BITCOIN TO $500,000 – What You MUST Know

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Here are my thoughts on Tesla and Elon Musk investing in Bitcoin, the other investors who are following, and what I’m doing with this information – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Joan T. says:

    Lol Thats a nice way of saying “I was a bitcoin hater and now i fucks with it”

  2. Avatar iKnowHipHop2 says:

    Lol good to see graham adapting bitcoin. Been wstching your channel for years buying property. I knew eventually you would come around and fully understand it

  3. Avatar andy ho says:

    I invested 20k into bitcoin and it’s now 70k thank you guys

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍+ 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 1 2

  4. Avatar Brett Coffin says:

    Mate I been waiting for you to get it for years !!!! You took your sweet time but finally you cross that bridge ! good on you better late that never ! but don’t worry you are still an early adopter in my mind so congratulation 😉

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍+ 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 1 2…

  5. Avatar Donatien Bruggeman says:

    @Graham Stephan, thanks for your work. Just found a gem with huge reversal potential. It is called ForestPlus coin (you can find it on Kucoin). Do you know it ? What are your thoughts? Cheers from Australia.

  6. Avatar Joanna Janas says:

    How does a “normal” person invest in Bitcoin? Buy shares of MicroStrategy? I want to get in on the Bitcoin action, but how? It’s intimidating.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      nice choice 👍+ 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 1 2

  7. Avatar Lebotha Tebele says:

    “Hey Graham it’s guys”… I laughed too hard for that dry humour

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:


    • Avatar Lebotha Tebele says:

      @Graham Stephan thanks mate… unfortunately I’ll only be able to have leeway to invest only after three months…

  8. Avatar SpeedDemon says:

    I’ve never been so money hungry in my life.

  9. Avatar POPI O.Z says:

    What’s up grams it’s guys lol . Opening sentence

  10. Avatar mOnSter GooNZ says:

    IF THEY ARE so scared why are they buying 1.5 billion in bitcoin anyways ,, and whos forcing them to accept bitcoin as payment ??? lolllll..

  11. Avatar The Guy says:

    Did anyone else hear him say “What’s up Graham it’s guys here.” Was that a joke?

  12. Avatar nizar shahwan says:

    They manipulated the price of bitcoin to 34k just to let Elon musk buy it . Then Elon pump it up with his tweet. Bitcoin is manipulated just like any other thing

  13. Avatar Jack Kelly says:

    Elon understands that change only happens with insight and time. Bitcoin is trash he knows it, he also knows that the majority of the public are followers. We all know what coin is the institutional coin 😉

  14. Avatar Roland Jacob Patalinjug says:

    “No-coiners”, where you at?

  15. Avatar Shiven Chetty says:

    Here from Jake Trans channel 👌🏼

  16. Avatar 106DarkSoul says:

    What’s up Graham it’s guys here love your openers and A1 content 👍🏾

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍Buy now+ 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 1 2

  17. Avatar R S says:

    Thanks to Democrats this chit is going to crash.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍Buy now+ 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 1 2

  18. Avatar Minstrel Krampus says:

    Someone better get that comment pinned up 🤣

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍Buy now?+ 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 1 2

    • Avatar Minstrel Krampus says:

      @Graham Stephan I got your attention!!?!!?! 😱😱🤯
      Dude. I fucking IDOLIZE YOU
      I just wanna take this moment, to honor your financial greatness🙏 😅

  19. Avatar Worldwide Auto Sales says:

    Did you buy any Dogecoin??

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      BTc 🔥👍.Buy now?

  20. Avatar Luke T says:

    BCH. 4300

  21. Avatar NVision_Finance says:

    Wait! did he just say- “What’s up Graham, it’s guys here” ?!?

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      Yessss BTC on 🔥buy now.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:


  22. Avatar Haneef Muttaqi says:

    Legend has it Elon Musk is Chuck Norris’s son.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍Buy now
      + 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1 -1- 2

  23. Avatar Or Sivan says:

    So happy Graham is falling down the path of becoming a true hodler

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍Buy now
      + 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 8 9 1 – 0 1- 1 -2

  24. Avatar Russ Bob says:

    Bitcoin will be the digital variance to the gold standard, dare I say “the new gold standard”, upon which we will create a alternative digital currency or a less popular digital currency that will actually be in use.

