Ark’s Cathie Wood discusses Reddit, GameStop, potential bond bubble, and short sellers


Yahoo Finance’s Jen Rogers spoke with Ark Invest’s Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Investment Officer Cathie Wood about retail investing, Reddit, GameStop, a potential bond bubble, and short sellers.

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140 thoughts on “Ark’s Cathie Wood discusses Reddit, GameStop, potential bond bubble, and short sellers

  1. SHEA HUB Reply

    Breaking News about GAMESTOP That they don’t want you to know about!!

  2. Jim Hitch Reply

    The Hedge funds that are getting spanked are going to pull every string to get their way. Shorting more than 100% adds a new risk. Hedge funds are going to complain that it is not fair that investors group together. That is absurd as a hedge fund is a group of investors. Hedge fund shorts have an expiry date. The individuals grouping together want to hold shares for a period of time, long enough for the shorts to expire. There are YouTube videos going back to July regarding this with Gamestop. The Hedge funds had fair warning.

  3. Joe Reply

    the fact that it is 140% shorted means there’s more than just the company nuts and bolts value in the company shares. its like owning a fridge of cold water bottles in the desert where there are lots of people dying of dehydration vs owning the same fridge of water in your average city. one is worth more to different people.

    • Mart Brighton Reply

      I don’t get that. I get short selling. But how can you short sell a share that does not even exist?

    • Joe Reply

      i watched a video on naked shorting. thats how it can be more than 100% short

    • Sean O'Grady Reply

      @Mart Brighton It gets sold and reborrowed, there’s also naked shorting but that’s a bag of worms

  4. MM 126 Reply

    Good picks so far but this lady is funny looking af

  5. Tech-Nomadic Reply

    could a person maybe think about allowing used video games to be sent in to them, verify the quality of the disk, send credit to the seller, then turn those games into a bundle for a monthly loot crate? IDK just an idea for all these people who wanna talk about innovation

  6. James Boyer Reply

    Hmmm…well…If you do your research and really like a company for what they are doing and where they are headed…why is important to know who is long and who is short? At some percentage of ownership you have to disclose. At some point of shortership you should have to do the same. Maybe you do and I just don’t know.

  7. George Pagotelis Reply

    The financial market tests the liquidity of small users n their margin loans when they dropped 50%. if they didn’t sell they would lose everything. Are they worth 50% -75% less?!?!

    Hedge funds were tested by the people it’s no different. Regardless of that price. NOTHING to do with fundamentals what it worth. They were tested n you changed the rules blocking brokers all around the world.

  8. Alexander Bush Reply

    I’ve gained a lot of respect for Yahoo Finance coverage over the last 2 weeks.

  9. R S Reply

    Cathie wood is one of the best investor of our time ..what strikes me about her the most is that she is so real and her research is spot on and above all she is transparent.

  10. Paul YOON Reply

    GME has fallen a lot. And investment experts and the media only say in words, “Small investments have won GME,” stressing that now sell it and leave. But did individual investors win? If individual investors had won, hedge fund companies should have immediately stopped the downward pressure and naturally caused GME shares to fall. That’s what individual investors won. You must have watched with your eyes how GME stock prices fell today. All of these stocks, including nakd, amc, gme, express, etc., were not natural declines, but still put downward pressure on short selling. That was a terrible act, too. They’ll be laughing behind you. Anyway, is this the right society? Is this also in the fair rules? As a small investor, I cannot help but ask this question.Small investors, let’s work together again.

    • Calleocho 210 Reply

      I’m with you! Till our next one ☝️

  11. Haider Khan Reply

    One word: Queen

  12. Dave Froman Reply

    99% of all the companies that existed during the first industrial revolution, failed to transition into the 2nd industrial era economy. This time is expected to be even more dramatic due to the effects of digitization as well as lateral network effects and efficiency. If you are not investing in the future today? You are investing in going bankrupt.

  13. Naga J Reply

    Cathie Wood is modern LEGEND Market Analyst.

