NASA’s Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars To Search For Signs Of Ancient Life | NBC Nightly News

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The Mars rover landed in the Jezero Crater, where it will drill into rock and soil to search for evidence of ancient microbial life.
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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars To Search For Signs Of Ancient Life | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Elon Musk says:

    The dislikes are from the dumb flat earthers.

  2. Avatar IAM HuIAM says:

    They ve made it to Mars when phone calls sound quality still the same since the world’s first telephone was invented

  3. Avatar Fun mobile Legend says:

  4. Avatar Jhat pat cooking with noshi says:

    great job

  5. Avatar Donna Comstock says:

    I saw the moon landing and am so glad to see how far we have come in space exploration

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      If America landed on the moon in 1969 Trump would have a casino that by 1980s The is explorationlook up the South Antarctic treaty

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      All the glory goes to the most high Donna please pick up The Bible

    • Avatar David Stewart says:

      @elcapitan G2G I picked mine up years ago.

      And threw it in the trash.

  6. Avatar Ilovesesshomaru sama says:

    And they’ll find nothing because if they do they’ll probably say nothing to the public

  7. Avatar Raging Monk says:

    They will discover that 10,000 years ago we use to live on mars and had to flee because we didn’t take care of it either.

    • Avatar WhosRicky says:

      @bungalow bob hold up lemme laugh real quick

    • Avatar WhosRicky says:

      @bungalow bob 😐🥱😑

    • Avatar word2believe says:

      There’s a firmament nothing gets out, check operation fishbowl.

    • Avatar Raging Monk says:

      @word2believe Yep, we live on a big flat platter with a glass cake dome placed over us. Donald Trump is a minor god, while Alex Jones is a major prophet. SpaceX is a lie told to us by evil forces that want to have full control.

    • Avatar David Stewart says:

      @Raging Monk I’ve got one who can see!

  8. Avatar George Hugh says:

    Should have sent some tardigrades along to populate Mars so we’ll have something to eat when we get there

    • Avatar Lilia says:

      That’s not going to be possible anytime soon AT ALL..

  9. Avatar George Hugh says:

    Don’t be fooled – Nothing went to Mars. It’s just better animation than the Moon Landing Hoax.

    • Avatar Maria B. says:

      True. Technology is way more advanced now than it was in 1969(i.e., 52 years ago). It’s a no-brainer as to why there hasn’t been any recent human landings on the Moon. … In the meantime, I’m [still] experiencing problems with the internet service…

  10. Avatar David J says:

    Frost: “Man, I’m telling you, I got a bad feeling about this drop.”

    Crowe: “You always say that, Frost. You always say, “I got a bad feeling about this drop.”

    “We’re in the pipe, 5 X 5.” 😄

  11. Avatar Charles Ritter says:

    How many rovers are we going to send to Mars anyway? we haven’t found anything yet so how is this multi BILLION dollar trip going to be any different? I guess we just have too much money and are looking for things to waste it on apparently.

    • Avatar R S says:

      You think they tell us everything that they find? There is a reason they find great interest here.

    • Avatar Charles Ritter says:

      @R S you could very well be right, I stand corrected. Reminds me why the ufo files are never looked at, dr. Steven Greer says our military wants to keep the knowledge for themselves.

  12. Avatar Dennis Cleary says:

    Can’t wait till we’re watching live footage of astronauts landing on Mars

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      That will never happen please wake ⏰up

    • Avatar phillip brady says:

      As elcapitan G2G wrote, “This will never happen pleae wake up” Mars is simply way to far away for humans to go to because we have no safe assurance of transit @ safe speeds for a trip taking more than 10 months EACH WAY. Any space vehicle carring humans would have to be nearly the size of the Star Wars “Battle Star”, and would take more than four years and likely as many as 50+ rocket launches to construct it, just like a new and much bigger space station. It would take that simply due to the fact that even a small group (like 3) of humans would have to be supplied with enough food and water to last more than a year and a half; which is the likely minimal time for a round trip to Mars. NASA sends it’s probes into space at a much faster speed than we could risk sending human passengers anywhere safely. Simply put, this voyage would amount to a one-way ride, and we would never get those astronauts back to earth. Most of the way there, they would be totally on their own, and would not be able to get any help if anything serious went wrong.

