Cathie Wood discusses her investing picks, plus her insight on Reddit, GameStop, Tesla and bitcoin


#Tesla #GameStop #bitcoin
Yahoo Finance’s Jen Rogers speaks with Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood about investing, retail investing, shorting a stock, Tesla, GameStop, bitcoin, and being on the right side of change
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151 thoughts on “Cathie Wood discusses her investing picks, plus her insight on Reddit, GameStop, Tesla and bitcoin

  1. King James Reply

    Even Cathy didn’t know that a stock could be over 100% short

  2. Vo Viet Huong Reply

    The historical sink pivotally crash because finger complimentarily chase including a juicy libra. obnoxious, trite lily

  3. P Davison Reply

    The fat lady is warming up in the wings. Just wait…..

    • Vukasin Pekovic Reply

      Once she sings…

  4. jt teger Reply


  5. Jim Gordon Reply

    More information and advice and less fawning over person being interviewed.

  6. Storm Reply

    bitcoin is going to roll up and smoke the legacy financial industry, bye bye banks 🙂

  7. Metal Bum Reply

    Bitcoin Tesla LONG

  8. ChengYu Xi Reply

    Why she is not against shorts: If there were not so many stupid institutes, how can we make so much money?

    • El Duque Reply

      Because she doesn’t want to be shorted, so she’s scaring the public by calling them rookies basically

    • Mateo Reply

      @El Duque No. Go back and re-listen. Not sure where in the world you got that from.

    • Mateo Reply

      Why does the thumbs down not decrease the number of thumbs up when I thumbs down your nonsensical question?

  9. MayMayLom Reply

    Prescient, tesla buys 1.5 B in bitcoin.

  10. poulemolle Reply

    get off the the Wood wagon !!! repackaged products for extra fees never made anybody rich !….expect the fund managers……buy your stocks , don’t tip her for it !

  11. FaReal WitIt Reply

    c wood ftw!!!

  12. Bert Lammens Reply

    She is just today’s growth fund superstar, these people have always existed and always burned themselves. Be aware.

  13. Chip Sheean Reply

    Fantastic video with great questions and an amazing personality in the finance space. CW for president 2024!

  14. Dan Reply

    All I heard is NIO wins and bonds are in a bubble and I am happy 🙂

  15. grig Reply

    New Cathie Wood fan here! Especially noticing she spoke at Singularity University!!

  16. Al Reply

    Look at her defending the hedge funds shorting companies 😂

    • M0ebius Reply

      She’s not wrong though — shorting is the opposite end of the argument and as an investor it’s good to know the otherside’s opinions if only so you can judge for yourself. And if you think the short sellers are wrong or are overdoing it, then it means you can pick up shares on the cheap.

  17. j xander Reply

    The hysterical plow anaerobically dam because helium frustratingly want athwart a aromatic suggestion. jumbled, rigid pressure

  18. Mr. Bitcoin Reply

    she’s so sexy for her brain

  19. Saad Hasan Reply

    I stopped taking her seriously when she called Nio a battery swapping company

  20. Wilhelm Tell Reply

    Horrible. Does defend the criminal actions of RH. Good job, Cathy. We will remember.
    I like this stock.

    • Mateo Reply

      That is not at all what she said. She didn’t even mention that part of it. She may not even be aware of that — we don’t know because she wasn’t referring to that aspect. I don’t like RH and hedge funds either, but if you knew anything about how the market works or what she was even saying, you would agree with her.

  21. Andre Anyone Reply

    find where these “shorters” sleep at night !!!

  22. Phil W Reply

    its Wuling EV Mini your talking about! it goes beyond 25 miles /hr, it is a regular car ! GM owns 44% of that company!

  23. Cmore Butts Reply

    when china is ur ruler dont blame china….oh wait china IS ur ruler…. welcome to communism!