    • Renoir LeMier’s Great Beginnings Reply

      Warren Buffett been missing for months. She’s the Queen fuhsho!

  14. Manuel Lopes Reply

    Cathy is being kind to short sellers breaking all kinds of rules in shorting above float, not even to mention that all the float can not be shorted.

    • lynxminx4 Reply

      To say the least. I think her amazement at 140% short interest was code for ‘SEC, u lookin’?

  15. Freddie G Reply

    When you are in a bubble you shouldn’t throw pins.

  16. Alexander Lavin Reply

    Cathie Wood didn’t know that, with illegal naked shorts, the short sale volume could exceed the total shares of a stock??

    I’ve never made a financial investment and even I know that.

    • 12InchesUnBuffed Reply

      cuz she spends time doing research, not gambling in financial derivatives.

  17. Wingmantx Reply

    what kind of person arranged their books on the bookshelf by color !!??

    • Yasin Aydın Reply

      Duuuude that chaotic way she put the shades messes with my nerves

  18. Keith Kool Reply

    Cuban was so right. Stocks, today, are for trading. Not for owning

    • NEO-pabo Reply

      They’re for both!

  19. Ancient Kid Reply


    • mrtran22 t Reply

      50 trillion!

  20. asborhen Reply

    A lot of cope in the comments section

  21. SGANET Reply

    We like the stock!

  22. Mike V Reply

    Why haven’t we heard yet from Ryan Cohen? Do an interview with him.

  23. Thiny1991 Reply

    Bringing back memories of LTV???

  24. TTYL NRN Reply

    The market today was horrible. Manipulation for hedge funds and investing banks to get their shares adjusted while the retail investors and businesses sit quietly and watch the event unfold. Where is the SEC? The whole point of stocks was to allow companies grow and expand their businesses but now it has become a casino.

  25. Steve Reply

    I’m a fan of Cathie and Jeffrey Gundlach, props yahoo for getting these two on here. I’m glad you let your guests talk too, unlike that idiot from CNBC that argued with Chamath Palihapitiya the whole interview.

  26. Dan Su Reply

    Keep up the good work ARK… I am with you ARKK !

  27. Mark Kravitz Reply

    ✊ If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. A handsome fella @evenkingsfall (his insta) says the key is you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that attitude! Good content as always ❤️

  28. ponpon-ponsuke Reply

    Lets Locust their assets too lol

  29. Frank Rossiter Reply

    puts on hedge funds

  30. Photon Reply

    Ugh she is my dream girl

  31. Christopher Dennis Reply

    ETF revolution? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Christopher Dennis Reply

    Top 10 of each ARK is loaded by TSLA, SQ, NVTA, ROKU, CRSP,

  33. The Heat Inferno Reply

    Yeah so now they will survive, and you still haven’t come to grips with that lol

  34. The Heat Inferno Reply

    TESLA is overvalued until everyone is driving a TESLA. I like GME

  35. Steven Chua Reply

    Totally agree.. short sellers always gave us good opportunities.. except for GME where they overshot..

  36. Investing Education Reply

    How to see full interview

  37. andrew Reply

    I think the 6 million reddit traders should start a regular Idea dinner…….

    • Mart Brighton Reply

      Wow, that would be a big restaurant table

  38. Michael Reply

    NNDM 🔥

  39. 2Tubist Reply

    3:32 – 4:09
    Does anyone elaborate what she mean?
    (How can they – GME, AMC types – can go to equity mkt & raise capital) how does that work?

  40. Ali Husain Reply

    Let’s be clear, Tesla was saved by Retail investors. There were malicious rumors being circulated on every media outlet. The strategy was to close the capital markets and let Tesla die. Cathy benefited from retail being the buyer of last resort. Read Matt Taibib’s book The Divide, you’ll see how hedge funds operate and the rules don’t apply to them.

  41. Dome Reply

    Cathie is the ultimate stock market guru.