  25. Avatar Frank Asebedo says:

    I like the jacket Graham, where’d you get it?

  26. Avatar The Life of HolyElk says:

    If Graham Stephan had 1.5 billion in bitcoin he would still have the dinosaur head and iced coffee!

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      Appreciate your review, do you experience difficulty in trading? Inbox George Harry his what’s @pp

  27. Avatar ACEROCKOLLA A says:

    Thank you. This is helping with my Dogecoin addiction.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      👍 for investment options..

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:


  28. Avatar Crypto King says:

    You shouldn’t be, oh well I’m gonna put 1% of my worth into bitcoin. That’s not how you make bank. Trying to trade bitcoin is bad for your mental health. No matter what you say, you will probably be super depressed if your 1% falls 90% and you will want to move it out. But don’t. In fact you should be buying more bitcoin every month whether it be $1000 a month or whatever you can safely “forget” about. I tell everyone if you can hold for 4 years minimum and put in a set amount every week. You will profit far better than any other investment

  29. Avatar justin24131 says:

    FOMO? More like POORO… Anyone want to help a brother out with some cash?

  30. Avatar Jeremy Jackson says:

    Thoughts on stable coin savings accounts?

  31. Avatar Isaias Santana says:

    These thumbnails are getting worse by the day…

  32. Avatar Boo Man says:

    Did you mean to say “Hey graham it’s guys here” at the beginning?😂😂

  33. Avatar Stella Colton says:

    Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

    • Avatar Jeffry john says:

      Hey you’re not far from making profits, she has taken care of my account for months now… I have 16 wins and 2 losses so far

    • Avatar Okere Emmanuel says:

      When someone is straight forward and good at what he she does, people will always speak for them, for me I would say give Mrs Jane of financial education a try and you be happy you did

    • Avatar Tessy Mesa says:


    • Avatar Tessy Mesa says:

      How does this Bitcoin stuff really work I think I’m interested

    • Avatar Tessy Mesa says:

      Can I start with $3000

  34. Avatar Appolaps says:

    You never said what would happen to people, wo don’t invest?

  35. Avatar DK diesel says:

    i would not say 500k bro.. thats a bit high.. try 100-150k..

    • Avatar DK diesel says:

      @Graham Stephan real graham I hope you take care of this idiot here ^

  36. Avatar Hợp Võ says:


  37. Avatar dakota hawkes says:

    What’s up Graham it’s guys here!! 😆 he did this about a year ago.

  38. Avatar Sam Gordon says:

    Your thumbnails get cringier and cringier. I no longer look at you as someone giving good advice, but as someone doing what is best for your youtube channel.

  39. Avatar Zio Oren says:

    One thing I NEVER see when peephole talking about bitcoin, is exit strategy…🦗🦗🦗
    How are you going to sell? Where are you going to sell? How are you gonna minimize your fees? No one ever talks about selling, only buy buy buy !!!!

  40. Avatar James Morrison says:

    Nice video. I want to share how I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker Mrs Richmond

    • Avatar Sophia Philips says:

      I’ve been making a lot of profits investing with her for a few months now, Mrs Erica Richmond’s strategy is second to none, believe me

    • Avatar Grace Jameson says:

      This is not the first time i am hearing of Mrs Erica and her exploits in the trading world but I have no idea on how to reach her

    • Avatar Frank Mason says:

      I was skeptical at first till I decided to try huge returns is awesome I can’t say much

    • Avatar James Morrison says:

      @Grace Jameson You can reach out to her on telegramm

    • Avatar James Morrison says:

      Her username is investwithericaofficial

  41. Avatar K L says:

    You forgot to mention what Michael Burry said about this

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      For cry-pto guide text Mr David Francis.

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      + 1 4 1 0 ( 6 5 6 ) 9 5 8 5

  42. Avatar inthso says:

    Graham Did you know there’s another youtube Graham Stephan?:

    • Avatar inthso says:


  43. Avatar ezpz1515 says:

    If you aren’t buying Avalanche (AVAX) now, you aren’t buying amazon stock in 2000

  44. Avatar Drew B says:

    It will happen

  45. Avatar Harris Bay says:

    I believe bitcoin is future money

  46. Avatar 14WoguYtHmRRiL1f55NaKkCMSpkyLH8uuv says:

    DECRED the next coin to go Boom…

  47. Avatar Scurby Dawg says:

    Having worked with Bitcoin Miners. There is one HUGE impending problem to bitcoin that none seems to address.

