Board Members Of ERCOT Resign Amid Texas Crisis | NBC Nightly News

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Four board members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the Texas power grid, have resigned. Gov. Greg Abbott says he welcomes the resignations, calling the agency’s handling of the crisis “unacceptable.”
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Board Members Of ERCOT Resign Amid Texas Crisis | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar i liz says:

    Remember Greed caused this disaster!

    • Avatar Delekham says:

      Greed didn’t cause this! Stupidity did! Stupidity STill reigns!
      Is Greed and Stupidity the same thing? There is an OLD saying! “Fool me once SHAME on me! Fool ME Twice? Shame on YOU.”
      That is where we are now. Stupidity REIGNS!

    • Avatar Jesse G says:

      Unless your George W. Bush it’s Full me once shame on you. Fool me twice, WELL YOU CAN’T FOOLED AGAIN!

    • Avatar Tram Ngo says:


  2. Avatar Jason Sims says:

    Sure they walked away with a ton a cash.

    • Avatar Doctorae says:

      @Weston W “Enabling the rich to get rich off of the backs of the poor”, was/is the mode of operation for Americans since its inception. It was ALWAYS a problem for the people of color they enslaved or the Native Americans they tried to wipe off of the face of the earth through genocide, but the fear of consequences usually prevailed, when faced against superior fire power. As usual, when such economic cannibalism is inflicted on their own people, THEN there’s an uproar against it, and NOW it’s time for a change. It happens in every American crisis, right on schedule.

    • Avatar Weston W says:

      @Doctorae so saying it’s a trend solves the problem? No wonder it’s been on repeat for decades…

    • Avatar Doctorae says:

      @Weston W I never implied it was the solution to the problem. It would take a severely cataclysmic event to come close to a solution. Until then, this is what we deal with.

    • Avatar fastd63 says:

      Thanks to Obama we know that the big payouts are on the back end after you’re out of office.

    • Avatar High Roller says:

      and files for bankruptcy and bailout due to the pandemic lol

  3. Avatar Roger Anglin says:

    ERCOT reminds me of the word escorgo. Both are slow and are supposedly blameless.

    • Avatar Jadey Cakes says:

      And should be eaten by the people!

    • Avatar S Rennie says:


  4. Avatar Crystal Buck says:

    The people that resigned should!! They don’t live in Texas so what do they care if Texas has power in a crisis. If you want to be on the board live in Texas!!!

    • Avatar The Tweatles says:

      Nothing says Anti-America quite like supporting the shameful Democrats 😳

    • Avatar Johny Marcial says:

      @The Tweatles
      You’re being lame.

    • Avatar victorianmelody46 says:

      @The Tweatles The Democrats are not responsible for the grid shutting down. Ask your Governor and Legislators who are getting rich off of Ercot.

    • Avatar S Rennie says:

      @The Tweatles Either you’re wildly misinformed, or willfully ignorant. Either way, not a good look…

  5. Avatar The Tweatles says:

    Biden said Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic was the golden standard 😆

  6. Avatar patricia eads says:

    Oversight? I think criminal would be more accurate. And the board members that resigned didn’t even live in the state? The citizens of Texas have been criminally betrayed.

  7. Avatar reverse_halo says:

    Meanwhile the “leftist”, “liberal” and “socialist” states of the nation continue to have water and electricity… Now we just need a conspiracy theory to make America great again.



    • Avatar K B says:

      yeah….the ones who created the mess here are from liberal states….brought in by democrats. We call them carpetbaggers.

  8. Avatar ehhjeep says:

    Lock them up till all the people they hurt are made whole!

    • Avatar S Rennie says:

      Pretty sure it’s time to mothball that particular phrase, but accountability is surely coming. Expect them in front of Congress and the House in the next month or two…

  9. Avatar Robert Z says:


    Governor Abbott:

    We would like you to champion legislation that 1) forces ERCOT to winterize their system, and 2) caps Texas utility (electrical) charges, paid by residents, to no more than 10% above the national average of the continental US.

