Watch: NASA Releases First Ever Video Of Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars | NBC News NOW

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During a press conference, NASA unveiled a dramatic new video of the Perseverance rover touching down on the surface of Mars. Perseverance traveled 293 million miles to reach Mars after launching from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on July 30, 2020.
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Watch: NASA Releases First Ever Video Of Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars | NBC News NOW

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Ricardo Herrera says:

    How do they know this real time if it takes almost 22 minutes to send and receive video from mars

    • Avatar Connor Spangler says:

      They don’t. The time delay between Earth and Mars ranges anywhere from 11-14 minutes. So that telemetry and status data streaming back from the rover-skycrane system (velocity, status of the heatshield separating, etc.) takes that much time to reach the control room. So, while the technicians in the room are biting their nails, watching each stage progress successfully, in reality the rover had already been safely and securely landed on the surface for the 11-14 minutes before they knew it based on the data. Say it was 13 minutes, then what happened was @ T=0 seconds, the skycrane’s parachute deployed. @ T=8 seconds, the heatshield jettisoned. @ T = 2.37 seconds, the rover began lowering from the crane. etc. etc. etc. all the while the data confirming these events was flying through the vacuum of space. Then, at T=~13 minutes, the scientists see the successful landing and rejoice. This video simply combines the actual landing with them celebrating side-by-side, when in reality, these events happened about 13 minutes apart.

    • Avatar Wilbert Lek says:

      How do you know it’s a Christmas card when you get it in February?

  2. Avatar j_morco says:

    First rock they look under…Jimmy Hoffa. Second rock they look under…33,000 curious emails.

  3. Avatar Cal Fowler says:

    Lmaoo 🤣😅🤣 the fakery

  4. Avatar Grunt 337 says:

    Amazing many millions of years from now possibly the bacteria organisms microbes that we humans take to Mars can evolve from this one incident leading to life and it all can be witnessed traced back with this video the start of Mars 🤩🤩🤩

  5. Avatar Ph!1thy M!1es says:

    Looks like crappy CGI honestly.

  6. Avatar Jay Fielder says:

    A tin can just landed in Canada very exciting hopefully they pay Spielberg to make the next landing it would look better

  7. Avatar McDiamond says:

    If it were 30 years ago it’d be amazing but right now it’s not that great🔵🔵

    • Avatar McDiamond says:

      @Wilbert Lek troll or truth?

  8. Avatar Tawin K says:

    Littering a heat shield on Mars…

  9. Avatar Descartes walks into a bar says:

    149 morons thumbs-downed this video. Imagine being that stupid while watching history in the making.

  10. Avatar Sean Patrick says:

    Finally NBC has some news that isn’t about how much they love Transgenders.

  11. Avatar Jack Wolfe says:

    Amazing clear video from 1.29 million miles away.
    Technology is amazing. To send a video signal that far thru the Van Allen belts.
    Wish my cell phone could take calls in the bathroom.


      I have a feeling you know this is fake 🙂 if so welcome to the club

  12. Avatar Donna Donna says:


  13. Avatar Matthew O'Brien says:

    Watching videos like these make me happy to be alive.. being human isn’t so bad sometimes.. this is one of those times 🖤

  14. Avatar TechNoir says:

    The sky looks almost blue.

  15. Avatar Stan Knowlton says:

    Should have went to the moon, there’s too much dust on Mars.

    • Avatar Dead Islander says:

      Dw they’re going there too. But also we been there already

  16. Avatar Carpe Diem says:

    Why do NASA mics make everyone sound like they are in the trunk of a car in an age when any basement dwelling Youtuber sounds like he’s whispering sweet nothings in my ear?

  17. Avatar vasanthg482 says:

    Wow, great

  18. Avatar no way says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m surprised they allowed comments on this freshman video editing garbage.

  19. Avatar Pattycakeslikespie1 says:

    Let’s go to Mars when earth runs out of air because mars has air?

  20. Avatar Jon Strande says:

    Why do they put a color lens on the camera lens?

  21. Avatar seriously says:

    me: why is there *no* *fire* coming out on that jetpack thing
    science: *no* *oxy-*
    me again: *oh* yeaaaaah

    • Avatar James Berglund says:

      It’s because the rockets run on hydrazine, a propellant that doesn’t make a visible flame. We’ve been using hydrazine in space for a while.