    As mining rewards decrease more and more, until ultimately disappearing. Mainstream Transactions will become 100% necessary to keep the network running.

    That is to say that unless bitcoin becomes a universally accepted means of currency it will fail.

  48. Avatar Frost YT says:

    🚀🚀🚀Litecoin looks really good look at charts…

  49. Avatar Alex Tran says:

    🔥LTC next!!! 🚀🌛

  50. Avatar TheMixxChannel says:

    LOL.. Graham start off blooper. He said.. WUZ UP GRAM.. ITS GUYS HERE.. lol

    • Avatar TheMixxChannel says:

      @Graham Stephan what does this person do?

    • Avatar Lydia M says:

      @TheMixxChannel i will advice you to invest with Mr Anderson he’s really good in making profits i have been investing with him for a months now

  51. Avatar Luke Smith says:

    Does webull have free real time quotes for us markets?

  52. Avatar Darrion Young says:

    I predict a wealth transfer from bitcoin to Ethereum

  53. Avatar FlubberFace says:

    Bitcoin to the moon!!! 🚀🚀

  54. Avatar Kanwar Anand says:

    If I could invest in a stock for ten years should I invest in Tesla or apple

    What would you do

  55. Avatar Michael Rivera says:

    “What’s up Graham it’s guys here”

  56. Avatar Olender says:

    I got my bitcoin a while and and I’m keeping it until it hits $500k then XD

  57. Avatar James says:

    Argo Blockchain
    Most efficient miner
    Exposure to bitcoin without having to buy any

  58. Avatar Jay James says:

    bitcoin go brrrrrrrrrrr

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      His WHATS A PP
      + 💬
      Do well to tell Alexander kate I reffered you to him his strategies are top notch he will help you..

  59. Avatar SuperOGNick says:

    Did he say what’s up graham it’s guys here

  60. Avatar Robert McManus says:

    Game over in may its gonna catch everyone by surprise. This is because alot of young guys dont understand the plumbing system that is banking

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      His WHATS A PP
      + 💬
      Do well to tell Alexander kate I reffered you to him his strategies are top notch he will help you….

    • Avatar Aka Manto says:

      @Graham Stephan what s a pp? Its a dick

  61. Avatar Dev Blakee says:

    “whatsup graham its guys here” 0:00

    • Avatar Graham Stepham says:

      Thanks for your comment ♥️. you should reach out to my manager on *WHAT-SAPP* for proper guidance, supervision and more profits on CryptoTrading, Stocks and options.

  62. Avatar Danny Chan says:

    Tesla asking me to smash like button? LETS GOOOOO

    • Avatar Graham Stepham says:

      *+1 8 3 2 4 2 0 0 4 8 7*

  63. Avatar dukefan says:

    Frankly, it is stupid and irresponsible not to have some bitcoin

  64. Avatar zigzack54 says:

    its guys here?

  65. Avatar Edgar Rios says:

    Banger vid. More vids bro

  66. Avatar adam agudelo says:

    anyone else notice the intro say “what’s up graham it’s guys here” lol

  67. Avatar Rafael Makrigiorgis says:

    Aren’t all these billionaires investing in bitcoin able to crash the bitcoin price? What if one day btc hits a ridiculous high and start selling billions ($) in btc?

  68. Avatar dukefan says:

    What percentage are you at now?

  69. Avatar James Kim says:

    haha I remember you were bearish when bitcoin was sitting at 6k

  70. Avatar The K-Bollins Show says:

    “What’s up Graham it’s guys here”

  71. Avatar The K-Bollins Show says:

    Am I the only one who encountered 4 ads watching this video? YouTube must be a relationship with Graham

  72. Avatar Guido G says:

    Bill Gates said 2 years ago, Bitcoin to $50,000 per coin. No one except some puffers, said Bitcoin could reach $120,000 per coin. Also, Tesla, bought that piece of Bitcoin a month ago and it just now got reported.