  42. Jacob Furnish Reply

    The hedge fund delved too greedily and too deep into the short. You know what they awoke in the darkness of the internet…Reddit, and vengeance.

  43. Chris Lancaster Reply

    This dude wearing a Patagonia vest.. gtfo poser

  44. Asad Mobin Reply

    Dude in the beginning probably with the worst intro ever

  45. Mitch Canter Reply

    is she single?

  46. Mia Alex Reply

    I’m so happy for Tesla shorts
    They made me rich.

    Buy n hold 😊

  47. 30all Reply

    All the brats dominate the media, so call reporters/journalists . What the credentials do they have? Unbelievable !

  48. 30all Reply

    If you are so ‘active’. Do you need to research?

  49. thisguy73 Reply

    Cathie is smart but sadly her assets under management will eventually get so large she will revert to the mean. That may be in 6 months or 4 years – who knows. But once you are so large you no longer can be precise. But she wins in that scenario as she is taking 2% of assets so will be a billionaire. The normal people chasing the trend on the other hand will be paying big money for average results. Again not now – but then.

  50. luke dukes Reply

    Stop with the dumb ass “exclusive” changing colors as she is speaking. It’s distracting and unnecessary.

  51. sho t Reply

    The many beet postnatally plug because stepson lastly sneeze as a ordinary beauty. ceaseless, woozy design

  52. Freedom Finance Reply

    She said, we need stupid people to profit from

  53. Hewit Rachael Reply

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    • Chris Alvin Reply

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    • Davison Joe Reply

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    • St James Patrick Reply

      The only guaranteed way to make profit from trading is with the help of an expert, that’s the fact.
      I started trading recently with him and his strategies and profits are looking quite impressive guys.

    • Troy Williams Reply

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    • Veronica Henley Reply

      I have been making more than x3 of the worth of my portfolio weekly since I adopted Mr. Bernard’s strategy: I will be buying my first house soon. It’s proof that this is working .

  54. Adams Hooper Reply

    Exchanging any type of currency is built on shared trust, we value the dollar because we trust its purchasing power, so the real question here is should you trust cryptocurrencies enough to jump into it and even invest in it. These things are subject to how much value we place on them since they are decentralized. Now do you really think the idea of digital currency would really not strive in a world where everything is becoming digital ? Your guess is as good as mine, the government is discouraging us from buying digital assets while they are pumping money into it because they know its the future. To get started in digital currencies you either need a broker or trading platform believe it or not if you’re a newbie you cant do without a broker all you need is to find a reliable one. One of such is paxybits. You can reach their US agent on the open line here

    • Adams Hooper Reply

      whatsap p +1 7 7 3 6 5 7 9 4 3 1. Be careful about the name of the company, there are some under the guise of similar names

    • Richard Franklin Reply

      how profitable is this short term

    • Daniel Soprano-Wells Reply

      @Richard Franklin I think its more short termed than long term, most of these trading companies are, the problem like he said lies in finding a reliable one.

    • Holt Barry Reply

      this really hit hard, I think more people should see this

  55. LULU H Reply

    Selfish of you Cathie to be on the side of short sellers. They almost put Tesla out of business and only a hand full of hedge funds cannot save Tesla if not for Elon doing triple time working. He was in a lot of pain physically and mentally because of all the FUD from these short sellers spouting lies. What he was doing was already difficult trying to tackle the engineering /technology side not to mention fighting the oil and gas industry. You are promoting short sellers so you could benefit from other people’s pain. You are truly a selfish person. That is a hedge fund mentality. I have observed this before. Seems to be a recurring theme.

  56. lynxminx4 Reply

    TL/DR: Cathie Wood is in favor of ignorant and underinformed investors expressing themselves in the market.

    • kfmfe04 Reply

      It lets her get in at a lower price. Difference of opinion is good for free markets.

  57. Noe Garcia Reply

    She wants to buy all the companies and remove them. We won’t let them buy them so they can close those companies.