    • Avatar Scr3wBlu3 says:

      It Will never happen. we can’t leace our outer obit system please wake up

    • Avatar David Stewart says:

      @phillip brady Star Wars doesn’t have Battle Stars.

    • Avatar phillip brady says:

      @David Stewart Yeah, I think that I’ve got my names mixed up on this one. I do remember Darth Vader’s captain guy blowing up Princess Liah’s planet with the big cruiser thing. It’s size that matters???

  13. Avatar Colin McNaughton says:

    absolutely not! nasa did not land a rover on Mars. when i was a child we were taught it took at least one year to get from earth to Mars when they are most near one another during their solar orbits. absolutely contrary to everything we were taught for it to be even physically possible for this to have actually happened. and most of what we see is bad CGI and nerds that have done the math and “science” but are not in control and do not have higher clearance to have any idea whats actually going on. almost believed ya. good job nasa, almost as good a job as hollywood….. wow the masses are very very uneducated and dumb, willing to believe anything and will do whatever they can to stay part of the common belief and to not feel like a black sheep or spend one minute with an objective idea or look at anything from outside their force fed mass understanding that’s taught to little children to answer them about where life comes from and it’s not God.

  14. Avatar Dino Nanic says:

    Where is our stimulas check $$ 🗽🤔

    • Avatar Dino Nanic says:

      @Frosty SnowmanOf course,thanks,I agree! About Mars? What is the purpose of coming to Mars even if you can come for five days instead of five years! Atmosphere is such that you can’t breathe there ( this is only one segment but most important) What is the purpose of artificial cities, CAPSULES!? Imagine humans made in Nevada and Sahara Capsule- cites ? Living like RAT?? Also those capsules are mission impossible!! Only morons are exited about Mars! What about to we make new cities in Nevada and many HUGE EMPTY lands across America…with the best tehnology in the world! In Africa ( as Dubai) Canada, Mongolia Antarctica,Scandinava where is milions and milions acres of land empty! No I’m not saying about endangered nature…but there is eunogh space on planet Earth! 🌎💚

    • Avatar Frosty Snowman says:

      @Dino, the purpose for going to Mars? Just look into the Disclosure Project by Dr. Steven Greer for starters. There are two realities on this planet. One is the white world of technology with jets, rockets, etc., and the black world of technology, that being the very secret space programs and so forth. This landing of perseverance is for mainstream entertainment and knowledge. Just lookup Greer’s witnesses and you start to see what is happening.

    • Avatar Dino Nanic says:

      @Frosty Snowman Ok I will take your advice! Looks this Mars- Bosnia connection

    • Avatar Andrew says:

      @Dino Nanic This “nonsense” about Mars has been in preparation and being built for years and has taken up 0.0083% of the budget in the past decade. It has zero effect on your stimulus. You sound like QAnon believers thinking that things were planned a decade in advanced just to influence something.

    • Avatar Dino Nanic says:

      @Andrew Well after that I wrote longer comment and explain about Mars,give my opinion! And ” Frosty” give me advice for us starters and I wrote ” I will take your advice” ! But you are ignorant,you ignore what I wrote…QAnon morons are not flexible,they do not take advice from anyone! As liberal! I’m independent,free thinker! I do not think that mission on Mars is fake! That is real deal…But nothing exciting on Mars!

  15. Avatar yourallsinners 1 says:

    My wish is all you wackos would move to Mars. “””PLEASE”””

  16. Avatar Jessica Winslet says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this is the best human can come up with? Laughable, 17 trillion dollars spent on the Iraq war LOL but this is so low budget it looks like it was made with go fund me page LOL

    • Avatar Frosty Snowman says:

      What are you capable of? Besides complaining in a comment section.

