How I Doubled My Reading Speed in 30 Days


In this video, I’ll explain how I increased my reading speed two-fold.

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118 thoughts on “How I Doubled My Reading Speed in 30 Days

  1. Nate O'Brien Reply

    Beware of scammers in the comment section impersonating me! I will never solicit you for money or ask you to join some sketchy crypto scheme. I will NEVER randomly give you my phone number, scammers are everywhere 🙂

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    • Carmen Murphy Reply

      So happy for you that you’re about to hit 1,000,000 subs. Congrats Nate! Also, I live 30 minutes from Philly. I’d love to meet you sometime!!

    • scofield agate Reply

      Scammer commented on my post using your name and profile pic. No doubt I’m shocked when it notified me. Excited as I look for it, then his comment was, “Thanks for watching. Reach me out if you want guidance”
      I’m like: *lol bye*

  2. Lucas M. A. Brandão Reply

    My brain voice is powerful 🤣
    But I keep trying

  3. Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills Reply

    Did Nate record this during his latest Ralph Waldo Emerson cabin trip to the woods?

  4. Genn Jeets Reply

    I was hesitant to watch this video for the same issues i have with reading. I thought i had some form of learning disability because i constantly struggled to pronounced every word correctly in my mind that i would go back a million times just trying to comprehend every sentence i read. i only read non-fiction and since those books are super important for personal-growth and success, i tend to focus even harder and try to comprehend every sentence to the point where i would repeat each sentence back with out looking at the page. It has gotten so bad that when im doing something besides reading and i try to remember a specific line( word for word) from the current book or podcast that im listening to and i don’t get it exactly’; i get really frustrated and anxious knowing that i have to revisit that book later in the day. These thing have made me hate reading. It would take me months just to finish a damn 300 page book spending 4-5 hrs a day just reading. i have gone mad doing this as i have a hard time reading important warnings on signs or simple instructions to put something together. i just can’t let go of trying to vocalize and comprehend every word im reading. i avoid reading in public cuz ppl look at me weird because of my hyper-focused eyes. Do i need to see a doctor?

  5. Dropshipping Simplified Reply

    “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

    • JJ Enobun Reply

      Well said nigga

    • Dropshipping Simplified Reply

      @JJ Enobun hahaa


    Am i the only indian student ?
    In 9th standard who’s watching this ?
    Haha merry exams boii 👍

    • Shashwat Tripathi Reply

      I’m an Indian too!!

  7. Nick Gentile Reply

    Good video Nate. Any tips on how to stop vocalizing every word when you read? I know I do that a lot.

  8. Charlie Chang Reply

    Tried using my finger to read faster, but ended up using my fingers to eat chips instead

    • Millionaire Incorporated Reply

      HAHAHHA thats the best

    • RidvanDuzey Reply

      Dude you could be the new Avenger!

    • About Things Podcast Reply

      This is brilliant haha

    • Jun Han Reply

      Hahahahhaaahahahahahha me to

  9. Financial Shinanigan Reply

    Dan Lok said you just need to read the table of contents to “read” the book lol

  10. Isa Mamede - Study, Books, Medicine Reply

    This tips are neat. What you said about the eye movement is so medically accurate. They are called saccades (when your eyes jump from word to word) and smooth pursuit (when your eyes follow a target). Both types try to keep the image in the fovea (the part of your eye where the neurons that transform light into brain waves are located). When reading is really important to have a target – like your finger, so you can capture all the words at first and understand the phrases faster. Only highly trained observers can make a smooth pursuit movement in the absence of a moving target 🎯.

  11. Gage Volmert Reply

    This video was a lifesaver, trying to grow my personal capital and this helped

  12. Frank Mularcik Reply

    great tip on vocalizing it in your head; when I think about it I think thats one of the ways Ive been pretty quick at reading

  13. Taresh The Entrepreneur Reply

    The more you can learn…the more you can earn

  14. Old Mate Reply

    Ppfffftttt. I quadrupled my reading speed in 10 seconds… My comprehension is at – 9000 though 😉😳

  15. Claire Ison Reply

    Haven’t even finished the video yet but had to pause to tell you how good it is! Quality content 🙌

  16. jasmin Perez Reply

    I need to read 15 chapter by March 2 so yes! Anyways this man can become a model

    • Nate O'Brien Reply

      Good luck reading!