  58. Parture Reply

    Kathy got something wrong. She said 140% of the float. It’s actually worse than that. It’s 140% of outstanding shares. Short sellers play all kinds of games with fraudulent shares.

  59. mulatto401 Reply

    I’m so mad I didn’t take her advice a while ago on Tesla. Now I’m only slightly more wealthy instead of rich af ☹️

  60. Yasin Aydın Reply

    I find the colour order of your books unsettling

  61. Nathaniel Day Reply

    Such a great discussion. 🙂

  62. Nathaniel Day Reply

    Genius investor. She compounds money and value.

  63. David Strong Reply

    Was Tesla shorted 140-150% short. I’d argue if it had and they were Driving to bankruptcy for fun , and that almost happened to Tesla . And had that happened how wold have been good for innovation?

  64. Jorge Cirino Reply

    She won’t put the money in AMC she don’t take risk. I’ll bet 100% she got 0 shares of Game stop .

  65. Urban Thick Reply

    Baby Boomers or GenX??/ 80;s that doesn’t sound right….

  66. tipoomaster Reply

    I honest to god think the GME ship was right about to take off to the 1000 dollar moon when the whole operation was shitcanned by RH. We broke through the 420 sell wall with ease the first try. That’s why we came so close to shaking the entire market last week, there was not enough money to cover at those prices, it would have gone past Citadel and into the backing banks. Then calls were made, RH turned off the bulk of American retail buys, and the shorts in the worst positions were allowed to slip through the cracks. We’re not meant to win this system, but I want to prove we can anyways.

  67. tipoomaster Reply

    I don’t think many people were really saying the entire concept of going short is bad, but clearly naked shorting and shorting 140% of how many shares are even available are greedy moves that can land you in trouble like this. Too bad they slipped through the cracks of what would have been the greatest generational wealth transfer when Robinhood turned off buys on the bulk of American retail investors.

  68. Ticker Reply

    ARK to the moon. All in on Cathie’s ETF’s.

  69. Victor Reigneth Reply

    Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval Office.

    • Randy Marry Reply

      Please how much is good for a start and how do I start trading with Mrs Victoria

    • Christopher Oliver Reply

      7….3….0….0….2…1….5….7 📲

    • Christopher Oliver Reply

      DM Mrs Victoria🖕

    • Reigneth vrake Reply

      Seeing alot of success stories, She Most be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about her

    • Clara Prince Reply

      If you’ve started trading with this woman then you’re not far from making profits

  70. juno max zoey Reply

    Did I missed something? When did Tesla traded $4K?

    • Phonolis Reply

      They are talking pre-split price.

    • juno max zoey Reply

      @Phonolis I used to own the stock during pre-split. I bought a few dozen at a little less than $200 per share and sold it a little more than 1K. As far as I remember it never went $4k

  71. B B Reply

    Nice coloring book collection

  72. Dan Chatka Reply

    Thumbs up for Cathie Wood. Thumbs down for the Yahoo Finance idiots,
    who cluelessly misunderstand everything Cathie said.

  73. Dan Chatka Reply

    It’s clear that Yahoo Finance only hires people who are ignorant about finance.
    Let’s see your portfolios Yahoo Finance idiots. I bet you under perform the market by 50%.

  74. rupert neilson Reply

    09:25 so utterly condesceding to say this!

  75. Nicholas Cummings Reply

    Wow the level of disrespect of these arrogant reporters who clearly didn’t watch a single one of DFV’s videos. His growth+value investing approach clearly has the same merit as Cathie Wood’s or he wouldn’t be potentially sitting at $10mil-44mil on higher multiples rate of return than Wood’s ETFs, depending on whether he was able to unwind his position.

    But gotta make sure the hedge fund people see them dissing DFV so they get access and future interviews.

  76. sunfun Reply

    Facebook the right side on innovation

  77. Atampreet Singh Reply

    Misleading title! She didn’t even talk about Robinhood and how they rigged the game! Pathetic

  78. Chuck Lee Reply

    I vision Cathie buying GME into one of her ETFS.