    • Avatar Wilbert Lek says:


    • Avatar James Berglund says:

      @Wilbert Lek ​ Yes. All I did was comment on why there’s no visible flame because they use a clear-burning monopropellant that’s been around for 100+ years, not that the Earth is made of spaghetti or something. Why the incredulity?

  22. Avatar O O says:

    Antifa faked the Mars landing!

    • Avatar Wilbert Lek says:

      No, Bernie Sanders.

  23. Avatar a e says:

    No hd 4k ten different camera angles just one shot pointed down….ok

  24. Avatar Cindy K says:


  25. Avatar J S says:

    This is great !!! But why not put this kind of effort and money into curing cancer !!!!

  26. Avatar David Burris says:

    Hope that heat shield didn’t land on someone. Could be a massive lawsuit.

    • Avatar La Flame says:

      They calculated all that stuff

  27. Avatar James Roberts says:

    When you want to like the video because its a great achievement but you despise NBC so you decide not to

  28. Avatar Meher Baba is God in human form says:

    Historic footage!


    It’s not real. Mars isn’t a solid planet…they’re lying about everything. Mars is a light in the firmament. Genesis was right, the earth is stationary and that we see above us are the lights in the firmament. The sun is small and local just like the moon.

  30. Avatar Joel Hachat says:

    Wow! God bless y’all! It’s a miracle!

  31. Avatar Samuel. M.G. says:

    Congrats to the team and their efforts in exploring the secrets of Mars.What an Amazing Universe of the Creator.

  32. Avatar The Man says:

    This IS the North America I remember. Everyone working together towards one goal…SUCCESS FOR ALL.

    • Avatar dukrafsen says:

      there are intelligent beings and small lakes and dams and other buildings on mars, nasa and other space agencies and their governments know this truth and they keep it secret

  33. Avatar バンパイアPurple Haku says:

    Flat earthers are mad

  34. Avatar Ali Ghneim says:

    What a joke !

  35. Avatar Ali Ghneim says:

    NASA next mission, Getting to heaven, Rofll

  36. Avatar JP says:

    2:09 NASA “a kilometre”
    Seppo’s: 100000 hotdogs

  37. Avatar Elmer Teodoro says:

    let’s wait the conspiracy theorists have to say…STOP THE SPIEL! they never get tired.

    • Avatar Wilbert Lek says:

      You can totally see the cables…

    • Avatar Olemann says:

      Devon island

  38. Avatar Max Cowling says:

    Did it land in a Mars sand stairs or what

  39. Avatar GRV S says:

    The name make sense after 2020…. Perseverance shows the humanitys will to go beyond their limits even when its chaos all around hats off to the NASA Perseverance crew, wish them success and good health.

  40. Avatar 1Life says:

    Mars makes me see Earth as paradise. So exciting to explore new worlds!

  41. Avatar madim iq says:

    Nasa not real

    • Avatar James Berglund says:

      Bold, some are claiming the landing isn’t real, and you’re straight-up saying NASA isn’t real? Wild.

  42. Avatar Agoroy Agoroy says:

    Fake stop fooling us!.. Same thing happen to the first man landed on the moon!.. Lol..

  43. Avatar Fahad S says:

    Why cant we go to dark part of the moon’s other..side

    • Avatar asiancakes says:

      we already have, china sent a lander to the dark side in 2019

  44. Avatar Щелкунчик в Пальто says:


  45. Avatar ImSofaKingGood says:

    *Lester Holt’s fivehead appears* “Look, a Martian!”

  46. Avatar Chief Joseph says:

    Thank President Trump! Saved NASA.

  47. Avatar Johnatan Silva says:

  48. Avatar jandj Godwin says:

    If Drump was president he wud ve claimed it was his invention. And Biden, Polosiii and Chummmer were against his mission and yet he did it

  49. Avatar Oliver Yu says:

    Dislikes??? WTF

  50. Avatar Taz-on-the-loose Yusef says:

    Flat Earthers are nowhere to be seen on comment section, They don’t have time for such rubbish, lies and manipulation of sheeply minds

  51. Avatar Svenulf Skjaldbjörn says:

    I will always remember the day Perseverance landed on Mars while I was shoveling cow poop out of the milking barn.