  24. Alessandro Fontana Reply

    Too bad my Italian bank doesn’t allow me to buy the ark etfs. I have to mimic their portfolios with single stocks

    • Cat Nip Reply

      get a different broker

    • Alessandro Fontana Reply

      @Cat Nip well, my broker is my bank and I have a financial advisor there. I could go with an online broker but we’ve recently seen how they treat their clients

  25. Óli Kristján Janusson Reply

    is it possible to invest in ark invest if I am from Europe , how would I do it?

  26. Kiwi Gamer Reply

    GameStop Research : We Like the Stonk.

    • Cryptoetoe Reply


  27. Juan_Seoulo Reply

    Cathie looks like what Caitlyn Jenner wants to be

    • SV Reply

      When I first saw her (Cathie), I thought that she looks familiar.

      And you right, by the way.

  28. Lucas Luna Reply

    Bitcoin—- another bubble almost ready to blow up…. remember CHINA its the biggest miner of bitcoin and its forviden lol

  29. GLASSFILM Reply

    why are they selling NNDM?

    • Ava West Reply

      He’ll direct you well

  30. Phil Campbell Reply

    Annoying and boring zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. gary martins Reply

    People Naturally fear what they don’t understand. Cathie has been underrated from day one, she kind of reminds me of my broker.

    • larry bishop Reply

      Her Whsttppp#;+[4.4]

    • john patrick Reply

      @larry bishop Due to the nature of my job As a Medical Doctor, I had no time for trading so my first move was to enroll with her as my account manager, today I enjoy the decision because I make more profit than my monthly salary..

    • michael devlin Reply

      Picking the best stocks requires a lot factors and seems daunting for beginners like myself. I was able to net over $320,000 in profit in the last quarter. I achieved that because I followed Amanda Leff’s recommendations.

    • Craig Menear Reply

      I just did a google search on Amanda Katherine Leff now, and her work is quite astonishing I can’t believe she has so much experience, I sent her a message using the mäil I found on her websitë

    • ashly smith Reply

      Amanda spoke in South Africa at the Exponential Finance Summit in 2018 and told everyone to buy Tesla, those who listened did really well was at around $68 a share at the time!

  32. Kelly O'Donnell Reply

    The Queen speaks.

  33. Rami Abu-rezeq Reply


  34. Bladecraft Reply

    😒 14:05 The most important few words of her comment on NIO was lost in the stream! Did she say they WILL or WILL NOT win the day? Based on her comment on Xpeng, she thinks they will win, not Nio. But who knows. Maybe someone is messing with the stream. Can’t trust any big tech nowadays.

  35. ทอน ทอน Reply


  36. Donny Smiley Reply


  37. Auggie Reply

    Dogecoin to the moon! Lol

    • Auggie Reply

      @Yahoo Finance hi scammer

  38. kevin imp Reply

    my kohls stock beat her amazon stock 😉

  39. Investor Felix Reply

    Keep up the good work cathie..big fan

  40. Crystal J Reply

    OCGN is going to to the 🌙!$!

  41. 보름달 Reply

    For someone to reach that level, you have to put in a lot of commitment. For someone to put in that much of a commitment, you have to have a purpos. One of the driving factors of such purposes is anger, angst and I think Cathie may have had it in her past.

  42. Mateo Reply

    All the people on here badmouthing her for her comment on short sellers being a good thing clearly have no idea what she meant by that, which tells me you neither understand how to invest, nor how the market works. It also tells me you probably buy high and sell low. I too hate the way the system is set up to favor the institutions and I hate RH as well but short sellers are a necessary evil. She is right, WSB ruined something you could use to your advantage. Yes, short sellers can be an advantage to you. Re-listen until you get it or just stop trading and quit while you’re ahead (or more likely behind).

  43. Justin Short Reply

    Great Women!!!!

