to think and research before they just start listening to a guy like him but Anyways everything is going to be a ongoing process in america getting out of the darkness hopefully and seeing the truth

  7. jane simmons Reply

    time for fauci to move on;has deals on the vaccine,doesn’t treat patients,is very very political concerning his talk and opinions.still giving misleading info.no thanks.

  8. Ranel Gallardo Reply

    He looked and acted like he was released from prison.

  9. sam chump Reply

    Fauci the 🤥 Fraud. He is y first responders aren’t getting Vaccinated.

  10. Wood Splitter Reply

    What a professional! He doesn’t want to throw 45 under the bus. Now lets get rid of COVID right away!

  11. Martin McNickle Reply

    “I wasn’t joking”

  12. Sky Watcher Reply

    Fauci looks refreshed and happy. A big weight lifted off. Now, he can really do his job better. I wish him and his team success.

  13. Tony V Reply

    This man is beaming with joy today lol.

  14. Sara Hewson Reply

    I can’t believe we’re living through things like this. From the darkness of the trump administration to the renewed hope of today. Why would anyone in their right mind try to undermine an expert?! For his own fragile ego, no less!! As we step away from the incredible strain we’ve been living through, it will become more clear just how strong America is to have survived the biggest bully.

  15. Mark White Reply

    Go Fauci, freedom of speech and the ability to speak the truth will bring a smile to anyone’s face 😀

    • J_a_m_i_e Reply

      So why can’t we talk about fraud if freedom of speech exists?

    • Mark White Reply

      @J_a_m_i_e Thoughts and theories or facts about fraud or in this case the debunked fraud! No one is stopping anyone from speaking, just have the real facts at your side!

  16. Kevin McCarthy Reply

    Here’s a question I will ask you a thousand times starting now: Why did you give Trump TEN TIMES the coverage that you gave Bernie Sanders? You must answer this question if you expect anyone to take you seriously. Why did you treat Bernie as a greater threat than Trump? What are you doing right now to vastly improve your journalistic standards?

    • Fred Garvin Reply

      Amen. Biden participated in the ACTUAL election steal during the democratic primaries. How soon people forget.

  17. Realist Ever Reply

    I’m so glad he can just be honest with us now.

  18. exaltre studio Reply

    Fake Msm changes their thumbnails. to disdain to happy faces. thats how you make propaganda.

  19. Manny Rodriguez Reply

    ALERT: Trumpard showed America and the World that a Dictatorship in America is possible…. and gave America a feeling and taste of what a Dictatorship is like…..

  20. Tour D France Reply

    You love what you do and dam good at it dr Fauci, we can tell how happy you are now with what real president Should be/great democrats! we are as happy as you are dr Fauci ❤️
    Your neighbours 🇨🇦

  21. G Denton Reply

    He actually got his voice back in so many more ways than one

  22. 4cyl Freak Reply

    We can get somewhere with this type of thinking and open discussion with adults. Let’s Go!

  23. Vincent Lui Reply

    Under Trump’s administration, he fely terribly stressed to speaking up for the truths. Under Biden’s administration, he felt like speaking truths and has no stresses while working for the Americans.

  24. Eddie Tozaka Reply

    Final his back…more free and if you don’t know the answer just admit it…

  25. The future is in our hands Reply

    Live and prosper America .. Ladies and Gentlemen! I wish you a happy new year! New Years is soon! A new era is coming! all troubles are over! may a good mood never leave you! Good luck to you, good luck to us!, Good luck to everyone … I love you all …. With a bow, Gennady. Dear sirs, sorry that my text is off topic! .. I am from Russia, I live in Siberia, I am 63 years old, I position myself as an inventor! For obvious reasons, my know-how did not find popularity in Russia, in a country where 50% of the budget is formed by fossil fuels, my invention is doomed to be forgotten! I hope for caring business people who are not indifferent to the environment and nature. My power take-off rotor (conveyor type) will allow you to obtain energy from the water flow (river, sea) on an industrial scale, using my submersible power plants without a dam, will help to avoid burning: coal, gas, oil, atom … I am looking for a sponsor. … investor (non-patent), my address is genapopovgena2018genady@yandex.ru

  26. Delia Birnbaum Reply

    He looks so relax and confident 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  27. Sanjana Raj Reply

    He certainly looks more relaxed.