    The reason being, that although ERCOT has shown great profits over the last several years, it is foreseeable that they will claim a need to increase customer payments to cover the winterizing improvements that they should have done years ago.

    If the improvements had been made over time, there would be plenty of money for them.

    A class action lawsuit by the residents of Texas likely has no merit, and even if it did, ERCOT would simply raise prices to pay for it.
    As such, it seems the only way to get the company to pay for improvements that should have already been done, is to restrict the amount of money they are able to extort from the citizens of Texas.

    The above proposal, to still allow ERCOT to collect 10% more than the national average, is more than fair—as the costs of providing power to Texas are likely lower than most places (i.e., as the gas and oil do not have to be shipped from out of state).

  10. Avatar Tamarcus Wright says:

    Cry 😭 Esau cry 😭 this is ur portion u generational fugitive 🦠🗽☢️♟🔥🦁

  11. Avatar Leung Wing says:

    Just resigned?

  12. Avatar Michael Clayton says:

    The damage is already DONE. 30 people have died due to their negligence.

  13. Avatar Di&Ce says:

    Well, someone had to be blamed.

  14. Avatar Journey says:

    Why do I see a mass exodus from Texas?????

  15. Avatar Dittzx says:

    Republicans: we don’t need government regulations! Republicans when they get a $16,000 electric bill: Everything’s bigger in Texas..☹️😢

  16. Avatar BIG BEEF says:

    besides drinking coffee and playing golf, these board members do absolutely nothing. literally nothing.

    • Avatar K B says:

      they didn’t do it in Texas…they’re not from here.

    • Avatar Tram Ngo says:

      Gtis that
      oh yes

    • Avatar Fernando Serrano says:

      They collect a paycheck and lobby the Texas legislators to allow power companies to do what they please.

  17. Avatar ray cash says:


  18. Avatar V says:

    Don’t mess with Texas, especially when it’s cold. They won’t have power or water.

  19. Avatar Blindspot Spotter says:

    Each of the oversight agency’s board lived out of state!!?
    Sounds like the Texas power mafia to me. I mean, if you own one of the few power companies in Texas, where would you want your oversight officers to come from?

    • Avatar K B says:

      ask the Democrats…it was under their watch 10 years ago.

    • Avatar Allan Gibson says:

      @K B Texas hasn’t had a Democratic governor since 1995 (Ann Richards). Ten years ago would have been Rick Perry who was preceded by George W Bush.
      Try again.

  20. Avatar Patrick #GR says:

    Oh no climate change isn’t real that was only a dress rehearsal for what’s really coming. Frozen wind turbines and solar panels to blame. Texans on the hook for all of it tho with their next utility bill.

  21. Avatar soulDavid Thompson says:

    Economic justice for victims of unfettered capitalism.

  22. Avatar kwashere says:

    Get rid of cruz and abbott

  23. Avatar Arthur says:

    The resigned hoping to avoid accountability.

    • Avatar Arthur says:

      @A to Z Sense isn’t so common You’re assuming I’m a democrat lol

    • Avatar High Roller says:

      it was the iceberg that sank the Titanic and not cheap manufacturing and poor designed lol

    • Avatar A to Z Sense isn't so common says:

      @Arthur you’re assuming that I’m assuming you’re a democrat. I simply stated the fact that the liberals that were responsible are now gone from the Texas electric council.

    • Avatar Arthur says:

      Lol the board of Ercot contributed to Abbott’s campaign. I don’t know very many Democrats that back Republican governors, do you?

    • Avatar A to Z Sense isn't so common says:

      @Arthur you’re going down rabbit holes and I’m giving you facts. The original point was that I’m glad they resigned. The rest of the board needs to be dissolved and a new one in place with public checks and balances… same with the cops and entire justice system.

  24. Avatar Satans Helper says:

    Eat them. Now. Florida sucks.

  25. Avatar Fuyu 2 says:

    A national shame…..

    • Avatar K B says:

      yeah until the heat wave hits Chicago and people die when it hits 90

    • Avatar Chicago KJV says:

      @K B I work outside in that stuff and it’s terrible.