  44. Adam Johnson Reply

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    • Ben Morris Reply

      There are few men who are experts in stock trading and Mr Sabastian is one

    • Asher thomas Reply

      Wow, amazing to see fellow investors of Sabastian leo. Am on my 7th trade with him. His strategy has no rivalry

  45. Peter Reply

    I agree. The main thing now is that we have very good tech, we have the ability to leverage it, and we have real products. We do not have domain names and websites – we have REAL electric cars. We have REAL technology for the cars. We have companies test flying REAL space ships. Sure, it’s not mainstream, but dude we have companies producing and testing actual products. It’s a great time to invest.

  46. Stevewitav 94 Reply

    Cathie wood is bae no cap

  47. Guojun Yu Reply

    Cathie, please do more research on NIO, and you will see you should buy some NIO !

  48. Li Shing Reply

    market today is nothing but manipulation by influencial people such as elon, cathy, chamath. they know a simple tweet or endorsement of an asset will cause it to rise substantially. is it fair for average investors that these influential people hold such assets first then promotes it? ..tesla..bitcoin…gme….dogecoin. no such thing as free lunch. these people are not giving free advice. they need people to drive their investments up

  49. Adamz Harringson Reply

    If you want real insights that can make you more money, look at the scars running up and down your account statements. Stop doing what’s harming you, and your results will get better. It’s a mathematical certainty and basic principles that regulate investing in stock.

    • Christiannah adamson Reply

      Trading in the stock market has been amazing and I have made my best earnings since January last year and still counting. Though my investment was handed over to an expert who does everything on my behalf while I only paid for the services rendered.

    • Alexa Jeff Reply

      That sounds so amazing and investing through an expert seems better because Price is what you pay. Value is what you get .

    • Debby pugh Reply

      Somebody told me about Vivian Wong Bakonyi when I discussed my plans to invest in the stock market that she is an expert and that she can handle my investment so perfectly but the question is, can I entrust my investment to somebody I do not meet yet?

    • Rose de marie Reply

      It is a usual practice . I got to meet with Vivian too through friend and you can put her name on google then you can read more about her.

    • Debby pugh Reply

      @Rose de marie Thanks so much .. I am impressed by what I saw on Vivian Wong Bakonyi’s page . I left her my message already.

  50. Song Reply

    OMG i thought she was in her 40s until she mention 5:08 she started the business in the 80s.. Holy cow!

  51. Adrenaline Rush Reply

    Best advice I can give you: sign up for arks email list about their investments. Everything Cathie touches turns to gold

  52. Dan G Reply

    Fantastic interview! Great questions!

    • Yahoo Finance Reply

      Appreciate your comment, for further guidance,.
      w h a. s a p
      🌻+ 4 4 7 4 4 1 4 3 9 4 2 9

  53. humanity Reply

    I have invested in copper

  54. Jean Latiere Reply

    I’m 12mn in that video and all she’s been talking is how smart a bet she made on Tesla in 2019, paying off now. Not a word on the genomics companies in the portfolio, the booster effect COVID had on their valuation, and such a complacent interviewer… if you guys are looking for signs that we are back in 1999, here you go with this interview

    • Jean Latiere Reply

      @Yahoo Finance said the bot

  55. Nachannachle Reply

    Funny how every Gen-X & Boomer fund manager out there is interested in Millennials’ money, but none of them have ever shown any interest in the Millennial workforce as a whole.

    When are you greedy ex-WS, ex-GS, ex-JPMC, ex-BR ever going to understand that your are fighting for a share of the wealth of a generation where only 30% actually own anything? Your batsh!t crazy valuations and projections can’t go up forever, simply because you will never have enough Millennial buyers for your overinflated financial assets. This is simple mathematics based on demographics and real life.

    If there are sectors where you should be now, these are Real Estate, FAAMG and Blockchain 3.0 Altcoins: not Pensions, not Car manufacturing, not Bitcoin and not ETH.

    • Yahoo Finance Reply

      Contact our management team to help you in trade.
      + 4 (4 ,7, 4,) 4 ,《1,4 ,3 》, 9 , 4 , 2 9>>

  56. LandolphiaGeorges fortierALEXANDRE Reply

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    • pennaCarlson larsensJohns Reply

      Bitcoin is more profitable compared to stock trading and options., no argument there.