  28. Jean-Ian Simard Reply

    Brand new Doctor FAUCI in the house!!! the white house!!!

  29. Ray Bhatia Reply

    The world needs more Dr Fauci’s

  30. pam P Reply

    Dr. Fauci looks much happier and relaxed answering questions. The power of freedom and truth.

  31. Passi Flower Reply

    Dr. Faldo

  32. Pentasoniczound Reply

    It’s so nice to have leadership that believes in science and isn’t engaged in a relentless campaign to undermine objective reality by spewing spin and disinformation.

  33. Holly Kay Reply

    That’s the first time I’ve heard Dr. Fauci laugh! He looks transformed! So wonderful to have him back and able to do his job!💕

  34. Bikash Malakar Reply

    If u don’t have the 10% for the big guy don’t answer lol

  35. Justin Banks Reply

    Y’all really hate President Trump huh? Well I resist, joe biden is not my cic

  36. Gabo Rodríguez Reply

    Before Biden,I had never seen Dr Fauci laughing

  37. SINGKEW LAW Reply


  38. Caren Susan Bello Reply

    Dr Fauci looks younger and happier. This is his time! Go Dr Fauci! I believe in you! 😊

  39. Win Big with Lena & Mike Reply

    That’s all he does is guess. If anyone was that bad at their job they would be fired.

  40. Andrew Herman Reply

    the the the
    the, the the
    the the

  41. ahmad sharif Reply

    No that the toddler is out the room, the adults can go back to working.

  42. Kristen White Reply

    Back to grown up world!! No more clown shows.

  43. Daniel Walker Reply

    I respect 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 . 𝐜 𝐨 𝐦 #wow

  44. Aidan Francis O'Flynn Reply

    Lies that’s all he knows

  45. ukwe ukwe Reply

    He can laugh. He is alive now. Go Doctor. Lets fight this thing

  46. francis weir Reply

    Quick question y’all; anyone know how long it will be before I stop happy crying everytime I see one of these pieces about how tRump is no longer in charge? This was just beautiful!


    Asking for a friend..

  47. Jay Roy Sims Reply

    Dr. Fauci survived a hard trial, but he’s BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And better than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Michelle Tilghman Reply

    Have you noticed how good and great the energy is now..blood pressure down, stress gone, breathing good thinking good feeling good..unity is so healing ..wellness rocks🎉🎉🎬

  49. Flipgurujn Reply

    “Guess to answer a question”. The whole injecting disinfectant and light to the lungs come to mind from the previous administration.

  50. Opa Paul Reply

    In the meantime: ‘Dead votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now 420,285’
    Mr Trump, mr. Pence, miss McEnany, you have knowingly left children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to their own devices and sent them to death. How many people, who work hard to save someone else, die? There are 2.5 million children who have tested positive. Trump, Pence, and McEnany you are so blinded by thirst for power. It’s sick.

  51. Elliott R Reply

    McDonald Trump is a big fat bully

  52. Johnnie Boi Reply

    Do people actually trust him

  53. Fire Flies Reply

    Fauci why didnt you speak up during trump? Ohhh i see you had to wait months……
    Nobody cares about your feelings of liberation. You had a job to do. And allow people to die from covid. Fauci i would never consider anything you have to say.you are nothing but a sold medical politician. You have blood on your hands funding wuhan lab. You are nothing but a brown noser “expert” and part of the covid19 problem. You take your vaccine no one else will. Fauci is a joke. The guy who said not to wear masks. Fauci was never transparent. All these months he coulsnt be transparent?