    • Avatar Jessica Winslet says:

      @Frosty Snowman I’m a marine biologist, currently collecting data on the effects of offshore oil drilling in the arctic on marine ecosystems and wildlife. While people like me try to save this planet, people like you do their best to destroy it.

      How about fix the current planet you live in first.

    • Avatar Linda name says:

      Trump pulled NASA funding. They got to mars on a shoestring. American ingenuity.

    • Avatar Frosty Snowman says:

      @Jessica, It takes the collective will of all the sciences , both terrestrial bound and those that are not to help humanity. To think that just working as a biologist is going to help solve our planet issues is ridiculous. I worked in transportation technology my entire career (now retired), plus I know many people in the academic circles, many hard core scientists as well. I applaud your efforts at helping, but again, it’s a team effort and spending money on the space programs is minuscule in comparison to other things we put our resources.

    • Avatar word2believe says:

      I appreciate your work, the greed of man goes far but don’t carry the weight of the world, save your soul first in Jesus Christ.

  17. Avatar Алла Дегтяренко says:


  18. Avatar Baby Teano says:

    Biden: ” Congratulations man”
    T*****: “I DID IT!!!!” 😁

  19. Avatar Tomas Guerra says:

    Waste of money that could go to help the most needy in the world.

    • Avatar Mike Salazar says:

      Put your money where your mouth is and go donate to your favorite charity.

    • Avatar Tomas Guerra says:

      @Mike Salazar i practice what i preach😁

    • Avatar Mike Salazar says:

      @Tomas Guerra Good for you 👍

  20. Avatar Zinegnaw Yeshambel says:

    1:32 “On planet earth” 😆😆😆

  21. Avatar Nick Tubber says:

    I dislike a lot of things about this world but things like this make me realize once again, that human race is great.

  22. Avatar Deborah Schmidt says:

    Why are you acting like we have never been to Mars before? Trump has destroyed all credibility.

    • Avatar Todd Horton says:

      Trump isn’t the president now, it’s Biden

      God, get over it
      Your obsessed

    • Avatar TheLoneCabbage says:

      @Todd Horton I sense a triggered little snowflake =)

  23. Avatar 777 Wisdom says:

    Mars FAKE

  24. Avatar Aletheia says:

    Congratulations to NASA JPL and the Mars 2020 team! If evidence of past microbial life can be found, that would bring to light the deep history of planetary processes on Mars, and also put into perspective the fragility of life on planet Earth.

  25. Avatar twistedyogert says:

    Congratulations JPL. Godspeed Perseverance.

  26. Avatar Daryl Dollars says:

    This was hollywood 😂,the videos taken from all angles, drone cameras? Satellite cameras? This is not Mars they are still fooling us in 2021,it’s business, billions of dollars to make a short movie 😂😂😂

    • Avatar Linda name says:

      I bet you think we did not go to the moon, right.

    • Avatar scathson says:

      …and the earth is flat

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      Yes space is the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood basement And yes excuse me how do you flood a globe Water does not lie But people do

    • Avatar word2believe says:

      @elcapitan G2G there’s also a firmament they can’t pass through and they know it, anyone having doubts check operation fishbowl.

    • Avatar Linda name says:

      of course this was simulated! It goes without saying except for The sun revolves around the Earth, flat Earthers like you. We understand. You are a moron.

  27. Avatar Maggie May says:

    How about we focus on the life on Earth then worrying about what ifs on Mars? It’s very disheartening to live next to Nasa seeing their lights on and my kids toes are cold because I don’t have electricity.

    • Avatar Rodger Murphy says:

      No thanks….go NASA

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      Maggie may I will pray for you to the most high I hope your family and you are safe Blessings to you

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      @Rodger Murphy What the hell’s wrong with you

  28. Avatar saman rabati says:

    We’re destroy our land wow wee going living moon 🌝 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Avatar Tipa Sefar says:

    Good evening and thank you very much

  30. Avatar tigress63 says:

    Tom Costello on Planet Earth…. ok Captain Obvious.

