Mohamed El-Erian on January jobs report: It was a disappointing report, the economy has no momentum

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Queens’ College, Cambridge University President and Allianz Chief Economic Adviser Mohamed El-Erian joins Yahoo Finance’s Myles Udland and Julie Hyman to discuss the January 2021 jobs report, the need for stimulus. El-Erian also discussed the concerns with retail trading after the Gamestop short squeeze.
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  1. Avatar any says:

    Who cares about the economy. I wish capitol can be attacked again, so we have another rally. tell us more about the next stimulus..

    • Avatar CosmicDamian says:

      Yes. If we could just have a capital attack every day, worse viruses, and maybe an earthquake every month or so, I could retire next year. I don’t see how people are upset about these clearly bullish events that keep happening.

    • Avatar any says:

      @CosmicDamian they just didnt learn what economy is, the more you destroy things, the more spending it is, and the higher your GDP. This old economist need to retired and leave it to the robinhooders to lead new era.

    • Avatar CosmicDamian says:

      @any Exactly. The Robinhooders are on a solid foundation – “if we just don’t sell Gamestonk, we’ll all be rich”. Now, please excuse me while I dig my own grave and put a bullet in my head.

  2. Avatar Daniel Purdy says:

    Mohammed calls the market a bubble but cheers on trillions more in stimulus creating more of a bubble.

    Money printing doesn’t work. Stop supporting zombie companies

  3. Avatar Nick says:

    This guy loves his Patagonia vest

  4. Avatar rRobert Smith says:

    Many people are now interested in shorting the bond market.

    • Avatar Rita L says:

      Anyone who understands macro is short bonds, long bitcoin, grabbing metals, and actively managing small stock positions with short duration.

  5. Avatar rRobert Smith says:

    I would pay good money for El-Erian book list!

    • Avatar Brad X says:

      He could write a book for you “How I Missed a Market Rally”

    • Avatar Craig says:

      @Brad X lol

    • Avatar Charles VIncent says:

      @Brad X Exactly

  6. Avatar John A says:

    Idiots. $2000 after many months of nothing is fsr from enough.

  7. Avatar Apocalypse says:


  8. Avatar Mark Masters says:

    Of course no momentum the government destroyed the economy last year.

  9. Avatar Anonymous says:

    We get it dude. You’re short and missed the rally. Some of the strongest earnings out of FAANG that we’ve seen in many quarters, but there’s no momentum… alright bud. Keep trying to manipulate prices down. I’ll buy the dip everytime.

  10. Avatar Dave Fawcett says:

    I literally never him say anything positive. He’s such a doom monger
    If we’d have listened to him last year, we’d have missed out on lots of gains when the markets rose

    • Avatar Paul Brady says:

      what are you talking about? He was quite bullish before Covid came along.

    • Avatar CosmicDamian says:

      He’s a realist. If you see milk and honey ahead, you must be on drugs, frankly speaking.

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      I recall listening to him last year and making a killing.

  11. Avatar Stephanie Graphie says:

    *No 1: Don’t Only Hope On Government For Income,*

    *No 2: As An Individual Look For Different Self Income Not Only Waiting on Monthly Wages,*

    *No 3: Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital.*

    *It’s 100% Good To Have Different Ways To Gain Income*

    *Because Government have failed us so therefore let’s try and survive*

    • Avatar Harris Abdul says:

      I can also brag about this Jack he has managed my account in such a way winning is the only standard I know

    • Avatar Tatyiana Thom says:

      Did anyone trade with him recently ? Because I heard last week profits was so good

    • Avatar Ben Far says:

      Yes sure my friends told me about their gain I was so jealous because I wanted to invest next week

    • Avatar Ry Der says:

      I just invested with Him yesterday I’m just hoping by next week my profit will be good too

    • Avatar Hailey Chad says:

      I hope so too let’s just wait and see the feedback

  12. Avatar Jose Portillo says:

    Last week “market accident “ was no accident. He confuses reddit (amc, gme, etc) with apple, tesla, facebook reporting earnings on the same day. What followed was a two day sell-off (Thursday and Friday). Remember you were only allow to sell but not to buy.

  13. Avatar Greg Harris says:

    Where are the alleged job creators, the 1%-ers? They’ve been handed free money for over a decade now and this is the best they can do?!! Time to start taxing the 1% at 90% again and start investing and building back America better!