  54. DMS Broadcast Reply

    Unfortunately Trump missed the chance to fire Fauci. Traitor

    • Mii 2.0 Reply

      Trump is a traitor.

  55. Fire Flies Reply

    Fauci why didnt you speak up during trump? Ohhh i see you had to wait months……
    Nobody cares about your feelings of liberation. You had a job to do. And allow people to die from covid. Fauci i would never consider anything you have to say.you are nothing but a sold medical politician. You have blood on your hands funding wuhan lab. You are nothing but a brown noser “expert” and part of the covid19 problem. You take your vaccine no one else will. Fauci is a joke. The guy who said not to wear masks. This is the guy that allowed covid19 patients to die for months. This is your medical.expert.

  56. Nandish Patel Reply

    I guess this is what Dr.Fauci was talking about, there being light at the end of the tunnel..But I’m glad that that he can be truthful to the American people..

  57. Shereen S Reply

    Dr Fauci can actually do his job and follow the science…. That’s liberating.
    He looks like a weight is lifted off his shoulders. Go Fauci. 🙏🙏🙏

  58. BFreeman F Reply

    The shade 😂😂I love it ‘ if you don’t know don’t guess ‘

  59. G G Reply

    That’s why Hydroxychloroquine is still being used worldwide, in an outpatient setting, with great success.
    I don’t trust a CDC “expert” who holds patent$ to vaccine$ and cure$ for COVID19…

  60. Claire Deiotte Reply

    Glad your Happy and Back!! Dr.Fauci. dont listen to no dicktards on this here comments. We the Real as We know the way its suppose to operate yes Biden/Harris. A Real Team.

  61. Drew Masse Reply

    I LOVE THIS. “In this administration, if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess.” YES YES YES

  62. Claire Deiotte Reply

    The U.S.A Team. Biden /Harris

  63. Montresor Herringbone Reply

    WHO would expect the group of fools be, in this “land of the free, home of the brave”, (ha), country to believe in other than this follower of the doctrine of Joseph Mengele via the Joseph Goebbels style propaganda machine? Ask Dr. Death why he sold this virus to CCP in 2014. Idiots, all who believe this forked tongued devil. Not me!

  64. Andrea Oceania Region Reply

    He’s lost a few wrinkles…so he must be feeling a bit more relaxed. .poor guy.

  65. Kevin2382 Reply

    Totally dropped the ball. Covid-19 is as much his fault as Donald. He should’ve had the nuts to stand up and tell the public what he really thought. This is a life or death situation and he didn’t speak up.

  66. Linda Y Reply

    He looks very unsure and nervous to me. He keeps fumbling around with his mask. I have never seen him look so scared. Perhaps it is because he has to remember to lie to the American People.

  67. r juniel Reply

    What truth!:
    *”When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”*
    ~Proverbs 29:2

    • Mii 2.0 Reply

      @r juniel Thank you! Also, what does that have to do with modern politics?

    • r juniel Reply

      @Mii 2.0 I’ll leave that to your critical thinking skills

    • Mii 2.0 Reply

      @r juniel I don’t hear people groaning when Biden won.

    • r juniel Reply

      @Mii 2.0 Neither do I….wonder why? lol

    • Mii 2.0 Reply

      @r juniel Because people are happy that he won! 😊
      Meanwhile, Trump wants to jail people who burn U.S flags.

  68. Richard Lam Reply

    Wondering why government doesn’t use war time act to take over production of vaccines to increase it fast enough just as they did with ppe, and ww1, ww2 military equipments. This will allow usa to vaccinated everyone fast enough and send to rest of world before the virus mutates into something even scarier. Vaccine production needs to be on extra fast speed setting.

  69. Tippo Reply

    Reporter; How did you feel with Trump standing behind you??
    Dr Fauci; Like I was about to be stabbed in the back….

  70. Frisky Dingo Reply

    Welcome back Dr. Fauci. I applaud the return of science and truth to fight Covid.

  71. lam without the b Reply

    Fauci is trying to seek attention. Without this press conference, who would give this guy any attention?