  17. Rodolpho Bravo Reply

    Hey, Nate! What mic do you use?

  18. scofield agate Reply

    it’s the unfamiliar words that consumes my time lol

  19. DmostDriven YT Reply

    I noticed a lot of successful people live in cold areas ?

  20. Ross Miller Reply

    Nate’s gonna hit a Mil between this vid and his next upload

  21. Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk NYC Reply

    Read faster using audible!!

  22. Brian Joslyn Reply

    The ‘claimed’ “science” is not 100% relevant. There are people whose eyes do not work as you explain. There are people whose brain doesn’t work as you explain. There are people who simply can not speed read. Maybe they just don’t take in (learn) quickly enough to speed read.

  23. Justin Lam - Personal Development and Happiness Reply

    Such an underrated skill to have. In a time when you can learn about anything at any time, being able to absorb that knowledge is key! Great video!

  24. Minimalist Living Melissa Marie May’s Story Reply

    Hit the like. Thank you.

  25. Randy Hutchinson Reply

    Love your jacket, what kind is it

  26. Zaurbek Stark Reply

    Fun fact: If you read just 10 pages a day every day, that’s 1 book/month (300 pages). Only takes 10-20min of your time.

  27. jade darmawangsa Reply

    This video was fire, people are sleeping 😤

    • Nate O'Brien Reply

      Hyping me up

    • Ascend Reply

      @Nate O’Brien I’d like to send donation pls send me your address

  28. JkJoker LOL Reply

    I’m confused on the stop vocalizing in our heads part. At this point it’s second nature but I’m confused what I’m supposed to do, to not do that. My understanding is that my brain will just absorb the word without having to pronounce it (with enough practice) right?

  29. Стас Кандан Reply

    Omg, these tips have increased my reading speed up to 40%. I used to read about 140/150 pages a minute. Now it’s 200 or more pages a minute! Thank you for the video, Nate☺️. Your content is really great and beneficial. Keep it up ✨. Congrats on coming 1 mil subscribers 🔥

  30. bin4ry_d3struct0r Reply

    I once paid a few hundred dollars for a speed reading course that taught just these lessons. Unfortunately, they don’t work very well for highly technical books (e.g., math, coding, etc.), which is why I never stuck with them. They work great for novels, though.

    One tip I can give for eliminating subvocalization is to hum a beat while reading to supplant the words you’re reading in your head. I used a military march (left, two, three, four) over and over again as I read. Eventually, you won’t need to do it as much. Most people, though, will never stop subvocalizing entirely.

  31. Nguyen Nguyen Reply

    Thanks Nate for your useful video

  32. Kevin Yang // Personal Finance and Investing Reply

    I think this is the case for watching videos as well. Nowadays when I’m watching more educational videos (like this one), I’m able to almost always have the video at 2x and still fully understand everything said. It’ll take some getting used to, but it really helps!

  33. kashvi parekh Reply

    these are some really interesting tips!! thanks nateee

    • kashvi parekh Reply

      @Nate O’Brien fake acc lol

  34. melisa k Reply

    Just getting back to reading and I noticed that I have to re-read the sentence to understand what is being said. Any pointers

  35. Yan Mezinskiy Reply

    I hope you will have 1 million subscribers this week =)

  36. Dirk Kunz Reply

    I would like to learn how I read twice as slow!!!!!

  37. Brian Ronne Reply

    um…my eye already moves in a smooth motion without looking at my finger

  38. Passionate Heart Reply

    2. pacing

  39. Simon Cutsem Reply

    Thanks for this video Nate! Will apply those tips

  40. Eman Mz Reply

    What kind of Books u like to read?