    • diegoarmandoful Reply

      Mr Benjamin is a very good teacher, he makes sure you understand basics needed for trading properly.

    • biochemicaltoff sebaskytoff Reply

      Many mediocre who don’t know anything about bitcoin trading parading themselves as expert traders but right from my first conversation with Mr Ferris Keen , I knew he was an excellent trader.

    • mongersanubhab enobraCmukherjee Reply

      I grew my portfolio from 1 btc to about 6 btc in just two months of trading with his assistance

    • Cary Primeau Reply

      Mr Benjamin keen is the only crypto trader I can recommend and vouch for because of his brilliant works

  57. HectorTheDude Reply

    Bitcoin is amazing the process of making it with renewable energy again amazing renewable energy is good for the 🌎 Elon likes this. Doge coin coin for us

  58. animehacker Reply

    Cathie Wood – When will you add BioNano Genomics to ARKG?!

  59. Bernie Ess Reply

    When I see Cathie, I have a smile on my face. Such a decent person, such great insight and thinking ahead. Such a great change also to the usual finance mainstream guys.

  60. Sydney Robles Reply

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  61. Taylor the Sailor Reply

    Don’t sleep on Ford.

  62. Slaap jy nog? Reply

    If the rules that you followed brought you to this place, of what use was the rule?

  63. Alice Kang Reply


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  64. Billy Smith Reply

    Cathie is doing RD with experts in the field no investment bankers taking guesses based on metrics of the past huge difference .

  65. Nomster Sama Reply

    The only important links are the ones not in the video description…

  66. DNA Reply

    Visionary Cathy Wood but has the advantage of information relative to the ” retail investor “

  67. J O Reply

    Well if the stocks are floating that could easily happen because the definition of float is what is or isnt held so maybe read a dictionary? So if you flood the market with more shorting then available and the float is large, then the contracts go through. they actually should have just rejected the contracts that surpassed the available shares, but because of float that is all possible.

  68. J O Reply

    the really best one is baidu , ok she gained a few pts .. if she was really smart she would mention yandex

  69. J O Reply

    follow your own dd not hers, although she did ok , but not great!!!

  70. nadeem khawaja Reply

    Host was average kind

  71. HIdalgo yakerson Reply


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  72. Olawale Ogundare Reply

    The fabulous crack globally mess up because chinese concordantly please notwithstanding a daily cough. bizarre, exultant timer

  73. blaze jennifer Reply

    The delirious psychology dfly measure because lawyer totally tease since a weary team. sad, superb robin

  74. Michael Bertoni Reply

    Nows the time for people to get in Amc if they want. almost at the bottom. When theaters open it will rebound.

    • Where's Waldo??? ? Reply

      Theatres are dying regardless of the pandemic. The pandemic just accelerated the deaths. Streaming services are king. And theatres will become vinyl players of the future. Few and far between. A past time thing that people will do once in a blue moon to a rare locale to go to one.

    • Michael Bertoni Reply

      @Where’s Waldo??? ? People will want to go out and do things. Especially younger people. Movies will come back huge

  75. Savalis Adkins Reply

    My girl Cathie is wicked smart.

  76. RPGeek Reply

    Millennials aren’t coming of age they are mostly in their mid to late 30s zoomers are the ones coming of age. People gotta realise time passes by millennials arent college students anymore.

    • Where's Waldo??? ? Reply

      I’m 37. I am not a millenial. Nor even close to one. Learn your era definitions before spouting off comments bubba.

    • George P Reply

      @Where’s Waldo??? ? Actually you should check your facts, depending on the source Millenials/Gen Y are recognized as early as 78 or 81 through 95 or 97.

