Reddit user explains short-seller squeeze inception

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#Reddit #shortselling #shortsellingsqueeze
Louis Rossmann, Reddit’s WallStreetBets user, joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to weigh in on GameStop trading as the stock falls and Robinhood halts trading on the stock.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Borc Tree says:

    Reddit user???
    Louis has been advocating consumer rights since way back
    The dude spoke in congress against Apple!!!

  2. Avatar Nick Joslin says:

    Explain to me why Louis, the guest, has better audio than the corporate journalist? Can yahoo news not pay for a microphone for their hosts?

  3. Avatar regal953 says:

    Winthorp traded places with Billy Ray Valentine, Finally!

  4. Avatar M MM says:

    The truth hurts. This is the age of transparency and accountability.

  5. Avatar TheMonolake says:

    Isnt the biggest issue robinhood restricted investment in gamestop.actually cut the investors off.and its the investors money !

  6. Avatar jamesdond1 says:

    My grandfather, who refused to turn in his gold when the big guys took it away, sounds just like this guy. It’s the same thinking of the democrats only the wealthy and powerful can steal money or elections. When will the people wake up?

  7. Avatar altbinhax says:

    Max, master class in dissecting a corrupt system, great work.

  8. Avatar leilaa brooks says:


  9. Avatar jeff westbrooke says:

    You want to bet on governments solution will be…….. fines, fees, registration, and licensing for the permission to trade stocks.

  10. Avatar Doug Thompson says:

    If you think the banks are going to let us take back our wealth, you’re gravely mistaken. They will wait until we sell our gold and silver and then they will HYPER-INFLATE the currency SO FAST that you won’t know what happened. They will be the ones with all the precious metals and we will be left with nothing but USELESS PAPER CURRENCY. HOLD YOUR PRECIOUS METALS!

  11. Avatar Joseph Unruh says:

    I subscribed to Louis Rossmann right after watching this. I like the way this guy speaks and I want to hear more.

  12. Avatar MobileDecay says:

    Louis Rossmann? Interesting. I didn’t know he was involved.

  13. Avatar Charles Byrge says:

    Rich people clearly screwing us.

  14. Avatar Senzmir says:

    Louis rosmanN, what a savage

  15. Avatar Noah Phence says:

    335 hedge fund managers did not like this video >>>^^^

  16. Avatar Greg sol says:

    He is a youtube user.

  17. Avatar pchang chang says:

    St James Gold (TSXV: LORD) (USA-OTC: LRDJF) Red alert !!!!best stock in north america right now #1 in canada up 95.66 percent as of 1/29/2021 wow and its just starting,People lies numbers dont.Even though its up big last week its a low valulations company and if they continue to acquire more properties in my opinion its a $$10 plus bagger easy it has low float and structure stock and gold will continue to move bullish in gold medals.Get in before its too late stair case to heaven thank me when your rich!

  18. Avatar James McCourt says:

    Great stuff!

  19. Avatar alreadythen1 says:

    GameStop is busy all the time, cause of Covid they limit people going in the store so as AMC.

  20. Avatar JimmyNeutron7 says:


  21. Avatar JimmyNeutron7 says:


  22. Avatar JimmyNeutron7 says:


  23. Avatar JimmyNeutron7 says:


  24. Avatar master ninja says:

    But what a cohencidence that a Cohen owned over 9 million gme before this whole thing started.

  25. Avatar SyncKid says:

    Why is louis Rossman being interviewed?

  26. Avatar Commercial Art Services Art Work says:

    Would they really tell us about this if it could be taken at face value.

  27. Avatar A Cat Watching TV says:

    How they gonna do Louis like that…

  28. Avatar liyah1234321234 says:

    risk? protection?? iTS ALL A SCAM.

  29. Avatar liyah1234321234 says:

    how do you think they can bribe a politician??? bribing with $$ is unlawful, but bribing with stocks and insider trading isnt. ie PELOSI husband making a killing the NYSE

  30. Avatar Neal Tauss says:

    ….at least das Big G ist nicht using our great-grand children’s Money to Buy it All Out…. ARE they….(yet)..?! THIS…. is NOT Capitalism. THIS is…. Crypto-Feudal FINANCIAL Fascism(by FIAT)…. learn those Words…. and these…. Money FROM the Many FOR…. the FilchingFingers of the FinagelingestFlimmFlammingestFewer than Few WHO…. use it for further entrenchment of Personal and Corporate Political Paw-er and Wealth within ChronicCrony-oid Corruption in Connivance’Capitalism’. Very Few…. high & INSIDE…. saw the ‘O7/’08 Crash BailOuts in the Making…. ‘WE’ could have Bailed the ENTIRE Economy for that kinda Cash AND…. people’s Mortgages AND the ‘Banks’ BUT…. all we ‘Bailed’ was ‘Banks’…. insteada sending it all to the streets(cause where’s it gonna go..?) we sent it ALL to the BAHAMAS…. causewherezitgonnaGoAND…. if YOU think THAT Weaponized Work of Woe was worrisome…. wait’ll ya watch what Warfare wakens when companies like TSLA…. currently ROLLING stock…. begin to REALLY Rock…. and the BIGZ can’t PopTHATbop…. RoofTopSolar&BatteryBacking…. JUICING…. CHEAPER THAN THE COSTS of TRANSMISSION(shoutoutTonySeba’GodParity’)…. DE-centralizing&RE-distributing ALL THAT WEALTH…. democratically…. WITHIN a PURELY Capitalist and COMPETITIVE…. Contribution…. to OUR…. ECOnomy…. here’s HOPING it’s Fun to watch…. here’s hoping it’s Watchable…. AT ALL….