  79. Farah's Mirage Reply

    Sounds like Cathy is trying to tell us this is a buying opportunity.

  80. Nikita Leno Reply

    There is a famous character, a Google search for “signals walter bulls”. He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise

  81. InTG Reply

    Cathie belongs in jail…

  82. Wey Cool Reply

    ICWT – In Cathy We Trust!!!! just earned 21% from her HIMS buy. I got in Draftking already and about to take profit from PCAR rebound

  83. William Penn jr. Reply

    without short sellers stock prices would go so high that most people couldn’t afford them. Image a world where stocks can only go up? People will hold shares of terrible company’s just for the dividends, because they know it is unlikely the stock price will drop.
    Short selling is a necessary evil.

    • T O Reply

      Why are companies terrible? because they dont earn money, if they dont earn money they cant pay dividends. They´d die either way. Short sellers are not the only force in the market that let prices go down lmao

    • William Penn jr. Reply

      @T O You dont think Enron was a terrible company? and you cant say it didn’t earn a lot of money.
      Short sellers aren’t the only reason for a stock price to go down ( I didn’t say they were) but they are the main instigator. The only other reason is finding a better stock. If the entire market goes south then value would be relative so that would have no effect on ownership. There are always more net buyers than sellers unless the company has devastating news. People who own shares usually only sell when they expect the price will drop, that’s where short selling step in.

  84. Keagan Wethington Reply

    Cathie Woods: if it weren’t for shorts I wouldn’t get discounts. 😂

  85. Hassan Zorome Reply

    She’s beating the market great money manager, I like to invest my hard earned money with her, smart lady.

  86. Anthony Robinson Reply

    She has had a lot of luck and will not be able to average this over the next 10 and 20 years.
    She has zero strategy and is just gambling on everything.

  87. TaeLisa Shipper Reply

    Is it just me or is she just so hot 😍 Or maybe that’s just my investments speaking 😁

  88. Prozert Reply

    I hope you guys know you are watching an advertisment right now lol

  89. Wei Li Reply

    Cathie wants to keep the short fools in the market so she can make money off their foolish hedge against Tesla. ROFL

  90. Raymond Reply

    What happened to Tesla in 2018 and 2019 was disgusting. The only good thing that came out of that was revealing how sheepish the MSM and ‘analysts’ are.

  91. T M Reply

    Step 1 – Just leave your money in ARKK and relax

  92. Steve Brown Reply

    Funds shorting stock gives smart people the chance to buy good companies cheap there just part and parcel of the market eco-system🤓

  93. E Trepreneur Reply

    Cathie’s argument for Hedge funds shilling out and talking smack about good companies; ‘It gave us a chance to snap up some shares at a low price’

  94. sara daniels Reply

    Investments are the stepping stones to success especially if you been guided by a professional broker or Investment manager.

    • robert anderson Reply

      @sara daniels Amazing I also just started trading with Mrs Sara Miller, she is the best at what she does with an initial investment of $2000 i made up to $8550 in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind blowing

    • david philips Reply

      @robert anderson Please how can I reach this Mrs Miller I’ve already lost enough of money trading for myself

    • kingsly kent Reply

      @robert anderson I’m not here to converse but to share my testimony just for what I confirmed she’s trustworthy and best option ever seen

    • kingsly kent Reply

      @david philips You can reach her on tele gram

    • kingsly kent Reply

      @david philips ohh her username is investwithmiller

  95. AndyM Reply

    What in the world the audio of interviewers are much terrible than the guest’s??~ Get a better microphone Yahoo, Youtube deserves HD quality.

  96. Abdullah Azizi Reply

    Tesla is way, way overvalued. In the long term Tesla does not have an edge.

  97. Sean Finnerty Reply

    So kathy wasn’t aware of 140% short floats either… now I don’t feel so retarded

  98. Alerk Yana Reply

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