  26. Avatar J Pena says:

    They were not Texans, killed Texans for profit and they did it when Texas was down with the pandemic

    • Avatar S Rennie says:

      Ummmm….the other nine board members are Texans. Were they bound and gagged?

    • Avatar J Pena says:

      @S Rennie seriously though you are probably a police officer who is breaking the rules and choosing to escalate a situation but in the process you are committing a criminal act of obstruction of justice or whatever girlfriend

  27. Avatar Paul says:

    Keep electing Republicans, Texas. LMFAO.

    • Avatar K B says:

      this deal was under the Democrats, fool.

  28. Avatar Kary Herndon says:

    I guess that’s an improvement in Texas, 4 board members resigning, who don’t live in Texas of the entity which runs the Texas grid oversight commission. Still… the best we can hope for in Texas, where I once lived for 10 years, is just warmer weather! Texans needs the warmth. Home and business repairs are gonna be progressing. Reps. Alexandria Oscasio Cortez, Sylvia Garcia and Sheila L. Jackson of Houston did a good job raising $4 million dollars over the weekend for Texas relief funds. Way to go ladies!!! That’s the spirit of healing and …real “get it done”….courage! Good job Congress gals. Hats off to all the volunteers. Stepping up at a horrible time for so many Texans. My heart goes out to you this evening from southern Colorado! 🎖🤸

  29. Avatar Aaron Burns says:

    Whose for immediately granting Texas secession to save a few bucks? Meeeee!

    • Avatar K B says:

      you don’t know what you’re talking about. Time to stop drinking.

    • Avatar Aaron Burns says:

      @K B I just finished my milkshake how did you know!

  30. Avatar Zo Kitchen says:


  31. Avatar Google User says:

    Nobody knows enough to shut off the water main valve when the pipes burst in Texas?!!!

    • Avatar K B says:

      my whole neighborhood did…about 200,000 homes. We’re ok…where exactly do you think the problem hoods are?

  32. Avatar Calvin NDallas says:

    The members of the Public Utility Commission of Texas which oversees ERCOT should also resign along with the person who appointed them (i.e., the governor).

    • Avatar mark price says:

      I think Beto should resign along with the democrat congressmen who allowed this to happen.

    • Avatar Derrick Stinoski says:

      @mark price that would your useless governor and Cancun Cruz 🍹..pathetic leadership.

    • Avatar mark price says:

      @Derrick Stinoski Out state Texas is in better shape than any of the blue states. Every single blue state will be= high crime, broke and bankrupt, people leaving, high cost of living due to taxes, high gas prices due to taxes. Your leading blue states ( california, new york, illinois) are billions of dollars in debt over pension funding. That’s why nancy and chuck are pushing thru this bloated 2 trillion pork barrel bill to pay them off. There is no democrat state that I want to move to or be like.

  33. Avatar K B says:

    Millions? That’s a lie NBC. The ERCOT CEOs and boardmembers live in Michigan, Illinois, California, Germany and Canada. Don’t point at us for that crap. This was mostly an arctic 3x ICE storm. I’m sure my northern friends understand the differenc between pretty snowflakes, freezing rain, and ICE. The grid is designed for 100 degree heat. Science. This deal was set up with Texas Democrats and Obamas windmills and solar panels that didn’t work, nor did the billions in fines on TX taxpayers here for not doing green. 25% wind power won’t cut it, obviously…not in the subtropics anyway. Get ready for super high food prices, since the citrus and the other crops are all dead…all the way to Mexico.

  34. Avatar The Court Of Public Opinion says:

    They need to go to jail

  35. Avatar Johnny Ramirez says:

    They only resigned that’s it no charges brought against the senators of Texas really

  36. Avatar HilarityBribo says:

    Ya not surprised to see this.
    Next step is to pull down all those worthless wind turbines that froze.
    Green energy failed these people.

    • Avatar Linda J54 says:

      @HilarityBribo Texas was warned years ago about their system being unprepared and did nothing to fix it.