  77. Bestcutslawncare Reply

    Both yall fine🥰

  78. Max C Reply

    Cathie, I am a big fan of you and your firm. You guys need to take a closer look at NIO, they are not a battery swap company, they have been called Tesla of China for a reason. I think you would be interested in this company if you take a closer look at it. Best.

  79. Davi Domingos Reply

    The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

    • Patricia Adriana Reply

      @Fredrick Mark what’s app but you have to tell him I referred you so he replies your message….here man👇

    • Patricia Adriana Reply

      +1 (2 1 6 3 6 7 2 2 7 4)

    • Adams Williams Reply

      Having professional mentor you is also very important when it comes to trading, without proper mentorship, one tends to opt out of the market early enough. I do my investment on Mr David Edwards platform. He’s pretty good

    • Amrita Amruta Reply

      Can I start with him? How can I reach him?

    • Harper Sofia Reply

      Bitcoin trading nowadays is a big chance to make money

  80. Mis-adventure CH Reply

    Most important thing you’ll read this year…

    • Mis-adventure CH Reply

      @Finance wizards Link got fried. Oh well.

  81. Αου Συνετός Reply

    i had a character 99% identical to cathy wood on my wii sports. did not really have wii stocks

  82. Kevin Kang Reply

    Cathie Wood is not one sided in the markets and her point about short sellers helping her get a better price to enter Tesla, makes me confident in her as an asset manager

    • Finance wizards Reply

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    • Kevin Kang Reply

      @Finance wizards scammer

  83. smr144 Reply

    WSB memes is my financial advisor

    • smr144 Reply

      @Finance wizards yeah right… wait for call… lol

  84. This is Fine Reply

    This lady got lucky on her picks due to the amount of leverage. She is gonna get smashed on the unwind.

    • Finance wizards Reply

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    • Finance wizards Reply

      What’s @pp
      +1 8 1 3 3 2 0 4 5 0 7….

  85. William Zheng Reply

    The kindhearted rowboat computationally ask because defense fifthly possess over a homeless july. neat, lazy germany

  86. Lance Samoil Reply

    Lol. Too bad Cathy and all the lemmings believe the Fed. Next week we press the 2020 do over button! Moohahaha!

  87. W N Reply

    Visionary, humble and very likable … Cathie Wood she knows she is gifted and where that gift originates … thanks for being faithful to it and to Him

  88. Paul Nelson Reply

    I always look out for Cathie’s interviews, she speaks with such level of confidence and she knows her craft so well. I don’t seem to understand why there are so many negative comments about her and the Ark Invest team. That aside, I really need to start making millions this year, what does she have to say about NIO.

    • Where's Waldo??? ? Reply

      There aren’t. Been following everything for a year now. Have seen one negative comment about her or their company.

  89. Shampoo Fully Reply

    She controls a good portion of my money but I had no clue she was this delightful. Shes such a badass

  90. kim phi Reply

    The wooden authority behaviourally try because egg renomegaly trick for a hilarious scorpio. jolly, placid wax

  91. J J Reply

    ARKG.. Genomics. CERS

  92. Jorja Nex Reply

    NOBODY´s telling you why, even though its so LOGICAL > @t

  93. really reasso Reply

    The wiry pair exceptionally hate because gun prospectively rush pro a abaft daffodil. lush, hard south africa

  94. MilanKundera Reply

    Cathie is brilliant here, as usual for her. Interviewer is lame and superficial.

  95. Yvan1812 Reply

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    • Jazlyn Jessica Reply

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  96. Francisco Rojas Reply


  97. Holyfield Barrett Reply

    The chief wall disconcertingly kiss because raven worrisomely squeak apud a odd graphic. filthy, horrible dad

  98. Stephen Duncombe Reply

    Cathie has the crystal ball we all need access to…

  99. Kris Chandler Medina Reply

    W0w! Trade Cryptо Fully аutomatic with RоI + 100% I releаsed а fresh vide0 оn such а system. D0 NоT WaIT 0N THIS 0NE

  100. Christian Castro Reply

    *Caitlyn jenner voice*

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