  31. Avatar Michael Noyes says:

    Just Imagine if we find out that every planet we want to do research on, we had previous lived on, because we couldn’t make nuclear fusion technology possible. (ie. An infinite energy source)🤯

  32. Avatar EMILIO Rubio says:

    Wow now humans gonna go and make a messa somewhere else 😂😂😂😂😂🤟🏻 🪐

  33. Avatar gavin b says:

    this is earths new rubbish dumping ground. just watch and see.

  34. Avatar Universe Explorer says:

    NBC News on Planet Earth😂

  35. Avatar Khassat Nafsik says:

    I’m not quite sure… But I think I have noticed Trump on Mars.

    • Avatar Martika M. says:

      It sure looks orange over there!

    • Avatar Richard Evans says:

      No it was Ted getmeoutatown Cruz

  36. Avatar tejas k says:

    Will nasa send me on mars so i can live Peacefull. No corona no tension 🙂

  37. Avatar Sinan Tour time says:


  38. Avatar Edward Wang says:

    So what do we do if there is life?

    • Avatar CJF says:

      Just look at what was done to the Native Americans. If they find something I hope it’s stronger than us because humans have a nasty and rotten track record of ignorance.

  39. Avatar Gavinsky L. says:

    Hey everyone remember we tried to raid… find aliens ? Well imagine when aliens tries to track us down by terrorizing there planet 🤷🏾‍♂️

  40. Avatar Ariel says:

    Idk but is this dejavu

  41. Avatar Daniel Gontar says:

    If all of the images of Mars from these probes look like cgi images it’s because THEY ARE cgi images.

  42. Avatar Anthony Voss says:

    And people wonder where covid 19 came from…

  43. Avatar Lala says:

    Whose filming the landing

  44. Avatar Maria B. says:

    This is as fake as fake can be.

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      Give you have eyes to see and ears this to hear

  45. Avatar Bert Montoya says:

    And the first thing that people said yeah those put a man on Mars. That wasn’t on that man Probe. 18 months no water no food no gas no fuel no solar powered machine that you and I probably about another for the people are going to try to make it to Mars and back. Well before you start jumping up and down I said they can get to Mars first that’s probably not going to happen till 2050 we’re all going to be old and gray before that even happened so don’t hold your breath.

  46. Avatar Lana P. says:

    Did it ADAPT?


  47. Avatar pis pis says:

    Finally we hit Mars

  48. Avatar Martika M. says:

    Two billion dollars so we can get excited about Mars! No checks for millions of Americans going homeless, hungry and loosing hope! I hope one day someone starts to think about taking care of earthlings before we continue to think on how we could go somewhere else to f*^% that place up too!

    • Avatar Rodger Murphy says:

      Get a job….its your responsibility

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      So right

  49. Avatar Jimmy says:

    Biden watching machines land on mars while trump watching his golf balls go into the hole ⛳

  50. Avatar The Peaceful, Happy, and Bountiful Life says:

    I think aliens are doing the same thing on our planet. Sending someone or something here to investigate our planets and us living on it. Their technology must be so advance since we hardly notice their activities. Meanwhile we are happy enough to land our robotics on mars.

  51. Avatar godblesschild808 says:

    I make a perfect landing on the toilet haha

  52. Avatar Richard C says:

    Great. Meanwhile, back on earth 😳.

  53. Avatar Lebron elk says:

    Lol you really think their gona tell us the truth about anything they find there. Lol 😆

    • Avatar gennaterra says:

      I feel sorry for people like you… go and talk to the ONLY FRIENDS YOU’VE GOT… THE KEYBOAD AND SCREEN IN FRONT OF YOU.

