Lawyer Accidentally Uses Zoom Cat Filter During Virtual Court Session, Unable To Turn It Off

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A lawyer accidentally used a cat-themed video filter during a virtual court session in the 394th district of Texas. He was briefly unable to turn the filter off and required technical assistance.
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Lawyer Accidentally Uses Zoom Cat Filter During Virtual Court Session, Unable To Turn It Off

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar kaizoisevil says:


  2. Avatar Lina Orozco says:

    I liked that lawyer 😂

  3. Avatar Patty Borntrager says:


  4. Avatar Case Briefs in About a Minute says:

    I’ve been waiting like this for something to happen and now it has, it’s like a gift! I’m an attorney myself. Please subscribe to my channel! I’m not a cat!

  5. Avatar WileyCoyote69 says:

    I think that really was a cat, who was lying.

  6. Avatar Patrice Karst says:

    Please if there is a God, let me find the entire footage. I have not laughed that hard in maybe ever.

  7. Avatar Vu Phan says:

    So we could say he is an ATTORNEY AT PAW? LOL

  8. Avatar fyhh sfgj says:

    Old people lol

  9. Avatar fyhh sfgj says:

    Im not a cat lol

  10. Avatar Autumn Hoodie says:

    His voice matched his worried cat face… glad he clarified “I’m not a cat”

  11. Avatar Besty Cheung says:


  12. Avatar Daniel Moore says:

    Bauer has no sense of humour at alllllll…he didn’t even smile.

  13. Avatar Bunny Lang says:

    LOL, this is hysterical.

  14. Avatar Jan Reynolds says:

    That is cutest attorney in the WORLD!!! Where’s my pen? I’ll adopt him and give him a good home.🥰

  15. Avatar Susan Ortiz says:

    The cat forgot to put on his human filter.

  16. Avatar Chrissy is a goose says:

    He’s a sad little kitten

  17. Avatar blacksheep shepherd says:


  18. Avatar Yuan Yuan says:

    Plot twist:  the cat uses a lawyer filter in its career life. ZOOM busted it.

  19. Avatar Andersson Emmanuel says:

    Hahahaha thats really funny 😂😂🤣🤣

  20. Avatar Christopher Ndiweni says:

    Why is his voice so funny? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Avatar Renee Franchon says:

    We needed this 😂

    0:31 the way the other guy looked up and chuckled when he said “Im not a cat” 😂

  22. Avatar Jacob Smith says:

    At least he didn’t pull a Toobin.

  23. Avatar Ren Mero says:

    Omg the meme that produce by this one.

  24. Avatar The Next Supreme says:

    That man had to put his glasses on and straighten his tie, lmao

  25. Avatar Engineered Mind says:


  26. Avatar joe says:

    Ya’ll have been concerned about reptilians while you should have been worried about catlians all along

  27. Avatar Takuma SHIMIZU says:

    “I’m not a cat”
    yeah right

  28. Avatar jaynine454 says:

    I can’t stop laughing at this. Send help.

  29. Avatar Mabell Rodríguez says:

    Se ve que El trataba de quitar el filtro pero el mouse no se dejaba atrapar 😆

  30. Avatar Jos Penner says:

    Does anyone know how to do this filter on Zoom?

  31. Avatar Natalya Kuzminova says:

    The other guy’s reaction on the bottom left is priceless lol

  32. Avatar Modern Rude Boy says:

    That one tear in the eye is killing me!

  33. Avatar Muco's Lounge says:

    There’s too many emotions to go through in less than a minute.

  34. Avatar Roco Diaz says:

    He’s lying! He’s clearly a cat!

  35. Avatar Andrew says:

    How did they keep a straight face?

  36. Avatar Roco Diaz says:

    YEAH RIGHT! That witch from Bedknobs and Broomsticks turned him into a cat. I like him that way. He’s so cute!

  37. Avatar philomelodia says:

    Bless his heart! 🤣😂

  38. Avatar Jackie Chan says:

    He was really trying to disable it though, the mouse was just running away

  39. Avatar Teachers Of Good Things says:

    I demand MORE CAT VIDEO! Hahahahaha!!!!! The big eyes!!!!