  52. Avatar FROZEN king yt says:

    The era has started for the race of becoming type 1 civilization.😏
    Tighten you seat belts to enter the future.

  53. Avatar Sidhant Sharma says:

    Man this is so awesome

  54. Avatar FuntastoPedia says:

    NASA is wasting money finding life in Mars.. If there is a life there you can find ancient plant offcourse if there is a plant there, there is also animal life there..

  55. Avatar kalirajan says:

    Congratulations nasa

  56. Avatar MakeDredd2 says:

    Still Captain Coward of Texas managed to steal the thunder that day.

    🇺🇸 Cruzin’ to Cancun 2021 🇺🇸


  57. Avatar Chris Wisdom says:

    I wonder how brain dead you would have to be to convince yourself this is actual footage of them landing a rover on Mars.

  58. Avatar Mr Perfect says:

    Parachute? What’s it’s catching ? Air? I thought there’s no air in space, this is fake

    • Avatar asiancakes says:

      @Mr Perfect i hope you realize atmospheres aren’t all made of breathable air, the atmosphere of mars is almost all carbon dioxide and only a tiny sliver of oxygen.

    • Avatar Mr Perfect says:

      @asiancakes yeah that why you can’t breath there wtf

    • Avatar asiancakes says:

      @Mr Perfect doesn’t mean there’s no atmosphere though, there’s still air around to have the parachutes work, and besides they work very barely it just slows the craft down before the sky crane does the rest

    • Avatar Mr Perfect says:

      @asiancakes oh there must must gravity there too, enough for need of a parachute lol sheep 🐑

    • Avatar Chase Hilton says:

      @Mr Perfect you have a severe developmental disability

  59. Avatar Mr Perfect says:

    That looks so fake

  60. Avatar Kálmán Bácsi says:

    I like Greenland.

  61. Avatar jeet sharma says:

    Woww..just wooowwww NASA….KUDOS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  62. Avatar Timothy Egappen says:

    So gravity is just like Earth for it to land like that?

    • Avatar James Berglund says:

      Yes and no – gravity exists anywhere there is mass, with more massive objects having more gravity. Mars is 1/3 the mass of Earth so it has about 1/3 Earth gravity.

  63. Avatar Antonio Dicaprio says:

    Space maybe the final frontier, but it’s made in a Hollywood basement!!

    • Avatar Kaitlyn YT says:

      So you believe space doesn’t exist and that the earth is flat?

  64. Avatar Jackie Daniel says:

    One is running

  65. Avatar Elprulb Blurple says:

    This is emotional.

  66. Avatar Yunima ! says:

    so freaking COOL

  67. Avatar Jack Kneehoff says:


    • Avatar Kaitlyn YT says:

      You believe the Earth is flat don’t you?

  68. Avatar onion savoya says:

    Havent we sent rovers to mars already?

  69. Avatar LARRY CURRIER says:

    what a waste of a lot of money

    • Avatar Asashi says:

      How is it a waste exactly?

  70. Avatar oldi184 says:

    Awesome CG. It is incredible that this technology can produce life-like images and videos.

  71. Avatar Gamen4Bros says:

    This is so cool!!

  72. Avatar Troy Smith says:

    Tell me what is the propose of this rover? Governments from Earth has sent numerous probes, rovers, satellites, etc, to pollute Mars with. No new info other than not telling us they sent men there in 1972 and keep any real information a secret!

  73. Avatar Mark Stambaugh says:

    When I type “NASA” on YouTube how is it that NBC News appears before NASA?

  74. Avatar Galahad Garza says:

    It never ceases to amaze me what humanity can accomplish when they work together. Congratulations, from an outside observer!

