The Market Is Going Negative

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Treasury Yield have been rising and the stock market has been dropping – here’s what this means, how you should invest your money, and the entire impact on Real Estate – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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This is how much the US Government will pay YOU, if loan them money. So many investors are buying up SHORT TERM US TREASURIES, that they’re driving down the yield to the point where, very soon, investors would rather GET A NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE ON THEIR MONEY, simply because they believe that’s the safest place for it to be….IN THE SHORT TERM.

Long term, however – it’s a different story. The benchmark that most institutions look at when determining how much THEY will CHARGE YOU in interest is the 10-year treasury yield, because this gives a much longer timeframe in terms of how our economy might be doing…and lately, those yields have been going UP.

This means that fewer and fewer investors are buying the 10-year bond, which causes the effective interest here rate to go UP…and the higher this number goes, the higher OTHER interest rates need to be to remain competitive. This means, NOW…the general consensus is that there’s a high likelihood that interest rates are finally going to start to creep back up, which means the cost of borrowing money gets more expensive, which means growth might finally begin to slow down…and that’s a concern.

Now, even though it might SEEM like a giant concern that household debt is at its highest level ever…I actually see it as a quite reasonable response to REALLY, REALLY low interest rates…and, it makes sense that people are taking advantage of this.

Obviously, this CAN be risky if you’re pulling out money and speculating on meme stocks…but, for the level-headed, practical investor – refinancing a mortgage, and investing back in the stock market throughout one of the fastest drops we’ve seen, is a fairly REASONABLE approach, all things considered.

I wanted to know – do rising interest rates lower stock prices? Well, the surprising answer is…sometimes it does, but not every time. Historically…throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, interest rates went up, but so did the stock market. Rates then plummeted after the dot com bubble, and stocks kept falling, even as the interest rate continued going down. Then throughout the mid 2000’s…interest rates went up alongside stocks until 2009, when rates have stayed fairly low ever since.

The takeaway is that SO MANY OTHER FACTORS influence the stock market OTHER THAN just interest rates. Instead, IF we see a drop, that’s a good reminder to stay diversified, keep buying in, keep holding, and no matter what happens – diamond hand your long term investments.

As far as whether or not rising interest rates impact real estate values – it’s difficult to say. The simple answer is, YES – rising rates do affect the affordability of homes, but other factors – like, inflation, supply and demand, and the local economy make just as much of a difference, as well.

If you’re a LONG TERM INVESTOR, meaning – you don’t need this money for the next 10-20 years, which should probably be most of you watching if you’re under the age of 40 years old…then whatever happens in the short term doesn’t matter much, and you should keep buying as usual. If we see a drop, don’t panic – keep buying – and and leave it be.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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    What if we move towards a more frugal society? Would inflation still happen?

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  7. Avatar Roger Johnson says:

    Honestly, when the stocks went red. I closed the Robinhood App and haven’t look at it since. This is the only way to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. My account went down to $11,548.17 (that’s a lot of money to me. I call myself a poor investor.) If I keep looking at the falling knife….I’ll start selling and I have some good stocks. This is my first year in the stock market and I don’t want to run. Monday, I’ll go back in and purchase a few on the dip and close the app again.

  8. Avatar Manny Rae says:

    If you expose the individual’s true intent and follow the money, the off-ramp appears out of nowhere. Neglect of the lower middle class is sucked out in this vacuum. I sought the very conclusion of mediocrity of the dollar.

  9. Avatar kyj says:

    LMAO 1:17

  10. Avatar Cristo Perez says:

    I believe Inflation will have a minimum effect due to the coin shortage.

  11. Avatar norgecal says:

    Wise man says “When underwater make sure you close your mouth.”

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    Everytime I see one of your carefully crafted videos I want to bad mouth Kevin for some reason. I keep forgetting you are friends. Can you guys please get into a big fight so we can start taking sides?

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  14. Avatar Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest says:

    WEBBULL…the BULL is right, they sell your info to Wallstreet just like Robinhood.

    • Avatar Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest says:

      @Graham Stephen To be fair I have not done the research on WB, only going on what other investors have told me. However if you are looking for a free option to get started in investing, it seems like a good place to start. I personally have used TD for years and cannot say one bad thing about them. The “Think or Swim” engine has made/saved me a lot of money over the years.

  15. Avatar Racky Ryan says:

    Until Interest Rates rise, go long. No one cares about treasury yields

    • Avatar Graham Stephen says:

      Appreciate your comment, for further assistant W.H.A AS APP him
      +1. 3. 5. 2. 3. 6. 6. 3. 7. 0. 0.

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    I think the housing market is about to take a major dump! Values will go way down…

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    Take a look at the futures….(Its Sunday FEB 27th) They are going thru the roof!

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    The intro was so good I smashed the like button because I had to.

  24. Avatar Bradly Miller says:

    The end will come when the pandemic ends. Just like when you get into a fight you don’t feel it til the next day. Once the government says it’s over and the free money goes away and the protections end that’s when it’s going down. Probably around 2022

    • Avatar alleygh0st says:

      Pandemic is not going away. Govs love it too much to let it go.

  25. Avatar Nalo says:

    All I know is…Michael Burry said this is going to be really, really bad.

  26. Avatar mrjsanchez1 says:

    You can’t just keep foolishly printing money and think everything will be alright with no consequences!

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      I actually enjoy investing very much. I am a value investor, I follow the Warren Buffet, Guy Spier, Charlie Munger and Benjamin Graham school of thought. I do like your channel very much, you give excellent information and I like your points of view.

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    I just watched 50 edits of enthusiasm to learn that if you plan to invest longer than 20 years..”it should be ok”

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    Here comes USA’s fart that will stink all over the world… AGAIN… In 2008 I was walked out of my job along with half of the company because of one of your economic greedy farts.

  30. Avatar Dave D says:

    good, it’s about time the market corrected, 20% of people are spending 60% of their income towards housing.

    new home buyers can’t get in, this will affect the markets even more 15 yrs from now.

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    !0-20 years long term investment? No thank you, I might not even be alive by then, spent it all, invest it all, cash it out as soon as I can!

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      Nothing wrong with living paycheck to paycheck, just don’t ask for socialism when you’re older, out of a job and have no income.

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    Buy high, sell low

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    After studying the trajectory of great assets like real estate, dividend paying stocks of blue chip companies, gold, etc ,my conclusion is that most great assets never come down to the price that you want them to so you can buy. just buy the ones you can afford today.

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