    • Avatar HilarityBribo says:

      @Allan Gibson It was a historic storm, the wind turbines freezing up likely stress the system ontop of that leading to the catastrophe.

    • Avatar Allan Gibson says:

      @HilarityBribo The Texas government was specifically warned in 2011 that the power supply in Texas was vulnerable to subzero temperatures (the same conditions that caused a failure in 1989 and 2011) – especially the gas fired power plants. The Texas government made compliance optional (and sacked the entire body responsible for checking for compliance last year).
      None of the power generation companies complied with the now optional requirements.
      And again the wind turbines didn’t bring the grid down – the gas turbines failed due to lack of gas supply due to pipes freezing. When half of ALL your thermal power goes off line (not including any renewables) your grid is in trouble. Only 13% of the wind turbines went offline compared to 40% of the gas turbines.

    • Avatar HilarityBribo says:

      @Allan Gibson President Trump warned us that wind power wouldnt be reliable.

    • Avatar Allan Gibson says:

      @HilarityBribo That’s why you have a mix. Wind power is actually most reliable in blizzard conditions…(if someone installed the gearbox heaters – which Texas didn’t). Denmark is mostly wind powered now – and they didn’t have any problems.
      The other side is if Trump said it, it was probably a lie – one of the 30,000 odd he is documented as spreading over his presidency.

  37. Avatar Mark Miller says:

    A state with Republicans in charge, naturally.

  38. Avatar Amy G says:

    The governor appointed them. When is he going to resign?

    • Avatar Amy G says:

      @mark price California’s outages were caused by PG&E not maintaining their power lines. If there was a chance of wind in the heat, they would voluntarily shut down whole counties to avoid their old equipment falling and starting more fires. They are going through bankruptcy due to their incompetence. Just another example of greed at the expense of American lives, as is the case with Texas. Green energy has absolutely nothing to do with these failures. In both states, the outages were foreseeable and avoidable.

    • Avatar mark price says:

      @Amy G My point is the grid went down in two states= Texas and California and only one does the media rip and rave about it. The plain facts are wind and solar cannot… repeat……cannot ever supply the energy needs for a thriving economy. Not even close.They cannot supply power when wind is not blowing enough to turn the blades, and on cloudy days the sun does not heat up. They both are unreliable on the very days when we need them. This is all about loony leftist using every crisis to push a failed agenda and we don’t buy it.

    • Avatar mark price says:

      @victorianmelody46 I don’t blame the whole shut down on the wind/solar, but they were a major contributor and the investigation will find that I believe. Let the investigation play out. During the coldest day…last monday it was cloudy and overcast —I doubt solar added much to the grid. They simply are not reliable and depend on nature( wind/sun) to provide needed energy. It is folly to depend on nature to supply our needed power.

    • Avatar victorianmelody46 says:

      @mark price I think you are a little attention deficit. I was saying CEO’s, Legislators and the Governor are getting rich off of deregulation, which in this case has led to many deaths because of profit over winterizing.
      You have now changed the whole subject to calling me a greenie weenie and a “liberal democrat who uses every crisis to push my agenda.”
      I do not have anymore time to argue with someone who can not even stay on subject. We have our own problems in Nashville, Tennessee. The reason I was concerned is because I have many relatives there including my sister, and niece.
      My concern was for the citizens of Texas not the Board members of Ercot who do not even live in Texas but were placed there by your Governor and Legislators. Keep electing the same folks and you continue to have the same problems. Argue on! I’m heading to work.

    • Avatar mark price says:

      @victorianmelody46 Well so far you’ve offered not real proof of your claim that the reason things went bad was because of republicans being in charge, or that they made bad calls because campaign contributions. You simply cannot prove that, yet you get on the web and make that claim and everyone who doesn’t agree with your unproven theory is lost in the wilderness. I live in Texas and through the freeze out and I don’t think one thing would be improved by electing liberal democrats or turning our power over to be regulated by the federal government.

  39. Avatar Myriam Santiago says:

    So saddddf werestheir gov mayorrrttt

  40. Avatar Martin Kurek says:

    Biden recalls meeting with Xi, this is a bomshell.