  31. Avatar Jensen M says:

    He did a wonderful job explaining things.

  32. Avatar Lonely Desert Boy says:

    For those who MISSED OUT on the big push with GME and AMC last week… I checked the WSB Reddit and saw NOK on their list of stocks to push. As you know, Robinhood, Webull, and others made it impossible to buy those (and some other) stocks Thurs/Fri … but Blackrock has just increased their share size in NOKIA on Friday by 333,000,000 shares, and also many chat rooms I see are buying Nokia Friday and still high level of interest for Monday. In other words, if you missed out on the GME run, you might want to look at NOK. Ray Blanco also promoting it on his newsletter. FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m long NOK for 800 shares and my target is $20 but some talk of WallStBets pushing it to $50.

  33. Avatar Tesla 369 says:

    Louis Rossmann on Yahoo finance. Surreal. I remember watching his youtube videos on how to fix MacBook circuit boards years ago.

  34. Avatar radradroadbot says:

    lady didn’t seam to want his opinion about limiting the hedge fund toolbags

  35. Avatar Tesla 369 says:

    Let’s not give a free pass to the many other brokerages that removed the ability to buy these ticker symbols. It was not just RH.

  36. Avatar dragon says:


  37. Avatar G. B. says:

    Market manipulation exposed – the investment swamp’s kimono has been opened and what was seen cannot be unseen!

  38. Avatar plasmar1 says:

    ** invest in Oreo

  39. Avatar Eric says:

    robinhood shouldn’t even be in biz now.

  40. Avatar Varun Aggarwal says:

    ‘Louis Rossmann, Reddit’s WallStreetBets user’, HAHA….Yahoo Finance – DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  41. Avatar Doug Myers says:

    dont worry your government will be paid to fix this and make sure it never happens again…….if people really want revolution they’d buy their politicians like big business does

  42. Avatar Jason G says:

    PEEPS! I HATE TO SAY THIS. He has not recommended a stock in over a year!! Stocks are going to tank at least 50% this year because 1) The economy is 10 times worse than the Great Depression 2) Almost nobody is working 3) Business is like 30% what it was precovid 4) Value of the dollar will be dropping like a brick 5) Stocks are almost twice the price it was 1 year ago What do you do with your $ ? Put it in your refrigerator or bank earning 0% interest. It is better than losing 50% 60% 70% in stocks this year. SORRY I HAVE TO BREAK IT TO YOU.

  43. Avatar Sean Lawson says:

    I am sick of everyone calling us kids and Them adults When clearly we Are the Ones doing the correct things

  44. Avatar Tech pascal says:


  45. Avatar Ed G says:

    Just remember two NN’s when you spell the man name!

  46. Avatar Velo The Monk says:

    Why this only happened once?
    This should happen every day…
    As it is now they might get fined, which means they only have to put their money to a different pocket of their own.

  47. Avatar OM says:

    1.5 million subs on YouTube and he’s introduced as a redditor….

  48. Avatar Joanna d'Arc says:

    Louis has been my main choice on this particular @/shortsellingsqueeze and they could not have found a more informed person because Louis also owns a Brick and Mortar business in New York City: He has Skin in the Fame. and in the game, also. Fame is because this will cause another Black Friday like the fall of 1929.

  49. Avatar Blank Blank says:

    Shouldnt it be, Louis “Apple slayer” Rossman

  50. Avatar Blank Blank says:

    So when Ackman got shortsqueezed by Ichan its fine but when we did it it was wrong.

  51. Avatar CTMH Colorado Treasure Mine Hunters says:

    We could bring the whole corrupt system down with coordination. But this paper won’t do it, physical silver would be the perfect instrument to right the free market ship right now. If every “everyday Joe” bought 100 ounces of physical silver for their savings tomorrow the biggest short in the history of the world would unwind.

  52. Avatar sychophantt says:

    Billions whole next season will be about Gamestop

  53. Avatar semi2299 says:

    SLV is next! Let’s get Wall Street!!

  54. Avatar LOADING... says:

    Now I’m buying it because of the restrictions. They can’t do that to people.

  55. Avatar Mi Bella Amore says:

    “Catching the GREED in there own GREED” 👏👏👏👏

  56. Avatar Taz Khalid says:

    Just here to say $NOK IS THE NEXT LAUNCH 🚀
    Get in early and we take it to $100
    Because WE LIKE THE STOCNNNKKKK!!! Hold every share!!