  40. Avatar Jer Beg says:

    Finally found out what’s going on meow.

  41. Avatar godking1914 says:

    When the eyes moved….I’m dead

  42. Avatar EPIC RABBIT says:

    Colonel sanders trying not to crack up at the top

  43. Avatar David Warner says:

    i would probably hire that guy because his confidence to go on with it looking like a cat

  44. Avatar Michael Jeffrey says:

    My cat has tried this stunt so many times, we just let him believe he’s a lawyer…

  45. Avatar Jake Hixon says:

    The funniest video I’ve ever seen.

  46. Avatar CEB says:

    I would like to ask for a Recess your honor – council needs to use the litter box…..

  47. Avatar MATT Green says:

    I lost it when he said he was not a cat!

  48. Avatar Jamie Mac says:

    It’s when the cat’s eyes start moving – just brilliant 😅

  49. Avatar Willy Lamilla picon says:


  50. Avatar Kaj Jež says:

    Shame he’s an awful person who had a former lover and her mom arrested as petty revenge.

    • Avatar The Ultimate Reductionist says:

      What? Who was? Which one of these is an awful person?

    • Avatar Kaj Jež says:

      @The Ultimate Reductionist the cat guy, Rod Ponton.

      Look up what happened between him and Ilana Lipsen.

  51. Avatar Amy Rosenberg says:

    At least turn off the camera while you try to fix it

  52. Avatar Leslie Zee says:

    Now I desperately NEED that filter!

  53. Avatar nikolyevic says:

    Does the fact that we can all see this on Youtube mean someone is going to jail or getting fined $500?

  54. Avatar Gail Hanks says:

    laughing so hard I’m crying

  55. Avatar Mark H says:

    I can’t express how funny it is when he says, “I’m not a cat.” I peed myself…an adult male. I’m not ashamed.

  56. Avatar Sebastian Laub says:

    Lmfao everything is perfect about this video:

    1) The Judge trying his best to help
    2) The filter
    3) Reassuring of not being a cat
    4) The guy above laughing after

  57. Avatar Paul Chao says:

    Look at Jerry Phillips………He is napping. That is even more hilarous.

  58. Avatar lokscam says:

    A glitch in the parallel universe!

  59. Avatar Liberty A Bell says:

    Oh My God. This is hilarious…. “I’m here live. I’m not a cat!” 🐈 🐱🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  60. Avatar Ntare Asadi says:

    Am not a cat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Avatar Leonardo Theelion says:

    Sounds like Dr. Phil 🤣

    • Avatar The Ultimate Reductionist says:

      I am not a doctor. 🙂

  62. Avatar Nicolò Luppino says:

    This man should be cast as a voice actor for a cat movie …

  63. Avatar kenakerly says:

    One million points for Gryffindor!

  64. Avatar Patriotic Lee says:

    That’s legendary 😅😅

  65. Avatar Jeremy Beckerman says:

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  66. Avatar The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    He’s the PURRfect AdvoCAT!

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      The lawyer behind the cat filter is the same lawyer that stalked a young woman and destroyed her life. The womans name is Llana Lipsen.
      Look it up and see what he did to the poor girl and her family

  67. Avatar The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer. And Trump’s Georgia election tampering/intimidation criminal trial lawyer.

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      You’re a moron and a white supremacist

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      You’ve been reported for white supremacy and hate speech

  68. Avatar 21chch says:

    I’m dying. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  69. Avatar Some Person says:

    The “AaAhH” always gets me

  70. Avatar bluebull2006 says:

    Has cat filter on: im prepared to go along with it

  71. Avatar Tommy Thomas says:

    If a cat can become a lawyer, what’s your excuse.

  72. Avatar L G says:

    That would be me…

  73. Avatar C.S.R says:

    Dude on the top kind of looks like
    Jeff bridges when he starts laughing!
    The dude shall oblige!

  74. Avatar B Watt says:

    If the same thing happened to a teen he would have been kicked off the call :))

  75. Avatar Girlish YT says:

    Imagine having a lawyer with a cat filter.