  75. Avatar Chele Reyes says:

    Nasa should make the next smartphone camera

  76. Avatar Native albertan says:

    How is the russian trampoline doing these days, I wonder😆

  77. Avatar SomeRandomGuy says:

    Must be fake.
    Didn’t see Mark Watney

  78. Avatar Thug nuts says:

    flat mars’ers incoming

  79. Avatar Alen Zlikovski says:

    WooW i never see bounch of rock before, stunning. Plzz who cares about earth and people dying from hunger, homeless people all around the world, Spend more bilions of dolars, i wanna see how rock look’s on other planets to.

  80. Avatar Cole Little says:

    All those people commenting on the video quality need to know – Hollywood cameras are rubbish!! If you film footage using a dummy robot in Greenland with a Hollywood film set and take it back to Hollywood to be edited to be slightly more convincing this is what you end up with!! Time people open their eyes! THIS IS ALL A BIG FAT LIE!!!!!!! Help spread awareness so that the ignorance of humans doesn’t cause the elites to take away all of our reality!!! Next topic COVID-19 if you read into the terms of Brexit the only thing that could put a pause on Brexit was a global pandemic as soon as the UK leave the EU within a month we are hit with Coronavirus!!! All of this has been a smokescreen the vaccine is a DNA changer possibly with microchips in it!! Have you ever yet thought to yourself what are the long term effects of the vaccine and will it effect my children and their children. They are going to cull the population next thing 5G will trigger something in our bodies and mind control will happen like never before!!! The bible says it the Torah says it and even the Quran says it the Earth is flat people open your eyes stop being ignorant!!!!!

  81. Avatar VF1Skullangel says:

    The search for Matt Damon begins…

  82. Avatar Ken Saint John says:

    73 years old and I am every bit as fascinated by Mars as I was at seven. This is just phenomenal.

  83. Avatar Roman Rivera says:

    So fake!

    • Avatar Asashi says:

      Crazy how people like this exists

  84. Avatar G Money79 says:


  85. Avatar KCBkotastrophie - says:

    Now we just need to terraform mars so we can then destroy it

  86. Avatar estarte says:

    Hope those martians are able to defend themselves better than the indigenous people on earth.

  87. Avatar Linda Banack says:

    another fake landing?? How stupid is this?

    • Avatar Asashi says:

      It’s crazy how people like this exists lol

  88. Avatar Demz T. says:

    Where are the Flat Marsians now???…Oh sorry, I mean the Flat Earthers???
    Flat Earthers 2020…
    Flat Marsians 2120…

  89. Avatar top top says:

    Как только услышал трек и захотел вам посоветовать, послушайте пожалуйста

  90. Avatar ValeTheBest Cornejo says:

    * rover landing * NASA ppl: YAY Aliens: OH SHOOT

  91. Avatar Vvvon X says:

    You can see the same thing in Nevada..
    Mars is just another rock in the sky

  92. Avatar iam Able says:

    How can you be pro choice after this

  93. Avatar Dede Fajar says:

    What, the brand new star trek movie?

  94. Avatar Kareem Salessi says:

    They forgot to Photoshop the Earth-Blue-Sky into the Fake-Mars-Red-Sky!!!!

  95. Avatar TheBattalion12 says:

    Oh get outta here this is BS LOL!!!!

    You mean to tell me they dont have a ton of cameras all over the ship to capture point of entry!? Why is that!?

    I feel sorry for you Jim jones Kool aid drinking folks! 🤣

    • Avatar Asashi says:

      There is lol

      Search all photos captures by perseverance

    • Avatar Asashi says:

      DO your Research before commenting something stupid

    • Avatar TheBattalion12 says:

      Im talking about LIVE FOOTAGE!!!!

      From earth Launch to mars landing, their is none, only CGI.

  96. Avatar Junji Ito says:

    Even in a video showing us landing a rover on another planet people find a way to be rude, ignorant, violent or just plain stupid.

  97. Avatar TRADEONE says:


  98. Avatar daj Bob says:

    Lol so fake😆

  99. Avatar DJ Pomare says:

    NASA can send a rover to Mars but have not yet sent a water and pressure resistant rover to explore the deep blue ocean.
    Mars looks lifeless and sending a mask-less US pandemic-ridden craft there seems senseless and mean spirited.
    Oh well, here’s to learning nothing new, from the country that made the Kardashians and Traitor Trump.
    China or India should send a rover down into the depths and leave the US to look at desert rocks.

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