  41. Aime Maggie Reply

    you’re so close to 1 mill

  42. Abhinandan Katoch Reply

    Me when reading: 0.25x speed
    Me when watching youtube: 2x speed
    Me when texting: ATHLEAN-X speed

  43. mbotnd Reply

    Damn. You really helped me with studying a ton of pages quickly!

  44. Elias Elias Reply

    I was reading 1 a week but I want to save some money too and now only one or two a month.

  45. Brynn Henderson Reply

    Excuse my foul mouth but this pissed me off a little. How do you read a book and comprehend it without vocalizing the words in your head? That’s like the whole point. So you are telling me I can mindlessly read a book. With no use use of anything but my eyes moving. That makes no sense. Their words you have to vocalize them. Like it’s literally making me so frustrated how you said that like it’s no big deal. Like look up a test for one of the books you’ve speed read. And post the results because like I’m irked at how you just went avoid saying the words in your head. Do you know how many entire pages I’ve had to reread because I mindlessly just started looking at the words and remembered zero parts of anything said. And you are telling me I fucking understood it. Like it’s making me so mad.

  46. Maja Vrbica Reply

    For someone who likes to read, but doesn’t have that much time (I have two little kids), this video is very valuable ☺️

  47. Mamobo Ogoro Reply

    I’m a researcher and I read for a living, by the time I get home, I just don’t want to see words… this helps a lot to start my recreational reading

  48. Dwi Permatasari Reply

    Thanks Nate🙏

  49. Martin Chang Reply

    bro love ur content and stuff but this ain’t it

  50. scott corney Reply

    Really useful! Thank you so much dude 😁🙏

  51. Zulia Shavaeva Reply

    You should have a Google doc with the books you’ve read and what you’ll recommend. Your 2021/2020 book recommendation video was awesome!

  52. Mindsets and Reps Reply

    Tags are useless lol

  53. William m Reply

    I learned this in high school in 1972.

  54. Zoë Cayetano Reply

    such GREAT advice! and such an important lifelong skill. please do this! let’s elevate humanity together & become more educated 👋🥳

  55. Fitness Men Reply

    What is your speed in reading right now

  56. Miquel Angel Abraham Cañellas Reply

    So interesting

  57. Miquel Angel Abraham Cañellas Reply

    Don’t really know how to stop vocalyzing 😂

  58. Athan Datu Reply

    Excellent pointers. I’m finding it hard to apply in med school because the books and info is just soooo dense. But still, very useful stuff nonetheless

  59. Relax with Captain Dust Reply

    If you really want to 2X your reading speed, you need to learn to read one book with one eye while reading another book with the other eye. That’s what I do.

  60. Matthews Million Dollar Mission Reply

    Bill Gates reads for 3 hours everyday. Goes to show that reading is valuable.

    • Sam Martin - Peak Performance Reply

      and that we all have way more time for it than we think

  61. Relax with Captain Dust Reply

    The Revenant 2 starring Nate O’Brien

  62. Anita O' Brien Reply

    Great video and great timing because I’m just about to read a book… Thank you Nate!!

  63. Giusy Perrone Reply

    My teacher in elementary school would shame kids using their finger when reading

  64. Arpita Salagar Reply

    I guess I can read a 300 pages book in just 2 days, looking to improve more!!

  65. GJ Cordeniz Reply

    Awesome video a d great tips

  66. Grant Porras Reply

    Wow you’re getting close to 1M subs

  67. Milana Lysenkova Reply

    I suppose when people are reading the title of the video, they are thinking this is something usual, but actually this is really great advices are doing on

  68. Fuel the Mind Reply

    Reading is an amazing way to fuel the mind!! I’m already on my 4th book this year. I’ve created a goal to read at least a book a month!

  69. Antibookbookclub Reply

    Are watch summary video’s on youtube! Sometimes books are just to wordy for what they are actually are saying.

  70. Sebastian Lacki Reply

    Fun fact: when you read faster, you actually retain less information in the long term

  71. Ariel Grushka Reply

    The closing one eye thing was AWESOME! I love that technique with the finger! Will start applying it when reading right away. Thanks a lot!!