  76. Avatar No one star says:


    That cat is doing a TERRIBLE job of trying to pass itself off as a human. Although you can tell that it’s NEARLY acclimated and adapted. They’re smart in that regard. They don’t ACT like it, but… yeah. Highly suspicious. Guilty as charged, nine counts. Swallowed the canary for certain, it’s all out of the bag now. There’s no way out of this hairy situation for him, despite this hissing and fussing about.

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      The lawyer behind the cat filter is the same lawyer that destroyed a young woman’s life by the name of Llana Lipsen. He stalked her, destroyed her business, and destroyed her family

  77. Avatar Courtney Yadevia says:

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      Is it as good as the fact that the lawyer behind the cat filter is the same lawyer who stalked and destroyed the life of a young woman named Llana Lipsen?
      Look hee name up and see what this sociopathic grifter did to her.

  78. Avatar Rand Cadmus says:

    The evidence is that “he is a cat”. So he had to say “I am not a cat” for the record. Cats are not authorized to practice law in the United States. Therefore, he had standing when he asserted “I am not a cat”. What I’m troubled about though… is when the Judge said “I can see that”. Oh yeah? No you cannot. You see a cat. That aside, hilarious… no question.

  79. Avatar Leslie Johnson says:


    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      This lawyer using the cat filter is the same lawyer that destroyed the life of Llana Lipsen because she rejected him. Because he was hurt by the rejection, he trumped up some BS charges to destroy her family and business.
      The lawyer behind the cat filter is a narcissistic, sociopathic grifter and a pathetic stalker of women

  80. Avatar jammapcb says:

    We grateful it wasnt a virtual pornstar. now that would be funny

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      How funny is it that the lawyer using the cat filter is the same lawyer that destroyed a young woman’s life named Llana Lipsen.
      He destroyed her life, her career, and her family because she rejected him.

    • Avatar jammapcb says:

      @Colby Carter all lawyers are bottom feeding mutations

  81. Avatar Dejoblue says:

    SNL gonna have a legendary skit this weekend 🙂

    • Avatar Colby Carter says:

      Are they going to include the fact that the lawyer stalked and ruined the life of an 18 year old named Llana Lipsen?
      This cat filter lawyer was behind the investigation and BS charges that destroyed their lives. He did it because she rejected him.
      He’s a stalker and a phony grifter

  82. Avatar Michael Salmon says:

    I dont know man, could be Kilrathi

  83. Avatar Infamousfpv says:

    The nervous way he verbally stumbles into the meeting reminds me of Morty.

  84. Avatar magliadoro says:


  85. Avatar MarkedMoneyTech says:


  86. Avatar Monique C says:

    One of the funniest videos ever. “I’m prepared to go forward with it, I’m live, I’m not a cat”🤣🤣🤣 Meanwhile the other lawyer is trying to keep a straight face. Absolutely hilarious. 🙌🏻🤣

  87. Avatar Jj Hicks says:


  88. Avatar Anvi D says:


  89. Avatar Saumya Singh says:


  90. Avatar Jesse Spika says:

    “Recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited”


  91. Avatar col.eminem 8551 says:

    I’m not a cat….I’ll never forget this video… lawyer is so adorable and innocent that he don’t know how to defend himself…😂😂😂

  92. Avatar WestlakeNZ says:

    Honestly I had such a crappy day today and then tripped over this video and have now watched it over and over with tears (the good kind) running down my face. Aside from the obvious ‘I’m not a cat’ comment I love the other two peoples reaction especially the top guy holding back his laugh. A far stronger man than I!

  93. Avatar Santosh says:

    *Imma order him as my lawyer cuz they killed me*

  94. Avatar TheVandrell says:

    Hmmm, Rod Ponton does sound like a cat’s name……

  95. Avatar The Story Of My Diary says:

    He is a liar, not a lawyer, because he is a cat 😄

  96. Avatar creditsborn says:

    He’s not a cat, he’s a purrfessional…

  97. Avatar MyHackerTech says:

    sudo apt-get install cat-filter -y

  98. Avatar Jonas of Persia says:

    “I’m not a cat”. Liar!!!

  99. Avatar Maratsu Uchiha says:

    I kinda feel sorry for him, his cat face is so sad lol

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