  41. Avatar mark joiner says:

    Resign Bill Magness!

  42. Avatar ねとり says:

    fix the things first, resign later dumbasses
    you trying hang your responsibility up on someone else, that’s shameful and despicable

  43. Avatar G.O.D No G.O.D says:

    Texans hold this L !lmao

  44. Avatar Fernando Serrano says:

    The resignations will likely be the only thing done. The Texas republicans stall until public pressure to fix problems diminishes and then do nothing to remedy the problem. They did the same when the town of West was partially destroyed because fertilizer stored in a business near high school exploded. Instead of making laws prohibiting such storage in towns, all they did was rant about not putting regulations on businesses.

  45. Avatar Andrew Kim says:

    The feeble feigned bookcase substantively spray because snowplow predictably offer excluding a oceanic betty. rigid, present toad

  46. Avatar Fernando Serrano says:

    The ERCOT electricity grid is only in Texas to avoid having federal oversight of it. The federal government would have forced the companies to fix their problems.

    • Avatar Linda Henry says:

      They didn’t want the government involved except when they need the disaster relief money.

    • Avatar Derrick Stinoski says:

      @Linda Henry 💯

  47. Avatar philip chay says:

    Well, voted for Republican Party.
    So this is the outcome you got from them. Next time, please don’t vote for the Republican Party. That’s simple.

    • Avatar Bonnie Carr says:

      Oh, sure, blame the Republicans, it’s the soup of the day right now to blame them for everything imaginable.

    • Avatar philip chay says:

      @Bonnie Carr When you get infected with viruses, please don’t ask Trump for help not Biden.

  48. Avatar xevious2501 says:

    my question is.. why are texas water pipes located in the roofs and attics?

    • Avatar Google User says:

      It’s easier to dry the pipes out when they leak. Gets nice and toasty hot in those attics in that summer drought and oppressive heat

    • Avatar Bonnie Carr says:

      Texas is generally a warm weather state, except for every 120 years when this happens. The houses up north are built for cold weather and we are not. It makes our housing more affordable. Good insulation in our attics is one way to combat the cold and the newer houses have that. If the electricity had been on, there would have been fewer water line breaks because our heaters are in the attic, also. We don’t have basements in the coastal areas because of the water table and probable seepage.

  49. Avatar Luis Hernandez says:

    Resign with their pockets full of money don’t be fooled people this is what they do to save face do you really think they care about us.

  50. Avatar Linda J54 says:

    The “Governor-appointed” Commission broke off last year from the body responsible for its oversight? So who then was accountable, and who was there to report on problems? Why did they do that, who decided to do that? Why didn’t the Governor act then? Lawsuit discovery is going to be interesting; especially when they follow the money for maintenance & repair contracting.

  51. Avatar Jim Red says:

    Ohh they’re retiing after murdering over 50

  52. Avatar phil pugliese says:

    Electric company people resign? Oh no, on the stand to testify. State regulators still in hiding, oh no, on the stand to testify.

  53. Avatar Linda Henry says:

    If they think they did nothing wrong, why resign. Is there more money for them to resign?

  54. Avatar Andy Holzinger says:

    Half the country thinks NBC is fair and accurate, I’m guessing that’s the anti-Semitic side.

  55. Avatar Bonnie Carr says:

    I’m wondering who appointed these board members that lived outside of Texas and the country. I’m thinking that the Public Utility Commission did and they need to be investigated, too. As a Texan, I’m angry and frustrated over this whole debacle. There are many class action lawsuits being filed against ERCOT at the moment.