  72. Jessica Rose Reply

    Wow I’ve never thought of these tips!! Thanks Nate! Congrats on almost 1 million subscribers!

  73. Marianna Wusstig Reply

    Thanks for the tips!

  74. . Reply

    What do you think about The millionaire fastlane?

    • Nate O'Brien Reply

      Reach out to me directly for your guidance

  75. Crawford Rhoderick Reply

    If you are going to put these tips into use , you should start with a simple book first , books like Mark twain first. If you try this with a book like physics or economic you wont get anywhere fast only frustrated. After you get the basic down then you can read something more channeling.

  76. renloh077 Reply

    I swore I thought I saw you at the Pike Place Market in Seattle about a month ago but I had to do a double take. Then I thought, why would he waste his money coming here? Lol.

  77. Benni Springer - I make videos too haha Reply

    Nates Outfit looks like he just got done filming Game of Thrones

  78. JAKEBrakeModel94 Reply

    Watching this in low light and thought you had a hedgehog on each shoulder. But seriously, I really like these videos. I saw your discouragement in your insta story, but I think they’re valuable man! Keep it up!👍🏽👍🏽

  79. g s Reply

    Right on!! guard you phone # before you know it the idiots from the auto warranty co. will be calling you.

  80. Alexandra David Reply

    Hm Mike O’Brien is your brother? 🤔🤔🤔

  81. Lina Ngu Reply

    Hey Nate, great video and it’s pretty useful as I’m a vivid reader as well and I have so many books that I wanted to read. What about for reader using kindle ? I’m slowly moving towards the paperless books and relay on the kindle or any other ebook devices to read. Hope to hear from you

  82. María Victoria Maita Reply

    Great video! Thanks.

  83. Andrew Gosselin Reply

    Hey Nate! I just published my first EVER YouTube video, “How I Became a Self-made Millionaire Before 30”. I’d love it if you gave my first video a look and I welcome any and all feedback. I know I’ll probably get <100 views on my first one lol, but I'm committed to this for the long haul! Thanks for the inspiration.

  84. Eszti Szabó Reply

    How can I stop vocalising when I read something?😅 It is hard for me…

  85. Lessons in History Reply

    Video starts at 1:40

  86. Max Styne Reply

    We all only have so much time. Reading faster is literally gaining time..

  87. Rezki NAIT LAZIZ Reply

    Thank you so much 🙏

  88. Sawira S Reply

    Drwaing lines with a pen on a book?😱 Big no to me😅. Here learned things i never knew about, unique information.

  89. Jonah Brown Reply

    Why is no one talking about how luscious his coat is

  90. Krazy Stocks Reply

    You’ve almost reached a million subs. Congrats! I hope to be where you’re at one day

  91. Leilani Holmes Reply

    Excellent. I needed this!

  92. Olivier Gagnon Reply

    Won’t be useful if you don’t understand or remeber anything from the book

    • Olivier Gagnon Reply

      talked before 6:30, my bad

  93. Kushagra kumar Reply

    A friendly suggestion.. watch this video x1.25

  94. Brandon Blazejewski Reply

    Awesome I always wondered what the concept of speed reading is and now I understand. I might not use all of these tips to start with, but just started reading with my finger and it makes it so much clearer and easier to read thanks Nate!

  95. MELS E-Learn Dot Com Reply

    I have short memory. I forgot most of the content after read. LOL

  96. Journey with Juliette Reply

    Great tips! But I love reading out loud 🥺

  97. Matt Garza Reply

    God ur videos suck.

  98. Minh Hiếu Lê Reply

    Key learning points:

    1. Use pointing finger

    2. Read middle space only

    3. No head vocalizing

    4. Read about Author’s background and read Table of Contents before reading the book

    Thanks Nate for a nice video!

  99. Diego Nascimento Reply

    Thank you so much for this video, Nate. What do you think about e-readers, ( Kindle, specifically)?

  100. Ellen White Reply

    Needed to see this video. Thank you for your tips! 🙂

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