  57. Avatar Jon Perez says:


  58. Avatar Pascarey says:

    Louis has very eloquently hit the nail on the head when he expressed the view that Wall Street has been taught a great lesson by the so-called kids; hopefully this is just the beginning to hold the greedy, corrupt traders and hedge funds to account and make them pay for their sins

  59. Avatar dean mohamed says:

    My man it’s holding the price because of forced short covering. Man you are a great speaker.

  60. Avatar Sani Bravo says:

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction I suppose

  61. Avatar Freddie Jacobs says:

    I almost gave up until I met with FREDRICHACK on IG who helps me to recovery my Instagram account Big thanks to FREDRICHACK 💝

  62. Avatar Joey Greathouse says:

    Reddit user?! Lmao Louis Rossman is a star

  63. Avatar Sam Bowles says:

    A bunch of Gamers, Gamed Wall Street.

  64. Avatar lolbot says:

    lmao rossman the apple repair guy is now an expert on stocks? LOOL

  65. Avatar usman yakubu says:

    I almost gave up until I met with FREDRICHACK on IG who helps me to recovery my Instagram account Big thanks to FREDRICHACK

  66. Avatar Ancapᅚᅚ says:

    I didn’t know Redditors were even real..

  67. Avatar Den G says:

    The lady is talking about more regulations yuck

  68. Avatar Otrab says:

    Short-seller squeezes make my PPBUS happy.

  69. Avatar Master Ruseman says:

    Wow computer repair guy is the leader of wallstreetbets

  70. Avatar Israel N says:

    the media is defending big money

  71. Avatar Veto Bandito says:


  72. Avatar Ethereal Owls says:

    how are you guys going to disservice someone who’s on the forefront of right to repair as a random Reddit user in WSB.

  73. Avatar I Robot says:

    I purchased GMS, AMC, NOK, NAKD….I like this StOcKs!

  74. Avatar Saar Z says:

    Reddit user?

  75. Avatar Sam Law says:

    This guy is a YouTube icon. Absolute genius.

  76. Avatar Garrett Knoche says:

    Don’t worry about the Hedge Funds, I am sure that they have their best and brightest working on a strategy for front running the wall street bets crowd or even lead them by the nose.

  77. Avatar Михаил М. says:

    What about CLF? Steel prices and cash flows are rising. Short float – 14 %……

  78. Avatar AdamN says:

    The fact that it’s still holding at $300 instead of $10 has more to do with open option trades than the fact that there’s any real value here whether technical or fundamental.

  79. Avatar AdamN says:

    Why will no one admit to themselves that clearinghouse requirements are a legitimate reason to limit trading? It’s this law people! Robin Hood can’t just flout the law because they don’t like it!!!

  80. Avatar DvApps says:

    It was weird so see him referred to as Reddit user 😂

  81. Avatar Leszek Gawliczek says:

    XRP will pump on monday , now lots of energy on it 🙂

  82. Avatar Bill Youlis says:

    Omg!!!!! Louis!!!!!

  83. Avatar william diggs says:

    Yahoo finance is as dumb as it sounds.

  84. Avatar Breezy Falkenrath says:

    It’s about the money. We want it back and we are coming to get it.

  85. Avatar Shit Poster says:

    “Redditor Louis Rossmann” fucking hilarious.

  86. Avatar wrongturn says:

    Louis provides the best explanation I’ve seen anywhere online. Most channels are rushing to defend hedge funds, and most non-mainstream reporters / commentators are blindly demonizing short sellers everywhere.

  87. Avatar ecz4 says:

    That sneaky reporter in the end… They were passing as journalists, but nope! She had to give away what they really are: press release for the hedge funds.

  88. Avatar Billy's Subies and Snow Show says:

    What a surprise!! The little man getting stepped on again.

  89. Avatar Asha Chowdhury says:

    The well-off thing phylogenetically guard because withdrawal consecutively approve midst a slim sundial. goofy, ultra language

  90. Avatar aderek79 says:

    Ah yes, random man who wears pants, Louis Rossmann.

  91. Avatar Alan Friedman says:

    Why did they pick this stock? Why is it going up so much??

  92. Avatar ellis0896 says:

    So disrespectful to call him just a Reddit user…

  93. Avatar Ivica Jaranovic says:

    Fire clean everything

  94. Avatar M F says:

    “rEdDiT uSeR”

  95. Avatar Pendergraft Pharms says:

    Great insight! You are so right and it’s built to keep the poor poor

  96. Avatar Ludwig Ng says:

    How do we know that the one who started or fans the flame is not another hedge fund?

  97. Avatar Natalie J says:

    How much of it is about being able to make money the same way – retailers SHOULD have that right. Invest your money with us, but be prepared for us to screw you now and again…who the f@)&^ is going to agree to that after the awakening??

  98. Avatar 05thomaslj says:

    the price is holding, in spite of demand being stopped. is because the supply did not increase when the demand stopped. people are just holding. if they sell. then it drops

  99. Avatar Chad Vader says:

    Sorry man, but the short sellers aren’t going to get punished (except for what WSB did to them). That just doesn’t happen to people who give $800K to Janet Yellen.

  100. Avatar Florian Kluge says:

    wHaT aBoUt rEgUlaToRs? 🤥

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