Singapore is in an ‘enviable’ financial position, says HSBC economist


Reserves accumulated in the past have allowed Singapore’s government to spend “quite liberally” to get out of the pandemic-induced crisis, says Joseph Incalcaterra of HSBC.

7 thoughts on “Singapore is in an ‘enviable’ financial position, says HSBC economist

  1. Phantom Hantu Reply

    Incredible sg!

  2. Nicktasteless Reply

    yea because my country doesn’t go around bombing other nations like America. We don’t waste so much money on Military but just enough to have a strong army.

    • Mike G Reply

      @farland789 typical response from someone trying to validate a lie or misinformation. 👍

    • farland789 Reply

      @Mike G well then the burden is now on you to prove that it is a lie/misinformation. And while you are at it, pls provide the stats to justify that it is a typical response.

    • Mike G Reply

      @farland789 way to try and flip the point. Doesn’t negate what I already said. Won’t be replying to anymore of these quality comments

    • farland789 Reply

      @Mike G the point is all armies in the world are strong, just a matter of how strong. All along you have been arguing with yourself. Suggest you resolve your internal conflict before commenting on public forums. If walking away from your own internal issues is your way of handling them then I totally respect it. Hope you get better.

    • Mike G Reply

      @farland789 same to you. Delusions and mental disease are no joke. All armies are strong lol. Hmm history definitely doesn’t agree with that statement. Lol.

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