  56. Avatar Vick Liu says:

    resign is not solution
    power grid update and tech innovation should be put up

    we Chinese face same cases in 2008
    then it make the south grid to lead great updating and new tech research

    now drones were used for flamer
    portable laser radar was equiped for powerline seeker
    laser gun for HV line snow melting
    in 110KV DC line we using auto-heating tech to prevent freezing

  57. Avatar Stephen Monash says:

    The international community by discrediting Suu Kyi has allowed the Junta to fill the void. They saw it as an opportunity to wrest back power and return to the repressive ways of ten years ago and before. A lack of solidarity – a vulgar hubris by the powers that be… Oxford Uni.. Canada.. South Korea and certain groups in the US… have seen the fall from grace of Suu kyi – but more importantly undermined the transition to democracy. This reckless abandonment of solidarity and recognition of decades of effort and sacrifice – just beggar belief.. Shame on “London school of Economics” – “Oxford St Hughes College – Bob Geldoff – Amnesty international – Gwyey you human rights South korea – “Elie Wiesal awards” – US – Freedom of city award from Oxford – and those who bestowed then reneged on the Honorary Canadian Citizenship. You all have blood on your hands. You carped from the sidelines for six decades – did nothing – then jumped on the bandwagon when Suu Kyi put Burma on the international map… then abandoned her whilst she was trying to work from within and transition Burma to democracy.

  58. Avatar Charles W R says:

    Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz are the first to resign. These criminal Republican so-called leaders are the worst trashy humans doing their best to destroy the lives of Texans. Texans should stop electing these criminals just to ruin their lives. STOP ELECTING ABBOTT AND CRUZ !!

  59. Avatar Ralph York says:

    When is Abbott going to resign?? Who does he think they are talking about when they say a lack of oversight?? BTW they probably resigned cuz they can smell massive class-action lawsuits coming.

  60. Avatar A to Z Sense isn't so common says:

    As they should resign. A new local Texas resident only council needs to be created with public checks and balances.

  61. Avatar mboiko says:

    It’s obvious what happened…When you live in the Southern US…relatively warm all-year weather lets you get away with a lot that you just can’t further North. In the North, it is BOTH 95+ degrees in Summer and very cold (single digits or below zero) and very Snowy in the Winter. This is reflected in how homes, power station, and general infrastructure is built. I’m sure many in the North are saying I feel your pain…but also…welcome to my world.

  62. Avatar its izzi says:

    Rats deserting the sinking ship.

  63. Avatar Zoot Suit says:

    Don’t leave the country ERCOT board members. Your savings and your home are going to pay back Texas.

  64. Avatar Unpeace Officer says:

    Republicans failing like always

  65. Avatar Steven Clutz says:

    I haven’t had water for a week and a half I’m paying a plumber to plug not fix leaks because there’s no materials.. so I’m going to be shelling out again to get the job done .. Walk away yea someone needs to string them up .. Y’all are correct damage is done and is on going

  66. Avatar janice clarke says:

    Sen Abott should. Resign along with the other GOPs

  67. Avatar fastd63 says:

    Follow-up story, please don’t pay attention when they all start working for the companies they were supposed to regulate at twice their former salaries.

  68. Avatar Noe Berengena says:

    Are those the same ERCOT people who contributed in the past to Abbott’s political war chest? Time for some intrepid reporters to ferret out the facts.

  69. Avatar Johnny McMerica says:

    Great job Texas Republicans – looks like you really “Trump’d” it up here, dumbasses!

  70. Avatar Captain CJ 97 says:

    Too late now…

  71. Avatar Wendy Walker says:

    Oh boy, you guys too. We here in Canada face the same scenarios, appoined by some higher up – good old boys club, get caught doing nothing at your job, resign, say it’s not my fault, stick to your contract and demand that you be paid out or “my lawyer will be contacting you”….then off to the golf course for a round and some beers.

  72. Avatar Nilta Mims says:

    On zero 21 the camera man and the woman have no coats on and yet it’s freezing out side?

  73. Avatar Derrick Stinoski says:

    On their way to Cancun 🍹…thanks to Texas.

  74. Avatar Argonaut121 says:

    When I was a kid I always enjoyed documentaries about developing countries.

  75. Avatar jarrod yuki says:

    covid will be over in two months.

  76. Avatar Laila Sweetest says:

    Hmm so texas pulled out of RE just like trump pulled out of WHO

  77. Avatar Nan Gil says:

    the man in power watch this Украина опубликовала сенсационную информацию о Biden there are english subtitles the president is corrupt

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