  54. Avatar bigmo44030o says:

    Are we far there away for the sun won ever 10 year because taxes as a bad snow storm one ever 10 year

  55. Avatar Uzi Ben Israel says:

    Dear WHITE MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD the MOST HIGH has a message for you
    (Habakkuk 2:4-12)
    (Obadiah 1-21)
    (Isaiah 14:1-21).

    • Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

      People are still sleeping

  56. Avatar Angelo Ramen says:

    Government aka CIA already know about the underground aliens living there but I guess they chose to reveal it this way to the public

  57. Avatar วิทูรย์ เกาะม่วงหมู่ says:


    • Avatar Larry Finley says:


  58. Avatar Swoop says:

    I guess NASA – 1 ELON – 1

  59. Avatar David Jones says:

    Oh yes, this is where our taxpayer money go’s! Interesting!! To Bad!!!

  60. Avatar mickiemouseHM says:

    On our way to destroying Mars, too.

  61. Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

    Does anybody know what NASA means in Hebrew???

  62. Avatar depdark1 says:

    Trump save america !

  63. Avatar Ibanstein says:

    The people at nasa are lying to you all, because there is no mars people. The Bible says God has all the Stars Named and Numbered, besides, there’s this thing called a Firmament covering our Earth God made, and NO ONE is going through it, not even nasa and their fake CGI cartoon rockets. God’s Word says the Stars are LIGHTS in the Firmament, to give Light upon the Earth. They are not a planet to land on like the liars at nasa says, and they will answer to the Lord one day for the lying they are doing, because the Bible says Every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Here, read about our Earth our God made, and enjoy the truth for a change.

    Genesis 1:6-18
    6 And God said, Let there be a FIRMAMENT in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
    7 And God made the FIRMAMENT, and divided the waters which were under the FIRMAMENT from the waters which were above the FIRMAMENT: and it was so.
    8 And God called the FIRMAMENT Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
    9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
    10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.
    11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
    12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
    13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.
    14 And God said, Let there be LIGHTS in the FIRMAMENT of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
    15 And let them be for LIGHTS in the FIRMAMENT of the heaven to give LIGHT upon the earth: and it was so.
    16 And God made two great LIGHTS; the greater LIGHT to rule the day, and the lesser LIGHT to rule the night: he made the stars also.
    17 And God set them in the FIRMAMENT of the heaven to give LIGHT upon the earth,
    18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the LIGHT from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

  64. Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

    I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to land on Mars$$

  65. Avatar See Through says:

    Everything is a lie, humans your life is a joke. You’re so easy to deceive, smh 🤦‍♀️

  66. Avatar Mimi Morgan says:


  67. Avatar No Yes says:

    If there’s a lake there’s life

  68. Avatar Patricia Dennis says:

    Ever wondered why life became extinct.. some disease wiped out civilization??..soooo.. Y’all bringing back samples?? from Mars…

  69. Avatar elcapitan G2G says:

    Space is the final frontier But it’s made in a Hollywood basement So they didn’t go far to make this video either

    • Avatar word2believe says:

      Only mars they can reach is the chocolate bar.😂

  70. Avatar Juan Fe Peña Rivera says:

    believing in Jesuchrist you have the salvatión and eternal life
    believe in the place where you are with all your heart
    st Jhon 3 : 15 to 18 , Romans 10 : 9 to 13 , Acts 4 : 12 , st Jhon 14 : 6
    st John 1 : 12 🌺🌷🌿🍂🍁🙏

    • Avatar TheLoneCabbage says:

      Feeling the walls of science closing in around your religion are we?

    • Avatar fire brand says:


  71. Avatar Scr3wBlu3 says:

    Fake asf where is the live footage. We can’t leave the earths orbit

    • Avatar fire brand says:

      The mars landing was real. And Joe Biden’s victory was real too.

    • Avatar Marius Cezar says:

      @fire brand can you explain why we do not have a video of landing and a video of Earth from the flying ship yet? Just some black and white picture of the ground? Doesn’t that look suspicious to you at all? It takes 30 minutes to send data from Mars. Why they don’t share tangible success with the rest of the world, just a CGI? Any explanation? We don’t have technology to make and send a video? Come on man. I do believe in NASA but something is definitely not right.