  72. Nancy Moynihan Reply

    Body doubles seem to be the norm these days. 🧐👀🧐

  73. Broken Wing Reply

    Never heard him laugh before

  74. Blu Sky Reply

    Yellow Journalism and the ahole jussie’ing America – 🤬😡🤬

  75. Lorenzo Orosco Reply

    Lmao, say the dr that pushes papers and said and I quote “that said mask don’t work in pandemics”. Guess when you a puppet and you’re put back on you’re string’s you’re ecstatic about it. 🤣

    • K Pee Reply

      Intelligent people form and re-form opinion based on newest information. So..

  76. X32BBFY Reply

    Snake in the grass coward.

  77. Gerard Pelletier Reply

    Daygoh. Day-ay-ay-goh. Daygoh come, but me want him go home.

    Come Mr. Daygoh Man, tally me banana.

    Daygoh come, but me want him go home. 🍌

  78. na na Reply

    Deep state devils happily devastating the entire planet. Demons.

    • Mii 2.0 Reply

      I’d rather have demons than Trump.

  79. na na Reply

    Demons unleashed again.

  80. Alok Reply

    So who got fired Mr. Trump!! Lol

  81. Patrick k Reply

    Dr. Fauci has a much better look these days.

    • LongBoardGirlz Team SoCalMAKAHA Reply

      Noticed that also’

  82. White Wolf Reply

    Good thing Biden got us back in bed with the World Health Organization (WHO). I was worried I wouldn’t get my daily dose of Chinese propaganda about the Corona virus. With China, the WHO and Dr. Fauci as our health “experts”, we’ll be able to keep printing money for our foreign accomplices disguised as “stimulus” plans. They just need to make sure Hunter and “The Big Guy” get their piece of the action

  83. Jim Crisci Reply

    He has made up stuff from day one

  84. LongBoardGirlz Team SoCalMAKAHA Reply

    We Gotcha Doc’ Concert Covid aid’ Any band you want with any Orchestra on rhythm. 3 days 3 nights’ canned heat & Joplin , come toghtherright now’ The Doc’ of America

  85. Niki Palmer Reply

    Thank god for normal e truth 😀

  86. Mike Ramos Reply

    Fauci is all fake.
    Fauci gave us the wrong. Information.

    • Mii 2.0 Reply

      No, he didn’t.

  87. Amrit Singh Reply

    Actors! At this level you should stand up to your beliefs under any administration. What? were you afraid of being fired?
    If you are needed you will be offered another job. Do your job the way you know it best.

  88. Mary Kincade Reply

    The auspicious hat neurally protect because sleet postsurgically deliver inside a frightened frightening full fumbling functional riverbed. spotty, plucky chauffeur

  89. Jim Miller Reply

    Welcome back! You can talk with the dems.

  90. John Burns Reply

    $-Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker”, a Medical Doctor with a PhD In Pharmacology who said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything”.

  91. The Oracle Reply

    Well that would be a change for “face mask” Fauci and his off the cuff errors and fear mongering

  92. LKNANML Reply

    I’d be waving my hands about.. Hey. I knew a guy who always talked with his hands.
    Nice to have you back Dr Fauci!!!

  93. 김송주 Reply

    🌹🌹🌹FBI direct out🌹🌹🌹ㅅ

  94. 김송주 Reply

    🌹🌹🌹Stolen tickets JOE BYDEN. Comminist Spy CAMILLA HARRISS~out🌹🌹🌹

  95. Kai223noa Reply

    Me complaining about how awful my boss is, Dr, Fauci rolls his eyes.

  96. Quang Thai Reply

    Thanks for your service, generous smile dr ,we are very respect you

  97. Soleil Moonguy Reply

    Have you googled the patents yet to curing aids or seen the work in nigeria and africa?????? Especially mr gallo…… not callo. Hey did you know that a yute is a jamaican kid?????? Nobody seems to care so Please tell at least two friends A.S.A.P. !

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