  73. Avatar victor Lebon says:

    I want to invest but I don’t know how and don’t want to get scam and loss money

    • Avatar Lydia M says:

      i will advice you to invest with Mr Anderson he’s really good in making profit i have been working with him for some months now

    • Avatar Lydia M says:


    • Avatar Aka Manto says:

      @Graham Stephan S. H. U. T. A. P. P.

  74. Avatar exactlyAsPredicted says:

    One really needs to have a clear understanding in monetary policy, economy, politics, banking, & central banks before they finally have the light 💡 bulb moment in bitcoin.

    All these gibberish from kindergarten level knowledge makes me puke 🤮

    It’s not about making money

  75. Avatar Joe King says:

    Whats up Graham its guys here..lolo

  76. Avatar Rhynos89 says:

    Uhm, did he start with “Whats up Graham, it’s guys here”?

  77. Avatar Muzz Mint says:

    By way of an update (02.11.2021) & following the ‘Elon Musk’ Bitcoin pump – The 20 Bitcoin I traded for THETA at the start on Jan 2021 would today be worth $894,620.00.
    Whereas the THETA tokens I swapped the Bitcoins for are today worth $1,085,565.00
    Up $190,945.00 against Bitcoin. Ya’ll sure about those Bitcoins 🤷🏽‍♂️

  78. Avatar LouisTech says:

    People are losing faith in the USA dollar . They knew that a big inflation is coming up . So they’ll put it on BTC

  79. Avatar Conrad Henney says:

    “Whats up Graham it’s guys here” HAHAHA

  80. Avatar Vision Mission says:

    bitcoin is still a bubble

  81. Avatar Aka Manto says:

    Lol what? I should invest in something because someone else does? Isn’t that making him Profit?

  82. Avatar Ezra Mantini says:

    I liked and subscribed because of photoshop

  83. Avatar PMR says:

    diversify diversify hedge hedge totally agree

  84. Avatar Shafat Ullah says:

    please say something about Enjin coin after its recent project

  85. Avatar Brittney Edwards says:

    Thank you for keeping fomo in check. I’ve been stressing everytime I see the bitcoin price falling like I don’t have enough invested and have too much cash. I need my cash for flips so cant afford too much volatility. 1-5% of my cash I can do.

  86. Avatar Isaac Suarez says:

    “Whats up Graham its guys here.”

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      W. H. A. T. S. A. P. P.
      +. 1. 6 6 9 2 5 7 4 8 0 4…

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      For a successful investment🇱🇷

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      +1. 3. 0. 9. 2. 4. 8. 4. 4. 7. 2.✔️✔️

  87. Avatar Cristian C says:

    Nothing new!

  88. Avatar Pablo says:

    Anyone who doesn’t invest in bitcoin right now will most likely be fucked in life if the US dollar loses its value? Im lost in all this bs

  89. Avatar Jvt Tv says:

    Was I the only one who heard him say, what’s going on Graham it’s guys here???😂😂😂😂

  90. Avatar My Stock Market Picks says:

    Canaan Creative on the Nasdaq just sold 100,000 bitcoin mining machines to North America in a month.. they will be a billion dollar company

  91. Avatar Sachin Govind says:

    What Is my YouTube recommendation doing in the comment section?

  92. Avatar NIM says:

    okay okay where is the best place to buy bitcoin

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      W. H. A. T. S. A. P. P.
      +. 1. 6 6 9 2 5 7 4 8 0 4….

  93. Avatar NIM says:

    but graham what platform are you actually buying bitcoin on?

  94. Avatar Jason Pizzino says:

    Graham, invest 1 month of Adsense revenue into Bitcoin, then make a video about your gains in 12 months time.

  95. Avatar Globetrotter 4FR says:

    Do you experience difficulty in trading? Inbox Robert J. Benjamin

  96. Avatar TomerYoutube says:

    Hey Graham it’s guys 😉

  97. Avatar Winland says:

    I will continue with mycurrent BTC investment as i have done the past 4 years. The same sum every other week no matter what the price is. have not sold anything yet… Money i don’t really need right now so might as well have them stored in BTC. great retirement fund in 30 years, i hope…. 😀

  98. Avatar Tauseef Latif says:

    yeah…3-5%..thats what i did too (my dumbass with 50% of my portfolio in eth/btc 4 months ago)

  99. Avatar Garett Maybery says:

    1% is the most pitiful joke of all time for someone your age

  100. Avatar James Cone says:


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