  72. Avatar BlackStarr007 says:

    …and yet I have yet to see us even get back to the moon, when there is so much controversy about the 1st moon landing being fake, so com on NASA just get us back to the moon, that’s all I ask, because as far as I’m concerned, what i just saw, was staged in the Arizona desert.

    • Avatar Marius Cezar says:

      I’m waiting patiently too. No videos, no pictures from landing yet, not even a shot of Earth from the flying ship. Does not take that long to get the data. All we got is one, single black and white 1969 style pic. Very suspicious.

  73. Avatar Xtopher Alan Foster says:


  74. Avatar Ed Stewart says:

    ted is a guttless worm

  75. Avatar Mark Samuelsen says:

    Who took the landing pictures?

  76. Avatar shallo denver says:

    Trump goes next as he likes the color .

  77. Avatar Jackie Daniel says:

    Won’t transfer over yet

  78. Avatar Hi Hello says:

    Congratulations Trump and NASA team for mission Mars!!

  79. Avatar Brainstorming & sharing says:

    Absolutely well done and definitely keep it up!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  80. Avatar Jean ISIS says:


  81. Avatar Uncle Mort says:

    They should clearly mark which footage is CGI and which is real

    • Avatar Marius Cezar says:

      All is CGI. The only picture is the black and white Mars ground.

  82. Avatar MsC Starz says:

    Hm but I have no power …

  83. Avatar Kevin Marley says:

    It’s a silly question, but was the footage of the drone landing real??????? Obviously, they would need a second device near it and taking the footage which would be kind of strange to make just for that.

    • Avatar Marius Cezar says:

      All CGI. The only picture they have sent is the black and white Mars ground. Nothing else have been shared. I’m waiting patiently for actual videos of landing and a shot of Earth from the ship. If they really went to Mars they should have it by now, it does not take that long to send data from Mars.

  84. Avatar Alex R says:

    Millions of Americans are living in the cold and dark without power, dying from a pandemic while unemployed and lacking healthcare but hey, our government spends billions to send robots to another planet!

  85. Avatar CJF says:

    People are freezing to death in America. Read the room.

  86. Avatar word2believe says:

    More cgi, you guys can’t pass through God’s firmament.

    • Avatar Marius Cezar says:

      Lol, I’m waiting for those videos too. 24 hrs later we have nothing.

  87. Avatar Christine Tan says:

    Fake. Can you see the shadows?

  88. Avatar Lucifer isgay says:

    The questionable chick singly wave because badge occasionally discover onto a special hook. dreary, determined cartoon

  89. Avatar Top3 says:


  90. Avatar Marius Cezar says:

    24hrs later we have nothing. No video of actual landing, no video of Earth behind the flying ship, no video from Mars,…nothing, and it takes about 30 minutes to get data from Mars. All we got is black and white 1969’s style picture of some ground. And they are puzzled why people think NASA is lying to them. Just don’t tell me we don’t have technology to take and send a video…come on man, please.

  91. Avatar Gollalappa Hadpad says:


  92. Avatar LongRun Biker says:

  93. Avatar Jamal Robinson says:

    I Was Using Molly Crack And Strong Weed….
    I’m Using it now I don’t want the world to know because I’m black and I want to live…

  94. Avatar Jamal Robinson says:

    I don’t need any extra pressure I’m Sorry…

  95. Avatar Kwok Pun Chan says:

    lucky 7even !!! itTheChamp !!!

  96. Avatar Tomm D says:

    1:32 ,on planet earth, 😂😂😂i heard that from planet Jupiter

  97. Avatar TheLoneCabbage says:

    Just a reminder that the reason that some people are so against this and in denial about it, is because the discovery of life on Mars would bring their entire belief structure crashing down around them.

  98. Avatar Sasha Kumar says:

    Omg my mars

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