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      But then America might return to 4% yearly growth rates, and we can’t have that!

  14. Avatar Charles VIncent says:

    El-Erian fucking sucks at every turn

  15. Avatar Chandru Angadi says:

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  18. Avatar William Andrews says:

    Firemen, doctors, nurses – and many others – work so hard and even risk their lives!! There are not enough firemen to put out the fires, not enough nurses, but our politicians pay millions of people to be unemployed – so unfair!!

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      Yeah, we need a progressive agenda that offers universal programs as a safety net for all (including those firemen and nurses and cops), and rewards work and not just wealth, while also giving no incentive to anyone to seek handouts by contributing/working less.

  19. Avatar William Andrews says:

    Liberal politicians are still giving $Billions to foreign politicians, $Billions to Federal employees to “study” black holes, “explore” Venus, and play with toy cars on Mars,
    $Trillions for things that have absolutely no practical value!!

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      What? Those things have enormous value. How do you think we created the internet? It was government research. Same with most research to cure diseases.

  20. Avatar William Andrews says:

    The Liberal elite try to make us believe that there are not any conspiracies, but then they want to put normal people in jail for “collusion.”

  21. Avatar jeremy pearson says:

    Let’s just keep throwing money at the problem. When that fails, go to plan B. There is a plan B right?

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      Tax the money back where it is used inefficiently so it can be invested back in further growth.

  22. Avatar Joshua Burns says:

    It’s still hanging on and probably going up but its hanging on by a string

  23. Avatar L9Pm9WxAv4NY4h3B says:

    infrastructure and manufacture creates wealth. go back to basics.

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      Yes, it is so obvious to everyone except the people in Washington and New York

  24. Avatar Samuel Rocha says:

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  25. Avatar jean montaigne says:

    Still no book deal… Give up

  26. Avatar Liberty Springs says:

    We might need to start thinking about different jobs for people rather than keep expecting life to return to “normal”

    • Avatar Justin Miller says:

      True, a lot of old economy jobs will never come back, and we need systems to promote resilience and reconfiguring and remarketing skills for new opportunities based on what needs to be done.

  27. Avatar Justin Miller says:

    Either pass stimulus checks for Americans earning up to $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples, and ideally pass $2000 checks not $1400 checks, or the country may go into a death spiral.

  28. Avatar Justin Miller says:

    It is critical to give the middle and poor working class a cash infusion as we have the vaccine rollout so that they will resume normal levels of consumer spending rather than permanently shift away from luxuries like dining out or going to bars.

  29. Avatar Sedo Vale says:

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  30. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    100 Trillion needed print more now..I need money for dog e coin

  31. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    How does covid use tue cash..its a virus

  32. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    Give people money to be traders…unlimited jobs there…everyone has an animal spirit…we are all animals

  33. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    Just wait until paper gold and silver blow up…paladium…went up 5x when that happened…just waiting now

    • Avatar Antony Stringfellow says:

      Then they’ll come straight back down again, just like GME and AMC. Fuelled by millions of retailers that follow WSB on Reddit. Ok if you can time your entries and exits well. Could quickly wipe out your account if you time it wrong. Very high risk!

  34. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    Everyone knows leverage is the onpy eay to make monet..for not only hedgies but now average peeps

  35. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    All those SLV shares bought are still being held ..beware

  36. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    Mohamed….you bet?

  37. Avatar Trading With Will says:

    Stimulus is to teach dependency ie dependency on a nanny state next will be UBI etc

  38. Avatar Vk Travel log says:

    The economy is never coming back in terms of full employment when AI and robotics start to take over. We need production to come back and not more money printing!

  39. Avatar invicto TV 37R says:

    AMC Monday Let’s buy it All AMC Monday Let’s buy it All AMC Monday Let’s buy it All AMC Monday Let’s buy it

  40. Avatar C G says:

    Wait, when he was mentioning the market accident was he talking about the Gamestop incident? Does this mean that r/wsb nearly broke the whole market?

  41. Avatar Angela Akinbohun says:

    Check out this video.

  42. Avatar Dave Schmarder says:

    This is the 55th Super Bowl that I’ve missed.

  43. Avatar Mike MakesRight says:

    I agree!

  44. Avatar Rita L says:

    Those who are worried know enough, those who don’t know enough are not worried.

  45. Avatar hedge hog says:

    Bad numbers = bullish.
    Good numbers = less but still bullish……

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